Chapter 965: Major Gains

Immortal grade weapons were what God domain human experts used to contend against tenth grade outsider grand monarchs.

Almost all of them were in the hands of the four great human powers.

But even in those powerful sects, not every God domain expert could have their own Immortal grade weapon.

Since they were extremely rare and precious, each and every one of them was known throughout the starry river, and held all races in awe.

Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to forge Immortal grade weapons. First of all, Heaven Nourished grade spiritual materials were needed, along with many other Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials. Then, the forging process was accompanied by many uncertainties. Any minor mishap would result in complete failure.

Besides, the number of experts who could forge Immortal grade weapons could be counted with one hand.

Not so long ago, word of a Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure appearing in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield had shaken the Void Spirit Society. They had even sent God domain experts there to search for it.

However, that was only a crucial material to forge an Immortal grade artifact weapon, not a complete weapon.

That was why everyone was so astonished after hearing that the mysterious bone Nie Tian had obtained could be used to forge an Immortal grade artifact weapon.

The Saint and Void domain experts congratulated Nie Tian and discussed among themselves, envy filling their eyes.

“Every single Immortal grade weapon is outstanding, and can greatly improve a sect’s reserve power.”

“An Immortal grade weapon is almost as valuable as a dozen Premium grade domains.”

“The seventh Son of the Stars is far too lucky to obtain such an incredible treasure on an exploration trip to a brand new domain.”


The spiritual tools Yang Fan, Zhao Heng, and the other four Saint domain experts held were only at the Spirit Channeling grade. Not a single one of them was at the Immortal grade.

Even if they were to enter the God domain some day, it would be almost impossible for them to find suitable Heaven Nourished spiritual materials and the forgers who were able to forge Immortal grade weapons.

However, Nie Tian was only at the Profound realm...

Lou Hongyan suddenly cleared her throat and said, “Alright, alright. That’s only a possibility. Don’t be so jealous yet.” She then waved, signaling everyone to descend and sweep the Lizardman realm.

Enveloped in their respective domains, they penetrated the realm barrier and descended, dragging the dead Lizardmen behind them.

Their destination was the ancient Lizardman capital.

Earlier, Nie Tian had manipulated falling meteors with Starfall to bombard it, leaving it riddled with holes.

At this moment, a large number of sixth grade Lizardmen and a few seventh grade Lizardmen were still gathered in the city. They looked skywards, only to see the corpses of their eighth grade clansmen.

Despair instantly filled their hearts.

Their patriarch, who they had worshiped as a god, had chased these invaders into the starry river, along with their most powerful clansmen.

But why did they return as cold corpses?

Soon, they realized that doom had fallen on them.

Some resistors shot into the sky, roaring nonstop, like moths flying towards flames.

However, countless thick lightning bolts fell out of the clouds like a waterfall.

Along with them poured sparkling rivers, torrential flames, gravitational fields that could crush flesh and bones, and different Spirit Channeling grade treasures.

One after another, the courageous Lizardmen were bombarded to death in midair.

Before long, the whole city fell silent, with only remote weeping sounds coming from some corners.

Nie Tian sighed. “The war is finally over.”

Instead of going to handle the Lizardmen with the Qi warriors from the Five Elements Sect, he sought out a stone pavilion that hadn’t been destroyed by the falling meteors, and entered it.

Holding the bone that belonged to an unidentified large species, he was carried away in his thoughts. â€śThis bone… The best equipment forgers may actually be able to carve spell formations into it and turn it into an Immortal grade weapon...”

The bone was twelve meters long, slightly curved, dark red, and had sharp ends.

The mysterious blood-colored patterns seemed to extend all the way into the center of the bone, where there seemed to be extremely fine crystalline veins.

Nie Tian examined them with rapt attention. Combining what he saw with the Bloodline Crystal Chains in his bloodline aura, he came to the speculation that those crystalline veins were also Bloodline Crystal Chains, which carried many wonders.

The bone didn’t feel heavy in his hand, but a bit cold. As he held it, he could feel his own flesh power automatically flowing into it.

