Chapter 962: Battle on with the Support of Battle Gains

As the bone flew back to his hand, Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim, “Unbelievable!”

With a single strike, the bone had managed to penetrate the eighth grade Lizardman’s skull, killing him in the blink of an eye.


The five fierce spirits flew out after the dead Lizardman that was drifting farther and farther away, hoping to devour his soul.

Lizardman souls weren’t weak at all. In fact, their inability to secure their souls after their fleshly bodies were destroyed and seek opportunities to be reborn was only because they hadn’t solved the profound mysteries of souls yet.

Some powerful outsider races that understood souls as deeply as the Phantasms also had their own special ways of gaining a chance at reincarnation.

However, the Lizardmen couldn’t do such a thing yet. Once their fleshly bodies perished, they were gone for good.

As the evil spirits flew off to devour the dead Lizardman’s soul, Nie Tian looked down at the bone in his hand, and marveled at its formidable might.

But at the same time, he couldn't help but wonder why it had almost drained him of all of his flesh power the moment it had left his hand, even though it wasn’t particularly heavy as he held it.

Then, he examined himself thoroughly  and discovered that the few drops of Blood Essence he had just regenerated were all gone, along with the vigorous flesh power within his internal organs, blood, and bones.

“A single strike consumed almost all of my fleshly energies... Even though this peculiar weapon is wildly destructive, its consumption is just as incredible. Luckily for me, I’m not a pure outsider. Other than my flesh power, I still have my spiritual power that I can use.

“Otherwise, I’d have lost the ability to fight after launching such a strike.

“When I’ve run out of flesh power, the fastest way to recover is to...”

His eyes lit up as he suddenly thought of the corpse of that eighth grade Lizardman. Then, he turned to Lou Hongyan and said, “Would you carry over me to that corpse?”

Lou Hongyan was confused. “But he’s already dead.”

“I know he is,” Nie Tian said, looking determined.

“Alright...” Lou Hongyan’s torn flame domain then flew towards the drifting Lizardman corpse like a flaming cloud.

At this moment, a grayish-green soul in the shape of a Lizardman had already risen from that corpse.

The five evil spirits were munching on it like hungry ghosts, clawing, splitting, and devouring away.

The evil spirits roared as they expanded to a small extent.

“Those evil spirits are yours?” Lou Hongyan asked curiously. “Why do they carry so many negative energies?”

“They came from a Spirit Pearl forged by the Phantasms,” Huang Jinnan explained before Nie Tian could. He had fought alongside Nie Tian in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, and witnessed the Spirit Pearl’s wonders.

“Oh, that’s how it is!” Lou Hongyan marveled.


Like a bolt of lightning, the Star Boat suddenly shot out of Lou Hongyan’s flame domain, before piercing into the Lizardman’s huge corpse.

It inched deeper into the eighth grade Lizardman’s foul-smelling flesh.

The corpse not only kept Nie Tian from the impurities in the starry river, but also blocked Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan’s sight.

“Life Drain!”

One scarlet blood string after another flew out of Nie Tian, slithering into what felt like a sea of flesh and blood.

Since the Lizardman had just died, there was still rich flesh power within his remains, which would take hundreds of years to completely scatter and vanish.

However, as Nie Tian activated Life Drain, the Lizardman’s residual flesh power was rapidly drained.


The scarlet blood strings soon expanded from the size of hairs to the size of fingers.

Moments later, they expanded strangely to the size of human arms.

Flesh power that was rich and pure poured madly towards Nie Tian. After being refined by his unique bloodline, it was soon turned into vigorous life force.

His qi and blood was replenished like a dried well being filled to the brim by a running stream.

“This eighth grade Lizardman died only moments ago, however the amount of life force it generated is still very impressive!”

Within moments, Nie Tian felt energetic again. He even replenished his Blood Essence with the help of the newly acquired flesh power.

“Ten drops! Back to ten drops of Blood Essence!”

