Chapter 841: The Thunder King Seal

The Fortune Well Nie Tian had obtained from Xie Yunhai through their exchange had run dry, without even a shred of wood power coming out of it anymore.

After putting his seventy-two tree branches away, Nie Tian wasn’t in a hurry to find his next Fortune Well. Instead, he sent a wisp of soul awareness to conduct a thorough examination of his spiritual sea.

Normally speaking, a minor breakthrough in cultivation wouldn’t cause great changes to a cultivator’s spiritual sea. He found that his spiritual core had expanded slightly, and the liquidized spiritual power within it had become more concentrated and pure.

At the same time, each of his three vortexes of different powers had expanded a few times, allowing them to hold more power.

These were all of the changes that had taken place within his spiritual sea.

Then, as he withdrew his soul awareness, he discovered that his true soul within his sea of awareness had become unprecedentedly clear.

Countless soul strands could be seen within his true soul, like the complicated meridian network of a cultivator, through which were flowing pure soul power.

As for his nine star souls, nothing seemed to have changed. They still shone as brightly as stars in a night sky.

However, he realized that after his breakthrough and the expansion of his spiritual core and three vortexes, he now needed a significant amount of power.

Normally, he would channel power from all kinds of spiritual materials to fill his spiritual core and three vortexes. After they all brimmed with power, he would use the additional power to refine them.

This was usually a long process, which couldn’t be achieved overnight.

“But there seems to be a shortcut now.” Gazing at the distant Fortune Wells, over which cultivators and outsiders were fighting to death, he itched to try something out.

Of course, the shortcut he was referring to was those Fortune Wells.

As long as he could find Fortune Wells that spewed flame power, star power, wood power, pure spiritual power, or flesh power, then he would be able to brim with power again, and start the next round of self-refinement within a short period of time.

He had come to this realization from his most recent cultivation with the Fortune Well that had spewed wood power essence.

The energies coming out of these Fortune Wells contained some profound fortune of heaven and earth, which could greatly accelerate the refinement of his spiritual core and vortexes, even getting him ready for his next breakthrough within a short time.

“If I can accumulate all the kinds of power I need within a short time, I may actually have a chance at making two breakthroughs in a row, and entering the Profound realm!”

As his train of thought came to this point, he instantly jumped onto the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder without the slightest hesitation.

Sitting on the shoulder of the mountain-like Bone Blood Demon, he glance down with rapt attention. Soon, his gaze landed on a Fortune Well, over which a human cultivator and a sixth grade Earth Flame Beast were having a fierce fight.

That Fortune Well was spewing raging flames.

The human cultivator was fighting the sixth grade Earth Flame Beast in midair using a long crimson spear.

Like disciples of the Divine Flame Sect, that cultivator practiced fire incantations.

The crimson spear in his hand seemed to have been forged from the bone of some Ancientbeast. As he brandished it, raging flames shot from it, morphing into a blazing beast.

Nie Tian examined it with rapt attention, and discovered that it was actually a flame qilin.

Like vermilion birds, flame qilins were also Ancientbeasts from the Desolate Antiquity Era that were born with formidable bloodline power.

The man’s long spear had been forged by distinguished human equipment forgers with a bone taken from a flame qilin and a hundred different kinds of metals. By doing this, they seemed to have even partially awakened the flame qilin’s bloodline power.

The flame qilin’s bloodline power seemed to have a suppressing effect on the Earth Flame Beast. The Earth Flame Beast unleashed a sea of torrential flames, yet it didn’t hurt the man in the slightest.

“I wonder what grade that spear is at.” Nie Tian pondered in silence for a few seconds before letting out a cold snort and flying towards that Fortune Well on the Bone Blood Demon.

Along his way, many humans and outsiders who were engaged in fierce battles stayed their hands upon seeing the Bone Blood Demon, and gave way to it out of apprehension.

The Bone Blood Demon gradually approached Mo Qinglei on its way to its target.

Standing by his Fortune Well, Mo Qinglei seemed to have just drained it of its lightning power.

He was originally at the middle Profound realm, but now that he had drained that Fortune Well of its lightning power, he had the confidence to advance to the late Profound realm within a short time.

But even so, he didn’t dare to make the breakthrough in such a place.

After all, his sixth grade Thunder Beast wasn’t powerful enough to protect him from the potential danger while he finished the breakthrough process.

As the Bone Blood Demon was about to fly over his head, anger suddenly appeared in his eyes as he shouted, “The piece of sky over my head is my territory too. No one is allowed to trespass!”

Even his Thunder Beast let out low bellows, as if to display its strength.

In fact, since the moment Mo Qinglei had claimed that Fortune Well, he had attacked every human and outsider who had ever attempted to fly over him.

Some of them had died at his hands, while two outsiders had sustained serious injuries and fled in sore straits.

As the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s future sectmaster, Mo Qinglei had powerful magical treasures in his possession, and had always behaved in an arrogant and overbearing manner.

He was well-aware that Nie Tian wouldn’t be easy to deal with, yet he dared to berated him as the Bone Blood Demon flew close to his ‘territory’. This proved that not only was he not afraid of Nie Tian, but he also didn’t fear Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong.

Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly grew icy. “Do you have a problem?”

