Chapter 855: An Earth Cultivated Grade Treasure

After being freed, the Bone Blood Demon moved out and easily pierced the dead Fiends with its large bony fingers.

Like slithering spiritual snakes, the Fiends’ blood rapidly flowed into its fingers.

One after another, the corpses went dry at an alarming rate, their toxic blood completely drained by the Bone Blood Demon.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian summoned the Spirit Pearl from within his ring of holding without saying anything.

Faint wisps of discarnate souls that were going to vanish into heaven and earth stopped dissipating as soon as the Spirit Pearl appeared in Nie Tian’s palm.


One after another, they flew towards the Spirit Pearl, where they were refined.

Soon, all of the Fiends, who had been easily killed by Nie Tian and the girls, became nothing but bags of bones, all of their blood and discarnate souls taken away and refined by the Bone Blood Demon and the Spirit Pearl.

The Water Moon Sect disciples all looked shocked and uneasy.

Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong hid their respective shocking means again, and stood expressionlessly on the air-transportation spiritual tool.

The battle prowess of Billy, the strongest of the Fiends, was roughly equal to that of Froste, the Phantasm chosen one, and Gutas, the Demon chosen one, but slightly inferior to that of Pergson, the Bonebrute with the Bone Shatterer.

Given this fact, and that magical treasure of his, Billy perhaps would have been able to contend against one member from Nie Tian’s team.

However, he couldn’t possibly handle Nie Tian and the girls together, so it was only natural that he fled in sore straits.

Xie Wanting from the Water Moon Sect let out a soft sigh. With a complicated look in her eyes, she gazed at Nie Tian and the girls from afar and said, “This seems a bit too easy to them… Now I finally understand why you were so confident in their strength.”

Xie Yunhai smiled bitterly. “They’re freakishly powerful.”

“No kidding,” Lu Feihua said with a weak sigh, secretly feeling thankful that Xie Wanting had come to ease the conflict between him and Nie Tian when they had first arrived.

If she hadn’t...

The mere thought of what would have happened to him terrified him.

After a moment of hesitation, Xie Wanting said with a nervous, inquiring expression, “Ladies, gentleman... about the weeds at the lake bottom...”

According to their previous agreement, Nie Tian would only take the Fiend corpse, while the Water Moon Sect would take all of the water-attributed weeds.

Billy’s powerful magical treasure had already cleansed the weeds of their deadly toxins, making it easy for them to go into the clear lake and collect them.

However, after witnessing Nie Tian and the girls’ terrifying strength, Xie Wanting realized that they would be able to do nothing to stop them if they were to go back on their agreement.

Considering their strength, they would be easily destroyed if they dared to fight Nie Tian and the girls over them.

Nie Tian didn’t seem to attach any importance to the matter. “You can have all that remains at the lake bottom.” 


The Bone Blood Demon, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the Spirit Pearl flew back into Nie Tian’s ring of holding one by one.

Nie Tian then sent his soul awareness to roam and examine the Bone Blood Demon. He discovered that its strength had reached the eighth grade, which was equal to that of an early Void domain human expert.

Apparently, the residual flesh power within that dead ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch had allowed the Bone Blood Demon’s strength to soar again.

However, Nie Tian now also had a feeling that the Bone Blood Demon’s strength had reached its roof.

That was because this Bonebrute had been at the eighth grade when it had been alive.

Even though the Bone Blood Demon could still absorb more flesh power, that wouldn’t allow it to upgrade further than its grade from when it had been alive.

The eighth grade was its peak, and it had only recovered it with the help of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence and the ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch’s residual flesh power.

Lips curled, Nie Tian thought to himself, “The eighth grade, equal to the early Void domain... It’s about enough though.”  

While he was absorbed in thought, Xie Yunhai, Xie Wanting, and the other Water Moon Sect disciples dove into the lake one after another.

A few Water Moon Sect disciples soon flew from the bottom of the lake, cheering aloud, “Spirit Enhancing Grass!”

Lu Feihua also looked spirited and overjoyed, holding a handful of spirit weeds in his hand.

Yin Yanan shot them a sideways glance and said plainly, “Seventh level Premium grade spirit plants. They’re quite lucky. Spirit Enhancing Grass is the main material for many medicinal pills. They can help water-attributed Qi warriors refine their spiritual core more efficiently. Considering the amount of Spirit Enhancing Grass lying at the lake bottom, they’ll be able to made quite a number of medicinal pills.”


