Chapter 988: Three Different Races Engaging In A Fight

The distant sky was gradually enveloped in blackish-violet Demon qi.

The ninth grade Demon’s thunderous howls echoed out from the depths of the rolling Demon qi. As they spread, the desert fluctuated like a blanket being shaken.

As the ninth grade Demon’s bloodline power burst forth, his terrifying flesh aura was no longer concealed.

Even though Nie Tian was still a significant distance from him, his special bloodline allowed him to sense it with perfect clarity.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered drastically. “So powerful!”

Even though he didn’t know the Demon grand patriarch’s exact grade, he could tell that he was much more powerful than the old Lizardman patriarch he had faced before.

That Lizardman patriarch had also been at the ninth grade. However, in order to refine that Star Behemoth bone, he had fused it with his own Blood Essence for hundreds of years. Because of this, he had never reached the peak of the ninth grade.

Furthermore, his strength had declined sharply after he had lost the bone and sustained heavy injuries.

For this reason, the battle prowess of a ninth grade outsider didn’t seem as terrifying as people said in Nie Tian’s eyes.

However, when this ninth grade Demon grand patriarch fully activated his bloodline power, Nie Tian was shaken to the very core.

As immense as an endless, unfathomable sea, the Demon grand patriarch’s aura seemed to pervade the area enveloped in the rich Devil qi he had released.

While Nie Tian drifted away in thought, two equally intense flesh auras burst forth like two volcanoes erupting after sleeping for ten thousand years.

“The ninth grade dragon and ice phoenix!”

Nie Tian snapped out of his daze, realizing that, after the Demon grand patriarch, the dragon and ice phoenix that had appeared out of nowhere had also activated their bloodline power at this moment, without holding anything back.

The bloodline auras of the ninth grade outsider and the Ancientbeasts tangled up, giving Nie Tian a feeling that the heavens were going to shatter and the earth was going to split, killing all life in between.

Just their flesh power fluctuations alone made Nie Tian feel suffocated.

Dong Li, who was standing next to him on the Star Boat, was having a harder time than he was. She trembled all over as her heart pounded nonstop, as if it was going to explode.

“Battles between experts at such high a level are extremely rare, even during interracial wars!” With these words, Jing Feiyang took a deep breath and suddenly noticed Dong Li. Waving his hand, he instructed, “Meng Li! Take Miss Dong and leave now! All Void domain members need to stay away from the battlefield!”

Meng Li didn’t even give Dong Li time to react as he flew onto the Star Boat and wrapped his spiritual power around her with a swing of his sleeve.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, he carried her away from the battlefield.

“Nie Tian!” She roared as she was taken away, fixing her angry eyes on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian turned a deaf ear to it.

“What about you?” Jing Feiyang asked. “Are you going to be okay?”

Nie Tian nodded. “The fluctuations their battle is causing are certainly making me very uncomfortable. But they’re not causing any real damage, just a bit of chest distress.”

“Hmm, I knew that you were beyond ordinary. That’s why I only told Meng Li to take Dong Li away.” Jing Feiyang didn’t seem surprised. “Still, you need to be extra careful. That ninth grade Demon, dragon, and ice phoenix must be powerful well-known figures, even across the starry river. Any one of them has the ability to destroy small and middle scale realms.”

All Saint domain cultivators and ninth grade outsiders and Ancientbeasts had the ability to single-handedly turn healthy realms into dead realms.

If God domain cultivators or tenth grade outsiders were to fully activate their power, they could even wipe out an entire domain.

They were the ones that stood on the top of the pyramid of power in this starry river.


Demon howls continued to echo out from within the torrential Devil qi to fill the entire sky.

Moments later, Nie Tian saw a number of eighth grade Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends flying out of the area enveloped in thick Devil qi.

It was as if the ninth grade Demon knew that they wouldn’t be able to help if they were going to stay. Instead, they would be easily wiped out.

Because of that, all of the other outsiders flew out, leaving only the ninth grade Demon grand patriarch guarding the spatial tunnel.

“What do we do now, Nie Tian?” Jing Feiyang asked.

None of them had expected that a dragon and an ice phoenix would show up out of nowhere and immediately get into a fierce battle against the ninth grade Demon.

