Chapter 856: Bloodline Upgrade

Numerous glittering cyan spots came to appear within the Bloodline Crystal Chains that formed the green aura that had lain dormant for a long time in Nie Tian’s heart.

As more and more of them appeared, the Bloodline Crystal Chains grew thicker and thicker.

The Bloodline Crystal Chains started to emanate dazzling divine light. Each and every cyan spot seemed to be branded with the profound truths of life power as they flickered unceasingly.

“Life Strengthening! Blood Essence Seething!” Two brand new bloodline talents were suddenly imprinted in the depths of Nie Tian’s mind. Eyes narrowed, he attempted to find out more about them, yet he somehow learned everything about them in a split second.

Surrounded by thick leaves, Nie Tian felt greatly spirited, the light of excitement shining in his eyes. “Two bloodline talents at the same time!”

This was the first time he had awakened two bloodline talents after one bloodline upgrade.

Before, every time his bloodline had upgraded, he would only awaken one new bloodline talent.

The five bloodline talents he had awakened before were Life Transfer, Life Stealth, Life Drain, Blood Essence Extraction, and Life Blend.

In Nie Tian’s senses, every time he had awakened a bloodline talent had marked a successful upgrade of his bloodline, which meant his bloodline had already upgraded five times, like a fifth grade outsider’s.

The battle prowess of a fifth grade outsider was roughly equal to that of a Worldly realm cultivator.

This was the sixth time his bloodline had upgraded, and two brand new bloodline talents had been awakened.

Didn’t this mean his bloodline had advanced to the sixth grade, making him an equal to a Profound realm human expert?

However, as a human cultivator, he was still at the Worldly realm. He hadn’t expected that the upgrade of his bloodline, which should be unique to outsiders, would have surpassed the advancement of his cultivation base.

“Now that my bloodline has entered the sixth grade, does it mean I’ll be able to fight a Profound realm human expert by solely relying on my bloodline power now?” With this thought in mind, he took a deep breath and tried to activate the first new bloodline talent: Life Strengthening.

As a thought entered his mind, immense flesh power instantly poured out of his muscles, internal organs, bones, and blood.

After exuding through his pores, his flesh power turned from a bloody aura to liquid blood, and eventually solidified into some kind of scaly shell over his whole body.

Within seconds, a suit of armor seemed to have formed over his face, abdomen, legs, and arms.

A large number of gold and silver patterns could be seen on the surface of the armor-like shell, which gave Nie Tian a inhuman look.


As his heart beat increasingly vigorously, his muscles started to bulge.

He already had a magnificent physique to begin with. Now, as his muscles continued to bulge, his aura became even fiercer, and he seemed to have transformed into a ferocious beast with a scary look in his eyes.

Vigorous flesh power ran madly through his veins, giving rise to sounds of rivers raging through mountains.


The tall tree he was sitting in finally failed to hold his soaring weight, and snapped.

Nie Tian landed with a loud crash.

He could feel his flesh power surging madly inside of him, as if it were desperate to find a vent.

Then, he lifted his hand and slapped an ancient grayish-brown tree beside him, which was more than ten meters tall and as thick as the mouth of a well.

In the next moment, the ancient tree exploded to shreds, as if it had been rammed by an enormous beast.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up, flesh auras flying out of his fingertips like crimson lightning bolts.


Numerous tall, thick trees in his surroundings exploded one after another, flying leaves and bits of wood filling the air.

Feeling endless flesh power raging within him, Nie Tian felt as if he were blessed with some divine power. To vent his power, he started charging through the forest so fast that his movements gave rise to crackling sounds, as if he were splitting the air.

One ancient tree after another exploded with loud booms as he rammed into them, rendering the forest in chaos.


He fell out of the sky. Fusing his divine power with his feet, he made a huge hole in the solid ground.

Even rocks that were close to the hole shattered. The aftermath of his crash spread out dozens of meters in every direction.

It was as if a monster made of pure metal had fallen out of the sky and crashed heavily into the earth, unleashing devastating power.

