Chapter 952: Fierce Battle

The long, red ribbon flew out of Lou Hongyan’s domain like a falling star, dragging a long burning tail.

The volcanoes within her domain continued to erupt, giving rise to raging flames that rose and fused into the ribbon.

As this happened, the numerous crimson spots within the ribbon rapidly expanded.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered. “True sunflame!”

The aura he sensed from those expanding crimson spots was actually identical to that of the sun that shone across the starry river.

Soon, the crimson spots turned into balls of flames that looked like burning suns.

The ribbons then shot directly towards the ninth grade Lizardman who was controlling the toxic miasma and acidic rain.

“That’s a fire-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasure, which is every bit as powerful as the Flame Dragon Armor.” As Nie Tian thought to himself, he saw a vague shape of flames looming within the ribbon, which seemed to be the soul of some mysterious being.

“Wait! Not only does it contain true sunflame, but also earthflame and heavenflame essence! Also, the ribbon carries so many different types of auras that it’s as if it’s branded with the truths of every type of fire in this world!”

Nie Tian analyzed the ribbon carefully, and sensed various types of flame auras from it.

There were a variety of flames in this world, including flames from falling stars, flames from burning wood, and true flame from the sun...

All of them seemed to have been infused into that special ribbon. Driven by Lou Hongyan, the different types of flames had been refined and blended together in a profound manner, pushing their might to the limit.

One end of the crimson ribbon was still connected to her flame domain, while the other end extended towards the ninth grade Lizardman.

It looked as if she and that Lizardman were linked by a floating river of flames.

Within the river of flames, balls of flames burned as fiercely as the sun.

Looking at the ribbon filled with balls of flames, all of which were as fierce as the sun, Nie Tian couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. “She’s not the Daughter of Flames for nothing. Her attacking means are beyond impressive.”

He had a feeling that if he didn’t seek help from the Flame Dragon Armor or the Bone Blood Demon, any one of those burning spheres could reduce him to ashes.

That was also when he realized that he wouldn’t stand a chance if he were to fight her now. After all, they were both chosen ones from the most ancient human powers, yet there was a huge gap between their cultivation bases.


The crawling ninth grade Lizardman suddenly exploded towards the approaching ribbon.

Roaring, he slammed his exceptionally long tail, which seemed to be forged from refined steel, into the crimson ribbon, giving rise to a loud boom.

After taking such a devastating blow, the crimson ribbon actually cracked.

Some of burning spheres within it fell out and landed on hundreds of acre of ground, turning it into a sea of flames. The heat dried up the marshlands and created deep cracks in the ground, forcibly turning the bleak weather in this realm around.

The ninth grade Lizardman continued to whip his long tail at the cracked crimson ribbon in midair.

As more flames spilled, power that could topple mountains spread out in all direction.


Wherever the flame power spread, the earth shook violently and the ground split open, as if everything was going to fall apart.


The ninth grade Lizardman suddenly opened his mouth.

A mouthful of green gore that seemed to contain acidic toxins spewed towards the crimson ribbon.


Upon contact, the ribbon shrank down and gave rise to fizzing sounds, as if it was being corroded by strong acid.

The burning spheres within the ribbon that could turn all things into ashes started to go out one by one.

Lou Hongyan let out a muffled groan. She made a grabbing motion in the air and yanked her hand back.

Then, like a snake of flames, the crimson ribbon flew back into her domain.

Her expression grew somewhat grim as she called out, “Be careful, Uncle Yang. These ninth grade Lizardmen aren’t much weaker than grand patriarchs of the other races.” After a brief trial, she realized that she had better end this battle, which she wouldn’t be able to win, and leave the ninth grade Lizardman to Yang Fan.

Even though she was only at the early Void domain, that crimson ribbon was a unique treasure that her master had forged with all kinds of flames that had been gathered from across the starry river.

This sixth level Spirit Channeling grade fire-attributed treasure agreed with her cultivation attribute perfectly. After merging with her flame domain, it had given her the strength to contend against a ninth grade grand patriarch for a moment. 

However, as an early Void domain cultivator, Lou Hongyan’s spiritual power reserve was still not rich enough to support a whole battle against such a powerful opponent. She would definitely be defeated if she didn’t end the battle in time.

