Chapter 981: “I’m Completely Won Over!”


The prismatic crystal between Yuna’s eyebrows suddenly separated itself from her forehead, tearing her skin and flesh as it did.

One drop of Blood Essence after another flew out from her heart that was under her ample chest to fuse into the prismatic crystal that was the size of a fingernail.

Yuna’s flesh aura instantly shrunk by half.

Her eyes gradually closed, as if she had died.

However, the floating prismatic crystal blossomed with dazzling cyan light, as if it was hoping to flee from the battlefield with Yuna’s soul and flesh aura essence.

“If you’re going to die, die thoroughly!” Quan Zixuan let out a cold harrumph, a silver spiritual sword flying out of his palm.


The spiritual sword suddenly lit up as it scraped the heavens, piercing towards the prismatic crystal.

Jing Feiyang also activated secret incantations to form multiple sealing wards with countless magical symbols.

The prismatic crystal repeatedly flew into the wards of magical symbols, letting out miserable wails. It dashed around aimlessly in the concealed area, ramming into the walls, but still couldn’t get away.


The silver spiritual sword finally hit the crystal with great force.

The crystal, which was already covered in fine cracks, suddenly shattered, becoming tiny broken pieces with drops of Blood Essence within them.

After a moment of pondering, Nie Tian, who had lost all of his flesh power, suddenly shot into the area sealed by the magical symbols.

Numerous blood strings flew piercing towards the pieces of broken crystal like fishing wires cast by a fisherman.

“Life Drain!”

The blood strings that were as fine as hairs rapidly grew thick, like leeches sucking blood to their fill.

Yuna’s Blood Essence within the pieces of broken crystal contained extremely rich flesh power. As the blood strings connected to Nie Tian, the flesh power within them poured madly into him.

Under the incredible effects of Life Drain, Nie Tian’s body was like a dried-up well that was rapidly filled to the brim with water.

“The peak of the eighth grade indeed!” Nie Tian cheered inwardly, as he discovered that just the Blood Essence within the pieces of broken crystal alone contained more flesh power than all that he had gained from the eighth grade Lizardmen’s corpses combined!

Even though Yuna’s Blood Essence was rapidly vanishing from the pieces of broken crystal, her soul shadow could still be vaguely seen within them.

They were none other than Yuna’s discarnate soul that hadn’t dissipated.

Seeing this, Nie Tian unleashed the Spirit Pearl.

As soon as the Spirit Pearl appeared, the wisps of discarnate soul within the pieces of broken crystal let out terrified screams simultaneously.

Yuna’s discarnate soul trembled with fear.

Clearly, she knew everything about the Spirit Pearl’s origin and uses.

However, it wasn’t the fact that Nie Tian had this Phantasm treasure in his possession that scared her. Instead, it was the fact that he seemed to be able to wield it freely.

She lost her last hope, knowing that she was in no condition to fight the Spirit Pearl.

Not to mention that she even sensed the aura of a ninth grade grand patriarch from it.

The Spirit Pearl flew across the void to touch the pieces of broken crystal. Every time it made contact with one, the soul shadow within it would vanish in the blink of an eye.

In a matter of seconds, Yuna’s shattered discarnate soul vanished completely into the Spirit Pearl.

At this point, Yuna died thoroughly, deprived of any chance to be reborn.

Jing Feiyang let out a deep breath and said to Nie Tian, “Phantasms are special indeed, especially one that’s at the peak of the eighth grade.

“This Phantasm named Yuna actually avoided my fatal attack with bloodline magics I’ve never seen. When she flew about in the black mist, even I couldn’t lock her down. If you hadn’t pinned her to the spot with that bone, she wouldn’t have had to abandon her fleshly body and flee in that prismatic crystal of hers.”

Still overwhelmed, Qu Mingde chimed in, “If she had actually escaped, we’d have been in serious trouble.” 

Quan Zixuan took a deep look at Nie Tian and then shot a glance at the bone that had pierced through Yuna. “So the rumors were real… At first, I thought those people from the Five Elements Sect were exaggerating when they said that you had killed multiple eighth grade Lizardmen. But I believe it now.”

After a short pause, he added, “You’ve truly won me over this time.”

Qu Mingde smiled and chimed in, “Me too.”