As he sent a soul message to the Bone Blood Demon, it dove directly towards the Fortune Well Mo Qinglei was standing by.

Originally, he could have steered clear of Mo Qinglei. However, Mo Qinglei’s words seemed to have provoked him, and now he was bent on passing right over his head.

Upon his arrival, Mo Qinglei had stolen this Fortune Well from an old man, and said that he would take another Fortune Well like this one for his Thunder Beast.

At this moment, his Fortune Well had already gone dry, and he could have moved on to find his next target.

However, even under such circumstances, he would still stop Nie Tian from passing over his so-called territory. This was enough evidence to his wild arrogance.

With a sister laugh, Mo Qinglei shouted, “Yes, I do! Thunder King Seal!”

As he shouted these words, a seal made from a large cyan jade suddenly appeared.

The soul of a formidable Thunder Beast could be seen sealed within it. From the look of it, that Thunder Beast had been at the eighth grade when it had been alive.

Like mysterious magical symbols, countless fine lightning bolts densely wreathed the Thunder Beast soul.

The sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, who was Mo Qinglei’s father, had personally forged this Spirit Channeling grade treasure for him.

As soon as the Thunder King Seal appeared, resounding thunderclaps filled the sky, along with Thunder Beast roars.

Countless lightning bolts then shot out of the Thunder King Seal in all directions, along with a large number of thunderballs.

Each and every thunderball carried the profound truths of thunder power, as if they could conquer all that was evil in this world.


The Bone Blood Demon was rapidly engulfed in a sea of thunderballs, its entire body wreathed in slithering lightning. Every bone in its body was being bombarded by the thunderballs.

Lightning and thunderballs filled the sky over Mo Qinglei’s head, as if this entire area had become a realm of lightning and thunder, and Mo Qinglei was the god who controlled everything in it.

As powerful as the Bone Blood Demon was, it fell out of the sky under the Thunder King Seal’s wanton bombardment, and crashed towards Mo Qinglei.

The lightning and thunderballs the Thunder King Seal had unleashed seemed to have a subduing effect on Bonebrutes, since the Bone Blood Demon couldn’t even activate its bloodline magics to unleash death power.

Even the flesh power ward it had formed around Nie Tian seemed to be on the verge of breaking under the endless bombardment of lightning and thunder.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly as he let out a cold snort.


The Flame Dragon Armor flew out of Nie Tian’s ring of holding and descended from over his head.

The might of the Flame Dragon Armor had improved considerably after receiving his ten drops of Blood Essence and gathering a large amount of earthflame crystal strings and earthflame essence from the Realm of Withering Flame. Because of that, it had also become even heavier.

The moment the suit of armor descended onto Nie Tian, he felt unadapted to its increased weight, and thus let out an exclamation.

However, in the next moment, torrential flames burst forth from the Flame Dragon Armor and engulfed him, turning him into a man of flames.


The flesh power ward the Bone Blood Demon had created finally shattered. However, the raging flames that carried the flame dragon’s fierce aura and vigorous flesh power clashed with the sea of lightning and thunder.


Exploding sounds echoed out in a small area around Nie Tian.

Hundreds of lightning bolts and thunderballs soon vanished after entering the flaming area around Nie Tian, as if the raging flames had melted them.

Astonishment flashed across Mo Qinglei’s eyes as he said coldly, “Even among Spirit Channeling grade treasures, some are more powerful than others. I don’t believe that Spirit Channeling grade treasure of yours is more powerful than my Thunder King Seal!”

With these words, the eighth grade Thunder Beast soul suddenly burst out of the Thunder King Seal, roaring ferociously as it did.

As soon as it came out, Mo Qinglei’s sixth grade Thunder Beast crouched down on the ground, trembling with fear.

The Thunder Beast soul, however, rapidly expanded to close to a hundred meters long, exuding a terrifying aura.

The lightning bolts that had chained it down within the Thunder King Seal now became its weapons, as they turned into thousands of whips of lightning that came towards Nie Tian from all directions.


As the whips of lightning entered the sea of flames around Nie Tian, they met the flame power’s strong resistance, and rapidly shrank in size.

Even so, they still slammed into the Flame Dragon Armor and Nie Tian’s unprotected parts.

His uncovered garments were instantly turned into flying dust. The whips of lightning left numerous whipped marks on his robust body, afflicting him with burning pain.

Many fine lightning bolts even found their way inside of him in an attempt to ravage his internal organs.

All of a sudden, the Flame Dragon Armor’s furious roar came from the depths of Nie Tian’s soul. The sea of flames around Nie Tian instantly morphed into a dragon of flames.

As it turned its head and flapped its tail, numerous lightning whips scattered and vanished into the air.

At the same time, the Flame Dragon Armor’s vigorous flesh aura fused into Nie Tian, capturing and devouring every single lightning bolt that had infiltrated him.

A worried look finally appeared on Mo Qinglei’s face as he watched the dragon of flames leaving Nie Tian to engage in a fierce fight against the eighth grade Thunder Beast soul that had come out of his Thunder King Seal.

“That suit of armor is also a high-tier Spirit Channeling grade treasure! And it has the soul of a flame dragon from the Desolate Antiquity Era as its soul!”

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