Chapter 842: A Sudden Change

The look in Mo Qinglei’s eyes grew grim, as he no longer dared to think lightly of Nie Tian.

Originally, he had assumed that Nie Tian only had the Bone Blood Demon at his command, but since the Thunder King Seal, which his father had forged for him, had a strong subduing effect on the Bone Blood Demon, he had assumed that Nie Tian stood no chance fighting him.

Only after Nie Tian summoned his Flame Dragon Armor, and the flame dragon soul flew out of the suit of armor to engage in a fierce fight against the eighth grade Thunder Beast soul, did he realize how powerful Nie Tian really was.

Thunder Beasts weren’t formidable Ancientbeasts from the Desolate Antiquity Era, but rather normal spirit beasts.

Even though the Thunder Beast soul within the Thunder King Seal was at the eighth grade, and was what had made this seal a Spirit Channeling grade treasure, a Thunder Beast’s strength was inferior to the strength of an Ancientbeast like the flame dragon.

The fierce battle between the flame dragon soul and the Thunder Beast soul went on over Nie Tian and Mo Qinglei.

Mo Qinglei observed for a short while, and discovered that the eighth grade Thunder Beast soul failed to gain an advantage in the battle.

A sinister look flashed across his eyes.

He jerked his head towards his sixth grade Thunder Beast.

Meeting his gaze, the Thunder Beast trembled with fear. It shook its head unceasingly, as if it was in its nature to resist Mo Qinglei’s idea.

However, Mo Qinglei completely ignored it, instead shouting, “Beast spirit merge!”

The eighth grade Thunder Beast soul, which was fighting the flame dragon soul, suddenly swooped over and fused into the sixth grade Thunder Beast.

The enormous soul rapidly shrank and disappeared into the sixth grade Thunder Beast.

At the same time, Mo Qinglei’s Thunder King Seal flew to the spot between the sixth grade Thunder Beast’s eyebrows.

The sixth grade Thunder Beast let out miserable shrieks as the eighth grade Thunder Beast’s soul shadow gradually appeared in the depths of its beastly eyes.

After being possessed by the eighth grade Thunder Beast soul and strengthened by the Thunder King Seal, the sixth grade Thunder Beast instantly became violent and bloodthirsty.

With a soft exclamation, Nie Tian shrewdly discovered that the eighth grade Thunder Beast soul seemed to have transcended the sixth grade Thunder Beast’s bloodline.


In a split second, countless bolts of cyan lightning crawled all over the Thunder Beast’s large body.

It opened its mouth, and a thunderball shot towards the flame dragon soul.

The thunderball was filled with tiny bolts of lightning and mysterious magical symbols, which seemed to carry the profound truths of thunder and lightning power.


The thunderball exploded, unleashing a world of lightning and a thunderclap that was ten times fiercer than before, engulfing the flame dragon soul.

The lightning carried a aura that could annihilate souls and spirits of all forms.

Engulfed in the sea of lightning, the flame dragon soul shrank at a fast speed.

The flames that formed it gradually faded, along with the flame dragon’s soul aura.

It roared, its voice filled with agony.

Seeing this, Mo Qinglei said coldly, “Thunder and lightning are the natural enemy of souls and spirits of all forms. That flame dragon soul of yours is courting death by coming out of its vessel!”

Nie Tian was sudden enlightened.

It was known that lightning and thunder could annihilate all forms of souls and spirits.

Cultivators who practiced lightning and thunder incantations were Phantasms’ natural enemies. Phantasms weren’t able to unleash many of their profound bloodline magics to fully display their strength when facing an expert of lightning magics like Mo Qinglei.

The eight grade Thunder Beast soul was also a soul by nature, so it hadn’t been able to bring out the full might of its lightning magics.

However, after it had possessed a living Thunder Beast and gained the Thunder King Seal’s help, it now displayed might that could subdue souls and spirits of all forms.


The dragon of flames rapidly charged out of the sea of lightning, and swooped towards a nearby Fortune Well, over which the Earth Flame Beast and a human cultivator were having a fierce fight.

That Fortune Well was still spewing blazing flames that looked like a pillar of flames piercing into the heavens.

After the flame dragon soul plunged itself into the pillar of flames, the pillar of flames shrank at a noticeable speed, its flame power that contained mysterious fortune was rapidly drained.

The Earth Flame Beast and the cultivator were instantly flabbergasted.

After finally snapping out of their daze, they swooped down towards the Fortune Well simultaneously.

“Now that you’ve lost your Spirit Channeling grade treasure, what will you rely on to fight me?” Arrogance filled his face as Mo Qinglei nodded towards the sixth grade Thunder Beast. Receiving the message, the Thunder Beast let out an agonized bellow and charged towards the Fortune Well after the flame dragon soul.

Clearly, it intended to eliminate the flame dragon soul once and for all.

The Earth Flame Beast and that human cultivator who were heading towards that Fortune Well instantly gasped.

The soul of a ancient flame dragon was already difficult for them to handle. Now that a possessed and strengthened Thunder Beast was also heading in their direction, they hastily fled from that Fortune Well with fear written across their faces.

Nie Tian, however, suddenly took off the Flame Dragon Armor and flung it towards that Fortune Well.

Since the independent flame dragon soul was subject to lightning’s subduing effect, he took the initiative to unclad himself so that the flame dragon armor could return to its vessel and avoid further damage.

Furthermore, even without the Flame Dragon Armor, he still had the Bone Blood Demon at his command.

Mo Qinglei’s upgraded Thunder Beast quickly reached the Fortune Well and engaged in a fierce battle with the flame dragon soul again.

