Chapter 829: Leaving Crestfallen

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he looked down at his chest.

The garments on his chest had shattered, allowing him to see numerous pale-gray lines swimming rapidly under his skin, weaving into a complicated, mysterious pattern.

An ancient aura that carried the profound truths of death came from within the pattern.

Nie Tian suddenly had a feeling that the strange pattern was turning his life force into death power.

Under its influence, his immense flesh power flew uncontrollably into the pale-gray pattern.

A powerless feeling quickly overtook him.

Pergson stared coldly at him, as if he knew that he wouldn’t need to strike again, and Nie Tian would die beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Even a Demon or a Phantasm would have suffered a great deal from that pattern, which he had painted with his bloodline magic, not to mention a human.

Humans were born with feeble bodies and faint flesh power, which meant a pattern like that would drain their life force and turn them into corpses very quickly.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Nie Tian’s heart started to beat like a drum.

The green aura, which carried the profound truths of life, was originally coiled up in his heart, dormant. However, it was clearly provoked at this moment.

A cluster of blood-colored light suddenly exploded from Nie Tian’s chest.

The explosion sent numerous Bloodline Crystal Chains piercing into the pale-gray pattern, where they slithered like thousands of sparkling snakes of light, erasing all of the pale-gray lines in the blink of an eye.

Nie Tian’s strange feeling of having his life force turned into death power instantly vanished.

The light of astonishment flashed across Pergson’s emerald eyes as he exclaimed, “How is this possible?!”


Bits of flame power, star power, and wood power exuded from Nie Tian, along with flesh power and soul power. A magnetic field that could bend space and distort all things rapidly formed around him.

“Primal Chaos!” As Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph, a sea of starlight shot out of his splayed palm, as if a dazzling star had formed in it.

Bits of starlight rose, swimming about and forming a star formation over his palm.

Then, as he flung his hand, a curtain of stars flew towards Pergson.

“The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!” An exclamation escaped Pergson’s mouth. 

Not only him, but Froste the Phantasm youngster and that high-tier Demon also turned to look at Nie Tian with shocked expressions after hearing his exclamation. “Is he a disciple of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?!”


As the curtain of stars flew towards Pergson, Nie Tian suddenly vanished from his original place, but appeared behind Pergson in the next moment with the help of Starshift.

Nie Tian’s Primal Chaos instantly enveloped Pergson, greatly restraining him from using his death bloodline power.

Like a curtain of stars, the star formation made of numerous bits of starlight flew ethereally into his chest.


The star formation exploded, sending countless rays of dazzling, sharp starlight piercing into his translucent and sparkling bones.

Pergson’s small bony body trembled unceasingly. Every time he did, a small yet thick aura of death would ooze from his jade-like bones.

At the same time, Nie Tian once again brought the Flame Star down from the air with great force.


The Flame Star hacked into Pergson’s shoulder, giving rise to a loud crash.

Pergson grimaced, as if the joint attack of the star formation and the Flame Star had inflicted pain on him, but still, not a single fissure appeared on his bones.

“The Bonebrutes’ indestructible form!” As he shouted these words, misty white light rose from his every bone, morphing into a suit of spiritual armor over his small body.


Three bone arrows shot out of Pergson’s fingertips, giving rise to ear-piercing whooshes.

Like white lightning bolts, they shot into Nie Tian’s shoulder and upper chest before he could react.


The bone arrows went through his skin and flesh and slammed into his crystallized bones, giving rise to crisp, metallic clanks.

The strong impacts sent Nie Tian flying backwards.

As he landed with a loud crash, he pulled the three bone arrows out one by one with a grim look on his face.

As held the bone arrows, the aura of death they exuded infiltrated his skin and flesh.

He then cast the bone arrows away, and activated Heavenly Wood Heal to heal the three bloody holes created by the three bone arrows. In the next moment, rich life force gathered to the wounds, where shreds of flesh started to wiggle madly.

As Pergson raised his hand and made a grabbing motion in the air, the three bone arrows flew back into his hand. Without launching another attack right away, he fixed Nie Tian with a confused, measuring gaze, and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Nie Tian.”

A grim look appeared in Pergson’s deep, emerald eyes as he said, “You’re no ordinary human, are you? And you don’t seem like just an ordinary disciple of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Don’t tell me that you’re actually a Son of the Stars. That can’t be right. None of the existing Sons of the Stars have a cultivation base so low.”

Nie Tian didn’t say anything in response.

Pergson went on and said, “But I do hope that you’re a Son of the Stars, because that’ll make killing you much more interesting.” 

After he said these words, the bone saber he had placed on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder suddenly flew back into his hand.

Holding the bone saber, his threat rose to a whole new level.

This powerful magical treasure, which he referred to as Bone Shatterer, had already absorbed a considerable amount of death power from the Bone Blood Demon, which made it even sharper and more awe-inspiring.

Without the saber weighing down on it, the Bone Blood Demon finally recovered its soul connection with Nie Tian. However, as Nie Tian commanded it to attack Pergson, it still chose to ignore that command, as if as long as Pergson held the Bone Shatterer, it would never dare to attack him.