As much as they had planned, this wasn’t something they had foreseen.

“It’s simple. Kill those fleeing eighth grade outsiders first.” Nie Tian said with a relaxed tone. “The outsiders are our primary target here. As for that dragon and ice phoenix, since they’re currently engaged in a life-or-death battle against that ninth grade Demon, we don’t need to worry about them now. If the situation changes, then we’ll figure out a way to deal with them.”

He had realized that the arrival of that dragon and ice phoenix was probably because the outsiders had angered them by digging out the hidden corpses of their people.

Since they were so eager to kill the Demon grand patriarch, Nie Tian could just let them fight.

Jing Feiyang waved his hand. “Those who are at the Void domain, spread out to kill the fleeing outsiders.” 

Upon hearing this, all of the Void domain human experts that were gathered in this place flew off in different directions, enveloping themselves in their illusory, mysterious domains as they did.

“That Demon is at the middle ninth grade, while that dragon is at the same grade as him, and that ice phoenix is at the early ninth grade,” Qu Mingde said, having spent all this time measuring the true strengths of the two sides. “Something worries me.”

“What is it?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“I’m worried that the ninth grade grand patriarch will send word through that spatial tunnel to bring in even more powerful outsiders.” With these words, Qu Mingde glanced around at the Void domain experts that were flying into the distance. “It won’t be long before they engage in fierce battles against the eighth grade outsiders. At that time, they’ll be bound to exude distinct soul auras.

“Once that ninth grade Demon realizes that the dragon and ice phoenix aren’t the only ones that have come here, but us too, I doubt he’ll resign himself to his fate.

“Given his strength, he’ll be able to send word of what’s happening here to the other side of the spatial tunnel.”

After hearing his words, Nie Tian also realized the flaw in his plan. After a moment of pondering, he said, “Okay, the three of you go and do everything you can to destroy the spatial tunnel guarded by that ninth grade Demon as quickly as possible. Once the spatial tunnel is gone, the outsiders’ connection to their home will be cut off, and that ninth grade Demon won’t be able to cause much trouble on this floating continent.”

“Sure. That sounds like a solid plan!” Quan Zixuan agreed.

Immediately afterwards, the three Saint domain experts enveloped themselves in their domains that were like three completely different worlds, and charged towards the area filled with torrential Devil qi.

It was surprising that they weren’t worried about Nie Tian, and that none of them stayed behind to protect him.

Nie Tian scratched his nose and smiled. “You guys are quite confident in me, huh?” 

All three of them had witnessed him piercing Yuna, who had been at the peak of the eighth grade, to death with that Star Behemoth bone of his. Besides, they knew that the Star Boat was lightning fast, and that Nie Tian had many more cards up his sleeve. Therefore, they had been confident that none of the fleeing eighth grade outsiders would actually pose a threat to Nie Tian.


The Flame Dragon Armor burned increasingly fiercely, as if it was also eager to charge onto the battlefield.

“There’s no rush in that.” Nie Tian tried to calm it with a soul message. “I’m afraid you won’t be of any help in a battle between ninth grade experts, given your current strength. Why don’t you stay put and act accordingly if their battle comes to an end, or something unforeseen happens?”

At this moment, a resounding and formidable dragon howl echoed out from the depths of the battlefield. Even Nie Tian caught every word of it. “Hazlitt! How dare you strength yourself with the remains of my people?! It seems to me that you’re tired of living. Has time made you forget what a sound defeat your people suffered at our hands?”

“This realm is every bit ours as yours!” The Demon’s voice filled the heavens with rumbles. “Don’t think we’d abandon it just because the top continent has been destroyed! After all, it’s a super-large-scale realm, and it’ll recover to its original state one day! Also, since our homeland was destroyed during that war, we’ll take the bottom continent as compensation. This plan has never died in our hearts!

“The purpose of our trip was only to check out the condition of the continent. When it has channeled enough energy from the starry river and become the super-large-scale realm it was again, our joint army will once again march into it, and become its next and last master!”

“That day will not come!” The dragon howled furiously.

“Hmm?! Despicable humans are here too?!”


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