However, compared to the immense flesh power circulating inside of him, the amount of flesh power that flowed into the bone was almost negligible.

It appeared that this flesh power flow was only to maintain a profound connection between him and the bone. Only when he actually wielded it would it drain his rich flesh power in a flash.

Then, he tried to infuse it with flame power and wood power, and discovered that even though the bone didn’t eject them, it didn’t show any wonders either.

Therefore, he assumed that perhaps only after carving it with the relative spell formations would he be able to trigger changes by infusing it with these two types of power.

However, as he attempted to infuse it with star power, the dark red bone suddenly lit up.

At the same time, blurry images of that enormous species traveling across the starry river, preying on titans, Ancientbeasts, and great dragons once again entered his mind.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. â€śThe mysterious species that lived in the Primal Era and were born with the ability to travel across the sea of stars… If this bone has a natural affinity towards star power, then I bet it’ll bring out its full might when infused with star power, after it’s forged into an Immortal grade weapon.”

After that, he didn’t hurry into cultivation, or temper his body with the flesh power from the Lizardman corpses.

Instead, he focused all of his attention on studying the bone.

He first attempted to infuse it with flesh power, and discovered that when he did, the bone would absorb it instantly, but nothing would happen, as if they were small streams running into the sea.

No matter how much flesh power he infused it with, the bone always absorbed it instantly without showing any signs of change, as if it was a bottomless pit.

Since his Blood Essence was far too precious to him, and he had already fused the bone with ten drops, he didn’t make any attempts with his Blood Essence.

Seeing no progress, he eventually put the bone back into his ring of holding, and took out the Spirit Pearl.

He sent a wisp of his soul awareness into it, and discovered that a new star map had appeared in it.

There were three conspicuous, bright spots on the star map, which seemed to represent the three Lizardman realms.

Not very far from the three bright spots were scattered several smaller, inconspicuous spots, which seemed to be hidden spatial joints only the eighth and ninth grade Lizardmen knew about.

Black spots could be seen in farther locations, which represented dead stars.

The rather sketchy star map was probably made from the pieces of broken memories the five evil spirits had reaped from the eighth grade Lizardmen’s discarnate souls.

Nie Tian decided not to share this new discovery of his with Huang Jinnan or Lou Hongyan.

Lou Hongyan had said that they wouldn’t stay in this domain for long. They would leave as soon as they finished collecting its valuable spiritual materials.

She didn’t really care where the eighth and ninth grade Lizardman survivors had gone.

A few days later, when he set about to temper his flesh with Heavenly Wood Heal, he saw Saint domain experts soaring into the heavens, as if they were heading towards the other two realms.

At this moment, all of the local Lizardmen in their capital had accepted their fate, and stopped rebelling against them.

Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan also left the Lizardman capital to scan the entire realm with special tools in order to determine how many valuable spiritual materials this realm had to offer.

At the same time, their subordinates started building another teleportation portal in the city.

While Yang Fan remained in the city to oversee things, the Lizardmen were organized to leave the city in batches to collect and mine rare spiritual materials in the other realms.

Time passed quickly.

Nie Tian informed Yang Fan before leaving the city himself. He found a dense forest, where he channeled wood power from his surroundings with the help of the Wood Thriving Formation. At the same time, he started the Flesh Tempering step of Heavenly Wood Heal with flesh power he channeled from the eighth grade Lizardman corpses.

Compared to the first three steps, Flesh Tempering turned out to be much slower.

It took him a great amount of time and effort to channel flesh power, mix it with wood power, and use it to temper every single muscle.

Fortunately, this Lizardman domain was no longer dangerous, as all of the remaining Lizardmen had acknowledged their obedience.

Days passed, and Nie Tian moved from one location to another to find fresh forests to practice cultivation with the help of the Wood Thriving Formation.

Since he had talked to Yang Fan, neither Huang Jinnan nor Lou Hongyan had come to find him.

In the blink of an eye, four months passed.

On this day, a message suddenly came from the Sound Stone Yang Fan had given him, informing him that the new teleportation portal had been completed.


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