Chapter 847: Coexisting Flowers

Mu Biqiong stood naked within the rising mist, her body proportions and natural curves perfect.

With the spring water up to her lower abdomen, her upper body loomed through the mist.

Her neck was long; her breasts were ample and tender; her waist was slender; her skin was so white that she looked dazzling.

Under the water’s surface, her legs were long and straight.

Starting from her neck, the two demonic flowers stretched all the way down to her lower abdomen, where her dantian region was. One flower was brightly colored and looked tender and lovely, while the other flower was pitch-black and mysterious. The scene was very overwhelming.

Her naked body gradually exuded a faint scent, which was sweet, pleasant, and intoxicating like the best wine in this world.

Nie Tian’s gaze seemed to be grabbed by the demonic flower images in the depths of her eyes, and he fell uncontrollably into them.

One of them was passionate and inviting, while the other was cold and devilishly beautiful, yet they both generated a mysterious attractive force that affected Nie Tian.

It was as if he could no longer tear his eyes from her.

One step after another, he walked slowly towards her.

In a muddled state, Nie Tian vaguely heard calls coming from the demonic flower images in the depths of Mu Biqiong’s eyes, as if they were beckoning and welcoming him.

As the calls echoed out one after another, Nie Tian gradually lost his senses.

All of a sudden, the veil that had been hiding Mu Biqiong’s unearthly gorgeous face fell silently to float on the spring water like a leaf.

Mu Biqiong’s cheeks were covered in the tattoo-like patterns of the two flowers, which seemed to have the magical power to bewitch all lives.

However, her unearthly beautiful face was filled with agony and anxiety, as her true soul was clearly struggling to climb out of some kind of mire and regain control of her own body.

She was doing her utmost, yet her efforts seemed to be in vain.

What Nie Tian didn’t see was that strange things were also taking place in her sea of awareness.

The two demonic flowers had taken root in the depths of Mu Biqiong’s sea of awareness, their petals so incomparably huge that they almost took up her entire sea of awareness.

Mu Biqiong’s true soul, however, was wrapped tightly by the petals, unable to move about.

Even though her true soul was struggling fiercely, it didn’t seem to be able to break free from the demonic flowers’ confinement.

This meant she couldn’t regain control of her own body.

Soul sounds that were only audible to her echoed out one after another.

The soul sounds came from the two demonic flowers.

The brightly colored one seemed to be unleashing its all-conquering charm to persuade her to give up any resistance and accept its arrangements for her.

The black one, however, seemed to be threatening her, telling her that she would regret, suffer backlashes, and live in agony for the rest of her life if she didn’t obey.

These two demonic flowers had taken opposite stances since she had consumed the flower seeds by mistake.

They seemed to have opposed each other since the day they were born.

The multicolored one had seemed to be on her side. It was with its help that she had been able to continue on her path of cultivation, instead of being possessed by the black flower and becoming its puppet.

Not once had the two flowers had taken the same stance, until now.

In order to lure Nie Tian over for some unspeakable purpose, the two flowers were working together to imprison her true soul and take control of her body.

More and more anxious, Mu Biqiong’s true soul roared from within her sea of awareness, “What are you trying to do?!”

Then, one soul message after another flew into her true soul, telling her that Nie Tian would be very helpful to her and to them.

Mu Biqiong’s true soul shuddered as she suddenly recalled Yin Yanan’s eighth grade Frost Blood Python’s irrepressible desire to devour Nie Tian when it had first met him. “You’re not going to eat him, are you?”

The Frost Blood Python hadn’t been able to tell what had made Nie Tian so appealing, yet its nature had forced it to attempt to devour him.

She assumed that, just like the eighth grade Frost Blood Python, the coexisting flowers inside of her were hoping to bewitch Nie Tian, get him close, and then swallow him whole.

She was well-aware that these demonic flowers were completely capable of doing such a thing.

However, the coexisting flowers sent more soul messages, telling her that they were going to eat Nie Tian, but it wasn’t the kind of eat she was thinking...

