Chapter 839: A Strange Floragrim

An impatient look appeared in Mu Biqiong’s eyes as she asked, “Do you not speak our language?”

A dangerous aura gradually wreathed her as the killing intent in her eyes grew stronger and stronger.

At this moment, the Floragrim seemed to finally notice her. He tore his gaze from the tree branches to look at her with a calm expression. Then, in fluent human language, he answered, “I speak it.”

“Good,” Mu Biqiong said, her eyes ice-cold. “I’ll say it one more time: please leave now!”

Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect had urged her to stay with Nie Tian and try not to anger him before she had entered the Shatter Battlefield.

She knew perfectly well that her sect was apprehensive about Nie Tian’s identity as a Son of the Stars.

Therefore, she hadn’t really taken Jiang Feng’s words to heart. However, later in the Silver Beetle nest, the mother beetle had snuck up on her when she had been paralyzed by her sharp screeches. It was Nie Tian who had saved her.

She knew that she would have survived even if Nie Tian hadn’t helped her, but she would have sustained injuries.

Furthermore, the enormous vines in the Realm of Shattered Earth had allowed her to achieve a breakthrough in her cultivation.

She had a feeling that if she could enter the Realm of Shattered Earth again, she would most likely continue to benefit from those huge vines.

Nie Tian was the only one who could take her there.

Therefore, she had stepped up and stopped the people who practiced wood power as soon as they had approached him with evil intentions.

The Floragrim noticed the unpleasant look on her face. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “I mean no harm. My name is Fata. The tree branches your friend used to build this spell formation seem to have close connections with my kind. I believe those patterns within the power ward are from a tree of life, which we deem as our guardian.”

Mu Biqiong let out a cold harrumph. “You said you mean no harm, but you’re here to steal those tree branches, aren’t you?”

With a faint smile, Fata said, “You’ve misunderstood my intentions. The fact that he was able to obtain and use those tree branches to establish spell formations means that he also has close connections to my kind. So I won’t try to take those tree branches from him.

“I just want to observe and brand those patterns in the depths of my mind.

“I believe I’ll be able to benefit from them when I upgrade my bloodline in the future.”

Mu Biqiong was surprised. “You’re really just going to observe?” 

Fata nodded. “That’s right. Just observe. I promise that I won’t try to harm him. Besides, the spell formation those tree branches have formed contains unlimited power. Even if I wanted to harm him, I doubt that I’d be able to break through that ward. I’ll even stop others from harming him as long as I’m here.”

Both Mu Biqiong and Yin Yanan were unable to make heads or tails of Fata’s words, and found his attitude baffling. 

Mu Biqiong shot Yin Yanan a sideways glance, as if to ask for her opinion on this matter. Yin Yanan also had a confused look on her face. She pondered briefly, then said, “Alright then. Let him be if he just wants to observe. If others come at Nie Tian with evil intentions, then we can have him cash his promise and expel them in our stead.”

Mu Biqiong nodded and said to Fata, “I hope you meant what you just said.”

“Don’t worry,” Fata said without any hesitation. “If people dare to make a move against him, I’ll drive them away immediately.” 

Afterwards, Fata stood in silence in front of Nie Tian’s Wood Thriving Formation, his eyes fixed on the mysterious patterns within the green power ward, as if he was deriving enlightenment from them using the Floragrim’s unique bloodline talents.

Looks of joy would flash across his eyes from time to time.

Mu Biqiong and Yin Yanan had witnessed the Wood Thriving Formation’s formidable power before, and thus assumed that even if Fata intended to make a move against Nie Tian, he probably wouldn’t be able to shatter that ward within a short time.

The two of them stayed briefly before flying back to their own Fortune Wells. However, they would still check on Fata every once in a while.

Gradually, more Fortune Wells started to spew various kinds of energy of heaven and earth, including lightning, flames, golden light, and even flesh power.

However, Mu Biqiong’s and Yin Yanan’s Fortune Wells didn’t work any wonders.

Chai Longge and Chai Fengwu also grew more and more anxious as they checked their own Fortune Wells from time to time.

Their Fortune Wells also remained dormant.

After some time, Mu Biqiong’s eyes suddenly lit up.

She sensed that a nearby Fortune Well had started spewing wood power essence.

After a brief moment of hesitation, she channeled power from the demonic plant’s strength inside of her, and rose into the air like a leaf.

Generally speaking, only after entering the Profound realm would a Qi warrior gain the ability to infuse themselves with spiritual power and travel through the air.

Clearly, this rule didn’t apply to her.

