Chapter 990: A Tough Situation


The dozens of gruesome eyes that had formed from the fusion of the Demon’s Blood Essence and the broken pieces of the Demonic Cloud Shield all exploded at the same time.

As soon as that happened, the purple scales that had grown out under the eighth grade Demon’s arms also shattered.

The Demon let out pained shrieks as his enormous body shrank considerably. It went from ten meters tall to only seven meters tall.


Another beam of starlight shout out of the Star Boat’s pointy prow, slamming into the Demon’s abdomen.

His penetrating wound, which hadn’t fully healed, was penetrated once again, with mangled intestines flying out of it.

Delight appeared on Wu Yun’s face as she flew over, enveloping the eighth grade Demon in her metal domain.

After that, her golden spear whizzed out and pierced into the same place in the Demon’s abdomen that the beam of starlight had gone through.

The Demon’s body shrunk even further.

In ten breaths of time, the eighth grade Demon couldn’t even maintain his demonized form, and had to recover his original form. As the oddly-shaped thorns shrank into his spine, he shrank to his original size.

That was when Nie Tian realized that this Demon, who had been slightly weaker than Wu Yun to begin with, wasn’t going to escape from her hands now that he had sustained a series of severe injuries.

As miserable shrieks came from with Wu Yun’s domain that was filled with golden light, the eighth grade Demon’s blood poured out of the sky like purple rain.

Without paying any more attention to the Demon, Nie Tian paved the Star Boat with fresh Star Stones and flew away from that corner of the battlefield.

“Eighth grade Demons master a variety of bloodline magics and talents. They can also mix them with their soul power and cast strangely powerful incantations like the Demonic Soul Curse. They’re indeed hard to deal with...” Nie Tian muttered to himself as he flew around on the Star Boat, remaining on high alert.

He was finally convinced that what Jing Feiyang and the others had said was absolutely correct.

More intelligent races like Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends were indeed a whole other story from the Lizardmen he had dealt with in that domain he had gone to explore. Other than the Lizardman patriarch in the form of an old man, none of other Lizardmen had even awakened any bloodline talents or magics.

They had relied on nothing but their tough bodies to fight their enemies.

He assumed that an eighth grade Demon might be able to kill three to five eighth grade Lizardmen without breaking a sweat.

“It seems that I have to summon the Star Behemoth bone, and drain my flesh power to cast it. Otherwise, I won’t pose a threat to any eighth grade outsider here. I’ve got to be extra careful from now on, and try not to be trapped by these outsiders.”

With these thoughts, he quietly flew towards the area where the dragon, ice phoenix, and Demon grand patriarch were fighting.

Streaks of blackish-violet flames that were mixed with the sulphuric aura of blazing lava shot out of their battlefield from time to time.

They fused into the desert upon contact, like water fusing into the sea.

Then, scorching flame power gradually emerged from under the sand.

It was as if there was an enormous furnace buried underneath the desert, and the ninth grade Demon’s bloodline power within the purple flames had somehow triggered flame power from another source that had been hidden underneath the desert.

“A number of dead flame dragons used to be buried here, waiting to have their hearts reignited and be brought back to life someday! The dragons must have had their reasons for choosing here of all places. This vast desert must be helpful for the dead flame dragons to come back to life...”

After coming to such a realization, Nie Tian examined the desert with rapt attention.

Due to the fusion of the demonic flames, the earthy-yellow sand had already turned blackish-violet.

The battle between the ninth grade Demon and the dragon was now at a crucial point. Therefore, the two of them no longer had the time to exchange words in deafening voices. Now, their battlefield was filled with their clashing flesh auras, and the sounds of their enormous bodies slamming into each other.


All of a sudden, another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering howl echoed out from within the rolling Demon qi.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered drastically.

That was because he could tell that that howl didn’t come from the ninth grade Demon grand patriarch!

It wasn’t a dragon howl or a phoenix cry either. Apparently, a second powerful outsider had arrived!

“Damn!” Nie Tian exclaimed with a grim face, realizing that Jing Feiyang and the other two Saint domain experts must have failed to destroy the spatial tunnel.

The arrival of this new outsider expert meant that the spatial tunnel was still operating, and more powerful outsiders might be on their way.

This desert was far too distant from the black sea. There was no way he could return to the Realm of Split Void and then the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace to summon reinforcements within a short time.

