Chapter 784: Looking into the Past

The moment a soul connection was established between Nie Tian and Wu Ji, Nie Tian realized what Wu Ji had been going through.

Wu Ji’s understanding of time power had risen to a whole new level as he had broken through into the Soul realm.

He had entered an unfathomable state, where his soul awareness seemed to roam freely in the river of time.

Even though Wu Ji had started to lose his soul power at an alarming rate after entering this state, he had gained the ability to see into the past!

Like a god of time, Wu Ji was actually able to see every detail of what had happened in Cloudsoaring Mountain’s vicinity during the past decades.

He paid special attention to Nie Tian and his mother, Nie Jin.

He saw Nie Jin meet a man by accident.

Strangely, he could only see a vague shape of that man, and was unable to get a clear view of his appearance.

That man was the only person he couldn’t see clearly.

According to Wu Ji, he had accidentally entered a peculiar state before when he had been deriving enlightenment of time power. In that state, he was able to see everyone and everything with great clarity. The fact that he wasn’t able to get a clear view of that man proved that that man was so powerful that even time power couldn’t really affect him.

Wu Ji saw the vague shape of a man get to know and fall in love with Nie Jin. The two of them traveled happily among mountains and lakes.

However, the man somehow disappeared shortly afterwards.

Then, Wu Ji saw that Nie Jin was pregnant, and sullen all the time as she waited for the man’s return.

Eventually, Nie Jin failed to see the man return. She gave birth to Nie Tian and died.

The Nie Clan had Nie Jin buried.

However, none of these truly shocked Wu Ji.

What made Wu Ji so eager to communicate with Nie Tian when his soul awareness hadn’t even regathered yet was another matter.

It was a scene that shocked Wu Ji to his core.

Shortly after Nie Tian’s birth, Wu Ji saw that vague shape of a man again.

He visited Nie Jin’s grave where the Nie Clan had buried her. 

He entered Nie Jin’s grave and flew out of there with Nie Jin’s body. Nie Jin, who by that point had been dead for some time, looked exactly the same as when she had been alive, her skin still soft and jade-like. All of a sudden, her life force somehow reignited!

The man then returned the grave to its original state and took Nie Jin away.

However, the night before he left with Nie Jin for good, he went to take one last look at Nie Tian, who was still a baby.

It was Nie Qian who was taking good care of Nie Tian.

As the man came to Nie Tian’s room carrying Nie Jin, Nie Qian somehow fell into a deep slumber, and so did all of the other Nie Clan members in the vicinity. None of them knew what happened.

At that moment, Nie Jin, who had died for a long time, suddenly opened her eyes.

After returning to life, Nie Jin looked at Nie Tian for hours.

Wu Ji could see everything that happened in the room. He saw Nie Jin hold Nie Tian tightly in her arms and heard her weep, but he could never get a clear view of the man or hear him say a word.

Eventually, the two of them left before dawn and vanished for good. 

This was the matter Wu Ji was eager to let Nie Tian know.

Standing on the Star Boat, Nie Tian’s shoulders trembled with emotions as he slowly closed his eyes, but that didn’t stop his tears from rolling down his cheeks. “Mother didn’t die, and he didn’t fail mother...”

Nie Tian had held grudges towards that man his whole life.

Since he had noticed his unique and powerful bloodline power, he had known that he must have inherited it from that man, who must not be an ordinary person.

However, if that man had been so special and possessed formidable strength, then why had he let mother die and done nothing?

Why hadn’t he visited him once in the Nie Clan in all these years?

He had been convinced that it was that man who had failed his mother and abandoned him... until this moment.

Now, as he learned that his mother hadn’t actually died, a knot suddenly untied in his mind, like a glass barrier that shattered soundlessly.

So the truth was that his mother was probably still alive.

People coming back to life was something that existed only in legends. He had never thought it was possible.

However, he chose to believe at this moment.

