Chapter 969: Solving Mysteries in the Record Pavilion

Walking out of the grand palace, Nie Tian saw Tao Jin waiting for him. Only then did he remember that he had forgotten to ask about the mysteries of the flame spark, Nine Stars Flower, and tree leaves in his spiritual sea.

Thus, he talked to Tao Jin about it.

“That’s easy,” Tao Jin said with a smile. “You can just go to the Records Pavilion and check out related books. That’ll solve your problem. Given your status, our sectmaster should have given you instructions himself. Every time our sectmaster returns, the Sons of the Stars will be allowed to ask him about what puzzles them in their paths of cultivation.

“If our sectmaster doesn’t return for a long time, sometimes our grand elder will take over that responsibility and answer those questions. But unfortunately, our grand elder isn’t here either.”

After hearing this, Nie Tian gradually realized that the structure of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was actually rather loose, as they kept special relationships only between the sectmaster, the vice sectmasters, and the Sons of the Stars.

The three sectmasters and seven Sons of the Stars were all considered independent from the sect.

As transcendent existences, they were allowed to summon subordinates and manage their own realms and domains.

Nie Tian then bid Tao Jin farewell and headed towards the Records Pavilion.

With a Star Medallion in his hand, he didn’t have to pay any contribution points to read books and scrolls in the Record Pavilion.

Other disciples, however, would have to pay contribution points in order to find and read ancient records of spiritual incantations that suited them.

His appearance in front of the establishment gave rise to a clamor.

Many disciples that were entering or leaving recognized him at first sight, since they had seen his portrait.

They talked in low voices as he walked up the stairs.

Soon, Nie Tian came to the floor where countless ancient records regarding wood power were piled up on ceiling-reaching shelves.

In a few minutes, Nie Tian found an old, torn book. “The Big Book of Earth Cultivated Grade Spiritual Materials!”

He found a random location and started reading.

It recorded a variety of Earth Cultivated grade spiritual plants and materials with illustrations.

According to the book, some of the spiritual plants and materials could help speed up the cultivation of those who practiced wood power, while others could be used to improve the might of spiritual incantations, or refine Spirit Channeling grade treasures.

As he browsed through the book, the illustration of a green leaf suddenly caught his eyes.

“This is it!” Nie Tian immediately realized that the leaf in the illustrations was identical to the magical tree leaves that were floating in his wood power core.

Written under the illustration was a line of very small words, which explained the origin of the leaves.

“They’re leaves from a Godspirit Tree!” Nie Tian exclaimed inwardly.

It was recorded that realms where Godspirit Treest took root were blessed lands for cultivators who practiced wood power.

These realms would be able to channel dissociative wood power from the depths of the starry river to make themselves full of vigor. Any tree or plant would grow more rapidly in these realms, and produce all kinds of rare spiritual herbs.

Godspirit Trees were categorized as Heaven Nourished grade spiritual materials, which meant they were extremely rare.

It appeared that they could only be found in Floragrim realms now.

The leaves of Godspirit Trees were categorized as Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials, which could merge with wood power cores, therefore helping human Qi warriors absorb wood power at a faster rate.

It was just that the leaves alone couldn’t channel wood power from the depths of the starry river as the Godspirit Trees could.

However, juice from the leaves of a Godspirit Tree could accelerate the growth of spiritual plants and herbs.

Nie Tian instantly felt enlightened. “So those leaves were leaves from a Godspirit Tree. And they have such fascinating uses.”

Afterwards, he found records of Heaven-equal Vines on another shelf.

“Heaven-equal Vines are Heaven Nourished grade spiritual materials. They can grow to the size of mountain ranges. With the ability to easily crush rocks and penetrate metal, they can be used to forge Spirit Channeling grade treasures. The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace came to an agreement with a Heaven-equal Vine, which stipulated that it should keep a shattered realm together...”

The records regarding Heaven-equal Vines turned didn’t seem to address its most important features.

Nie Tian then thought to himself, “It appears that the Heaven-equal Vine holding the Realm of Shattered Earth together is the very one that’s mentioned here. Its power sped up the growth of Mu Biqiong’s coexisting flowers and Uncle Hua’s Heavenly Demonsbane.  It must have some profound uses, but unfortunately, there aren’t any records of that.”

