Chapter 854: Defeated by One Strike

“The weeds don’t matter to me now, but these people need to die!” Billy, the Fiend leader, instantly refused Feteau’s proposal, his face ice-cold and filled with strong killing intent.

Feteau smiled bitterly. “Is that really necessary?” 


The Bone Blood Demon lunged over with huge steps, swinging its arms that looked like two pillars that pierced into the heavens.

The few Fiends who had approached the lake were all cowering back, as they were all well-aware that Bonebrutes had an innate strong toxin resistance, which made them their bane.

Fiends normally relied on the deadly toxins within their bloodline power to fight members of other races.

Even though their flesh power was also explosive and destructive, what made outsiders truly powerful were their unique bloodline powers.

The Bonebrutes’ death power devoured life force. Any living being would soon wither away after being infused with death power.

The Fiends’ deadly toxins rotted flesh, allowing them to paralyze living beings and reduce them to bloody gore.

This was what made them formidable.

However, their toxins wouldn’t be as effective when they were facing Bonebrutes, which was why Feteau had suggested that they should leave after discovering how powerful the Bone Blood Demon was.


A piece of green cloth suddenly flew out of Billy’s hand.

The piece of cloth seemed to have been soaked in some kind of green gore, as it was sticky and emanated a pungent, acidic smell.

One drop of Blood Essence after another flew out of Billy’s fingertip, dripping onto the piece of green cloth.

In the next moment, the piece of green cloth unleashed thick, green smoke that rapidly spread out to cover the sky over everyone’s heads like a shield of green clouds.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly as he sensed a profound flesh aura from within the piece of green cloth, which now had fine green lightning bolts flickering and interweaving within it.


To Nie Tian’s surprise, as the green mist spread out to cover the sky over the lake, wisps of green smoke started rising from the lake.

He examined them with rapt attention, and discovered that the wisps of green smoke actually came from the weeds at the lake bottom.

After coexisting with the Fiend grand patriarch’s corpse for thousands of years, the weeds had long since absorbed its aura, and become extremely toxic.

At this moment, the toxins within them seemed to be channeled by Billy’s magical treasure, and rose into the sky.

More shockingly, wisps of green smoke soon started to rise from the Bone Blood Demon.

The smoke coming out of the Bone Blood Demon seemed even richer, and contained even more deadly toxins.

Billy’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw what was happening to the Bone Blood Demon. Even Feteau, who had advised him to leave, went blank briefly before exclaiming, “Those are the toxins from that grand patriarch!”

The green smoke then soon spread out towards Nie Tian like a miasma.

After seeing this, Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph, then his whole body burst into flames, which soon morphed into a crimson blazing ward around him.


As the green smoke made contact with the flames, it was instantly burned away, giving rise to a pungent acidic smell.

Enveloped within the blazing ward, Nie Tian didn’t catch any of the smell.

Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong, on the other hand, hastily summoned spiritual power upon seeing the pervading toxic smoke to stop the deadly toxins from infiltrating their bodies.

All of the Water Moon Sect disciples also formed protective wards around themselves as quickly as they could to protect themselves from the acidic toxins.

Billy laughed wildly as he instantly grew excited. “That’s the grand patriarch’s residual power!”

Eyebrows narrowed, Nie Tian realized that the residual power the Bone Blood Demon had channeled from that ninth grade grand patriarch contained deadly toxins.

Even though the Bone Blood Demon couldn’t use them to improve its strength, they were invaluable treasures to these Fiends.

Even if Billy hadn’t channeled them away, the Bone Blood Demon would have to drive them out itself.

Since Billy’s piece of green cloth had such a channeling effect on toxins, the Bone Blood Demon was happy to take this opportunity to get rid of the toxins, which would do it no good.

As wisps of toxins continued to fly out of the Bone Blood Demon, the green smoke grew thicker and thicker, to the point where it almost looked like some kind of floating liquid.

Nie Tian and the others’ protective wards and light shields suddenly became very fragile facing it, as they made fizzing sounds like they were rotting away.

“Finish them!” Billy ordered.

The other Fiends then flew out. Not only were they not slowed down by the toxic smoke, but their auras even grew stronger, and their strength soared within it.


The piece of green cloth suddenly dove out of the sky towards the Bone Blood Demon under Billy’s command.

As it approached the Bone Blood Demon, it rapidly grew longer, and wrapped the Bone Blood Demon’s legs together like a chain.

Then, torrential flesh power came to appear within it. Even though such power didn’t contain any toxins, it still helped bind the Bone Blood Demon, stopping it from breaking free.

As this happened, more toxins flew out of the Bone Blood Demon, part of which fused into the transformed cloth.

“That’s a magical treasure of the Fiends!” Xie Yunhai’s expression flickered with fear as his sister’s and his water-blue light shields made cracking sounds, as if they could shatter at any moment.

“Get over here!” Xie Wanting took a deep breath as she took out a transparent pearl that had a drop of water inside it, and held it with both hands.

A water-like ward suddenly spread out from the pearl, enveloping Xie Wanting and the space around her.

All of the other Water Moon Sect disciples hastily moved towards her, and entered the watery ward like drops of water.

At this moment, the eighth grade Frost Blood Python suddenly flew out of Yin Yanan.

Translucent and sparkling like ice, the Frost Blood Python let out an angry roar as soon as it came out.

In the next moment, blocks of ice appeared, forming a shield of ice around the Frost Blood Python and Yin Yanan.

Appearing to be in the middle of a huge piece of ice, Yin Yanan was no longer affected by the green acidic toxins.

Riding the Frost Blood Python, she took the initiative to charge towards the Fiends. Feteau, the seventh grade Fiend, gasped with astonishment. “An eighth grade spirit beast!”


However, a frigid storm filled with spears of ice instantly engulfed Feteau.

Screaming aloud, Feteau stimulated all of his bloodline power, drops of his Blood Essence exploding like emerald diamonds.

Strong toxins then shot towards the Frost Blood Python, melting its shield of ice. A small amount of the toxins even seemed to infiltrate the Frost Blood Python, making it let out pained hisses.


A spear of ice pierced into Feteau’s abdomen regardless of his efforts, making him let out agonized shrieks.

Immediately after that, Mu Biqiong’s eyes grew cold as the black flower’s root exploded out of her palm like the tentacle of some monster.

One of the Fiends was instantly entangled by the pitch-black root.


He was snapped in two and dropped to the ground.

At the same time, Nie Tian put on a sinister grin as he summoned the Flame Dragon Armor, which instantly morphed into a flame dragon and flew past a few Fiends, engulfing them in devastating flames.

Billy’s eyes bulged as he stared unblinkingly at Nie Tian, Yin Yanan, and Mu Biqiong, completely flabbergasted.

But after a few seconds, he snapped out of his daze, shouted something in their language, and fled at full speed.

His piece of green cloth, which had become sticky and covered in gore, also let go of the Bone Blood Demon’s leg and rapidly caught up to him like a flying carpet.

After he stepped on it, the piece of cloth shot into the distance at a shockingly fast speed.

The seventh grade Fiend also wanted to escape, but he, who had been pierced by a spear of ice, was now being targeted by the Flame Dragon Armor. Moments later, he was engulfed in torrential flames.

Meanwhile, Yin Yanan flashed about on the eighth grade Frost Blood Python, and all of the remaining Fiends were frozen in thick ice when they were just about to flee.


The frigid ice exploded to pieces, along with their bodies.

In such a short time, all of the Fiends died, except Billy.

The green smoke that covered the sky also followed Billy away and disappeared into the distance like a moving miasma, restoring a clear sky to the area.

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