Chapter 976: Kill

Soon, the Star Boat split the black mist and arrived.

As he flew through the black mist, Nie Tian felt that both his soul awareness and bloodline perception were blocked.

The spiritual power he unleashed also traveled aimlessly in the black mist, as if it were blinded.

Even when he spoke to Dong Li, their words were turned into weird creaking sounds that couldn’t travel very far.

That was when he realized that the Star Behemoth was truly trustworthy.

At this moment, even if all of the outsiders on this island had seen them, they wouldn’t be able to send messages to their friends.

He wouldn’t need to worry about that.

The Star Boat flew to the center of the island and stopped. Nie Tian glanced around, and didn’t see a single human.

All of the flesh auras he could detect with his bloodline power were rather vigorous, which clearly didn’t belong to humans.

Nie Tian grinned. “There are only outsiders here. Good!”

Only then did his gaze land on Terry, the eighth grade Demon. “Hmm, I didn’t expect to see a familiar face here!”

Back in the day, Terry and Yuna, an eighth grade Phantasm, had led an army into the Realm of Shattered Earth.

However, Nie Tian had activated the grand spell formation within the palace the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had left for him, and channeled thousands of meteors from the starry river to bombard the army of Demons and Phantasms.

Suffering a sound defeat, Terry and Yuna had escaped with a small group of their clan members.

He knew what Terry looked like, but since he had remained in the palace back then, Terry had never seen his face.

Terry only remembered Jing Feiyang, the sectmaster of the Divine Seal Sect.

Seeing the unfavorable situation, Terry threw his head back and roared in the Demon language, “RUN!” 

He and a few dozen high-tier Demons, who had been enjoying their human delicacies just now, then dashed towards the lake at full speed, without even attending to the low-tier Demons they had brought with them.

At the same time, as the clear lake thrummed with strong spatial fluctuations, the water divided, as if the lake was split in two by a huge invisible blade.

A narrow spatial tunnel was then revealed at the bottom of the lake.

Rich Demon Qi could be seen exuding from it. Clearly, it connected to a certain Demon domain.

Quan Zixuan from the Thousandsword Mountain Sect roared in a voice that was cold as ice. “Run? Wishful thinking!”

Hundreds of spiritual swords then shot out of his domain. “Sword Condensing Incantation!” 

Like dragons and snakes, hundreds of multicolored spiritual swords interwove in midair.

A fierce aura that could grind all things to pieces rapidly spread out from the net of spiritual swords, enveloping heaven and earth.

Spinning unceasingly, it ignored Terry and the other Demons, but flew directly towards the spatial tunnel in the middle of the lake bottom.


The spatial tunnel that connected to a Demon domain blossomed with endless blinding light as it was ripped apart and exploded.

The net of spiritual swords even riddled the lake bottom with holes, shaking the entire island and giving rise to loud rumbles.

The spatial tunnel vanished completely.

“It takes a lot of time and effort to open a spatial tunnel that connects two domains,” Dong Li said with a relaxed expression. “Many things need to be taken into consideration. And those who establish such connections need to have a deep understanding of spatial power. However, compared to establishing a spatial tunnel, it’s far easier to destroy one.

“One can simply break the materials that have been used to build a spatial tunnel and erase the bloodline power that has been fused into it with pure force.”


The island continued to shake violently.

Pitch-black seawater started to rise from the hundreds of new holes at the bottom of the lake, rapidly filling the lake with black seawater.

At this moment, the spatial tunnel that connected to a certain Demon domain had already vanished completely, as if it had never existed in the first place.

Looking at the black water, Nie Tian realized that the Star Behemoth’s tentacles had reached this lake now.

He had a feeling that any water from the black sea could be used as the Star Behemoth’s medium, through which it could pass its energy.

Since the water in this lake had been clear and isolated from the sea before, the Star Behemoth hadn’t been able to extend its influence to the spatial tunnel in it.

However, now that Quan Zixuan had riddled the lake bottom with deep holes, black seawater had poured in, turning the whole lake black, and the Star Behemoth’s power had become unimpeded.

