Chapter 823: Two Ferocious Women

It had gone dark in the cave after all of the Silver Beetles had left, but the Flame Star’s blade light once again lit up the whole cave.

White, crimson, and green spots shone within the dazzling blade light as it slashed directly towards Fang Yingying.

However, not a shred of fear could be seen in Fang Yingying’s eyes.

Her slender hands rapidly wove before her ample chest, forming a silver hand seal.

The vague shape of a centipede loomed in the depths of the hand seal.


The silver hand seal sudden shot up and slammed into the three-colored blade light with great force.

The blade light exploded in an instant, but the Flame Star continued to descend towards Fang Yingying’s head with irresistible momentum.

Fang Yingying’s figure blurred and disappeared from her current location. Then, a silver net suddenly appeared over Nie Tian’s head out of thin air.

The net also emanated silver light, but it seemed to be forged from Silicon Silver, which made it as light as feather.


The Flame Star suddenly went back up, unleashing numerous blade lights in an attempt to rip the silver net.

However, not a single one of the net’s tenacious strings was severed, but a bleak aura came towards Nie Tian with an overwhelming momentum, as if to bind him.

Almost at the same time, Yin Yanan also made a move.

By relying on the Beast-controlling Sect’s special body refinement incantation she practiced, she dashed towards Luo Hui like a fierce beast from the Desolate Antiquity Era, and arrived before him in the blink of an eye.

A hint of astonishment flashed across Luo Hui’s eyes as he finally saw her shocking fleshly strength.

He, who had a waxen, emaciated face and looked rather sickly, suddenly cast a profound movement magic, allowing him to flash to different locations within the cave, leaving one illusory figure after another.

Soon, Yin Yanan lost track of the real Luo Hui. All she could see were his illusory figures.

While Yin Yanan was at a loss, Luo Hui’s illusory figures suddenly morphed into numerous spirit vermin.

Among them were golden spiders, brown scorpions, and green snakes.

Even though none of them were particularly large, they gave Yin Yanan a feeling that they were actually very dangerous.

The spirit vermin instantly surrounded Yin Yanan, and started to spew smoke towards her.

The smoke seemed intangible, but was formed by countless soul strands. Yin Yanan’s spiritual power ward didn’t have the slightest warding effect against it.

As the smoke engulfed her, her vigorous body seemed to be poisoned by deadly toxins, making her feel powerless.

The smoke even infiltrated her mind, as she felt stabbing pain in her sea of awareness.

At this moment, Luo Hui revealed himself, a real spirit vermin appearing by his feet.

It was a large, golden spider with eight legs, which seemed to be forged from pure gold.

Golden flames could be seen burning within the spider’s beady eyes.

It first took a look at Yin Yanan, and didn’t seem impressed.

However, as it laid its eyes on the Frost Blood Python that was coiled beside Yin Yanan, astonishment suddenly filled its golden eyes.

Luo Hui sensed the anomaly, so with a grim expression, he asked, “What’s...”

Before he could finish, the spider took a step forward to stand before Luo Hui like his shield.

At this moment, the eighth grade Frost Blood Python couldn’t bear to watch Yin Yanan struggle any further, and finally struck.


A frosty, white mist rose from the Frost Blood Python, rapidly pervading the area around Yin Yanan.

As the exploding sounds of ice shards came from within the frosty, white mist, the temperature inside the cave dropped at an alarming speed.

Within seconds, the cave walls were covered in thick, sparkling ice. Even the stone protrusions that contained Silicon Silver were covered in ice, making them look like huge icicles.

Submerged in the frosty most, Yin Yanan snapped back to her senses, and rapidly cleansed herself with her flesh aura. She resumed her calm and composed look after forcing all of the spirit vermin smoke out of her.

With a meaningful faint smile, she stared at Luo Hui.


Loud cracks echoed out within the spacious cave as the eighth grade Frost Blood Python used its unique bloodline magic to turn it into a land of frigid coldness. Even snow and wind appeared within its frosty mist.

All of a sudden, countless ice shards shot out of the frosty mist, and the cracking ice that covered the cave walls.

Like sharp blades, the ice shards shot towards Luo Hui, forming a special field that could freeze all things.

Clusters of golden flames shot out of the spider’s eyes, forming a sea of flames in front of Luo Hui.


Ice shards shot into the sea of golden flames, causing the cave to shake violently. Even the stone protrusions that contained Silicon Silver seemed as if they could fall at any moment.

The clashes sent out golden sparks and bits of ice that added countless tiny holes to the walls of the spacious cave.

Nie Tian and Fang Yingying, who were about to enter a second round, gasped with astonishment upon seeing this.

It seemed that even the cave couldn’t withstand the eighth grade Frost Blood Python’s devastating bloodline power, and was going to collapse.

Luo Hui took a deep breath. Eyes still fixed on the Frost Blood Python, he shouted, “All of the Silicon Silver here is yours!”

With these words, he instantly jumped onto his golden spider.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, the spider dashed to Fang Yingying’s side, where Luo Hui dragged the confused Fang Yingying away through the mother beetle’s tunnel.

“Nie Tian, you take care of that one from the Bliss Mountain Sect and collect the Silicon Silver here.” With these words, Yin Yanan snorted disdainfully. “Now they know not to mess with us. It’s too late.”

Then, she followed Luo Hui and Fang Yingying into the tunnel through which they had come down here.