Mo Qinglei shook his head with a disdainful expression. Then, he summoned a long saber wreathed in lightning from within his ring of holding. In an overbearing manner, he said, “You think that puppet of yours can stop me?

“You must have an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities, daring to fly over my territory. If you’d listened to me and steered clear of my territory, you would have avoided this battle against me like he did.” With these words, he pointed towards the old man who also practiced lightning incantations and was nearing the end of his lifespan. “But you chose death.”  

Under his gaze, the old man put on a wry smile.

The old man was at late Profound realm, yet Mo Qinglei had driven him away from his first Fortune Well, and later, he had been forced to abandon his second Fortune Well after it had started spewing flame power.

Now, he was standing by his third Fortune Well, which hadn’t worked any wonders yet.

Seeing Mo Qinglei take out a long lightning-wreathed saber, Nie Tian frowned as he pondered whether to summon his Star Boat.

The Star Boat was not only an air-transportation spiritual tool, but it could also be viewed as a mighty weapon that could shoot destructive starlight.

The Bone Blood Demon had lost a significant amount of its death power, rendering its battle prowess only equal to that of an early Soul realm cultivator.

Since Nie Tian could tell that the long saber in Mo Qinglei’s hand was by no mean ordinary, he didn’t think the Bone Blood Demon could kill Mo Qinglei, who possessed numerous powerful items.

While he hesitated, changes suddenly took place.

Chai Fengwu’s Fortune Well suddenly started to emanate strange soul fluctuations. Wisps of dark-gray soul strands started to rise from the mouth of the well.

Dumbfounded, Chai Fengwu stared at her Fortune Well.

Off to her side, Xie Yunhai was still absorbing water power from his well. His expression flickered as he exclaimed, “So that’s the well that spews rich soul power, which all intelligent lives can benefit from! I’ll swap wells with you!”

The rich soul power coming out of that Fortune Well also carried mysterious fortune that all races would benefit significantly from.

Like Chai Fengwu, Xie Yunhai also practiced water power, yet he immediately decided to swap Fortune Wells with Chai Fengwu as soon as he sensed the unusual soul aura from that Fortune Well.

“No deal!” Chai Longge shouted.

He had heard that the most mysterious of all forty-seven Fortune Wells was the one that spewed soul power.

Furthermore, the appearance of the Fortune Well that spewed soul power would mark the end of new Fortune Wells becoming active. No more Fortune Wells would work their wonders.

Holding the long saber in his hand, Mo Qinglei was just about to pounce on Nie Tian as his expression suddenly flickered. “Soul power!”

After a moment of hesitation, he let out a long roar. Upon hearing his call, his Thunder Beast instantly ended its battle against the flame dragon soul and returned to his side.

Mo Qinglei let out a cold harrumph. “The battle between you and I ends here. To me, the soul power coming from that Fortune Well is more important than anything.”

Just as Nie Tian was about to say something, the old man who was nearing the end of his lifespan suddenly let out a sigh and said from the side, “Mo Qinglei, do you intend to take that Fortune Well as well?”

Taken aback, Mo Qinglei turned to look at him and said, “What if I do, old man?”

“Nothing.” The old man’s stooping back gradually straightened, his aura becoming completely different. In a low and deep voice, he continued, “That Fortune Well is my target as well. I didn’t come here to gather lightning power, but the soul power with profound fortune that’s coming from that Fortune Well.”

Mo Qinglei laughed wildly, disdain and arrogance filling his eyes. “You? What makes you think you can take it?”

An unfathomable smile appeared at the corner of the old man’s mouth.

He suddenly lifted his hand and made a grabbing motion towards Mo Qinglei.

Countless mysterious lightning magical symbols appeared, filling his palm, as if a black hole that could devour lightning of all forms had suddenly appeared in his palm.

In the next moment, Mo Qinglei’s Thunder Beast let out a miserable cry.

One slithering lightning bolt after another left the Thunder Beast and disappeared into the old man’s palm like birds returning to their nest. The same went for his long lightning-wreathed saber.

Even the sixth grade Thunder Beast flew uncontrollably towards the old man’s palm, screaming for its life as it did.

Right before it reached the old man, the Thunder King Seal forged by the current sectmaster of Heavenly Thunder Sect was separated from between the Thunder Beast’s eyebrows.

The eighth grade Thunder Beast soul was also torn from the Thunder Beast and returned to the Thunder King Seal.

In the next moment, the Thunder King Seal flew into the old man’s palm and vanished.

The sixth grade Thunder Beast let out agonized shrieks as it was drained of its bloodline power, every single wisp of which vanished into the old man’s palm.

The sixth grade Thunder Beast then collapsed and died.

With a faint smile, the old man said, “This Thunder King Seal is quite a treasure, much better than that saber of yours.” 

Then, without sparing Mo Qinglei another glance, the old man flew towards Chai Fengwu.

All of his cowardice and submission from earlier had vanished completely.

At this moment, he seemed to have risen above everyone else, and no longer attached importance to anyone.

“Give me back my Thunder King Seal, old bastard!” Mo Qinglei cried madly.

A wisp of spiritual lightning then flew out of the old man’s fingertip. It seemed to break the boundary of space before instantly disappearing into Mo Qinglei’s body.

Mo Qinglei felt as if he had suffered a heavy blow. He trembled as wisps of blood came out of the corners of his eyes.

With a loud sound, he crashed to the ground by his Fortune Well, his aura too weak to fight anymore.

Nie Tian stood aghast.

At the same time, many human cultivators, outsiders, and spirit beasts started converging on Chai Fengwu.

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