In a very good mood, Nie Tian went on to activate his second newly awakened bloodline talent. “Now let’s check out Blood Essence Seething!” 

In the next moment, a drop of Blood Essence in his heart started to seethe furiously.

Flesh power that was even fiercer flooded out of his heart into every corner of his body, further boosting his battle prowess, as if he had become a huge beast from the Desolate Antiquity Era that ran rampant in the forest.


Clusters of pure flesh power then shot out of him to bombard his surroundings like thunderballs, rapidly engulfing a large area around him in explosions.

As Nie Tian’s drop of Blood Essence went on to unleash its power to the fullest, loud explosions filled heaven and earth around him.

By the time it was finished, there was no longer a single tree left in a hundred-meter radius around Nie Tian.

The ground was riddled with holes and covered in leaves and bits of wood, while the rocks were reduced to crumbs by the explosions.

“Enough!” Nie Tian hastily stopped igniting more of his Blood Essence with Blood Essence Seething, his new bloodline talent.

“Everything in the Shatter Battlefield, including the living creatures and vegetation, should have been very tenacious and difficult to destroy, but...” Glancing around at the devastated forest, he burst into a wild laugh.

He suddenly had a feeling that now that his bloodline had advanced to the sixth grade and he had awakened Life Strengthening and Blood Essence Seething, he would be able to contend against a sixth grade outsider even if he didn’t have any spiritual power to use.

The scaly layer that formed over his whole body after he activated Life Strengthening could perhaps also protect him from sharp blades.


With this thought, he summoned a long, thin sword from within his ring of holding, infused it with his spiritual power, and then hacked his own arm with it.


Sparks flew from the point where the sword made contact with his arm, giving rise to a crisp metallic clash.

Only a faint mark was left on the scaly layer that covered his arm.

His flesh wasn’t cut open and his internal organs, meridians, and bones weren’t hurt at all.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “Life Strengthening is kinda similar to the Demons’ and Bonebrutes’ indestructible form!

“Besides, I’ve crystallized my bones, nourished my internal organs, and toughened my meridians with Heavenly Wood Heal. Now with Life Strengthening added to my skill set, I wonder how much power my body can resist.”

With this thought in mind, he conducted a thorough examination of himself, and discovered that as long as Life Strengthening was activated, even though he wasn’t doing anything, he was consuming his flesh power that was scattered in different parts of his body.

That was because wisps of his flesh power were infusing into the scaly layer in order to maintain this special form.


He let out a long breath as he deactivated Life Strengthening.

Then, as his expanded muscles shrank, the scaly layer that covered his body gradually dissolved and disappeared into his flesh again.

He recovered his original form.

“This is awesome!” Nie Tian threw his head back and let out a long laugh that echoed throughout the forest.

Moments later, his eyebrows suddenly rose as he stopped laughing. The Water Moon Sect disciples arrived on air-transportation spiritual tools.

Xie Wanting and the others had intentionally traveled at a slow speed following the route Nie Tian and the girls had taken.

However, since Nie Tian and the girls had stopped to practice cultivation in this area, they eventually caught up to them.

Standing on the air-transportation spiritual tool, Xie Wanting gazed down at Nie Tian’s surroundings, which seemed to have been ravaged by a frenzied beast. Her eyes widened as she saw the ground riddled with deep holes, rocks reduced to to dust, and bits of wood still falling out of the air.

Most importantly, she failed to sense any spiritual power in the air.

Did this mean that Nie Tian had inflicted such a calamity on this area by relying solely on his fleshly strength?

This was simply astonishing.

Xie Wanting’s face turned pale as she now viewed Nie Tian as a ferocious monster in human form.

“Well... there’s this place we don’t dare to go by ourselves, but if you want to go take a look, perhaps we can go together.” After a short pause, she added, “I suppose only people like you will be able to contend against the truly powerful figures who would go there.”

With an intrigued expression, Nie Tian asked, “Where?” 

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