She seemed to understand that this cave would hold the Frost Blood Python back from displaying its full bloodline power. Also, she was afraid that the stone protrusions would break and cost them the precious Silicon Silver inside of them.

The Frost Blood Python would be able to fight without scruples in the open terrain outside the Silver Beetle nest.

“You just collect these Silicon Silver protrusions. Don’t you worry about our battle against them.” With these words, Nie Tian threw Mu Biqiong a glance and prepared to leave the cave.

However, he was stunned by what he saw. “Have... Have you recovered?”

At this moment, the mother beetle’s sharp screech had already vanished completely.

Earlier, the mother beetle’s screech had certainly caused serious damage to Mu Biqiong’s ears and even her soul.

However, he couldn’t see the slightest sign of her being injured in her eyes now.

The look in her eyes was surprisingly calm, and laced with a hint of indescribable danger.

“You think I’m a burden for the two of you, don’t you?” Mu Biqiong asked in an icy voice. “Even if you didn’t help me, that bitch Fang Yingying wouldn’t have been able to kill me.”

Nie Tian chuckled and nodded. “Well, how about we leave that ‘bitch’ to you in a bit?”

Strong killing intent filled Mu Biqiong’s eyes. “That’d be great.” 

Nie Tian then ended their talk and left the cave through the tunnel.

As soon as he left, Mu Biqiong let out a cold harrumph, and two thick roots suddenly grew out of her palms.

One root was ink-black, and the other was multicolored. Like two pythons, they wrapped around two of the stone protrusions that contained Silicon Silver.


The thick roots tore the two huge stone protrusions off the ceiling of the cave and stuffed them into Mu Biqiong’s ring of holding.

Afterwards, the roots repeated the move, pulling the other stone protrusions off and putting them into her ring of holding.

At this moment, a vicious and mysterious look appeared on Mu Biqiong’s unearthly beautiful face, which was hidden behind a veil.

Moments later, she finished collecting all seven stone protrusions that contained Silicon Silver, and the roots shrank back into her palms.

As she harvested Silicon Silver with the demonic plant inside of her, the mother beetle’s panicked screech echoed from the depths of the hole it had escaped into.

However, it didn’t affect Mu Biqiong in the slightest this time.

She threw a cold look at the hole where the screech was coming from. A pitch-black root once again shot out of her palm into the hole that stretched down towards the depths of the earth.

The mother beetle’s sharp screech grew increasingly panicked as it hastily ran deeper into the hole, not daring to make a sound anymore.

The mother beetle had noticed the change of situation in the cave, and realized that a battle had broken out among the human invaders. Therefore, it had snuck back, lurking in the hole and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

However, it had dropped the idea and fled as soon as the black root had shot into the hole it was hiding in.

The demonic plant’s black root searched about in the hole, but failed to find the mother beetle, so Mu Biqiong withdrew it.

After the root shrank back into her, her eyes went icy again as she muttered in a low voice, “That bitch Fang Yingying.”


She shot out of the tunnel like a bolt of lightning.

Outside the Silver Beetle nest, Yin Yanan was controlling the Frost Blood Python as it went all-out to attack Fang Yingying and Luo Hui despite their begging for peace.

Nie Tian was standing there and staring at Fang Yingying, as if he didn’t intend to join the battle.

Mu Biqiong’s arrival took Nie Tian by surprise. “Have you finished collecting all seven of the stone protrusions that contain Silicon Silver already?” he asked.

Mu Biqiong nodded. “Yeah.” 

Taken aback, Nie Tian said, “That was quick.”

“That bitch will die even quicker.” With these words, she flashed to Fang Yingying and shouted, “Die!”

A black root shot out of her left palm.

Fang Yingying’s face turned pale with fright as she stared blankly at her, as if she were looking at a freak.

Immediately afterwards, she snapped back to her senses and formed a series of silver hand seals in a panicked and muddled fashion. However, all of the hand seals failed to fend off the thick, black root.

The root wrapped around her slender waist and snapped her in half.

As Mu Biqiong had said, she killed Fang Yingying even faster than she had harvested the Silicon Silver protrusions.

A centipede flew out of Fang Yingying as she was snapped in half.

“Wanna run?!” Mu Biqiong called out in an icy voice.

The black root instantly morphed into a large claw. With a swift grabbing motion, it caught the centipede and squeezed it into mush.

Upon seeing this, Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he marveled at her battle prowess inwardly.

At this moment, he finally understood why the Bliss Mountain Sect and the Beast-controlling Sect had dared to send Mu Biqiong and Yin Yanan into the Shatter Battlefield.

Yin Yanan was not only as strong as an outsider, but also had an eighth grade Frost Blood Python at her command.

She was like a fierce beast with unmatched strength in the outermost ring of the Shatter Battlefield, where only Worldly realm and Profound realm cultivators would go.

As for Mu Biqiong, the demonic plant inside of her hadn’t seemed to obey her commands all the time before. She had even suffered a backlash from it when her veil had been torn off.

However, after it had received mysterious nourishment from the enormous vines in the Realm of Shattered Earth, she seemed to have found a way to harness the two demonic flowers. Now, she could even make use of their formidable might.

The black flower’s root had just shot out of her palm and snapped Fang Yingying, who had been jumping around for quite some time, in half like a an ant.

Mu Biqiong hadn’t even used the other flower yet.

Nie Tian sighed. “These two ferocious women...” 

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