He grew anxious. “What should I do?” 

In the depths of the torrential Devil qi, the Demon grand patriarch was now dozens of meters tall, with large horns on his forehead, and ice-cold piercing light in his eyes.

At this moment, his bloodline light was flying out of him like thick, purple chains.

As they whipped onto the dragon, the dragon let out furious howls, and spewed a storm of acidic poisonous rain, while clawing at the beams of bloodline light at the same time.

As soon as the beams of bloodline light were torn to shreds, new ones shot out of the Demon.

Meanwhile, the ice phoenix, who had only recently advanced to the ninth grade, attempted to freeze the Demon grand patriarch with her frost power.

However, violent flame power was now rushing out from underneath the desert, which had been painted completely blackish-violet by the demonic flames.

The flame power negated her frost power, preventing her from freezing the Demon grand patriarch.


Under Quan Zixuan’s control, numerous spiritual swords slashed down onto the Demon grand patriarch, only to leave scratches on his incomparably tough body.

He didn’t even shed a drop of blood.

At the same time, Jing Feiyang and Qu Mingde joined up in bombarding the second Demon grand patriarch with their sky-filling divine seals and gigantic golden seal.

Having just come out of the spatial tunnel, the newcomer Demon grand patriarch had a long tail, and his body was covered with what looked like large tumors.

Each tumor was as large as a grown man, and seemed to be in a particular alignment to form some sort of spell formation.

As numerous multicolored magical symbols bombarded the purple balls, the power Jing Feiyang had vested them with was suddenly neutralized completely.

Qu Mingde’s golden stone seal also failed to crush the large, resilient purple balls that looked like tumors.

A glowing spatial tunnel could be seen behind the two Demon grand patriarchs, with raging Devil qi pouring out of it.

Obviously, the eighth spatial tunnel connected to some Demon domain.

“The Second Demon Domain!”

As the ice phoenix activated another bloodline magic, countless ice shards came to form in the depths of the heavens.

Like a swarm of locusts, they rained down on the eighth spatial tunnel in an attempt to destroy it and prevent more Demons from entering.

She was well-aware that there were a number of ancient Demon clans in the Second Demon Domain, all of which had ninth grade grand patriarchs.

They, on the other hand, hadn’t brought a strong force on this trip.

If more Demon grand patriarchs from the Second Demon Domain received word and arrived through the spatial tunnel, they wouldn’t be able to stop them, considering their strength.

The ninth grade ice phoenix saw the piercing cold look in the newly-arrived Demon grand patriarch’s eyes as the ice shards shot towards the spatial tunnel. She immediately realized that something bad was about to happen. 


The newly-arrived Demon grand patriarch, who looked extremely revolting after activating his ancestral awakening, gave a sinister laugh.

An enormous purple ball suddenly separated itself from his lump-covered neck.

Then, as it exploded, countless demonic bugs whizzed out of it and threw themselves at the incoming frigid ice shards. As a result, the ice shards exploded and unleashed all of their frost power on the bugs.

Even though the swarm of demonic bugs was rapidly frozen to death and fell to the ground, the ice shards failed to cause any damage to the eighth spatial tunnel either.

“Bloodline magic: Second Awakening!”

As the Demon grand patriarch gave a sinister grin, the frozen demonic bugs started to squirm again in the torrential Devil qi.


After cracking the layer of ice over them, tens of thousands bugs swirled back into the sky.

As they let out sharp, scalp-numbing screeches, fine soul strands flew out of each and every one of them, forcing even the ninth grade ice phoenix to avoid them.

Surrounded by wisps of sparkling frost auras, the ice phoenix flew away in a graceful fashion.

However, the demonic bugs pursued her closely.

The newly-arrived Demon grand patriarch’s vision wasn’t compromised in the rolling Devil qi at all as he suddenly spotted Nie Tian’s Star Boat. “Hmm? A Star Boat?”

After a brief examination with his bloodline power, he thought to himself, “This man has a Star Boat from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace when he’s only at the Profound realm... He must be the newly appointed Son of the Stars!”

“Hahaha! Speak of good luck! Who would have thought I’d come across a Son of the Stars on this floating continent?! As much potential as he has, he’s still a baby, which makes him perfect for me to capture and bring back to my clan!”

All of a sudden, his aura locked down on Nie Tian, bloodthirst and excitement filling his eyes.


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