He believed that his master was telling him the truth, and these scenes that he had been so eager to tell him about had actually happened.

Furthermore, the more he learned about his unique bloodline, the more wondrous he realized it was.

After refining his Life Bloodline to the limit with the help of Heavenly Wood Heal, a single drop of his blood would allow him to regenerate meridians, flesh, and bones. Didn’t that mean rebirth?

Since he had inherited his unique bloodline from that man, it didn’t seem completely impossible for that man to return his mother to life.

Now as he thought about it, he even thought that perhaps he had absorbed all of his mother’s life force when he was born, which had led to his mother’s premature death.

However, it now seemed to him that perhaps his mother’s so-called premature death wasn’t a real one.

Perhaps that man had known what would happen, and thus planned all this.

Not only did such realizations create huge waves in Nie Tian’s heart, but it also broke the shackles that had been stopping him from making another breakthrough in cultivation.

His sea of awareness instantly started to surge.

The untying of his mental knot seemed to have created another soul imprint and branded a piece of memory on his true soul, causing his state of mind to change.

At this moment, his true soul, the nine star souls, and his sea of awareness were all changing at the same time.

He took out a few soul crystals from within his ring of holding, and his sea of awareness took it upon itself to channel soul power from them.

At the same time, his spiritual core and the vortexes of three different powers in his spiritual sea also showed an irrepressible desire for more power, as if they were yearning to use that power to refine and upgrade themselves.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he instantly realized something. Then, he hastily took out a few spirit jades and spiritual materials of different attributes.

Beside him...

Chang Sen, Li Jing, Fang Hui, and Jiang Zhisu all fixed him with deeply puzzled gazes.

“What’s...” Jiang Zhisu muttered, looking excited.

Eyes narrowed, Chang Sen said, “It seems that he’s no longer held back by his insufficient state of mind. He’s broken the barrier in his cultivation and entered the middle Worldly realm! I can only tell that a soul communication took place between Nie Tian and Wu Ji. But I don’t know what Wu Ji has said to him that touched him so deeply that he made the breakthrough straightaway.”

Fan Hui was in disbelief as he asked, “How could he break through within such a short time?”

Chang Sen shook his head. “This is not an accident. He was full of vigor and well-prepared for his next breakthrough in cultivation when he came. His spiritual sea, sea of awareness, and fleshly body had long since been ready for his breakthrough into the middle Worldly realm. All he needed was an opportunity. Apparently, what Wu Ji told him was the opportunity he had been waiting for. With every condition met, he advanced to the middle Worldly realm smoothly.”

“I wonder what Wu Ji told him.” Fang Hui was so curious that he itched to fly to the short mountain peak right away and ask Wu Ji about it.

However, he knew that Wu Ji had consumed a significant amount of soul power to communicate with Nie Tian, and that he couldn’t be disturbed at this moment.

“Wu Ji lives up his name as the best mentor throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars.” Chang Sen marveled, admiration filling his face.

Just a soul communication with Wu Ji allowed Nie Tian to make a breakthrough in his cultivation right away. Wu Ji’s teaching skills were indeed unmatched throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Mixed emotions rose in every expert who was gathered in this place.

Eyes narrowed, Fang Hui said, “He had two disciples before Nie Tian, both of whom have never returned to the Domain of the Falling Stars after they left. I heard that both of them went to the Void Illusion Mountain Range in the Realm of Split Void at certain points, and have disappeared since.

“Now I can’t help but wonder where they are, and what their cultivation bases are.”

Fang Hui’s words reminded the other experts of Wu Ji’s two other disciples, who had also been very outstanding.

Both of them had been famous for a time, but vanished like a flash in the pan.

Fang Hui had asked Wu Ji about them before. However, whenever he had talked about them, he would grow downcast, and say that he didn’t know where they were either, though he believed that they were still alive.

At this moment, Fang Hui was very eager to know whether those two were shining like bright stars somewhere in this starry river, just like Nie Tian.

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