Chapter 845: Yuan Jiuchuan

With a grim face, Mo Qinglei said in a low voice, “In his previous life, Yuan Jiuchuan was a rogue cultivator without a powerful sect to back him.

“But his cultivation talent was unmatched. The unique lightning incantations he practiced allowed him to channel lightning power from spiritual tools, and even other Qi warriors who practiced lightning power. Because of this, his path of cultivation was filled with blood and killing.

“Who knows how many Qi warriors who practiced lightning power have died at his hands.

“But that was the path he chose. His brutal and ruthless behavior set him against many powerful experts and sects that practiced lightning power.

“My sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect, was one of them.

“Many years ago, my father and a few powerful experts who also practiced lightning power set up a trap for Yuan Jiuchuan by telling him that a Heaven Nourished grade lightning-attributed spiritual material had been discovered in the Shatter Battlefield.

“He took the bait and went to the place. My father and those Saint domain experts worked together to activate the arrangements they had set up earlier, and killed him. Even his private domain was shattered.  

“But even so, a wisp of his soul essence escaped and vanished.

“My father thought that wisp of his soul essence wouldn’t be able to survive the harsh environment in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield anyways, and thus didn’t spend much time looking for it.

“Who would have thought that he actually sought out an opportunity to be reborn.”

“What was his cultivation base in his previous life?” Yin Yanan asked.

Mo Qinglei sighed and said, “Middle Saint domain.” 

Everyone present gasped with astonishment. “Middle Saint domain?!” 

With a knitted brow, Mo Qinglei continued, “If my father and his friends hadn’t killed him, he would have been able to advance to the late Saint domain. However, the special incantations he practiced were so overbearing that he became a nightmare to other Qi warriors who also practiced lightning incantations. They lived in fear of being sought out and drained of their lightning power, which they had spent their whole lives gathering and refining.

“I was only so certain that he’s Yuan Jiuchuan because... that Thunder King Seal was forged from a piece from his shattered private domain.

“He was able to drain my lightning power without effort, along with my Thunder Beast’s.

“The man didn’t trust anyone his whole life, and didn’t take in any disciples, so no one besides him could have been able to use those uniquely overbearing incantations.

“That said, I’m certain that he’s Yuan Jiuchuan, a reborn cultivator.”

Mo Qinglei’s words silenced everyone present. Even Yin Yanan, who was very confident in her eighth grade Frost Blood Python, congratulated herself for making the decision to leave that region of danger.


A large piece of sky behind them was suddenly engulfed in lightning bolts.

The air-transportation spiritual tool Nie Tian was on was now separated from that region by fifty kilometers, yet he still saw the terrifying scene, and heard the heaven-shaking thunderclaps as he turned around.

With a grim face, Mo Qinglei said, “I’m afraid everyone there except the three recently-arrived outsiders are going to die. Even those three outsiders with powerful magical treasures won’t necessarily be able to escape the fate of death. That Thunder King Seal was forged from a piece of his shattered private domain. Now that he holds it, he’ll be able to display ten times more power than I ever could!”

A hint of bitterness appeared at the corner of Yin Yanan’s mouth as she said, “From the look of it, it was indeed a wise move for us to leave that region in advance. A reborn middle Saint domain expert who has obtained a spiritual tool forged from a piece of his shattered private domain... I suppose my eighth grade Frost Blood Python wouldn’t be able to match his strength indeed...”

Mu Biqiong remained silent, yet a shred of fear flashed across her deep eyes.

The demonic flowers inside of her weren’t fully grown yet. Given her current cultivation base, she couldn’t even harness the flowers, so naturally she wouldn’t be able to match Yuan Jiuchuan in battle.

After taking a short pause to gather his thoughts, Mo Qinglei continued, “The reason why Yuan Jiuchuan was so bent on seizing that Fortune Well was probably because the wisp of his soul essence that escaped annihilation was somewhat defective. If it wasn’t, as a reborn cultivator, he shouldn’t have suffered from a lifespan problem.

“Once reborn cultivators awaken their memories from their previous life, given enough cultivation resources, the speed at which they progress in cultivation will be unimaginably fast. So they most likely won’t need to worry about their lifespans at all.

“In fact, some Qi warriors only choose to be reborn due to their insufficient lifespans and inability to make breakthroughs within a short period of time.

“Given Yuan Jiuchuan’s understanding of lightning power and the fact that he was a rogue cultivator, he shouldn’t have been limited by his lifespan now.

“There must have been some problem with that wisp of his soul essence, so he had to come back here to channel soul power with the profound fortune from that Fortune Well to mend his soul.

