Chapter 954: The Sharpest Weapon

In the Realm of Maelstrom...

Saint domain, Void domain, and Soul realm experts from the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars were now gathered in this realm.

They had already waited here for quite some time.

The exploration of a brand new domain had lit the passion of every major sect in these three domains. Even those who had practiced secluded cultivation year-round had ended their secluded cultivation ahead of time just to join this expedition.

Huang Jinnan’s enormous golden starship was still berthed by a huge spatial rift in the watery curtain high in the sky.

Jing Feiyang flew over once again to ask Huang Yan in an earnest manner, “When will we march into that domain, Brother Huang?”

“They haven’t returned yet,” The late Void domain Huang Yan said with a warm smile. “But it’s about time that they returned.”

After a moment of pondering, he added, “How about this: I’ll teleport over there to ask them about it?”

Jing Feiyang clasped his hands. “That’d be great. Many thanks!”

The experts from the Divine Seal Sect, the Thousandsword Mountain Sect, the Golden Vast Sect, and the other sects were getting somewhat impatient from the long wait.

He was afraid that everyone’s passion would wear off as time passed.

Huang Yan then walked into the main cabin. However, he rushed back out in a few moments.

Looking very worried and anxious, he said, “Something has gone wrong!”

Quan Zixuan and Qu Mingde were waiting nearby. They overheard him, and flew over in a flash.

“What is it?” Qu Mingde asked, looking concerned.

Huang Yan seemed insecure and uneasy as he answered, “I couldn’t teleport to that domain because I couldn’t lock down the coordinates for the teleportation portal they had established there. There are only two possibilities. Someone has either turned off that teleportation portal, or destroyed it.

“They know that they need to keep that teleportation portal open at all times. There’s no way that they shut it down themselves.

“So I guess what happened is that the inhabitants of that domain destroyed that teleportation portal.”

Shocked expressions appeared on everyone’s faces.

Jing Feiyang took a deep breath and said, “That teleportation portal is of great importance. They must have arranged for powerful experts to guard it. From the look of it, they’ve run into trouble in that domain. And it must be some serious trouble. Otherwise, that teleportation portal should have been secured, at the very least.”

Huang Yan’s expression flickered. “Dammit! I’ve got to inform my sect of this. Our Divine Son and Divine Daughter are at stake. Should something happen to them, our sect’s vital energy would suffer. Even the foundation of our future would be shaken!”

With these words, he hastily flew into the spatial rift to report this newest information to the Five Elements Sect.

“Nie Tian is going to be okay, right?” Quan Zixuan asked, looking worried.

Jing Feiyang also looked worried as he said, “That’s the hope.” 

“As the seventh Son of the Stars, he has just silenced the different voices in the three domains,” Qu Mingde said somewhat anxiously. “If he gets trapped in a foreign domain for a long time, it’ll definitely hurt the reputation he has just built up.”

In fact, he hadn’t cared this much about Nie Tian before joining him.

But now that he had attached the Golden Vast Sect to Nie Tian, this running war chariot, the future of the Golden Vast Sect had been bound with Nie Tian.

If Nie Tian grew stronger and his status in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace rose, the Golden Vast Sect would benefit from his success.

Similarly, if Nie Tian got into trouble, all of his subordinate forces would be implicated.

Therefore, they definitely didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“There’s no need to worry,” Jing Feiyang said, trying to calm them. “Nie Tian is far stronger than you think, not to mention that he’s with a Divine Son and a Divine Daughter of the Five Elements Sect. After the Five Elements Sect learns about this, they’ll definitely think of every possible way to build another teleportation portal or sail directly to that domain.”

Only after hearing these words did Quan Zixuan and Qu Mingde feel slightly relieved.

In the unidentified domain...

The battle was still burning like a raging fire.

Even though the Lizardmen had the numbers, they weren’t as strong as their human equivalents individually.

The Saint and Void domain Qi warriors had exquisite incantations, domains with profound uses, Spirit Channeling grade spiritual tools, and medicinal pills that would allow them to recover their battle prowess within a short period of time.

As far as the development of civilizations, the Qi warriors from the Five Elements Sect had an absolute advantage over the local Lizardmen.

For this reason, even though the Qi warriors were outnumbered by the Lizardmen by a great margin, the two sides were actually evenly-matched.

The eighth and ninth grade Lizardmen were already having difficulty handling the Saint and Void domain human experts.

