Chapter 869: A Tangled Fight

While approaching Nie Tian, Han Sen’s vigilant eyes switched back and forth between Nie Tian and Pergson.

Pergson the Bonebrute was still holding his Bone Shatterer in his hand.

As a powerful magical treasure of the Bonebrutes, the Bone Shatterer had an innate subduing effect on most Bonebrutes, yet it didn’t carry any flesh aura.

Therefore, it didn’t attract any more tainted energies to Pergson.

With a casual swing, he slashed the Bone Shatterer in Nie Tian’s direction.


A pale curved blade light that contained rich death power shot out of it.

Nie Tian had engaged in a brief battle against Pergson before. He fully understood the formidable might of the Bone Shatterer in his hand. Therefore, he made a quick decision and escaped with a Starshift.

Seeing Nie Tian vanish into thin air like a ghost, Pergson didn’t try to pursue him, but instead pointed his Bone Shatterer at Han Sen.

The pale curved blade light split into numerous strands that instantly surrounded Han Sen.

Cursing, Han Sen hastily folded the fan in his hand.

In the next moment, a large number of lightning bolts shot out of the folded fan that looked like a short spear, filling a small area around him.

Thunderclaps filled the air.

“Bloodline magic: Blight!” As Pergson the Bonebrute shouted these words, the numerous strands of pale light wreathing Han Sen instantly burst into white flames.

The flames started clashing with the lightning bolts, sending waves of energy fluctuations in every direction.

Han Sen’s expression flickered as he felt with great clarity that he was being drained of his life force.

A mysterious power from the Bone Shatterer had infiltrated his flesh, and was now piercing into his bones, causing him to experience stabbing pain all over.

He struggled to contend against the destructive power inside of him with his lighting power.

Nie Tian, however, gave up on the idea of fighting Pergson, but rather went on to find other outsider opponents.

He soon located a Blackscale, and flashed to his side with a Starshift. He found a gap between his armor-like, pitch-black scales and plunged a translucent tree branch through it into his chest.

“Heaven Wood Thorns!” Nie Tian exclaimed. Then, the tree branch that was translucent and sparkling started growing madly within the Blackscale.

Even though the Blackscale was at the sixth grade, as Nie Tian activated Heavenly Wood Thorns, his vigorous life force was rapidly drained by the thorns that spread uncontrollably inside of him, piercing through his internal organs and severing his meridians.

The Blackscale let out agonized roars.

He wanted to activate his bloodline talents to save himself, yet since his heart was also impaled, he couldn’t activate any of them.

“Life Drain!” However, Nie Tian unleashed another bloodline talent, and started channeling rich flesh power from the Blackscale through the tree branch he had planted into his chest.

Soon, the Blackscale’s impaled heart shriveled as wisps of flesh power were forcibly channeled away by Nie Tian and greedily devoured by the green aura within his heart.

The Blackscale then collapsed to the ground and died.


Without sparing Pergson a glance, Nie Tian went on to search for his next target.

He was well-aware that since he couldn’t really use the Bone Blood Demon here, and the Flame Dragon Armor would attract too many tainted energies if he unleashed it, there was a great gap between his strength and that of Pergson, who held the Bone Shatterer.

Besides, Pergson didn’t pursue him anyways. He didn’t have to put himself into a difficult situation by turning back to fight Pergson.

Meanwhile, the girls also joined the tangled fight between humans and outsiders, whether they wanted to or not.

That was because as soon as the outsiders saw them, they wouldn’t ask them anything, but pounce on them right away.

Nie Tian took a moment to shoot a glance at them.

He discovered that Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong didn’t summon their Frost Blood Python and coexisting flowers.

They both understood that once they summoned their Frost Blood Python or coexisting flowers, the torrential tainted energies converging on them would put them under tremendous pressure.

Therefore, they wouldn’t summon them unless they absolutely had to.

But even though they were fighting outsiders by relying on their own strength, the battle prowess they displayed was still rather impressive, allowing them to handle their respective opponents with ease.

At the same time, Xie Wanting was fighting a Birdman. From the look of it, she was doing well, and wouldn’t be in danger any time soon.

Originally, the outsiders had gained a noticeable advantage in their fight against the humans. However, Nie Tian had killed Sylon and several other outsiders with lightning speed, and some outsiders had to withdraw to deal with Yin Yanan and the girls. The burden on the other human cultivators’ shoulders was relieved to a great extent.

