Chapter 883: Meeting Obstacles

Nie Tian flew into the square in a split second.


The evil spirits’ howls were ear-piercingly loud, as if they were going to destroy the heavens and shatter the earth.

As powerful as Huang Jinnan was, his face distorted after he was impacted by the roars of so many evil spirits.

Like a crown, his golden lotus floated quietly over his head.

It suddenly unleashed glorious golden light that fell and enveloped him like a curtain of jewels, protecting him from the evil spirits’ fierce screeches.

At the same time, the ghouls that roamed the square also flooded towards them, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

The golden spear within Huang Jinnan’s hand seemed to morph into a dragon forged from pure gold that followed his commands and ripped the incoming ghouls to pieces.

As soon as Nie Tian flew onto the battlefield, he summoned the Spirit Pearl without hesitation.

Countless discarnate souls could be seen swarming within the cyan pearl. Its soul, which had been refined from the soul of a ninth grade Phantasm grand patriarch, grew very excited.

The shimmering cyan light it emanated had a subduing effect on spirits and souls of all forms. The weaker evil spirits cowered the moment they saw it.

However, some of the more powerful evil spirits didn’t shrink in the slightest when facing the Spirit Pearl.

Judging from their looks, a handful of them seemed to have been transformed from dead Phantasms’ discarnate souls.

They appeared to be immune to the Spirit Pearl to a large extent as they flew right into the cyan light towards Nie Tian.

Rage, grudges, fear, a thirst for killing, and other negative emotions the evil spirits had experienced right before their deaths instantly flooded Nie Tian.

One illusory image after another entered his mind, all of which were images of the last thing the evil spirits had seen before their deaths. They gave rise to great waves in Nie Tian’s calm mind as a strong thirst for blood soared uncontrollably in his heart.

The shimmering starlight suddenly vanished from Nie Tian’s pupils.

What took its place was a shade of blood-red.


Without any intention of his own, his Life Strengthening bloodline talent was activated. His muscles bulged up, while a scaly layer formed over his whole body.

Pupils blood-red, he let out a frenzied roar as he ignored the incoming evil spirits, but instead pounced towards Huang Jinnan.

“Nie Tian!” An exclamation escaped Huang Jinnan’s mouth as numerous golden magical symbols flew out of the golden lotus floating over him like butterflies.

Upon contact, the golden magical symbols, which carried the profound truths of metal power, ripped the ghouls that were converging on him to pieces, like china that was dropped to the floor.

As Nie Tian, who was affected by the evil spirits’ negative emotions, was about to reach Huang Jinnan, he suddenly heard a faint soul call.

The soul call was coming from the Spirit Pearl, which was flying after him.

As the soul call grew louder, all of the negative emotions were blown out of Nie Tian’s mind like dark clouds that were scattered by a gust of wind.

Nie Tian instantly recovered a clear mind.

However, the few powerful Phantasm evil spirits flew into his sea of awareness before he knew it.

They flashed about within his sea of awareness in an attempt to capture and devour his true soul.

Growing cold with a strong sense of crisis, Nie Tian exclaimed inwardly, â€śStarchains!”

As his nine star souls shone with glorious light, strips of refined soul power dropped like a waterfall. After mixing with his soul awareness, they morphed into numerous glowing chains.

Then, the Starchains shot directly towards the few evil spirits, thrumming with immense, cleansing star power.


The evil spirits failed to hang on for even a second within his sea of awareness before the Starchains chained them up and reduced them to smoke that scattered into the air.

After calming down, Nie Tian hastily reestablished his soul connection with the Spirit Pearl.

Only after a brief communication with it did he learn that since the Spirit Pearl had been forged by Phantasm experts, some of the evil spirits that had transformed from dead Phantasms’ discarnate souls were immune to its confinement.


After him and Huang Jinnan, Yin Yanan and the girls also left the Star Boat to fly into the square.

The same went for the chosen ones from the various domains who had followed Huang Jinnan into the Bloody Grave Mountain Range.

They instantly joined in the fierce battle against ghouls and evil spirits.

Thanks to them, the ghouls and evil spirits had to split up to deal with them separately, which took a lot of pressure off Huang Jinnan’s shoulders.

Nie Tian also noticed that many evil spirits were so afraid of the Spirit Pearl that they targeted the newcomers instead of him.

“Come on, Nie Tian!” Huang Jinnan shouted. “Help me take care of the evil spirits while I kill the ghouls. We have to get to the ancient altar as quickly as we can!”