“You were there when a Demon grand patriarch and a Phantasm grand patriarch attacked my sect’s headquarters, along with more than a dozen eighth grade Demons and Phantasms,” Jing Feiyang said, satisfaction appearing his narrowed eyes. “But here, you’re the only eighth grade Demon, and your spatial tunnel has been destroyed. Where do you think you can go?”

Countless magical symbols that carried the profound truths of heaven and earth, as well as the laws of mountain and lake development and the secrets of season alteration, suddenly flew towards Terry like butterflies.

Terry roared madly as he activated his bloodline power. In the next moment, violent changes happened to his graceful and somewhat slender body.

“Indestructible Form!”

His muscles bulged up one after another, every one of them containing bloodline power that was raging like the sea.

At the same time, his size rapidly multiplied, as if he were an awakened beast.

He clutched a double-headed battle axe that was about ten meters long, and slashed it down with full force.


A bolt of black lightning then shot out of the axe, along with black flames that were dark, cold, and filled with bloodlust.

Mysterious patterns could be seen engraved on the surface of the axe that exuded an ancient, profound aura.

“Bloodline magic: Demonic Souls’ Wail!”

One drop of Blood Essence after another flew out of him towards the enormous low-tier Demons in the vicinity.

Upon contact with his Blood Essence, the low-tier Demons seemed to experience agonizing pain as they further expanded. They seemed to ignite every last bit of their potential as they charged madly towards the Void domain experts close to them.

At the same time, vague souls gradually rose from their enormous heads.

Their souls also let out bloodcurdling wails, causing even Quan Zixuan, Qu Mingde, and Jing Feiyang’s domains to grow twisted.

Jing Feiyang let out a cold snort as he saw through Terry’s intentions. “He’s sacrificing those low-tier Demons’ souls to their ancestors. This is a desperate move. Successful or not, all those low-tier Demons will die for sure.”

With a disdainful smile, he added, “Unfortunately, you’re only at the eighth grade. At such a grade, no matter how hard you try, there’s no way you’ll get out of here alive.”

“Divine Seal Change!” he shouted.

Thousands of divine seals suddenly came together in midair, condensing into a giant, multicolored hand.

Immediately afterwards, the giant hand made a fist and descended towards Terry with an unstoppable momentum, as if it were going to yank the heavens down.

Numerous souls that left the low-tier Demons were crushed by the giant hand’s overwhelming might before it even touched them.

The wails that made Nie Tian’s scalp go numb vanished instantly.

Numerous seventh grade Demons howled madly as they fully stimulated their bloodline power and threw themselves towards the giant hand.

The giant hand didn’t slow down in the slightest as it flicked its huge fingers at the seventh grade Demons, which looked like flies by comparison.

One after another, they were crushed and fell out of the sky.

Eventually, the giant hand caught Terry in a tight grip. “An eighth grade Demon’s Indestructible Form is very weak, in my eyes at least.”

As Jing Feiyang let out a low chuckle, the giant hand suddenly squeezed.


Terry’s transformed, expanded body shrank in the giant hand, blood spilling and falling out of the sky.

Then, wisps of dazzling light flew out of the hand into Terry’s head, ripping his soul to pieces.

Shaking his head slowly, Jing Feiyang said in a soft voice. “The eighth grade is far from enough… Times have changed. You have to understand that we humans are no longer livestock that you can butcher at will.”

As Terry fell to the ground, dead, the Void domain experts launched attacks as well. Their Spirit Channeling grade treasures flew in different directions, reaping Demon lives.

Void domain experts were at an overwhelming advantage when dealing with seventh and sixth grade Demons. None of them met any difficulties in battle.

The battle ended shortly afterwards in the total annihilation of the high-tier Demons who had been enjoying human delicacies just now.

All of a sudden, the lake’s surface rose, submerging every dead Demon.

Immediately afterwards, the black water withdrew through the holes at the lake’s bottom, vanishing along with the mangled Demon corpses.


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