“There’s a Fortune Well over there that suits my needs and yours,” she said to Fata.

Fata was a Floragrim. All Floragrims practiced wood power bloodline magics, and thrived on pure and rich wood power. Therefore, she assumed that he should shift his focus.

“For me, these patterns from a tree of life are more important than the wood power essence coming out of a Fortune Well,” Fata said, his expression as calm as ever. “I have no interest in seizing that Fortune Well for my own.”

With an arrogant smile, Mu Biqiong said, “Even if you did, you’d have to be able to beat me first.” 

Then, she turned to Yin Yanan. “Nie Tian should be safe with you here. I’ll come back as soon as I can.”

With these words, she sped off like an arrow.

As she did, the black demonic flower’s root once again shot out of her palm, making her look like a female devil wielding a black, monstrous being.

The Fortune Well that was spewing wood power essence was guarded by a high-tier Demon.

He was the one who had been very apprehensive about the demonic plant inside of her.

Upon seeing her approach, the Demon realized her intention, and thus let out a sigh of frustration. Before she even said anything, he took the initiative to move away from the Fortune Well with a bitter expression on his face.

“This is a smart Demon,” Mu Biqiong muttered in a low, mocking voice as her perfectly-shaped body landed gracefully by the Fortune Well.

Countless wisps of wood power then started converging on her and fusing into her through her pores.

A long time passed...

An endless stream of frosty mist suddenly shot out of the mouth of one of the Fortune Wells guarded by human cultivators. A large number of tiny ice shards could be seen within it.

Yin Yanan’s interest was instantly provoked.

Since she practiced frost power, that Fortune Well suited her needs perfectly.

However, after Mu Biqiong had left, the important task of guarding Nie Tian had fallen on her shoulders.

Since she didn’t trust Fata, the Floragrim, she was torn with indecision, not knowing whether she should rush over and take that Fortune Well for her own.

Fata, the Floragrim, saw her dilemma. He took a few steps back from Nie Tian, spread out his hands, and said, “I told you that I mean no harm to him. We Floragrims don’t usually lie.”

Yin Yanan gave a cold smile. “I’ll have nothing to be afraid of even if you lie. I’ll be right there, keeping an eye on you. If you dare to try anything funny...”

With these words, her agile, cougar-like body shot towards that Fortune Well like a streak of icy light.

The owner of that Fortune Well was a middle Profound realm Qi warrior, who didn’t practice frost power.

The man let out a cold harrumph as he watched Yin Yanan swooping towards him with the clear intention to take his Fortune Well for her own.

At that very moment, the Frost Blood Python tattoo on Yin Yanan’s slender waist suddenly came alive.

A devastating aura suddenly burst forth from within the Frost Blood Python, making the man gasp with astonishment and fear.

Without much hesitation, he fled from his Fortune Well and flew away from Yin Yanan at his fastest possible speed.

He had already noticed Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong’s strong backing. Both Nie Tian’s Bone Blood Demon and Mu Biqiong’s black demonic plant were shockingly formidable.

Of the three of them, only Yin Yanan hadn’t revealed her backing until now.

However, after seeing the Frost Blood Python gradually awakening and sensing the bloodline aura it was releasing, he instantly cowered.

Just like that, Yin Yanan seized that Fortune Well without staining her blade with her opponent’s blood. All of this was thanks to the terrifying aura the Frost Blood Python had emanated even before coming out of her waist.

Then, she shot Fata, the Floragrim, a cold glance, as if to give him another warning.

Fata, however, ignored her glance, but continued to focus on the mysterious patterns in the green light ward, which seemed to have come from a tree of life.

With a puzzled expression, Yin Yanan muttered in a low voice, “Is deriving enlightenment from those tree patterns really all he wants to do?”  

Afterwards, she focused on collecting the extremely frigid ice shards that were spewing from the mouth of the Fortune Well, hoping to use them to improve her battle prowess and cultivation base.

A group of people had paid close attention to everything that had happened to Nie Tian and the girls the entire time.

They were none other than Qiu Ji and the other Earth Spirit Sect disciples.

Qiu Ji had observed and waited for a long time. By the time he discovered that both Mu Biqiong and Yin Yanan had left successively to seize Fortune Wells from others, he suddenly called out, “Our opportunity has come! Kill their friend first, while they’re busy gathering power!”

The Earth Spirit Sect disciples then flew over from the distance on their air-transportation spiritual tools.

Seeing this, the Floragrim named Fata frowned and cursed in the outsiders’ language.

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