Therefore, none of them actually paid much attention to Nie Tian or spared any energy to deal with him.

Nie Tian found this quite liberating.

By relying on the Star Boat’s unparalleled speed, he flashed back and forth amongst the seventh grade Lizardmen. Once he saw a blockade forming, he would immediately fly to other locations to find stray Lizardman to kill.


A dragon made of raging flames swooped down on another seventh grade Lizardman.

Upon clashing, the Lizardman caught fire, and took the initiative to dive towards the marshland below in an attempt to put out the fire with its greenish water.


Six blood-colored strings of flesh power suddenly flew out and pierced into the Lizardman like steel needles.

The blood strings went in through gaps among the scales.

In the next moment, Life Drain was activated, and the blood strings that were as fine as hairs started to drain flesh power from the Lizardman’s blood, bones, and internal organs.

The Lizardman that was close to ten meters long wailed in panic as his thick, sturdy feet started to shrivel up.

Seeing that more furious Lizardmen were converging on him from different directions, Nie Tian gave a cunning grin and summoned star power. With a short-range Starshift, he shifted back onto his Star Boat.

Afterwards, the Star Boat shot out like a bolt of lightning, leaving all of the gathering Lizardmen far behind.

“This is awesome! My bloodline power is without a doubt the best weapon I can use to kill these outsiders with vigorous flesh power!”

As long as he dealt a heavy blow to a Lizardman and found an opportunity to pierce his blood strings that carried the profound truths of life power into it, he would be able to gain a copious amount of flesh power.

He mostly relied on his flesh power to launch attacks.

Since he could constantly absorb flesh power from his enemies, it allowed him to fight on like a perpetual motion machine, without ever worrying about exhausting his strength.

If he had fought by relying on his spiritual power instead, once his spiritual sea ran dry, he would have to find a secure location to recover with spirit stones.

Flesh power, however, could be taken from his Lizardman enemies endlessly.

“If I were fighting humans instead, since their flesh power is innately weak, I wouldn’t be able to obtain enough flesh power from them to fight an extended battle. Outsiders, on the other hand, have rich flesh power inside of them, especially Demons and Phantasms. As long as I can find opportunities to pierce my blood strings into them, I’ll be able to maintain my high battle prowess with their flesh power.”

The Star Boat suddenly came to a stop.

At this point, the gash in his chest had fully healed with the help of Life Strengthening.

Torrential flesh power ran through his meridians, giving rise to faint sounds.

All of his meridians, bones, and internal organs had been tempered a thousand times over with the help of Heavenly Wood Heal. Their solidity was even superior to that of the seventh grade Lizardmen.

For this reason, he dared to fight them at close quarters.

He was occasionally whipped by their long tails that were like huge saws. However, he only felt lightheaded for a brief moment. None of them really hurt his vital parts.

Then, as he summoned his flesh power with the profound method of Heavenly Wood Heal, he would be able to heal himself completely within moments.

“I can actually use the rich flesh power I’m gaining from this battle to finish the fourth stage of Heavenly Wood Heal: Flesh Tempering.

“It seems that I can hold back a little and refrain from killing them so quickly. Otherwise, I might eventually catch the eighth grade Lizardmens’ attention and draw them to me.

“So my priority in this battle has become accumulating as much flesh power as possible, which I’ll use for my later cultivation!”

As this train of thought flashed across Nie Tian’s mind, he continued to flash skillfully back and forth among the seventh grade Lizardmen, as if he were strolling idly in his own courtyard. He could even spare some of his attention to observe the fights that were taking place in other places.

All of a sudden, a prematurely-ended scream caught his ears. He looked towards the source of the scream, which was where Huang Jinnan and the Void domain experts were fighting the eighth grade Lizardmen.

“An eighth grade Lizardmen has been killed!” Nie Tian’s eyes lit up as he immediately took out the Spirit Pearl and unleashed the fierce spirits within it. Like clouds, five blurry shadows rose high into the sky, where they condensed into sinister-looking spirits.

“Go! Strengthen yourselves with the discarnate souls of the dead Lizardmen!”

Upon receiving this order, the five evil spirits roared and flew out to hunt the discarnate souls of the dead.

“From the look of it, the longer this battle lasts, the more I’ll benefit from it. Not only will I be able to accumulate copious amounts of flesh power, but I can also perfect my techniques of battling with bloodline talents through fighting these Lizardmen.”


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