By the time she understood the coexisting flowers’ words, her true soul was even more shaken. Even her cheeks that were possessed by the coexisting flowers flushed, as if she had chugged a glass of hard liquor.

“I hate that man. I’ll never allow him to touch me!” Her true soul roared, expressing her grievance and berating the Commensal Flowers for their reckless actions.

However, the Commensal Flowers insisted that their actions would benefit the three of them, and thus completely ignored her protests.

They continued to bewitch Nie Tian.


Nie Tian’s magnificent body landed in the hot spring.

Accompanied by splashing sounds, he stepped slowly to Mu Biqiong, who was completely naked.

Strong, pure desire burned in Nie Tian’s eyes, as if his flames of desire had been ignited by the coexisting flowers, and the raging flames had gone beyond his control.

The closer he got to Mu Biqiong, the stronger her mysterious scent became, and the deeper he became lost in her demonic flower-filled eyes.

On Mu Biqiong’s flushed cheeks, the two flowers suddenly blossomed, then they swayed smoothly and soundlessly, as if to welcome him.

Afterwards, Mu Biqiong stuck out her slender, milky white hands. With a enchanting look in her eyes, she started to help Nie Tian remove his garments.

Nie Tian’s well-built body was soon revealed.

Thanks to his natural endowment and the fact that he had refined his body with Heavenly Wood Heal for years, he looked robust and in perfect proportion. Every muscle seemed to contain explosive power, giving him a masculine, wild look.

The two demonic flower images in the depths of Mu Biqiong’s eyes shone with the light of excitement.

Even though Mu Biqiong had lost control of her own body, she could still see everything that was happening around her.

It was as if, from the master of her body, she had become an onlooker.

She watched herself taking Nie Tian’s garments off one by one, and saw the burning desire in Nie Tian’s eyes.

Soon, she saw Nie Tian’s naked, incomparably strong body standing before her, emanating strong masculine charm.

Then, she saw herself opening her arms, her ample, tender chest leaning towards Nie Tian’s own broad chest, then putting her jade-like arms around him.

Mu Biqiong’s true soul cried desperately, yet it changed nothing. She could only watch as she threw herself at Nie Tian.

The coexisting flowers’ special aura started to infiltrate Nie Tian as soon as she embraced him tightly, as if to further stimulate his desire so that he would submit to their arrangement.

However, the Nine Stars Flower that had taken root in his vortex of star power seemed to suddenly be stirred.

It seemed to have smelled the coexisting flowers’ aura and learned their intentions.

The Nine Stars Flower at the bottom of his vortex of star power instantly blossomed with bright light.

The shiny petals on its blossoms looked like dazzling stars from the starry river.

A cooling aura then rose from the Nine Stars Flower and shot directly into Nie Tian’s sea of awareness.

His nine star souls lit up one after another.

In the next moment, Nie Tian’s bewitched mind sobered up again.

The flames of desire in his eyes vanished, as if they were extinguished by cold water. Eyebrows furrowed, he looked down at Mu Biqiong, who was holding him tightly and rubbing her soft breasts against his.

His expression flickered. “What are you doing?”

However, what he saw was still too hard to resist. In the next moment, his desire that had been weakened by his Nine Stars Flower and star souls was once again ignited.

Mu Biqiong looked up at him, her eyes, which had the demonic flowers’ images in them, brimming with temptation.

Without saying a word, she blew a puff of air in Nie Tian’s face.

An irresistable scent once again muddled Nie Tian’s head.

Without knowing it, he placed his large hands on her soft shoulders, and slid them down her smooth back, until they landed on her firm butt.


The coexisting flowers’ roots suddenly shot out of Mu Biqiong’s palms.

Like resilient ropes of different colors, the two roots rapidly wrapped Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong tightly together.

It was as if Mu Biqiong was hoping to merge with Nie Tian.

“What the hell are you two doing?” an untimely voice echoed out.

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