Chapter 985: Evernight!

This whole time, Nie Tian had only ever used Life Blend on the Bone Blood Demon.

However, every time he had, he had felt a conflict between his bloodline and the Bone Blood Demon’s.

After all, the Bonebrutes’ bloodline power was death power, while his bloodline power was life power. The two were natural enemies.

For this reason, whenever he had used Life Blend on the Bone Blood Demon, he had always had the feeling that he hadn’t brought out this bloodline talent’s full might.

But this time, he didn’t have such a feeling when he used Life Blend on the black tortoise.

It was as if the black tortoise agreed with Life Blend’s effects perfectly.

Perhaps this was the reason why when he activated Life Blend this time, his other two bloodline talents, Life Strengthening and Blood Essence Seething, were automatically activated.

One drop of Blood Essence after another seethed and burned away from his heart.

As a result, purer flesh power poured into the black tortoise, carrying the profound truths of life power.

The black tortoise’s heart, flesh, and blood were greatly strengthened as its potential was stimulated.

It appeared to be Nie Tian’s life power that allowed the seventh grade black tortoise to unleash Evernight, enveloping heaven and earth in endless darkness.

In such utter darkness, Nie Tian couldn’t hear, see, or smell anything.

His soul awareness and bloodline perception had lost their uses as well.

Even after unleashing his Star Eyes, he still couldn’t sense Jing Feiyang and the other experts, who were right beside him.

Greatly surprised, Nie Tian thought to himself, “I can’t believe that the black tortoise’s Evernight seems to be even more powerful than the Star Behemoth’s black mist!”

Immediately afterwards, he realized that he had already lost four drops of Blood Essence, all of which had transformed into life power and been fused into the black tortoise.


A black ward suddenly rose from the black tortoise’s shell, enveloping it and Nie Tian.

To his surprise, Nie Tian discovered that he was now able to see and sense everything and everyone around him with great clarity.

It was just that his soul awareness and bloodline perception would fail as soon as they extended beyond the black ward.

“It seems that black tortoises are a very special species. They can actually unleash utter darkness that devours all light and make people lose all senses. At the same time, the black tortoise can protect itself from such influences. Once it unleashes Evernight in battle, its enemies will instantly become blind and deaf, and lose the ability to target anything. All they will be able to do is suffer from its attacks.

“As its master, Dong Li will probably be able to display the full might of her dark power with its help.

“I bet the might of her dark power magics will be amplified in Evernight’s range as well!”

While Nie Tian felt happy for Dong Li, he suddenly saw Jing Feiyang and the other two experts dashing towards the three ice mountains.

Jing Feiyang and the other two were affected by the Evernight, and couldn’t see a thing in their surroundings.

They simply flew over by relying on their memory of the seventh spatial tunnel’s location. The fact that they slightly deviated from the correct direction proved that even they couldn’t lock down a target in the utter darkness.

Knowing the general location of the target, they launched attacks as soon as they felt they were in the right spot.

This time, they used indiscriminate area attacks.

Countless magical symbols flew out, filling the entire sky.

Morphing in midair, they rapidly condensed into a giant hand that pressed downwards, while emanating multicolored divine light.

Upon contact with the giant hand, the towering ice mountains shattered like crushed pillars. Giant broken pieces rolled down into the mountain valley, crushing many outsiders to death.

Spiritual swords that were extremely sharp shot out of Quan Zixuan’s sleeve one after another. They flew back and forth at lightning speed, carving through heaven and earth.

In the blink of an eye, the entire mountain valley was riddled with deep cuts.

At the same time, Quan Zixuan from the Golden Vast Sect summoned his Spirit Channeling grade treasure, which was a golden stone seal.

Floating in the air, the seal expanded to the size of a mountain in a split second. Then, it plummeted towards the mountain valley and slammed into repeatedly, covering the entire region in violent quakes.

It was just that the rumbles caused by the repeated bombardment couldn’t travel at all in the utter darkness.

The three Saint domain experts’ giant hand made of divine seals, golden stone seal, and flying spiritual swords inevitably clashed with one another from time to time.

If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t even know that they had all cast spiritual tools and incantations to bombard the mountain valley.

Upon contact, the soul awareness they had branded their spiritual tools with allowed them to learn who the other casters were immediately.