Before Pergson swung his bone saber, Nie Tian shot sideways glances at the girls, and discovered that Mu Biqiong was fighting the high-tier Demon with the black demonic flower’s root, and she was actually at an advantage.

Meanwhile, with the Spirit Pearl’s help, Yin Yanan seemed well-matched with Froste, the Phantasm youngster.

Then he hit upon an idea, and hastily issued a new order to the Bone Blood Demon, telling it to help Yin Yanan fight Froste.

The Bone Blood Demon followed his order and dashed towards Froste without the slightest hesitation.

At this moment, Pergson brought the Bone Shatterer down.

After he infused it with his bloodline power, the Bone Shatterer seemed to be vested with a soul. Shining with dazzling pale light, it slashed down towards Nie Tian, carrying an aura of death that could destroy all lives.

Without thinking about it, Nie Tian infused the Flame Star with half of his strength.

Rage rapidly built up in his heart as he brought the Flame Star up to meet the Bone Shatterer with the same method with which he threw Titan’s Wrath.


The various types of power Nie Tian had infused the Flame Star with exploded upon contact with the Bone Shatterer.

Exploding with them was the Flame Star.

This long saber, which Li Ye had customized for him and he had found rather agreeable, failed to withstand the heavy blow from the Phantasm magical treasure, and shattered into countless pieces.

Vanishing with it was the burning rage Nie Tian had vested it with.

However, the Bone Shatterer’s crushing momentum wasn’t weakened at all, as it continued to descend on Nie Tian, as if it were going to split him in half, along with heaven and earth.

Nie Tian had never felt so close to Death.

Watching the Bone Shatterer coming closer and closer, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to stop it, not when the Flame Dragon Armor was still unavailable.

At the same time, he had a feeling that even though his body had become extremely tough after repeated refinement with Heavenly Wood Heal, he wouldn’t be able to bear this attack.

The only thing he could do to survive was shift away by casting a Starshift.


He suddenly vanished from the bone saber’s slashing path, and reappeared at the foot of the Dao Enlightenment Rock.

Pergson went blank for a moment before turning his wrists and slashing his bone saber towards Nie Tian once again.

Wherever the Bone Shatterer went, everything withered and fell silent. If there were any other living creatures in this area, they would have all died instantly.

Nie Tian then cast another Starshift.


The Bone Shatterer, which was rather short, slashed into the Dao Enlightenment Rock, making a deep crack on it.

As that happened, the Frost Blood Python’s soul awareness, which was deriving enlightenment from the Dao Enlightenment Rock, was somehow touched, and instantly flew back to it.

After returning to reality, the eighth grade Frost Blood Python let out a low hiss.

Yin Yanan was overjoyed by this. Then, she turned around and saw Nie Tian avoiding Pergson as he chased closely after him, brandishing his Bone Shatterer.

At the same time, the Bone Blood Demon was slapping the skull made of discarnate souls with its large hands, which were wreathed with pale-white flames.

That skull seemed to have intelligence, as it wailed upon receiving the repeated blows.

The secret magic seemed to be overbearing the skull and Froste’s bloodline talents, so he could nothing to stop the Bone Blood Demon.

At the same time, the pale-white flames wreathing the Bone Blood Demon’s large hands seemed to be inflicting great pain on Froste.

“Nie Tian! Let’s swap opponents!” With a bellow, Yin Yanan shot towards Pergson, riding the Frost Blood Python.

The Frost Blood Python spewed a mouthful of frosty mist, in which countless ice shards were swirling. In the next moment, the frosty mist turned into a snowstorm that engulfed Pergson.

However, with a few swings of the Bone Shatterer, Pergson eliminated all of the ice shards in the snowstorm.

As torrential rage brimmed in the Frost Blood Python’s eyes, it unleashed its bloodline power. The temperature in the area plunged; large blocks of ice came to form, and were sucked into the fierce storm.

The blocks of ice broke into countless ice spears, filling the frigid storm.

Then, as the Frost Blood Python’s other eye blossomed with blood-colored light, all of the ice spears seemed to be painted red with blood.

At the same time, a terrifying flesh aura rapidly built up in the frigid storm. Feeling great pressure, Pergson no longer focused on attacking Nie Tian.

Even though he could still move about within the frigid storm, his mobility was limited to a large extent.

Froste, the Phantasm youngster, saw Pergson in an unfavorable situation engulfed by the frigid storm. At the same time, he was suffering from the Spirit Pearl and the Bone Blood Demon’s joint attack himself. After a moment of hesitation, he shouted in an outsider language, “Let get out of here!”

With these words, he flew into the distance on the skull made of discarnate souls.

The high-tier Demon had long since wanted to leave. Upon hearing Froste’s shout, he instantly morphed into a streak of purple lightning and shot out of the battlefield.

At the same time, Pergson, the Bonebrute youngster, sank into the solid earth and vanished. His aura rapidly became too faint to capture.

Just like this, the awakening of the Frost Blood Python broke the balance of the battle.

The three outsider chosen ones, who had come with overweening arrogance, left crestfallen.

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