Chapter 960: It Belongs To Me Now

“Why is this happening?! Why?!” The Lizardman patriarch threw his head back and howled, as if he had gone insane.

Many of his grayish-green scales had fallen off as he scratched himself bloody out of frustration.


Raging flesh power fluctuations suddenly exploded from within him, spreading out into his surroundings like a flood.

Countless rays of grayish-green bloodline power shot out of him like a hedgehog’s spines.

Yang Fan and Zhao Heng’s torn domains suffered another heavy blow, and many parts that were coming back together were scattered once again.

However, Yang Fan and Zhao Heng didn’t seem panicked this time. Instead, a hint of delight appeared in their eyes.

“Compared to that bone, such a flesh power attack is much more acceptable!” As Yang Fan let out a cunning laugh, his Thunder God’s Whip flew out of his domain. With a few flaps, it sent numerous balls of heavenly thunder towards the rays of bloodline power, along with a devastating aura.

Hit by the heavenly thunder, the grayish-green light gradually vanished.

At this moment, Zhao Heng seized the opportunity to fly over to the old Lizardman patriarch. As he did, a huge transparent bubble floated out of his water domain.

Vested with a profound sealing magic, the bubble enveloped the Lizardman patriarch in a flash.

Seeing this, the Lizardman patriarch charged about within the bubble, but failed to break free.

Screaming repeatedly, he cast anxious looks at Nie Tian from time to time.

Meanwhile, the peculiar bone that had penetrated Nie Tian’s abdomen was still going through subtle changes.


In the depths of the crimson bone, tiny green spots that looked like green crystals cracked one after another.

They seemed to be the Lizardman patriarch’s crystallized Blood Essence.

After so many years of refinement, the bone had been branded with the essence of his bloodline. It would be difficult for the bone to get rid of all of the crystalline green spots by relying on its own power.

However, now that Nie Tian’s Blood Essence had fused into it, the profound mysteries they carried had provided it with strong support, allowing it to crush the Lizardman patriarch’s Blood Essence crystals one by one.

At the same time, Nie Tian’s Blood Essence took their place, as it split into dark red crystalline spots that were just as tiny and branded into every inch of the bone.


Trapped in the transparent bubble, the Lizardman patriarch screamed hysterically, as if he were in a lot of pain.

It was as if he was being hurt as his Blood Essence within the bone was eliminated.

Even though Nie Tian didn’t attack him directly, as the bone crushed his crystallized Blood Essence within it with the help of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, it inflicted serious damage on him.

Nie Tian didn’t know how many years and how much Blood Essence he had spent on the bone.

Blood Essence was the condensation of his bloodline power.

If he could recycle the Blood Essence he had fused into the bone, it would significantly improve his battle prowess.

However, after being crushed, his crystallized Blood Essence within the bone didn’t return to him. Instead, it seemed to be erased of his unique imprint by Nie Tian’s Blood Essence and dispersed into the bone in the form of pure power.

Not only could he not manipulate the bone anymore, but he also couldn’t take his Blood Essence back. The Lizardman patriarch’s foundation was now truly hurt.

Yang Fan and Zhao Heng grew increasingly spirited as they saw that the Lizardman patriarch, who was trapped in the bubble, starting to show signs of weakening.

“He’s growing weak!”

“It seems that his bloodline power that he’s vested that mysterious bone with no longer belongs to him. The power essence he went to great lengths to refine has been erased of his imprint and vanished into the bone!”


The last few crystalline green spots were crushed, ridding the whole bone of any green.

As a replacement, crimson spots that were the color of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence filled the bone, carrying the profound truths of Nie Tian’s bloodline power.

“It doesn’t seem to hurt anymore...” Nie Tian muttered as he reached out and grabbed the bone. Very gently, he slowly pulled the bone that was more than ten meters long out.

Holding it, he was hit by a strange feeling that the bone was like a part of himself, and that they were bound by the same bloodline.


At this moment, the copious amount of flesh power he had drained from the seventh grade Lizardmen poured into his heart.

Once again, his heart pounded vigorously.

Moments later, a new drop of Blood Essence was condensed, sparkling like red agate. 

As more flesh power that he had taken from the Lizardmen he had killed gathered and condensed, a second drop soon came to form.

Then, it was a third drop... and a fourth drop...

Only when eight drops of Blood Essence came to form did he run out of the flesh power that had poured into his heart.

Holding the enormous bone, he was at a loss as to his next move. Thus, he glanced around.

That was when he noticed that Huang Jinnan, Lou Hongyan, and the other Void domain experts from the Five Elements Sect had formed a circle around him.

They were protecting him from the corrosive impurities that filled every corner of the starry river.

This was the reason why he had been able to completely focus on the changes in the bone, standing on his Star Boat.

Huang Jinnan’s eyes were filled with apprehension and confusion as his gaze switched back and forth between Nie Tian and the bone he was holding. “Nie Tian… It was already hard to believe that that bone didn’t kill you, but how did you even manage to erase all of the bloodline imprints the Lizardman patriarch branded it with?”

One Void domain Qi warrior after another fixed Nie Tian with disbelieving gazes, as if they were looking at a freak. They started discussing among themselves, as if they weren’t aware that this battle against the Lizardmen hadn’t ended.

“I know that you’re a hybrid, but what on earth is the origin of your nonhuman bloodline?” Lou Hongyan asked.

“How could you possibly erase the bloodline imprints of an outsider that’s only a step away from entering the tenth grade?!”

“This is unbelievable!”

“Also, what kind of creature does that bone belong to?”

They were just far too curious as to the origin of Nie Tian’s nonhuman bloodline.

“That’s a question I can’t answer for the time being,” Nie Tian said with a bitter smile. Then, he gazed off at the roaring Lizardman patriarch, who was now trapped in a bubble, and added, “All I can say is that this bone has nothing to with him from now on.”

“Y-you’ve gained control of it?” Huang Jinnan asked suggestively.

Nie Tian nodded. “Yes. I can feel that it belongs to me now.”

A clamor burst through the crowd.

That bone was what had made that peak ninth grade Lizardman patriarch so formidable.

With its help, he had torn Yang Fan and Zhao Heng’s domains and killed a late Void domain expert without effort.

Its formidable might had shocked everyone present.

However, not only had such a powerful unidentified tool failed to kill Nie Tian by piercing through his abdomen, but it had even been refined and taken as his own.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would have never believed it.


At this moment, the eighth grade Lizardmen finally arrived.

With a cold smile, Huang Jinnan said, “They’re here, but sadly, they’re too late. Without that bone, their patriarch’s strength has suffered a sharp decline. He’s no longer a threat! Under such circumstances, if the other Lizardmen try to fight us in the starry river, they’ll be seeking their own deaths!”

Lou Hongyan waved her hand.

Seeing this, the Void domain experts that had gathered around Nie Tian spread out to meet the incoming eighth grade Lizardmen.

Another large-scale battle broke out in the starry river.

As this happened, Lou Hongyan approached Nie Tian and enveloped him in her badly damaged flame domain.

Her scarlet eyes switched back and forth between Nie Tian and the peculiar bone. With a complicated expression, she said, “If we can wipe out the Lizardmen and take all three realms, your significant contribution will not be forgotten.”

Huang Jinnan nodded. “You’re such a freak. It seems that I made a wise decision by asking you to come explore this domain with us. If it not for you, we would have all died at the hands of those Lizardmen this time. If we actually take all three Lizardman realms, one of them should be given to you.”

“That seems fair.” Lou Hongyan agreed.


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