Now, as Nie Tian examined the battlefield closely, he discovered that Froste, the Phantasm chosen one, and Gutas, the Demon chosen one, were teaming up against a human cultivator.

It was none other than the person who had told Han Sen to come to his aid.

The man was clad in golden garments, which made him look like a divine statue forged from pure gold. The long spear he was holding also emanated dazzling golden light.

With a magnificent stature, he was significantly taller than all of the other human cultivators. At this moment, Froste was hovering over him on his skull made of discarnate souls.

However, golden rings seemed to protect the man’s sea of awareness like halos over a god’s head, allowing him to stand there, as steady as Mountain Tai. The skull’s soul attracting force seemed to have no effect on him.

With every swing of his golden spear, he would send out countless rays of divine golden light, stopping Froste from approaching him.

Gutas the Demon attacked him with an oddly-shaped saber, but also failed to achieve any noticeable results.

Nie Tian was well-aware that Froste and Gutas were chosen ones of their respective races. The fact that the two of them together had failed to finish off that man within a short time proved how formidable he was.

Not just that, but he even spared some attention to smile back at Nie Tian and said with a voice so resounding that it could pierce through metal and split rocks, “My name is Huang Jinnan. If you can help us get rid of these outsiders, I’ll make sure that you get a share of the berries above on the ceiling of the cave.”

With these words, he swung his golden spear, creating a river of golden light.

Countless golden magical symbols could be seen flickering within the golden river, unleashing an extremely fierce aura.

At the same time, the ferocious bellows of Demons echoed from Gutas’ saber as vague shadows of Demon ancestors appeared on its surface.

One after another, the sinister demonic shadows flew out of the saber towards Huang Jinnan, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws as they did. However, each and every one of them was stopped by the golden magical symbols within the river of golden light.

“The man is at the late Profound realm, and holds a powerful magical treasure.” Nie Tian marveled inwardly. â€śCompared to the other cultivators I’ve met here, his strength is at a whole other level. Even Mo Qinglei with his Thunder King Seal wouldn’t be able to match him in battle.”

“You don’t have to deal with that Bonebrute chosen if you don’t want to,” Huang Jinnan called out to him. “You can just do what you can and go kill some weaker ones.” 

The man’s words made Nie Tian have positive feelings towards him. Grinning, he said, “Let me take some of the burden off your shoulders.”


The Spirit Pearl flew out of Nie Tian’s ring of holding to float over Huang Jinnan’s head, very close to Froste’s skull made of discarnate souls.

Froste cursed in the outsiders’ language as wisps of discarnate souls were channeled out of the skull’s hollow eye sockets and flew into the Spirit Pearl.

Huang Jinnan’s eyes lit up as he noticed that the skull could no longer threaten his true soul, now that the Spirit Pearl had come to his aid.

Glorious golden light instantly burst forth from his golden robe, and the magics he unleashed with his long spear suddenly became unchallenged.

The numerous golden magical symbols within the river of golden light seemed to instantly be infused with his soul power, and transformed into golden divine symbols.

With divine singing echoing from the golden magical symbols, even Gutas, the Demon chosen one, couldn’t stop his soul from trembling after hearing it.

His oddly-shaped saber that had demonic shadows flying out of it screamed anxiously, as if it also sensed great danger.

Gutas gasped with astonishment as he hastily withdrew from his battle against Huang Jinnan and shouted, “Pergson! Let’s swap opponents!”

Upon hearing his words, Pergson the Bonebrute instantly morphed into an arc of pale light that arrived in front of Huang Jinnan.

“Your Bone Shatterer is a powerful magical treasure of your race, but my spear is also no ordinary weapon,” Huang Jinnan said. Not the slightest fear could be seen on his face. “I’ve heard a lot of rumors about your Bone Shatterer and the death power it wields. Today, I get to test those rumors myself!”

With these words, he suddenly shook the long golden spear in his hand with great force, unleashing seven more rivers of golden light that contained a great number of divine symbols.

The rivers of golden light arced and converged on one spot, forming a giant golden eye in midair.

It emanated blinding divine light. Nie Tian only took a glance at it, and the light hurt his eyes so much that tears came out.

It was as if the light unleashed by the giant eye were golden needles that pierced into his pupils.

The giant golden eye seemed to be the embodiment of the magical spear’s soul, which was vested with Huang Jinnan’s spiritual and soul power.

The golden eye stared unblinkingly at Pergson.

Under its gaze, fissures actually appeared in Pergson’s translucent and sparkling bones.

A shudder ran through Nie Tian. “Incredible!” 

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