Chapter 942: Life Transformation?

Nie Tian knew that what he saw through his flame power sub-soul was what had actually happened.

The Divine Flame’s arrival had given rise to devastating changes in the realms of the Domain of Flame’s End, setting them ablaze. Then, the Divine Flame had channeled power from them to strengthen itself.

Its appearance had reduced the Domain of Flame’s End to a place of destruction and desolation.

The images shook Nie Tian deeply, and made him realize that the Divine Flame’s cultivation would result in the end of realms.

“Just because of you, those realms that once thrived with life force and cultivator forces perished,” Nie Tian muttered.

It was as if the Divine Flame heard his mutter.

All of a sudden, new images entered his flame power sub-soul.

Time seemed to suddenly move hundreds of thousands of years backward.

It was still the Domain of Flame’s End. A few dozen realms seemed to have just come to form, as they hadn’t formed their realm cores yet.

Not many lives had appeared in them.

A burning meteor flew over from the distant starry river.

It flew past the newborn realms in the Domain of Flame’s End one after another, sowing them with the seeds of fire.

Fire sparks fell onto each and every realm, infiltrating their earth and fusing into their realm cores. By doing this, they seemed to stimulate the growth of the realm cores and bring out their potential.

Such infusions started to shape the realms of the Domain of Flame’s End into fiery realms. They gained the ability to channel dissociative flame power from the starry river. As they grew hotter and hotter, volcanoes came to form, along with all kinds of fire-attributed spiritual materials and vegetation.

As time moved forward, each and every realm of the Domain of Flame’s End was shaped into fiery realms due to the fusion of flame sparks from the burning meteor.

The burning meteor, however, had long vanished from this part of the starry river.

Countless years later, outsiders arrived in the Domain of Flame’s End and became its first dwellers.

Then, many years later, humans arrived on their ancient starships and started a war with the outsiders over the Domain of Flame’s End. Eventually, the humans won. They drove the outsiders away and became the overlords of the Domain of Flame’s End.

After that, human Qi warriors established sects and clans in all of the realms. They mined fire-attributed cultivation resources without restraint, and fought among themselves year-round.

Eventually, the burning meteor that had disappeared a very long time ago returned to the Domain of Flame’s End, and set every realm ablaze.

Nie Tian pondered, and soon realized that the cluster of Divine Flame was using this special method to influence his flame power sub-soul and open his eyes to the truth.

The truth was that the Divine Flame had discovered the Domain of Flame’s End first. It had sown it with its curious seeds of fire, which had successfully transformed the realms into fiery realms.

After the Divine Flame had left, the realms in the Domain of Flame’s End had channeled flame power from the starry river, forming all kinds of spiritual materials and various other resources.

Later, outsiders had arrived and occupied it. They had mined its spiritual materials and strengthened their bloodlines with the flame power it had accumulated over thousands of years.

Many years after that, humans had discovered it, and taken it from the outsiders.

What the human Qi warriors had done was no different from the outsiders, except they had been even more extreme.

The humans had populated these fiery realms at an alarming speed. They exploited all kinds of fire-attributed materials to build up their sects and themselves.

However, it was the flame sparks from the Divine Flame that had turned the realms in the Domain of Flame’s End into the fiery realms they were.

The Divine Flame was the one that had explored the Domain of Flame’s End. Like how humans grow crops, it had planted the seeds, and would return someday to harvest the results.

However, outsiders and humans had shown up and enjoyed the fruit of its efforts after it had left.

Later, after returning, it had only taken back what was rightfully its.

Even if it hadn’t, the humans’ unrestrained development would exhaust the flame power these realms held, and have turned them into dead realms anyways.

Nie Tian was suddenly enlightened. “So this is the truth it wanted me to see.

“The Divine Flame roams the starry river to find newborn domains. Once it does, it leaves flame sparks, which will turn the realms into fiery realms and develop itself at the same time. When the time is right, it’ll return to harvest the developed flame sparks. This is the unique way the Divine Flame cultivates.”

With these thoughts, he suddenly detected a vague soul awareness with the help of his flame power sub-soul.

A burning meteor seemed to be withholding its flame power as it appeared out of thin air in front of his ancient starship.

Its flame flickered in a profound manner, as if to send some message.

“You want three drops of my Blood Essence, and in return, you’ll give me a flame spark?” Nie Tian immediately realized the reason why it had been following him the whole time.

After a moment of contemplation, he nodded, and separated three drops of Blood Essence from his heart.

They were translucent and sparkling like crimson agates, exuding the profound truths of life power.

At the same time, a flame spark was separated from the burning meteor.

Before Nie Tian could take a close look at it, the flame spark flew into his spiritual sea in his dantian region and fused into his flame power core.

As soon as it did, Nie Tian’s flame power sub-soul shook violently.

In the next moment, he discovered that he had somehow gained the ability to channel faint free flame power in the starry river.

After going blank for a brief moment, he hastily took out a Heavenflame Crystal.

Like strings of fire, the Heavenflame Essence it contained flew into his flame power core at an incredibly fast speed.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered strongly. “The speed at which I absorb Heavenflame Essence has improved nearly tenfold!”

At the same time, he came to another shocking discovery: his mastery of the True Flame Incantation and Flame Dragon’s Cry seemed to have also improved significantly.

“The flame spark can also help my flame power sub-soul master flame power incantations?!”


At this moment, the three drops of Blood Essence flew uncontrollably into the burning meteor.

Like crimson agates that were the size of fingernails, they were devoured by the Divine Flame in the blink of an eye.


They rapidly turned into wisps of blood that dispersed into the Divine Flame.

As the Divine Flame burned increasingly furiously, a faint flesh aura seemed to be born within it.

“The Divine Flame is a unique treasure, not a living being with flesh and blood. But after receiving three drops of my Blood Essence, it seems to have gained the potential to become one!”

Nie Tian was shocked by this shocking discovery.

“This is like creating a brand new life! The Divine Flame has its own awareness and blazing flame power. A body of flesh and blood is the only thing it lacks!

“But what will it become after gaining a fleshly body? A brand new species with it as the first of its kind?”

Nie Tian didn’t even dare to give it any more thought.


The Divine Flame suddenly drove the burning meteor into the distant starry river, as if it went off to search for something in order to finish an incredible transformation.

“Will it be a brand new life with flesh and blood the next time I see it?

“Don’t tell me that my Blood Essence can cause such a change to any high grade precious material? There are countless species in the starry river. How on earth did they first come to exist? Is it possible that some of them were actually born in this way?”

Questions exploded in Nie Tian’s mind, as if his understanding of life had suddenly been overthrown, opening his eyes to brand new, unfathomable possibilities.

After the Divine Flame left, the scorching aura gradually vanished as well.

Standing on the ancient starship by himself, he didn’t contact Xie Qian or Jing Feiyang right away. Instead, he sat down with furrowed brow and mulled over everything that had just happened.

He had a feeling that the answers he might gain would be of immeasurable help if he wanted to understand this world better and solve the mysteries of life.

“Also, that flame spark has fused into my flame power core. I suppose it has many profound uses too.”


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