He had also realized that there were simply too many evil spirits, and that Nie Tian wouldn’t be able to get rid of them all with his Spirit Pearl.

Not to mention that his Spirit Pearl didn’t even work on some of them.

Only if Nie Tian went with him would he have the privilege of facing fewer evil spirits.

He knew very well that they had to collect all five Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials from that ancient altar, and then evacuate from this place as soon as they could.

Otherwise, when the Stone Golems got here, not only would they not be able to obtain those precious spiritual materials, but they would probably die here. After hundreds of years, their discarnate souls might become evil spirits; their corpses might be either gnawed away or have joined the ghoul army.

Nie Tian nodded. “Sure!”

He shifted to Huang Jinnan’s side with a short-range Starshift.

As soon as he did, most of the evil spirits gathered around Huang Jinnan flew away, frightened by the cyan light the Spirit Pearl emanated.

Only five evil spirits continued to hover around him. All of them had been transformed from Phantasm discarnate souls.

Aside from the evil spirits, dozens of ghouls pounced on him dauntlessly wave upon wave, leaving slight scratches on him with their sharp claws and teeth.

The golden chariot Huang Jinnan was standing on was still moving forward, but very slowly.

That was because ghouls kept rising into the air to stop it from flying towards the center of the square.

However, Nie Tian hadn’t brought his Star Boat with him when he had joined the battle because Yin Yanan and the girls had been standing on it earlier.

It was impractical for him to fly out of the square and bring his Star Boat inside now.

Besides, he didn’t know whether the square would have the same confining effect on him as it had on the ghouls.


Like a streak of starlight, he flew onto the golden chariot to stand side by side with Huang Jinnan.

Huang Jinnan’s face split into a wide smile. “Now let’s go.”

A cluster of golden light blossomed within his palm as he pressed it towards the head of the chariot.

The entire chariot shone with blinding golden light as it suddenly exploded forward.

The ghouls that rose into the sky, hoping to stop the chariot, were ripped to shreds by the golden light, and fell back to the ground.

The chariot flew forward at full speed.

After Nie Tian drove the evil spirits away with his Spirit Pearl, nothing seemed to be able to stop Huang Jinnan, who had his golden lotus floating over his head and his golden spear clutched in his hand. They arrived at the ancient altar in the blink of an eye.


The golden chariot rammed into an invisible shield with great force, and stopped.

As the strong clash sent out countless golden sparks, Huang Jinnan’s expression flickered. “So this altar is enveloped in a shield, which is probably what’s stopping the five Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials from breaking away.”

“Golden Crystal Cannon!” As he shouted these words, a peculiar antique cannon forged from a golden crystal appeared from under the chariot.

The golden spirit stones that paved the floor of the chariot seemed to burst into flames as a large amount of metal power poured madly into the antique golden cannon.

A cluster of golden flames shot out of the cannon muzzle to bombard the invisible shield that sealed the altar.


As the golden flames exploded, the invisible shield briefly showed itself against the fiery light.

However, not even the slightest bit of the golden flames managed to penetrate the shield into the altar.

At this moment, even more ghouls converged on them from all directions. Huang Jinnan had to spare some of his attention to cut down the incoming ghouls with his golden spear.

At the same time, Nie Tian held fast to his star souls as he dealt with the evil spirits, so that he wouldn’t be bewitched again.

As they did, the few Phantasm evil spirits followed their golden chariot to the ancient altar.

Starlight once again blossomed in Nie Tian’s pupils. One Starchain after another formed out of thin air like lightning bolts. Carrying soul power and the essence of his star souls, they shot out even before the few evil spirits came close.

“Hmm?!” Nie Tian went blank.

The Starchains suddenly vanished like torches that were blown out by a gust of wind.

He suddenly remembered earlier, when one of his Heaven Eyes had vanished immediately after he had sent it into the square.

Cursing inwardly, he realized that if he sent out any form of his soul power, the special environment of this place would make it quickly scatter and vanish.

The few evil spirits ignored the cyan light the Spirit Pearl emanated and flew right onto the golden chariot.

All kinds of negative emotions and soul impacts then bore down on Nie Tian and Huang Jinnan.

It was also at this moment that the young man named Han Sen, who practiced lightning incantations, appeared with a cold expression at the perimeter of the square.

Gloating filled his eyes as he gazed into the square at Nie Tian, Huang Jinnan, and the others, who were engaged in fierce battles against numerous evil spirits and ghouls.

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