He continued to look around on this floor, and came across records of Heavenly Demonsbanes.

Heavenly Demonsbanes were powerful foreign plants from Demon realms. They fed on flesh and souls, and would take control of their hosts’ bodies after growing to a certain extent.

According to the records, Heavenly Demonsbanes were also Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials.

Hosts of Heavenly Demonsbanes could gain full control of them as long as they remained more powerful, and paid special attention to the cultivation of their souls.

However, once the hosts grew weaker than the Heavenly Demonsbanes, they would suffer backlashes and end up being possessed by the Heavenly Demonsbanes. There weren’t any effective ways to solve that problem.

Therefore, everything would depend on the hosts themselves.

“From the look of it, I won’t be able to do much to help Uncle Hua. He’ll have to remain stronger than the Heavenly Demonsbane inside of him in order to not be harmed by it.”

With these thoughts, Nie Tian went on to browse through other old books, and discovered records of coexisting flowers.

“Coexisting flowers are usually two demonic flowers that share one fleshly host. Despite their occasional conflicts with each other, they’ll team up against enemies when their host is threatened. Intelligent and powerful, they fall into the category of Heaven Nourished grade spiritual materials. Their uses have yet to be discovered...”

Nie Tian was somewhat disappointed after reading these records.

All of the recorded information about the coexisting flowers was nothing but what he already knew. It seemed that even powerful experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace didn’t know much about them.

Or perhaps those who had deep understandings of coexisting flowers hadn’t shared their knowledge with their sect to obtain contribution points.

“Cyan Wood Incantation, Withering Flame Incantation, Wood Nourishment Incantation...” Nie Tian went on and selected a few more Earth grade wood power incantations. After browsing through them, he realized that none of them were even nearly as wondrous as Heavenly Wood Heal.

The Heavenly Wood Incantation could be regarded as two different incantations. Heavenly Wood Heal was for body refining purposes, while Heavenly Wood Thorns was for attacking purposes. Heavenly Wood Thorns would allow him to pierce thorns into his enemies’ bodies and drain them of their flesh power. Such flesh power would further strengthen the thorns, allowing them to grow at an alarming rate and split bodies.

As for Heavenly Wood Heal, he was currently at the fourth step: Flesh Tempering. He seemed to still be far from finishing it.

This special incantation allowed him to channel his bloodline power, which made it far more powerful than the Cyan Wood Incantation and Wood Nourishment Incantation that he had just read about.

“If there are no mishaps, Heavenly Wood Heal has a profound connection with the Floragrims. If I were to categorize it according to the human categorizing system, it’s most likely a Heaven grade incantation. Since I already have this Heaven grade incantation, there’s no need for me to practice these Earth grade incantations.”

With these thoughts, he decided to stop selecting incantations on this floor.

Moments later, he entered the floor where books and scrolls of star power incantations were stocked. There were a larger number of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace disciples on this floor, since most of the records here regarded channeling and using star power.

He quickly browsed through a few old books, and realized that the incantations recorded in those books were far weaker than the secret incantations recorded in his three fragmentary star marks.

From the look of it, the Fragmentary Star Incantation within him was the highest core legacy incantation of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He instantly lost interest in reading these books.

However, he kept looking, and found a book about Nine Stars Flowers. From it, he learned that with every blossom that bloomed, the speed at which it helped him channel star power would increase significantly. “If all nine blossoms bloom, the speed at which I channel star power will increase ninefold!”

Nine Stars Flowers also fell into the category of Earth Cultivated spiritual materials.

They were said to be extremely hard to find and suited people like Nie Tian, who practiced star power, perfectly.

In high spirits, Nie Tian went to the floor of flame power records in an attempt to figure out the mysteries of the flame spark in his flame power core.

However, he searched for hours, and only found a brief description of it.

“A cluster of Divine Flame descended upon the Domain of Flame’s End, burning down realms and reducing all beings to ashes. Even though its origin hasn’t been determined, it’s categorized as a Heaven Nourished grade fire-attributed treasure. Even the head of the flame power sect of the Five Elements Sect failed to capture it.”

That was it, without any description of its wondrous uses, as if their understanding of the Divine Flame wasn’t even as deep as his.


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