Chapter 861: All Must Die!

“Xie Wanting!” The Qi warriors who had hidden themselves under the snow and ice exclaimed, killing intent appearing in their eyes.

Apparently, they all knew her.

“The Heavenly Ice Sect from the Domain of Endless Snow?” Yin Yanan asked with a cold face, as if she was very upset about her air-transportation spiritual tool being destroyed. “Do you know them?”

Xie Wanting nodded. “Their domain is our neighbor domain. Over the past centuries, they‘ve launched several invasion of our domain, and the enmity between our domains has stretched through generations.”

“So they’re your enemy.” With these words, Yin Yanan smiled viciously. “This is your lucky day. Since these Heavenly Ice Sect bastards dared to destroy my air-transportation spiritual tool, none of them shall leave here alive.”

One of the Qi warriors let out a cold harrumph. “You’re quite a talker!” 

The man was tall and beefy, with a frosty aura exuding from eyes that looked like a tiger’s. Clearly, he was a late Profound realm cultivator.

As soon as he spoke, all of the other Heavenly Ice Sect disciples turned to look at him.

Xie Wanting fixed him with a cold stare and asked disdainfully, “What are you doing here, Gao Linhu? Don’t tell me that you wanna go try your luck at the heart of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range. Even we didn’t dare to go there, but you think you can?”

Gao Linhu let out a cold laugh. “Who told you that we’re going to the heart of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range? It’s frigid cold in this region. Can’t we come here to simply channel frost power and practice cultivation?”

With these words, his ill-intended gaze started going back and forth among Yin Yanan, Mu Biqiong, and Xie Wanting. “Three women of singular beauty. Nice.”

After hearing his words, the other Heavenly Ice Sect disciples also fixed their eyes on the girls, their gazes growing obscene.

Another man laughed impudently. “Senior martial brother, that woman with veil... no matter how she actually looks, just her charming slender build alone has worked up my appetite.” 

“Xie Wanting is yours of course, senior martial brother,” said another man. Then, he pointed at Yin Yanan. “That one with her steaming hot body is more my type.”

All of the Heavenly Ice Sect disciples present started laughing with lustful looks in their eyes.

“Interesting.” With a meaningful grin, Nie Tian turned to Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong, who had very grim looks on their faces. “It looks like you’ve become their targets.”

“Ignorant bastards!” Yin Yanan suddenly pounced towards Gao Linhu.

“Frost Hammer!” As she shouted these words, a large, silver hammer flew out of her ring of holding, and slammed down towards Gao Linhu with terrifying force.

This hammer, which she referred to as Frost Hammer, was even larger than her. Wisps of frosty aura could be seen exuding from its glittering, silver body.

Gao Linhu smiled disdainfully. “This one also practices frost power. Good.” 

Just before the Frost Hammer was going to bear down on him, he wove his hands before his chest, forming a hand seal. In the next moment, frost power condensed into a shield of ice over his head like an open umbrella.

“Frigid Ice Shield!”


The Frost Hammer slammed into the shield of ice with great force. Then, a cold smile appeared at the corner of Yin Yanan’s mouth.


Vague shapes of ancient beasts suddenly appeared on the surface of the Frost Hammer.

As the Frost Hammer went from glowing with silver-white light to glowing with blood-red light, the shapes of ancient beasts rapidly grew distinct.

It was also at that moment that mountain-toppling, earth-shattering force burst forth from with the hammer, which Yin Yanan had infused with her frost power and flesh power.

Fear spread across Gao Linhu’s face.

His ice shield didn’t even hold for a second before shattering to pieces.

Then, the terrifying power from the Frost Hammer bore down on him, as if the starry river had collapsed and poured madly out of the heavens on him.


One plate of ice after another formed over Gao Linhu’s head in attempts to stop the Frost Hammer.

However, they all shattered a moment after they formed.


The Frost Hammer then descended, thumping on the top of Gao Linhu’s head. The spiritual light concentrated on the top his head shattered as he wobbled and dropped to his butt.

Blood came out of his nose and mouth as a dazed look filled his eyes, as if he was going to pass out in the next moment.

“Kill her!” Gao Linhu screamed.

Seeing what had happened, the other Heavenly Ice Sect Qi warriors hastily made moves.

Ice-attributed spiritual swords, icy spears, and all kinds of weapons wreathed in frosty auras shot in Yin Yanan’s direction.

Instead of summoning her eighth grade Frost Blood Python to handle the incoming spiritual tools, she skillfully shifted among their gaps like a swift female leopard.