“According to the legends, the soul power from the Fortune Wells do have such an incredible effect.

“At this moment, he might have mended his soul and recovered most of his memories from his previous life. After his profound understanding of lightning and thunder is awakened, he’ll progress at lightning speed on his future path of cultivation. Perhaps he’ll be able to recover his peak strength, and return to the Saint domain within a century.”

With these words, Mo Qinglei grew worried. “If that happens, my father and our Heavenly Thunder Sect will become the primary target of his vengeance.”

“I suppose the reason why he only drained my lightning power, but kept me alive, was because he wanted to strip my memories and learn the current situation of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, as well as the location of the spatial rift that connects the Shatter Battlefield to the Domain of Endless Thunder. If I became his prisoner, I’d be no better than being dead, as he’d definitely torture me day and night.”

With these words, Mo Qinglei couldn’t help but shiver.

Nie Tian’s eyebrows rose as he said, “Many Qi warriors may face insufficient lifespans at certain points. Being reborn seems to be a pretty good option.”

He remembered Hua Mu and his master, Wu Ji.

Both Hua Mu and Wu Ji had faced this problem, if he hadn’t brought back two Fruits of Life for them, they might have died before they could achieve their next breakthroughs in cultivation.

Therefore, he was fascinated by the perks of being reborn Mo Qinglei had mentioned.

Mo Qinglei gave a cold harrumph. “No one would choose to be reborn unless they don’t have a choice. The disadvantages of being reborn are far greater than the advantages!

“For every reborn cultivator, being reborn means they’ll have to give up everything they have accumulated their whole life, including their bodies, domains, and understanding of powers, which many people can’t just give up.

“After they’re reborn, they might easily be killed before they build up their strength again. Once they use their special incantations from their previous lives, and expose their identities, their enemies may soon find them, and they’ll be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

“Besides, it usually takes a long time for reborn cultivators to restart from zero. Some are killed before they can even awaken their memories from their previous lives, while others die of natural causes, knowing absolutely nothing about their previous lives.

“Even if they manage to recover their memories and achieve rapid breakthroughs in cultivation, they’ll have to look for all kinds of precious materials to rebuild their domains once they’ve reached the Soul realm. Those precious materials are usually extremely valuable and hard to find.

“So reborn cultivators might not be as lucky as in their previous lives as they were to be able to obtain all the necessary materials to rebuild their domains.”

After hearing Mo Qinglei’s explanation of the disadvantages of being reborn, Nie Tian pondered for a while, and realized that it was indeed not as good as it sounded to be reborn.

Mo Qinglei continued, “Once Yuan Jiuchuan finishes mending his soul, he’ll definitely start a massacre to prevent his identity from being exposed. After all, he had too many enemies, and he hasn’t even entered the Void domain yet. He’ll definitely get killed if he runs into his Saint domain enemies from his previous life.

“Besides, he’ll need a large amount of spirit jades and other spiritual materials to help him build his domain. In order to get those things, he’ll have to kill a great number of people. Those who are still gathered by the Fortune Wells are no different from lambs waiting to be slaughtered.”

Nie Tian nodded to show that he understood.

Yin Yanan’s air-transportation spiritual tool picked up speed as they flew farther and farther from the land of trouble.

She only accelerated because Mo Qinglei’s words made her worry that Yuan Jiuchuan would come after them after he was finished with those people.

Four hours passed...

Yin Yanan summoned another air-transportation spiritual tool from within her ring of holding, tossed Mo Qinglei onto it, and said, “Good luck to you.”

“What are you doing?!” Mo Qinglei asked angrily.

With an icy look in her eyes, Yin Yanan said, “You’re Yuan Jiuchuan’s primary target. It’s far too dangerous for us to have you with us all the time. We’ve already carried out our promise by getting you out of that region. We can’t protect you forever. That air-transportation spiritual tool of mine runs on spirit stones. You can go wherever you want on it, as long as you don’t go with us.”

With these words, she restarted her air-transportation spiritual tool, which shot into the distance despite Mo Qinglei’s furious roars.

“We’re safer this way,” Yin Yanan said to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian nodded. “We did everything called for by humanity and duty for him. From now on, he’ll have to depend on himself to survive this tribulation.”

Chai Longge and his sister, who were following them from a considerable distance, didn’t hear their conversation with Mo Qinglei, and thus were rather confused to see Mo Qinglei being tossed onto another air-transportation spiritual tool.


A streak of dark-green light suddenly flashed past Chai Longge and his sister, and rapidly approached Nie Tian and the girls.

It was a transformation of Fata, the Floragrim.

“Can we please have a talk?” Fata asked aloud.

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