With an unrestrained laugh, Yang Fan said, “Alright, leave him to me.”

Enveloped in his lightning domain, he flashed to the ninth grade Lizardman in a breath’s time.


Compared to Yuan Jiuchuan’s lightning domain, the lightning bolts within his domain were a thousand times denser. Like a lake of slithering lightning, it engulfed the ninth grade Lizardman in the blink of an eye.

The ninth grade Lizardman roared nonstop as he struggled in Yang Fan’s domain.


Another ninth grade Lizardman suddenly swooped down from above the clouds.


This Lizardman, who had frost power as his bloodline power, took in the bleak aura that filled this realm and formed numerous pieces of ice that looked like giant swords in the depths of Yang Fan’s lightning domain.

Wisps of green aura, which seemed to be his bloodline aura, could be seen in the depths of the huge ice swords as he wielded them within his unique bloodline talent.

The huge ice swords slashed back and forth, severing numerous thick lightning bolts within Yang Fan’s lightning domain.

Only after teaming up did the two ninth grade Lizardmen match Yang Fan in battle.

Huang Jinnan grinned and shook his head. “Exactly as I expected!

“Savage beasts are savage beasts. Unlike Phantasms or Demons, they only know to use their fleshly bodies, but not to collect precious materials to forge powerful weapons. These Lizardmen will soon learn how big a gap there is between an advanced civilization and a backward civilization.”

He flung his sleeve and exclaimed, “Don’t hold back in battle! We won’t lose much even if this realm falls apart!”

After receiving his order, his subordinates charged towards a group of Lizardmen behind them.

It was as if his order had completely ignited the battle.

All of the Saint domain and Void domain experts summoned their Spirit Channeling grade treasures and used them to intercept the incoming Lizardmen.

Huang Jinnan, however, stood unwavering atop the mountain of Golden Obsidian, holding a golden spear in his hand.

That was when Nie Tian was surprised to see that a golden lotus had appeared on the surface of the mountain of Golden Obsidian.


As countless golden lines appeared and connected with one another within the mountain of Golden Obsidian that was thousands of meters high, a grand spell formation came to form with the lotus as its eye.

Channeled by the golden lotus, the shiny, golden mountain actually rose into the air.

Emanating golden light, it flew towards the seventh and eighth grade Lizardmen that were coming at them from behind.

As it did, sparks of golden light that looked like lotus petals fell from it.

As this happened, the mountain of Golden Obsidian rapidly lost its metal power, which was a deposit of thousands of years, and gradually shrank in size.

However, after falling in an extremely elegant manner, the golden petals seemed to be vested with their own awareness, as they sought out low-grade Lizardmen themselves.

Many seventh grade Lizardmen were sliced into countless pieces upon touching those golden petals.

Numerous sinister-looking Lizardmen that were more than ten meters long were cut into chunks of flesh that fell out of the air.

Eighth grade Lizardmen were roughly as powerful as Void domain human experts. However, after being hit by the golden petals, their steel-solid bodies were also cut open, with gashes and holes that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

As the battle became full-blown, everyone except Nie Tian took part in fighting the Lizardmen.

“We can’t let them think less of us.” As Nie Tian muttered these words, the Star Boat flew out from the Bone Blood Demon’s head.

At the same time, an intense aura of death suddenly spread out from the Bone Blood Demon as it charged into a crowd of Lizardmen, taking huge heavy steps.

“Just take care of yourself, Nie Tian. We don’t need your help in this battle.” Lou Hongyan’s voice echoed out from her flame domain as she flew around Yang Fan and the two ninth grade Lizardmen he was fighting, towards the hundreds of seventh and eighth grade Lizardmen behind them.

Inside her domain, illusory volcanoes continued to spew raging flames and boiling lava, which fused endlessly into that crimson ribbon.

Like Death’s scythe, the crimson ribbon then flew out of her domain to swing back and forth in the crowd of seventh and eighth grade Lizardmen, setting all of them on fire.

The fire seemed to be inextinguishable. No matter how hard the Lizardmen tried to suppress it with their bloodline power, they could stop it from burning their lives away.


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