Then, their power would split up as quickly and lightly as dragonflies touched water.

Since they didn’t know the outsiders’ exact location, the method they adopted was to bombard every inch of the mountain valley with their most destructive area attacks.

Only as their spiritual tools actually touched an outsider were they able to learn their exact locations.

Then, they could gather power to deal fatal strikes.

The outsiders screamed miserably in the mountain valley that was enveloped in utter darkness. However, they couldn’t hear each other, or even tell the exact location of their spatial tunnel. All they did was charge about, hitting walls like headless flies.

Once they charged into the Saint domain experts’ spiritual tools, they would immediately be locked down and face concentrated, devastating attacks.

The battle didn’t last very long.

Only an hour later, with the help of the black tortoise’s mysterious ward, Nie Tian, who had one hand on the black tortoise’s shell, saw that the three mountains of ice had been razed to the ground.

The mountain valley was filled with giant blocks of ice and huge rocks, under which many outsiders lay dead.

The three Saint domain experts’ stormy bombardment had long since shattered the spatial tunnel.

It was also at this moment that a fifth drop of Blood Essence was burned away in Nie Tian’s heart.

Due to the tremendous Blood Essence and flesh power consumption, he was struck by a strong sense of exhaustion.

He hastily terminated Life Blend.

As he withdrew his hand, he said, “That’s enough.”

Then, the endless darkness poured back into the black tortoise like an ebbing tide.

Rays of light shone into the mountain valley that had been enveloped in darkness, like the stone gate to a dark room being cracked open. Then, as light continued to spread, the heaven and earth that had been ruled by darkness recovered its original state.

As the last wisp of darkness disappeared into the black tortoise’s shell, everything appeared in everyone’s sight once again.

Nie Tian looked down at the black tortoise, and discovered that it was sagging its head, as if it was in low spirits.

He touched its head gently and gave it a smile. “You did a good job.”

After hearing his approving words, the black tortoise wagged its head again, looking rather pleased with itself.

“Alright,” Nie Tian said. “Try to get a good rest and get your strength back. We might still need your help with our upcoming battle in the scorching desert.”

With these words, he cast a few short-range Starshifts, and ended up in the mountain valley that had been bombarded beyond recognition.

“I wasn’t sure we could do it.” Quan Zixuan floated in the air as spiritual swords flew back to him and vanished into his sleeves, like hundreds of birds returning to their nest.

Meanwhile, Jing Feiyang gazed beyond him. Staring at the black tortoise from afar, he said with a complicated look in his eyes, “I can’t believe that little thing is actually so powerful!”

Qu Mingde chimed in, “It’s only at the seventh grade now. After it enters the eighth or ninth grade, it may even gain the ability to plunge a whole realm into utter darkness.  I’ve never seen or heard of any beasts that have such mysterious and powerful abilities!”

Nie Tian smiled. “I was totally shocked as well.” 

With these words, he landed in the rubble, giving rise to a loud crash. “Give me a few minutes. I’ve got to recover my strength.”

He rapidly found the eighth grade Demon and Phantasm’s bodies, and channeled flesh power from them with Life Drain. Then, he refined and condensed their flesh power into Blood Essence.

The Star Behemoth didn’t take part in this battle in any way.

And since the outsider corpses didn’t belong to this floating continent, they were free to take them away as their spoils of battle.

As Nie Tian channeled residual power from the eighth grade Demon and Phantasm, the black tortoise also swooped down from midair.

It wandered around, looking for seventh grade outsider corpses to feast on. As small as it was, it swallowed corpses like a bottomless pit. One corpse after another was ripped apart and went down its throat. However, even that didn’t seem to satisfy its appetite.


The Spirit Pearl suddenly flew out to collect the dead outsiders’ discarnate souls.

Seeing that the battle had come to an end, the three Saint domain experts sent word to the others.

Before long, Dong Li and the Void domain experts arrived. They all stood aghast, looking at the mountain valley that had been bombarded beyond recognition.

The black tortoise, which had devoured all of the seventh grade outsiders’ corpses, skipped to Dong Li’s feet and looked up at her, as if to take credit for what had happened to this place.

Fan Kai from the Heaven Palace Sect took a look at the black tortoise, then said with an envious tone, “Congratulations, Dong Li. It’s your luck that you found such a mystical beast.” 


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