Xie Wanting and Xie Yunhai were the last to fly out of the lake, and they brought a large rock that was about ten meters long with them.


Xie Wanting summoned her spiritual power and swung her arm like a blade.

Pieces were cut from the large rock until it became the size of a door.

However, what remained was translucent and sparkling like jade. Drops of water could vaguely be seen within it, which were exuding rich water power. Not only that, but a soul awareness could be sensed within it, which was primal and vague like an infant.

“This is a Jade Spirit Crystal?!” Xue Yunhai exclaimed, ecstasy appeared in his eyes.

Upon hearing his exclamation, all of the other Water Moon Sect disciples turned to look at them. Immediately afterwards, they started to tremble with excitement.

“Congratulations, young lady!!"

“Congratulations, young lord!”

They rapidly converged on the brother-sister pair, hoping to take a closer look at the mysterious stone.

However, Xie Wanting swiftly put the stone into her ring of holding. Putting on a calm face, she said to Nie Tian, “Thank you.”

“A Jade Spirit Crystal?!” Yin Yanan’s eyes lit up as she lowered her voice and whispered to Nie Tian, “That’s an Earth Cultivated grade spiritual material! It even has vague self-awareness, which no ordinary spiritual materials have! And it’s one of the major materials for forging domains!”

With deep look in her eyes, Mu Biqiong said in a low voice, “Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials are very hard to find. I can’t believe there was actually such a treasure at the bottom of this lake! Do we kill them and take it?”

Nie Tian’s expression also flickered as he exclaimed, “An Earth Cultivated grade spiritual material?!”

He hadn’t expected that an Earth Cultivated grade treasure had been hidden at the bottom of the lake poisoned by the corpse of a ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch.

He had also heard that Earth Cultivated spiritual materials could be used to forge Spirit Channeling grade treasures, and they were necessary materials for late Soul realm experts to forge domains.

Hua Mu, Qi Bailu, and the other experts would have to find Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials that agreed with their attributes when they attempted to break through into the Void domain.

However, Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials couldn’t be found throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars, which was why they had been eager to visit the Realm of Maelstrom and come to the Shatter Battlefield. Their goal was to make preparations for their future breakthroughs.

Since the Jade Spirit Crystal was an Earth Cultivated grade spiritual material, if he gained it, then he would be able to trade it with others for Earth Cultivated grade materials that agreed with him in the future.

The look in Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong’s eyes gradually grew cold, as they both prepared to attack.

Nie Tian, however, pondered in silence for a few seconds before overcoming his greed and signaling Yin Yanan to leave. “Forget it.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Yin Yanan activated her air-transportation spiritual tool and flew away from the lake.

After they disappeared from her sight, Xie Wanting let out a deep sigh of relief and berated Xie Yunhai sternly, “You fool! You knew perfectly well how precious that Jade Spirit Crystal was, yet you shouted it’s name!”

She then pointed at Lu Feihua and the others. “And you! You could have gotten us killed!”

Shamefaced, Xie Yunhai said, “Sorry, sister. I couldn’t help it.”

Lu Feihua sagged his head and didn’t say anything.

Even though they hadn’t heard Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong’s whispers, the looks in their eyes had made them realize that they would have taken the crystal from them if Nie Tian hadn’t stopped them.

Only then did Xie Wanting finally seem spirited. “I didn’t expect that we would so lucky to find an Earth Cultivated grade water-attributed spiritual material here!”

After a few seconds, she frowned again and added, “That Fiend is still too strong for us. We can’t go in the direction he left. As for those three, even though we don’t know who they are, they’re human at least, so they won’t be as dangerous.

“Okay, let’s go! We’ll go after them, but keep a great distance from them so that they won’t be to able to discover us. Those two women may demand the Jade Spirit Crystal from us if they do.”


Two weeks passed...

Nie Tian and the girls’ air-transportation spiritual tool landed in a dense forest, where Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong unleashed their soul awarenesses to examine the area. After failing to detect any soul fluctuations, they rapidly started making their breakthroughs into the next realm.

At the same time, Nie Tian found a lush tree and started cultivating wholeheartedly sitting on a thick branch.

A few hours passed before the green aura within Nie Tian heart suddenly went through great changes.

“Another bloodline upgrade!” Nie Tian exclaimed inwardly.

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