Chapter 963: Ending the Battle

A second, a third, and a fourth...

Soon, a total of four eighth grade Lizardmen were instantly killed by the mysterious bone in Nie Tian’s hand.

While the five evil spirits devoured their souls, he drilled into their remains to absorb their flesh power in order to make up for his consumption.

Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan followed him the whole time.

This process wasn’t actually very long, since it had taken him about three hours to kill the four of them one by one.

Nie Tian examined himself as he channeled flesh power from the eighth grade Lizardmen’s remains. “The flesh power within my bones, internal organs, and meridians is considerably richer than the flesh power within my muscles and blood.”

Even though his body, which had been tempered a hundred times, was soon filled with flesh power, he sensed a clear pattern after conducting a close examination of himself.

Now that he had finished the first three steps of Heavenly Wood Heal, which were Bone Crystallizing, Internal Organ Nourishing, and Meridian Toughening, the flesh power within his bones, internal organs, and meridians had become evidently richer than before.

After the refinement, not only had these parts become tougher, but they could also hold more flesh power, like a container that had increased its capacity.

The last two steps of Heavenly Wood Heal were Flesh Tempering and Blood Condensing, which he hadn’t started yet.

“By the time I finish the last two steps of Heavenly Wood Heal, the amount of flesh power my body can hold will rise to a new level.

“When I launch an attack with that mysterious bone, I almost completely drain my flesh power every time. But when that Lizardman patriarch wielded it, he managed to impale the domains of Saint domain experts like Yang Fan and Zhao Heng with it, inflicting serious damage on them. That must be because his flesh power is far more profound than mine.

“Right now, even though I’ve branded the bone with my bloodline imprints and gained full control of it, my flesh power is still too weak, which is preventing me from using it at will.

“Since a single strike with it will drain me of my flesh power, if I can’t channel flesh power from my victims with Life Drain, I won’t be able to rely on it to fight a prolonged battle.

“Perhaps after my bloodline advances from the sixth grade to the seventh grade, I’ll get to awaken new bloodline talents, which will allow me to use the bone more times before draining my flesh power completely. At that time, as my flesh power becomes more refined and profound, the might of my bone will improve significantly.”

With these thoughts, Nie Tian wielded the bone again.

The numerous red, crystal-like grains within the blood-colored patterns on the maroon bone suddenly lit up.

The mysterious bone flew out of his hand, giving rise to a loud whoosh.


A fifth eighth grade Lizardman was hit in his huge, solid skull, giving rise to a bone-cracking sound.

However, this one didn’t die right away, but let out a pained, miserable cry.

“Kill him!” Two Void domain subordinates of Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan immediately flanked him. One was brandishing a long golden spear, and the other was controlling a yellow gourd that shone with precious light.

The long spear and the gourd took turns to deal heavy blows to the severely injured Lizardman, knocking him off balance.


The golden spear pierced towards the Lizardman’s tail, which looked like a long saw.

In the next moment, blood splashed as his long tail that shone with a cold, metallic luster was split.

As this happened, the yellow gourd took the opportunity to ram into his large red mouth that was now open. The wailing Lizardman gradually stopped making any sounds, the life fading from his eyes.


The mysterious bone that had pierced into his skull then flew back into Nie Tian’s hand.

Gazing at Nie Tian, Lou Hongyan said, “That Lizardman was at the peak of the eighth grade, only a step away from entering the ninth grade. You could kill the other eighth grade Lizardmen with a single strike, using that mysterious bone, but you could only injure him badly.”

Nie Tian nodded. “He was at the peak of the eighth grade, which made it a bit tricky.”

At this moment, Lou Hongyan had already learned his routine. Therefore, she took it upon herself to approach the dead Lizardman, enveloped in her flame domain. As she came close, Nie Tian once again flew out of her flame domain on his Star Boat, and drilled into the enormous remains of the eighth grade Lizardman.

Life Drain was once again activated.

A few minutes later, the Star Boat flew away from the shriveled corpse and back to Lou Hongyan’s flame domain.

As Nie Tian looked energetic again, the bone in his hand was covered in Lizardman blood, and once again exuding an extremely dangerous aura.

“Hmm?!” Upon returning, Nie Tian glanced around, and noticed that the Lizardmen had started to withdraw.


The Lizardman patriarch finally broke out of Zhao Heng’s transparent bubble. Instead of pouncing on Zhao Heng, he let out a loud, anxious cry.

Then, he ignited his bloodline potential and shot out of the battlefield like a bolt of violent lightning.

As he did, he spewed blood clouds from his mouth, which rapidly spread out and infiltrated all of the other Lizardmen.

Engulfed by the blood clouds, the surviving Lizardmen seemed to have their bloodline potential awakened, as their auras experienced a sudden surge.

Immediately afterwards, they all morphed into streaks of green light that shot out of the battlefield in the direction he had left.

“They’re trying to escape...” Huang Jinnan went blank briefly before turning to Lou Hongyan and asking, “Do we go after them, senior martial sister?”

Lou Hongyan let out a snort. “Of course we do!” Then, she waved her hand, giving an order, “Chase them down! Kill as many as you can!”

All of the Qi warriors that could still fight summoned power from their domains as they chased after the fleeing Lizardmen.

Seeing this, the fleeing Lizardmen let out sharp screeches as they suddenly scattered to flee in different directions, lest the humans capture them all in one go.

Eyes narrowed, Lou Hongyan recovered her composure. “I doubt that they’ll dare to return to their domain anytime soon.

“Let’s go back to the realm we first arrived in. But after we do, don’t kill all of the low-grade Lizardmen that are still there. Spare those who listen to us. We’ll use them to mine the spiritual materials in the three realms for us later.

“Kill those who refuse to take our orders, and make it a warning to the rebellious.”

Huang Jinnan chimed in, “Senior martial sister, we don’t need to go search for that spatial joint anymore, do we?”

Lou Hongyan nodded. “Yeah, there’s no need to waste our time on that anymore. Come on. Let’s go take the Lizardman domain.”

Upon hearing these words, all of the other Qi warriors flew after the fleeing Lizardmen. Only Yang Fan stayed behind to protect their Divine Son, Divine Daughter, and Nie Tian.

At this time, the battle was practically over. Even though Yang Fan’s lightning domain had been torn, it hadn’t actually been destroyed. If he could find a place that was filled with lightning and thunder, he would be able to mend his domain and return it to its original state.

As he escorted the three towards the Lizardman realm, he turned to look at Nie Tian from time to time. The amazement his eyes grew increasingly strong.

“Nie Tian, that bone...” He finally opened his mouth, but stopped on second thought.

Nie Tian grinned. “Do you want to take a look at it?”

Somewhat embarrassed, Yang Fan nodded. “That very bone nearly destroyed my domain. Even now, I still feel a cold chill when I think about its might. I’m hoping to take a close look at that mysterious bone. I wonder...”

“Sure.” Nie Tian raised the bone as Yang Fan approached, without using any of his flesh power.

Yang Fan then suppressed his lightning domain and moved carefully towards Nie Tian. He wrapped the mysterious bone with fine lighting bolts and pulled it into his domain, where he immediately started studying it wholeheartedly.


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