Chapter 755: A Blessed Land

As the Star Boat dashed into the clouds at full speed, both Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi looked rather nervous and insecure.

As the Frost Blood Python’s bloodline power was activated, grains of frosty crystals rapidly spread out and covered Yin Yanan’s extremely curvaceous body.

She was preparing for what might happen.

A bitter expression appeared on Qiao Yunxi’s face as she also summoned spiritual power to form blazing protective wards around her.

Unlike Yin Yanan, she could only try to defend against the violent energies by relying on her own strength.

Even with the Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan had failed to stay in the atmosphere of energies long enough to go through it. Would they really be able to charge through it with the Star Boat’s unmatched speed?

Taken aback, the people from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan watched the three of them shoot directly into the atmosphere of energies after Nie Tian’s blessing.

Like a falling star, the Star Boat was even faster than the Flame Bird, which made them wonder about Nie Tian’s identity.

But even though the Star Boat was unusually fast, would it be able to survive the atmosphere of destructive energies?

Would the three juniors really be able to go through it and enter the floating continent when none of them could?


All of a sudden, a beam of dazzling starlight shot forth from the prow of the Star Boat.

The beam of starlight was immense, pure, sharp, and fierce, as if it was the condensation of every bit of star power in this boundless starry river.


Like a long, sharp awl, the beam of starlight pierced right into the atmosphere of surging energies, creating a clear path ahead of them.

Then, the Star Boat shot into that path like a bolt of lightning.

As it traveled forward at an extremely high speed, the path it passed through was rapidly flooded by raging energies and auras once again.

At the same time, the beam of dazzling starlight that shot of the Star Boat’s prow continued to clear a new path.

One after another, the Star Stones that paved the bottom of the Star Boat were drained of their power and reduced to flying dust.

Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi were flabbergasted as they looked behind, and then turned around to look ahead.

There wasn’t a single shred of chaotic energy in their path. As long as they stayed within the cleared path, none of the fierce flesh auras left by powerful experts of different races would be able to harm them.

Furthermore, the Star Boat flew fast enough that it would fly off before the scattered energies flowed back to flood the newly-created path again.

At this point, the girls’ preparations seemed a bit redundant.

Qiao Yunxi couldn’t help but say, “You knew that this air-transportation spiritual tool from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace would help you get through this layer of deadly energies, didn’t you?” 

With a slightly relaxed expression, Nie Tian said, “No, I only realized it after we entered.” 

Under his garments, the three fragmentary star marks on his chest grew increasingly hot.

Watching the beam of dazzling starlight creating a new path ahead of them, he grew more and more relaxed as he thought to himself, “The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace left the Star Boat for me, and it happens to be able to create a clear path, allowing me to enter this floating continent...”

His narrowed eyes shone with the light of excitement.

Yin Yanan sighed slightly. “I’m afraid the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan are going to face big trouble. If it weren’t for this air-transportation spiritual tool of yours, and we had to stay out there with them, we’d probably have to face Xing Beichen again. The foreign Qi warriors he summoned must have come for whatever is hidden on this continent, and Xing Beichen would definitely not let us off this time.”

Qiao Yunxi gave a cold harrumph and said, “We won’t need to be afraid of him anymore once we meet up with our grand elder.”

Yin Yanan looked deeply worried, but didn’t say anything to her, even though she knew that Xing Beicheng was well-aware that Yue Yanxi and Jiang Feng had come to this place.

He knew perfectly well that the Bliss Mountain Sect and the Divine Flame Sect had sent their middle Void domain experts here, but he still dared to do things without scruples. He must have something or someone very powerful that he could rely on.


In merely a minute, the Star Boat sailed through the atmosphere of mixed energies.

Both Nie Tian and Yin Yanan had made repeated attempts before, but had failed to go very deep into the atmosphere of mixed energies. The deeper they had gone, the greater pressure they had suffered.

It was different with the Star Boat. They didn’t feel anything this time as they sailed through the deadly environment within a very short time.

As soon as the Star Boat came to a stop, Qiao Yunxi took a deep breath and exclaimed joyfully, “Such rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth!”

At this moment, the atmosphere of surging energies behind them, which had existed for who knew how many years, recovered completely. No signs of being disturbed could be seen from it.

Standing on the Star Boat, Nie Tian instantly discovered that they were floating in a place high above the continent. He gazed off into the distance and saw mountains, lakes, and all sorts of plants.

Rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth filled the air, along with pure wood power.

The distant mountains were covered in thriving vegetation. The creeks in the valleys were so clear that he could see their bottoms. The land was dotted with gem-like lakes. Flowers and grass that emanated rich spiritual energy could be seen everywhere.

The spring-like weather, the rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, and more spirit plants than one could count made this place seem like a celestial paradise or a holy land.

Yin Yanan spent a few seconds to sense the environment and instantly became thrilled. “The spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth here is richer than in any realm of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries! If any sect were to move their headquarters to this place, the speed at which their disciples progressed in cultivation would soar through the ceiling!”

Nie Tian nodded numbingly.

All three of them had assumed that the environment beyond the atmosphere of violent energies would be full of danger.

None of them had thought that the environment inside would be completely different from the outside.


At this moment, sharp sounds suddenly came from the Sound Stone in Qiao Yunxi’s sleeve. Overjoyed, she exclaimed, “The connection must have been cut off by the thick layer of energies when we were outside. Now that we’re inside, and my Sound Stone instantly received a message. It seems that the connection has been restored!”

With these words, she quickly took out the Sound Stone and sent a wisp of her soul awareness into it.

Immediately afterwards, her eyes lit up as she said excitedly to Nie Tian, “Our grand elder is here indeed!”

“Ask him about the situation!” Nie Tian said loudly.

Qiao Yunxi nodded and resumed communication with the Divine Flame Sect’s team with her eyes narrowed. Afterwards, she said to Nie Tian, “Our grand elder has waited here a long time. They’ve done a thorough investigation of this continent, and learned that this hemispherical continent is divided into six regions. In five of them, aside from the rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, there are also metal, wood, water, fire, earth elemental powers.

“The region we’re currently in is the one that’s filled with rich wood power.

“Beside this one, there’s a region that’s desolate and filled with volcanoes. Every one of them is active. Torrential flames would shoot into the sky every once in a while.

“Then, there’s this other region, where there are many lakes and pervading watery mists. Every single lake contains rich water power. Numerous water-attributed spirit materials and plants can be found at lake bottoms and around the lakes.

“There’s another region where the mountain peaks shine with golden light.

“And in another region, everything is covered in ice and snow year-round. Glaciers pierce high into the heavens...

“The five regions are like blessed lands of the five elements, where the shockingly rich five elemental powers lie. Qi warriors of different attributes will enjoy a much higher cultivating efficiency with the help of the variety of spiritual materials present here. The speed at which they derive enlightenment will quicken as well.

“Surrounded by the five regions is an empty region, where an ancient palace stands towering.

“Our grand elder is at that grand palace, but still hasn’t figured out a way to get in.

“Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect is also there. Since the two sides are equally strong, they have refrained from conflicts, but instead focused on looking for a way to enter the palace.

“The only reason our grand elder didn’t come out to pick us up is that he was afraid that once he left, the Bliss Mountain Sect would lay their murderous hands on the other Divine Flame Sect disciples.”

Holding the Sound Stone, Qiao Yunxi relayed every piece of information she received without holding anything back.

“A palace?!” Nie Tian’s face split into a grin. “That’s it!”

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