Chapter 768: Set the Tune with One Beat of the Gong

An intense bloody smell was carried by the spreading meteors and pervaded a large area.

The place where the outsiders had been gathered not long ago had already become hell on earth. Bits of mangled flesh were scattered everywhere. A single glance at the scary scene would give people nightmares.

Terry’s and Yuna’s eyelids trembled as they gazed at the parts of their clansmen from afar.

The core members of their clans they had carried to safety even lost the ability to speak, intense fear and panic filling their wide eyes.

“The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!” Terry bellowed with a twisted face. “It must be an expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace who launched this attack with some powerful spell formation on that continent.”

Yuna didn’t know what to say.

The two of them had led considerable forces here after receiving word that this region had finally opened up after being sealing away for hundreds of thousands of years. Neither of them had expected that they would suffer such a great loss.

All of the Birdmen, Blackscales, and Stonemen they had brought here had been annihilated.

They had even lost the majority of their own clansmen that they had brought here.

How would they explain it to their clans and the Birdman, Blackscale, and Stoneman clans after their return?

If they didn’t return just yet, did they really want to charge into that continent at all costs, knowing that a grand expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was cultivating there?

Perhaps the dashing meteors were merely a warning.

If they were so insensible as to trespass on the property of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, what would they face?

Terry and Yuna didn’t even dare to think about the consequences, yet they were reluctant to just leave like this.

That was when they noticed that as the meteors slowly spread out into the distance, the mangled body parts of their dead clansmen that had remained motionless also started to move slowly.

The bloody mists and small bits of flesh were the first to float into the atmosphere of multicolored auras and energies.

Then, the mangled bodies joined them in there.

Only after a long while did Armes mutter in a bitter voice, “What’s happening?”

While the meteors floated outwards, the remains of the dead outsiders seemed to be channeled inwards by the hemispherical continent.

After witnessing such anomalies, no one would believe that this whole thing was an accident.

Obviously, someone, or some mysterious force on the continent, had instigated this incident.

Terry remaining silent for a long while before saying, struggling to suppress his reluctance, “Since we’re now certain that a powerful expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is cultivating on that continent, and he only gave us a warning instead of coming out to deal with us personally... we’d better leave him alone and get out of here as soon as possible.”

As an eighth grade expert and the clan chief of the Barten Clan, he had a great chance at becoming a grand patriarch in the near future.

Of course he didn’t want to lose his life over some task that he knew to be impossible.

If he died, his clan would enter an irreversible decline, and soon join the ranks of the weakest Demon clans.

Yuna sighed. “I’m thinking the same thing. The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is the most ancient and powerful human Qi warrior sect. It’s strong enough to stand up to any race in this boundless starry river. If we misread the situation and insist on fighting that expert, the consequences would be catastrophic.”

The two of them exchanged opinions, and then quickly led their remaining clansmen back to their home realms.

A rain of blood fell on the hemispherical continent that was wreathed by an atmosphere of mixed auras. In the rain, mangled parts of dead outsiders fell out of the sky from time to time.


Half of a dead outsider suddenly fell on the ancient golden starship, startling Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect.

She jerked her head skywards. Fear and astonishment rapidly filled her eyes.

The Bliss Mountain Sect Qi warriors that had survived the previous crash looked up into the sky and screamed, “It’s raining blood and mangled parts of dead outsiders!”

Eyebrows furrowed, Jiang Feng muttered in a low voice, “Outsider corpses...”

Nie Tian had expressed his intention to change the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation, yet he didn’t deliver.

Therefore, he hadn’t been able to recover his spiritual power yet.

Facing the rain of outsider blood, the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect couldn’t even form spiritual power wards to keep the falling blood away.

Soon, every single Bliss Mountain Sect disciple was covered in outsider blood.

“There’s such rich flesh power in the blood.” Jiang Feng’s hair was painted red with blood, giving him a broken-down look. 

Gazing at a severed Demon arm, he exclaimed, “This arm belonged to a seventh grade Demon!”


In another location, Ke Jinpeng and the other experts from the Thousandsword Mountain Sect were also being bathed in the rain of blood.

“Why are so many mangled outsider body parts falling out of the sky?!” Xing Beichen asked, looking deeply confused. “The outsiders have arrived? But what happened to them? What could have possibly inflicted such heavy casualties on these outsiders and caused them to die so miserably?!”

“Many of them were even at the seventh grade,” Sha Yan chimed in, shock filling his face. “Their strength could have matched that of Soul realm experts!” 

“Nie Tian!” Ke Jinpeng said. “He must know what happened to them!”

Outside the magnificent palace.

Looking exhausted, Nie Tian took out soul crystals to recover his soul power.

Even the nine star souls in his sea of awareness had grown dim after losing a significant amount of soul power.

He hadn’t expected that he could actually launch Starfall in such a incredible way, with the help of this palace and the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation in the depths of this continent.

Hundreds of meteors had been channeled by the continent he was standing on, and flown here from very distant places.

Now, he realized that he could actually cast Starfall with the help of spell formations created by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. By doing that, he would be able to bring out heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing might.

He had almost drained all of his soul power to cast Starfall, but the star power within his vortex of star power remained almost untouched.

That meant it was the palace and this continent that had channeled the meteors and wielded Starfall.

Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, the palace walls had accumulated a copious amount of star power. As he had cast Starfall, that star power had joined his cause and magnified the might of Starfall to an extent that was beyond his imagination.

Furthermore, during Starfall, his soul awareness had extended outside of this continent, allowing him to gain a clear view of every move the outsiders had made.

He had seen Terry and Yuna, the two eighth grade leaders, flashing through the gaps between the dashing meteors and carrying their core clansmen to safety.

Only after Terry and Yuna’s intense flesh auras had completely disappeared from his detection range did he withdraw his soul awareness. “They actually left...”

He was convinced that the outsider leaders were so scared that they wouldn’t dare to come back again.

It was hard to believe that a single cast of Starfall had channeled so many meteors to this place and lifted them from the difficult situation that had bothered them.

“With the help of this palace and this continent, I can channel scattered meteors from distant locations. Any living beings that dare to invade this place will suffer destructive blows, and this will be my strongest defense!

“Not only now, but I’ll also be able to use it if I were to establish a foothold here!

“On this continent, I’ll be able to weaken human experts with the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation; outside this continent, I’ll be able to summon meteors to kill anything that dares to come close!

“This continent will be as solid as a piece of metal. I can move my family here from the Domain of the Falling Stars without worrying that people from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries will come and take it!”

Full of smiles, Nie Tian pushed the stone gate wide open and beckoned for Yue Yanxi and the others to come out and take a look.

Yue Yanxi, Guan Pu, and Jian Tong stuck their heads through the gate, and saw the falling blood rain and pieces of outsider bodies.

The three of them had concentrated on recovering spiritual power earlier, and thus hadn’t sensed what was happening outside the palace until now.

They were all flabbergasted by the scene.

An arrogant smile appeared at the corner of Nie Tian’s mouth as he said, “Almost all of the outsiders that came here died miserable deaths. Only a handful escaped. We won’t need to worry about them anymore. I trust that they won’t dare to ever return again.”

Shocked, Yue Yanxi exclaimed, “What happened?”

Nie Tian’s face split into a broad laugh. “My sect left some good stuff behind for me, and this place is a base they left for me. Even though my cultivation base is still low at the moment, I won’t need to fear anyone as long as I’m here.”

“So how do you plan to deal with the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect and the Thousandsword Mountain Sect?” Yue Yanxi asked.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian said, “They seem to have lost their value.”

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