With a disbelieving expression, Nie Tian turned to Xie Wanting. “I can’t imagine these losers actually dared to come here too. Didn’t you say that all those who dare to come to the Bloody Grave Mountain Range are truly powerful members of different races? I thought the people we’d meet here were going to powerful figures like Froste, the Phantasm chosen one. Who the hell are these clowns from the Heavenly Ice Sect?”

Without even summoning her Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan, who had just entered the middle Profound realm, had almost killed their leader, Gao Linhu, with a single strike.

All of the other Profound realm Qi warriors of the Heavenly Ice Sect ganged up on Yin Yanan, yet she didn’t seem to have any problems handling them single-handedly.

In Nie Tian’s eyes, these Heavenly Ice Sect disciples were probably even weaker than Qiu Ji, yet they had dared to ambush people in a remote area of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, which was laughable.

Xie Wanting didn’t know what to say.

Moments later, she cleared her throat. “Well... They actually aren’t as weak as you think. It’s just that she’s too powerful.”

Having recovered to a certain extent, Gao Linhu let out an explosive roar, and blocks of ice shot out of his palms. “Primal Ice Formation!” 

As they shot skywards, they rapidly arrayed, forming a huge spell formation.

Immediately afterwards, raging, bone-piercing frost power converged on the blocks of ice from all directions.

Gao Linhu had gained these blocks of ice from an icy lake in the Domain of Endless Snow. Each and every piece was more than a hundred thousand years old, and carried endless wonders.

As the Primal Ice Formation descended to cover a large area around Gao Linhu, all of the ice and snow it had summoned from its surroundings became Gao Linhu’s to command. “Bitch! You really think you’re so much stronger than me?!”

A torrential frost aura rapidly built up within his spell formation, the frost power converging from his surroundings soon reaching the limit of what a Profound realm Qi warrior could handle.

Even Yin Yanan, who also practiced frost power, felt her blood freeze up and her mobility become limited within the spell formation.

The Heavenly Ice Sect Qi warriors seemed to have known better, and thus had quickly backed out of Gao Linhu’s Primal Ice Formation.

Enveloped within the Primal Ice Formation, Yin Yanan shouted to Nie Tian, “These pieces of primal ice will serve me well after some minor refinement. Don’t you help me. I’ll kill every one of them myself!”

With these words, the Frost Blood Python finally flew slowly out of her uncovered waist.

Its bloodcurdling cry then echoed through the heavens.


As the Frost Blood Python unleashed its bloodline power, a frigid storm rapidly formed within the Primal Ice Formation.

The primal ice forming the spell formation was soon engulfed by the storm.

As the storm expanded at an alarming rate, the Heavenly Ice Sect disciples in the vicinity also rapidly disappeared in it.

In the next moment, their agonized shrieks came from within the storm.


The crisp sounds of the Frost Blood Python crushing their bones with its mouth also echoed out of the depths of the storm.

Soon, the icy white storm was painted red with human blood. At the same time, the Frost Blood Python’s heaven-shaking, earth-shattering aura spread out from within it.

“That spirit beast is at the seventh grade at the very least!” Gao Linhu’s face turned pale with fright, as he hastily turned around, hoping to flee even without his subordinates.

However, like the opened mouth of an enormous monster, the storm devoured him before he could leave the mountain valley.

His agonized shrieks echoed out from the heart of the storm, but in a few seconds, there was nothing at all.

Looking nonchalant, Nie Tian said, “I can’t believe these Heavenly Ice Sect disciples are actually so weak. They should have holed up somewhere along the edge of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range and practiced cultivation. Attacking us was a dumb move.”

Xie Wanting smiled bitterly. “They’re actually not that weak. If people from my sect encountered them instead of you, then it would have been hard to say who would win.”

Nie Tian didn’t say anything else.

Soon, the frigid storm scattered, and the Frost Blood Python returned to Yin Yanan’s waist, where it slumbered again.

However, Gao Linhu and the other Qi warriors were nowhere to be seen. Clearly, the Frost Blood Python had devoured them all.

“I have no other air-transportation spiritual tool left on me. Let’s use yours.” Yin Yanan sounded as if nothing had happened, blocks of primal ice floating over her extended hand.

Wisps of frosty aura could be seen flying out of her fingertips to swirl within the pieces of sparkling ice, as if she had already started refining them.

“Let’s use mine.” With these words, Xie Wanting then summoned an air-transportation spiritual tool. After everyone jumped on board, they flew off again.

Several hours later, they finally flew into the central area of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range.

As they did, the frosty mist cleared. What took its place was mixed energies that were a dozen times stronger than they used to be in the Realm of Split Void.

Accompanied by the tainted energies, an evil spirit seemed to have sniffed out their life force, and also appeared before them.

Nie Tian then discovered that more evil spirits were attacking a group of Qi warriors ahead of them, giving rise to endless painful screams.

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