The reason why the two of them had decided to swear allegiance to Nie Tian after his journey to the Domain of Endless Snow was because they had been apprehensive of the so-called God domain expert who practiced flame incantations.

They had actually resisted it deep down, but since they had been aware that they wouldn’t possibly be able to contend against a God domain expert, they had sworn allegiance to Nie Tian against their will.

Even after learning from a number of Saint and Void domain disciples of the Five Elements Sect that Nie Tian had slain five eighth grade Lizardmen with a bone, they hadn’t really approved of him.

They had been aware that Huang Jinnan and Nie Tian were close, and thus assumed that he had intentionally exaggerated Nie Tian’s battle prowess to fuel his influence.

Only now, after witnessing Nie Tian pierce Yuna, who had escaped from Jing Feiyang’s hand, with that mysterious bone, did they finally believe that the rumors were real.

The fact that Nie Tian was able to kill the eighth grade Yuna when he was only at the Profound realm was simply shocking, even though he had relied on a mysterious weapon.

They finally marveled at Nie Tian’s abilities, and realized that it had been a wise decision to attach themselves to him.


As the black mist gradually dissipated, a cloud of it flew over and wrapped around Yuna’s corpse.

Nie Tian and the others were well-aware that the Star Behemoth would take the outsider corpses away after the battle came to an end.

Similarly, the dead outsiders that were scattered around the destroyed spatial tunnel disappeared one after another.

After the vast black mist finally cleared, not another outsider corpse was in sight, except for Yuna’s body, which was still wrapped in a cloud of black mist, as they had all been taken away by the Star Behemoth.

Nie Tian suddenly realized why the Star Behemoth was doing this, and thus swung his sleeve.

Channeled by his bloodline power, the mysterious bone then flew out of the black mist into his palm.

However, the remaining bit of black mist didn’t intend to leave right away. Instead, it slowly flew over and engulfed Nie Tian.

Even though the Star Behemoth’s awareness was on and off in the black mist, Nie Tian still managed to receive its message.

“My awareness can’t hold on for long in the mist.

“But I still sensed the unique bone you used just now, which shouldn’t have been something you can wield. Technically, its owner belonged to the same race as me, and it’s much older than I am.

“I was very surprised that you were able to wield it.

“I’d like to take a look at it after you finish your job. If we reconvene on the island through which you came, it’ll be much easier for me to use my powers.

“In return, I’ll forgo the mess you made in that forest...”

 Unlike in the black lakes or rivers, the Star Behemoth’s awareness gradually grew vague and ethereal in the black mist.

Soon, as Nie Tian could no longer receive any soul messages from the Star Behemoth, the cloud of black mist flew off into the distance to join the retreating mist, carrying Yuna’s body with it as it did.

Nie Tian glanced around, and saw nothing but the destroyed spatial tunnel.

“It’s taken all of the outsider corpses away,” Quan Zixuan said with a relaxed tone. “Now that we’ve destroyed the sixth spatial tunnel, there are only two to go. After we destroy them, our mission will be finally completed.”

“Shall we go meet the others first?” Jing Feiyang suggested, looking at Nie Tian.

Nie Tian nodded slightly. “Sure.”

Jing Feiyang then carried Nie Tian, who had left his Star Boat with Dong Li, with divine seals as they flew out toward the location where Dong Li and the Void domain experts were waiting.

Right before they left, Nie Tian saw the pieces of broken crystal, from which he had drained Yuna’s Blood Essence and the Spirit Pearl had channeled her shattered soul, falling to the ground and shattering.

That was when he realized that, after losing its Blood Essence and soul, the crystal had lost all value.

“Being an eighth grade Phantasm, if she had escaped through the prismatic crystal between her eyebrows, she would have had a chance to be reborn,” Jing Feiyang explained in a soft voice. “If a ninth grade grand patriarch was willing to help, he or she would be able to reforge her bones, flesh, and blood on the basis of that prismatic crystal, and eventually bring her back to life.

“Of course, a heavy price would have to be paid. After being reborn, Yuna would be at a very low grade. She would have to gather strength and climb the ladder of bloodline advancement again. This is very similar to us humans being reborn. Fortunately, she’s really dead this time. If she wasn’t, she’d become a major threat to us in the future.”

Qu Mingde and Quan Zixuan also chimed in, telling him about the wonders of outsider rebirth.


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