After ten drops of Blood Essence that looked like scarlet diamonds were restored to his heart, the new flesh power was redirected towards his abdomen instead.

As more and more flesh power fused into his impaled abdomen, it rapidly healed with the help of Heavenly Wood Heal.


Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan frowned deeply as they watched the eighth grade Lizardman’s discarnate soul being devoured by the five fierce spirits.

However, they were truly astounded as they watched the gigantic Lizardman corpse shrivel at an alarming rate.

It was as if every bit of blood within the corpse had suddenly vaporized.

Even its flesh dried up like meat that had been left in the sun for years, completely bereft of water or flesh aura.

“The seventh Son of the Stars...” Lou Hongyan touched her forehead subconsciously. “Word came from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace saying that this newborn Son of the Stars practices flame power, wood power, and star power simultaneously, which means he probably won’t be able to rise to the God domain. They even said that since he’s so distracted, he might not even be able to advance to the Saint domain.”

With a smile, Huang Jinnan said, “I’m afraid someone in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace released such information to purposely undermine him and create difficulties for him in bringing the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars to heel. Based on what I’ve learned about him, the Saint domain definitely won’t be his limit!”

Lou Hongyan pondered in silence for a while before saying, “You told me about him as soon as you returned from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. You spoke so highly of him back then that I didn’t trust your judgment. But now I do. This Nie Tian is indeed far beyond ordinary. As long as he doesn’t die prematurely, he’ll definitely become the future pillar of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and join the ranks of the human overlords in this starry river!”

Huang Jinnan nodded. “That’s for sure!”


As their conversation came to end, the Star Boat returned to Lou Hongyan’s flame domain.

Since Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan weren’t hybrids, their perception of flesh power wasn’t very keen.

However, they couldn’t tear their gazes away from Nie Tian’s abdomen.

Earlier, Nie Tian’s abdomen had been a bloody mess. Even his intestines had been exposed. However, all they could see now was his smooth muscular abs, without even the slightest sign of having been impaled.

How was it possible that such a serious wound had healed within such a short time?

Even though they couldn’t sense the change of flesh power inside Nie Tian, what they were seeing with their eyes was already shocking enough.

Huang Jinnan was also shocked by the scene. “I doubt that even Bonebrutes or Demons have such terrifying self-healing ability!” 

Staring blankly at Nie Tian, Lou Hongyan, for the first time, felt strong apprehension towards someone whose cultivation base was lower than hers.

“Yang Fan!” Zhao Heng’s spirited exclamation suddenly echoed out from the distance. “I’m trapping this Lizardman patriarch for now! He won’t be able to break free for two hours!

“You should go help the others deal with the ninth grade Lizardmen!”

Nie Tian looked over, and saw that the Lizardman patriarch was now trapped in a transparent bubble, losing his earlier edge.

The elimination of his bloodline imprints within the bone seemed to have seriously hurt his state of mind and ground his spirit away.

For figures at his level, mental blows were the most destructive.

“I suppose this battle will end in our victory soon,” Huang Jinnan said excitedly.

Now that Yang Fan had joined the battle against the ninth grade Lizardmen, the pressure on the other four Saint domain experts was lifted to a large extent.

In another location, the eighth grade lizardmen were now covered in wounds, looking dispirited.

The fact that their bloodline pioneer, who they had worshiped as their god, had lost his lifetime weapon to Nie Tian had driven them to despair.

“There are still so many eighth grade Lizardmen. As long as I can kill each of them with one strike, I’ll be able to regain the power I consumed after each kill.” After a brief moment of pondering, Nie Tian decided to act on this idea.

Once again, he cast the long bone, giving rise to a torrential flesh aura, and blinding blood-colored light.

Without meeting any much resistance, it pierced through another eighth grade Lizardman’s skull, killing him instantly.

“Let’s move over to that corpse!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

Lou Hongyan listened to him and moved her flame domain towards the second eighth grade Lizardman that had been sniped by Nie Tian with the bone.


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