Chapter 851: Poisonous Corpse at the Lake Bottom

Nie Tian’s Heaven Eyes continued to sink towards the bottom of the dark green lake.

The deeper it went, the darker it became.

Many Water Moon Sect disciples fixed Nie Tian with cold, disdainful gazes.

A few of them even jeered with one another, as if they knew that Nie Tian would suffer from his rash action.

Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong looked rather impatient, as they both wanted to leave as soon as possible.

During the past few days, the two of them had been channeling soul power from soul crystals day and night to refine their true souls. The results had been satisfactory.

They both believed that if they were given a bit more time to refine all of the soul power from their soul crystals into their true souls, they would be able to make their breakthroughs.

Because of this, neither of them wanted Nie Tian to waste their time here.

After all, they had scruples here. They didn’t want to take their soul crystals out and attract unnecessary attention.

As Nie Tian’s Heaven Eyes sank deep into the lake, the soul strands on the surface of his Heaven Eyes started to dissolve, as if they were being soaked in some acidic venom.

An intense dizziness struck Nie Tian in his sea of awareness.

His Heaven Eyes had now reached the depth where their surroundings were covered in complete darkness, and they could no longer see anything.

At that moment, the star soul power within the Heaven Eyes suddenly started to shine.

As his Heaven Eyes lost the power he had vested them with at an alarming speed, he vaguely saw a corpse lying at the bottom of the dark lake.

It seemed to be the corpse of a Fiend.

Wisps of green aura were rising from the Fiend corpse and merging with the lakewater.

Water weeds that seemed to contain deadly toxins could be seen in the corpse’s surroundings, swaying slowly with the lakewater.


As his Heaven Eyes were about to run out of their power, Nie Tian withdrew the wisps of soul awareness he had vested them with.

Nie Tian’s narrowed eyes lit up as he snapped back to reality and whispered to the girls, “There’s a Fiend corpse at the bottom of this lake. That’s most likely the reason why the lakewater contains such deadly toxins. It’s hard to believe that, even after having been dead for so many years, that Fiend is still exuding toxins, poisoning the lake.

“There are also weeds growing at the lake bottom, which seem to be some kind of water-attributed spirit plants, but now that they’ve absorbed the toxins from the Fiend corpse, they’ve changed, and also became extremely poisonous.”

Surprised, Yin Yanan asked, “A dead Fiend? If it’s still poisoning the lake with deadly toxins after being dead for so many years, then I guess that Fiend’s grade from when he was alive coudn’t have been low.

“Two great wars have taken place in the Shatter Battlefield. Fiends took part in both of them, so it’s rather natural that some powerful Fiends died here.”

With these words, she turned to Nie Tian. “Alright, let’s get out of here. Not everyone can touch the corpse of a powerful Fiend. If that Fiend was at the eighth or ninth grade when it was alive, then even my Frost Blood Python wouldn’t want to get anywhere near it. Even dead, the toxins they release can still kill you. Only those who practice poisonous incantations have a chance at collecting their bodies.”

Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect didn’t even open her eyes. Clearly, she couldn’t be less interested.

The Water Moon Sect disciples in their surroundings were surprised to sense the return of Nie Tian’s soul awareness and overhear the secret conversation between Nie Tian and the girls.

They had made repeated attempts to examine the lake bottom with their soul awarenesses.

Not only had all of them failed to see or sense a thing in the dark depths, but their soul awarenesses had also been corroded by the toxins, which had forced them to withdraw them in haste.

Nie Tian’s expression, however, didn’t change much after withdrawing his soul awareness. The look in his eyes was as sharp as ever, which indicated that he hadn’t been much affected.

This took them by surprise.

With a smile, Nie Tian said, “It’d be very troublesome if your Frost Blood Python or her demonic flower were to collect that Fiend corpse. But Bonebrutes are born with unparalleled poison resistance. Of all the races, Fiends have the greatest difficulty fighting Bonebrutes.

“That puppet of mine was at the eighth grade when it was alive, so I figure it won’t have any problem protecting itself from the toxins.

“Perhaps my Bonebrute puppet can approach and benefit from that Fiend corpse, when other living beings can’t.”


The enormous Bone Blood Demon answered Nie Tian’s summons and flew out of his ring of holding. Like a mountain, it crashed into the lake and started sinking.

All of the Water Moon Sect disciples gasped with astonishment upon seeing that scene.

Disdain instantly faded from the faces of those Worldly realm and Profound realm Qi warriors, with awe taking its place.

“That’s a Bonebrute!”

“A Bonebrute that’s been turned into a puppet!”

“Such an enormous Bonebrute! He must have been at a high grade when he was alive!”

Even Xie Wanting, who had been mourning over her brother’s probable death, snapped back to reality upon sensing the Bone Blood Demon’s appearance.

She flew back to Nie Tian and the girls’ air-transportation spiritual tool and asked with a puzzled expression, “Did you find anything?”

“There’s a dead Fiend with an unknown grade at the lake bottom.” Nie Tian didn’t hide the truth from her. “And that’s the reason why this lake contains deadly toxins. Since that extremely toxic corpse will do you no good, I’m going to collect it. As for the weeds that are growing at the lake bottom, I’ll leave them all to you.” 

Xie Wanting was instantly enlightened. “So it’s a dead Fiend!” 

She had come to a similar theory before, but hadn’t been able to confirm it since she had failed to see through the complete darkness in the depths of the lake with her soul awareness.

Besides, even though they had learned what lay at the lake bottom, they hadn’t found a way to fish it out.

Therefore, it was acceptable to them if Nie Tian was going to take the dead Fiend, which they had no use for, and leave the water-attributed weeds for them.

She nodded slightly with anticipation in her heart. “Good luck.” 

The Bone Blood Demon’s enormous body soon vanished from everyone’s sight and sank to the bottom of the lake.

The Water Moon Sect disciples scattered on the lakeside couldn’t see what was happening at the lake bottom.

Only Nie Tian was able to see that the Bone Blood Demon swam to the dead Fiend, where it activated the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Technique without hesitation to channel the residual flesh power from the corpse, along with the aura of death it had generated over the years.

Normally speaking, since Fiends’ flesh power contained deadly toxins, almost no living creatures, including spiritual beasts, would devour their corpses.

The Bone Blood Demon, however, was a unique existence. Since it had an innate strong resistance against toxins and had been vested with Blood Sect’s secret magics, it was able to channel flesh power into itself without being harmed.

The Bone Blood Demon, which had lost a significant amount of death power to Pergson’s Bone Shatterer, gradually recovered its strength as it continued to absorb the residual power of the Fiend expert, who had been dead for an unknown amount of years.

As it did, the dark green lake started to grow clear, as if it was being purged.

A hint of delight flashed across Xie Wanting’s eyes.

Time flew as the Bone Blood Demon continued to refine the Fiend corpse and build up its strength, and the lake continued to grow clearer and clearer.

Soon, two days passed, and the Bone Blood Demon was still working on the Fiend corpse.

By relying on the soul connection between him and the Bone Blood Demon, Nie Tian could tell that its battle prowess was soaring.

He even suspected that the Fiend’s grade from when it had been alive might be higher than the eighth grade. Otherwise, it shouldn’t take the Bone Blood Demon so long to drain it of its residual power.

Another day went by when Xie Yunhai suddenly appeared, covered in blood.

He was taken to the lakeside by Lu Yunfei. Limp and feeble, he slumped into the corner of their air-transportation spiritual tool.

However, his eyes lit up as he saw Nie Tian and the girls. “I can’t believe you’re here!”

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