Chapter 961: An Even More Remote Era

“Come here!” With these words, Lou Hongyan lifted her hand, and glassware wreathed in flowing auras flew out of her palm.

The discarnate soul of the late Void domain expert, who had had both his domain and fleshly body destroyed by the bone, flew lightly into it.

“Many thanks, master!” After sending out this soul voice, it fell silent within the glassware. Not another soul strand flew off and vanished into the void.

He had been an expert in wood power. Upon seeing the Lizardman patriarch attacking Lou Hongyan, he had thrown himself in front of her. As a result, his domain had shattered, and his body had been split. Only his true soul had managed to escape.

However, even for Void domain experts, their true souls wouldn’t be able to survive the harsh environment in the starry river for a long time once separated from their fleshly bodies.

Before, when they had talked, Nie Tian had noticed that soul strands continued to rise from his discarnate true soul and vanish into the void.

If this had lasted a bit longer, this true soul would soon completely scatter and disappear into the starry river, not leaving a soul strand behind.

However, Lou Hongyan’s special container made sure that didn’t happen.

By the time they took care of the Lizardmen and returned to their sect, she would be able to find a suitable body for him to be reborn into.

Some day, when his memories that were buried in the deepest part of his soul were awakened, he would be able to resume his path of cultivation and rapidly recover his current cultivation base, just as Yuan Jiuchuan had done.

Of course, it would require a large number of precious spiritual materials to reforge his domain. However, Lou Hongyan would probably help him with that.

After all, she had been reborn herself, and was familiar with every detail of the process.

After summoning the glassware back to her palm, Lou Hongyan said with a serious expression, “You died defending me. I’ll take care of everything. Don’t you worry.”

At this moment, the battlefield had been divided into two parts.

In one location, Yang Fan and the other Saint domain experts were fighting the ninth grade Lizardmen.

In another location, Void domain experts were fighting eighth grade Lizardmen.

The Lizardman patriarch, who was still the biggest threat, had lost his bone to Nie Tian, along with the Blood Essence that he had branded the bone with. This had inflicted serious damage on him.

At this moment, Yang Fan was dealing with his bloodline aura, while Zhao Heng was trapping and suppressing him within a giant bubble.

Both Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan looked relaxed now.

They and Nie Tian, the three with noble statuses, only observed from a safe distance, instead of joining the battle themselves.

Like Nie Tian, Huang Jinnan, who was at the Soul realm, also entered Lou Hongyan’s flame domain to seek protection from the impurities in the starry river.

“Can you use that bone, Nie Tian?” Huang Jinnan asked curiously.

Lou Hongyan also fixed him with a curious gaze. “What on earth is so special about your Blood Essence? The origin of your bloodline must be equal to or higher than that of the bone’s. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have expelled the Lizardman patriarch’s Blood Essence and let yours settle in instead.”

“Do you know the origin of that bone?” Huang Jinnan asked again.

As they spoke, the battle went on.

While the Void domain human Qi warriors soon gained an advantage, the four Saint domain experts were having difficulty handling the eight ninth grade Lizardmen.

However, once Yang Fan and Zhao Heng took care of the Lizardman patriarch, they would be able to join the other human experts and bring this battle to a speedy end.

From the look of it, the humans would triumph without suffering heavy casualties.

Nie Tian pondered in silence for a few seconds before saying, “Some images entered my mind when that patriarch first took out this bone. I can tell you about them. I saw something incredibly huge preying on titans, Ancientbeasts, great wyrms, and other ancient species from the Desolate Antiquity Era. Those beings were as large as some realms.

“They could travel from one domain to another domain in just a breath’s time, which made them faster than any ancient starship we’ve seen.

“Even titans, Ancientbeasts, and great wyrms were their prey?!”

Both Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan gasped with astonishment.

Eyes wide, Huang Jinnan asked aloud, “Are you saying that this bone belongs to one of those enormous beings?” 

“It appears so,” Nie Tian answered. “All of those images entered my mind the moment the bone appeared. I even suspect that those images were awoken by some profound imprints that are buried in the deepest part of my bloodline. I thought you saw them too.”

Lou Hongyan took a deep breath to calm herself. “No, we didn’t. Only you did. No wonder that patriarch suddenly targeted you when he could have killed me! That also explains why he said those weird things about you, that you’re special, and both your bloodline and soul are unique!”

“Senior martial sister,” Huang Jinnan exclaimed. “if my speculations are correct, that unidentified species is from the era before the Desolate Antiquity Era, according to the ancient records from our sect’s collection!” 

Face grim, Lou Hongyan nodded gently. “That’s probably it!”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “There was an era even before the Desolate Antiquity Era?!”  

“According the ancient history of our sect’s conflicts with titans, Ancientbeasts, and great wyrms, our ancestors had learned about an era that was even more remote than the Desolate Antiquity Era from the ancient beings they had fought. However, even those tenth grade titans, Ancientbeasts, and great wyrms didn’t seem to know much about that era.”

Lou Hongyan chimed in, “They called it the Primal Era.

“According to them, they only knew that enormous beings that were as large as realms dominated that era. As the true favorites of this starry river, they were born with the ability to travel among domains. Nothing in the void could harm them.

“However, that mysterious race seemed to have gone extinct when the Primal Era ended.

“Only after that did the titans, Ancientbeasts, great wyrms, and other ancient species from the Desolate Antiquity Era enter the stage, and rise as the new overlords.

“But even so, their fear towards that mysterious race was branded in the depths of their bloodlines.

“When they break through into the tenth grade, they seem to be able to gain a glimpse of the past, and see blurry images of that incredible race...”

Lou Hongyan’s eyes were filled with apprehension as she spoke, and she occasionally looked at the bone that was clutched in Nie Tian’s hand.

Nie Tian gasped with astonishment. “Titans, Ancientbeasts, and great wyrms can actually see into the past when they advance to the tenth grade?”  

As the three of them spoke, an eighth grade Lizardman suffered a heavy blow, and was sent flying towards them like a hill of flesh.

Injured, the Lizardman seemed apprehensive about resuming his fight against his human equivalents. Instead, he turned around and targeted the three of them.

Seeing this, Lou Hongyan let out a cold harrumph.

However, just as she was about to make a move, Nie Tian cast the bone towards the incoming Lizardman.

The moment the bone left his hand, he felt all of his flesh power reserve pouring into it, allowing it to pierce towards the Lizardman’s head like a bolt of lightning.

Surprised, the eighth grade Lizardman hastily summoned flesh power to form multiple blood-colored shields.

However, the flesh power shields were crushed by flesh power that seemed to be of a much higher level even before the bone actually touched them.


The bone that was more than ten meters long went right through the eighth grade Lizardman’s skull.

With a prematurely ended cry, the gigantic Lizardman collapsed and floated uncontrollably into the distant starry river.

Huang Jinnan was flabbergasted. “That Lizardman was almost as strong as a middle Void domain cultivator, yet you killed him with a single strike?!”

Looking at the bone that was slowly flying back to Nie Tian after reaping a life, he called out with insecurity filling his eyes, “Be careful, Nie Tian!”

Lou Hongyan’s expression also flickered slightly. “You have no problem controlling it, right?”

“Umm... I think so...” With these words, Nie Tian reached out clumsily to grab the bone.

As flesh power shone on his fingertips, the bone seemed to be channeled, and suddenly accelerated. Like a bolt of lightning, it shot back to his palm.

“Got it!” Nie Tian said, his intense expression relaxing.

However, both Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan had grown cold with fear, staring at the bone.


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