Chapter 753: Meridian Toughening

Many Guan Clan and Jian Clan members fixed Nie Tian with taunting or questioning gazes as he went farther and farther.

None of them knew anything about Nie Tian. Many hadn’t even noticed his presence back when they had met at those three floating meteors.

They had paid all of their attention to the three chosen ones from the Beast-controlling Sect, the Trisword Sect, and the Divine Flame Sect.

Why would they pay any attention to an early Worldly realm young man with an unknown background?

They only started to attach importance to him after Yin Yanan indicated that he might have a chance at charging through that layer of energies and landing on that floating continent.

But even so, deep down, they still didn’t believe he would succeed.


Nie Tian finally flew into the layer of various foreign energies, his expression flickering strongly as he did.

He suddenly came to a stop in the void, and his face started to twist.

Countless flesh auras that belonged to different races swarmed madly towards him like sharks that had found prey.

In a split second, fine cuts appeared on Nie Tian’s exposed neck and lower arms.

Nie Tian trembled at the outermost layer of energies that wreathed the floating continent like an atmosphere, beads of sweat starting to appear on his forehead.

Flesh power of different sources started to attack his body from within. Numerous flesh auras of different colors fought fiercely, as if they had been vested with their own spirits.

Soon, more cuts appeared on Nie Tian’s body, and his meridians started to show signs of rupturing.

A bone-piercing pain rapidly spread across his entire body, making him scream miserably.

Bearing the heart-wrenching pain, he attempted to activate Life Drain to absorb the flesh power within the various auras that had lasted tens of thousands of years after the battle had ended.

However, his bloodline talent, which had brought him many happy surprises before, didn’t do so this time.

He activated Life Drain, but the violent, bloodthirsty flesh auras didn’t seem affected in the slightest.

These flesh auras were a mixture of flesh power that had belonged to many different races. Even after such a long time, they still carried the powerful outsiders and ancient spirit beasts’ unbending will.

This made them completely different from the flesh power he had absorbed before.

The residual flesh power within the seventh grade outsiders had been very pure and rich as well. However, it hadn’t been branded with such high fighting spirit.

In his senses, that flesh power had become spiritless after the deaths of their hosts.

However, the flesh power in this place were as if it had been given life and inherited their hosts’ unbending will to fight.

For this reason, not only were the various auras immune to Life Drain, but they even fought among themselves within Nie Tian.

Within seconds, Nie Tian found himself covered in wounds, and his meridians were damaged in many places, causing him burning pain.

Therefore, he hastily activated Heavenly Wood Heal in an attempt to heal himself. However, immediately afterwards, he noticed that his vortex of wood power started to spin at an alarming rate.

Waves of pure wood power rapidly converged on him from all directions and infiltrated his body.

This pure wood power seemed to come from the huge vines that held the continent together, which seemed to be somehow influenced by Nie Tian’s Heavenly Wood Heal.

However, he also realized that he was sustaining more injuries with every passing second.


After a moment of hesitation, he flew out of there as fast as he could.

Once he left the atmosphere of energies, the flesh auras that madly rushed about and damaged him from within rapidly settled down, their strong fighting will fading.

His eyes lit up as a soft exclaimation escaped his mouth.

The auras then attempted to fly out of his body. However, they found themselves bound by Nie Tian’s bloodline power and locked inside of him.

Aside from the flesh auras, wisps of wood power that contained rich life force were also trapped within him.

After a few seconds of pondering, he once again activated Heavenly Wood Heal, hoping to use these powers to finish another round of Meridian Toughening.

He knew that he would achieve better results if he tried to refine and toughen his meridians when they were damaged.

The result of Heavenly Wood Heal, however, depended on the cooperation of wood power and flesh power. First, the flesh power would break his meridians on purpose. Then, the flesh power and wood power would work together to repair the damage.

After the repair, the damaged parts would become even more resilient, and would be able to resist heavier blows.

Now, the rupturing of his meridians happened to be very helpful to the Meridian Toughening process. At the same time, the flesh auras that had lost their fighting will and the wood power that was trapped within him served as his source of power as he repaired and refined his meridians.

Without uttering a word, he flew back into the atmosphere of energies, and shortly afterward, flew out of it at an even faster speed.

Then, floating in place right outside the layer of violent energies, he activated Heavenly Wood Heal and started tempering his meridians.

Many youngsters from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan discussed his actions in low voices, mockery filling their faces.

“Such a disappointment. He escaped from there much quicker than Senior Martial Sister Yin.”

“He’s only at the early Worldly realm, and unlike Senior Martial Sister Yin, he doesn’t have a seventh grade Frost Blood Python to help him. It’s only natural that he can’t stay in there for too long.”

“That’s right. We placed too much hope in him.”

“He was lucky that he got out of there alive.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Guan Qi and Jian Gao rapidly withdrew their gazes from Nie Tian, and started discussing how they were to deal with outsiders if they were to show up here.

The fact that Nie Tian had flown back out after merely a few seconds made them lose their interest in him.

Even though they both had high cultivation bases, they didn’t practice any flesh power incantations. Therefore, they couldn’t possibly know what Nie Tian was doing, and what was happening within his body.

Even Yin Yanan could only vaguely sense the flesh auras within Nie Tian, and was not exactly sure of what was going on.

Therefore, without giving an explanation, she asked Qiao Yunxi to fly closer to Nie Tian.

Qiao Yunxi then steered the Flame Bird to Nie Tian’s side. Looking somewhat worried, she asked Nie Tian, “Are you okay?”

Upon seeing them, Nie Tian didn’t stand on ceremony, and flew onto the Flame Bird right away.

Sitting on the Flame Bird, he closed his eyes and continued to practice Heavenly Wood Heal.

The numerous cuts on his exposed neck and arms were closing as if being sewed up with invisible needles and thread. Within seconds, the cuts not only stopped bleeding, but also healed to a great extent.

Meanwhile, since the Flame Bird’s blazing wings blocked the Guan Clan and Jian Clan members’ sight, and they had stopped paying attention to Nie Tian, they didn’t see the shocking changes Nie Tian was going though.

However, Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi, who were also sitting on the Flame Bird, saw the changes with great clarity.

Even Qiao Yunxi, who didn’t know much about body refinement or flesh power incantations, covered her mouth with her hand to stop herself from exclaiming out loud.

Astonishment filled Yin Yanan’s eyes as she asked, “What incantation is this? Such terrifyingly fast healing speed... It’s almost equal to that of the Demons and Bonebrutes’ Indestructible Form!”

As unique and well-versed in ancient incantations as she was, she couldn’t heal herself at a rate that was visible to the naked eye, like Nie Tian had just done.

It was said that only high-tier Demons and Bonebrutes could activate their unique bloodline talents and heal themselves at such an unimaginable speed.

“H-he’s a successor of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace after all,” Qiao Yunxi said in a low voice, sounding like she was still in shock.

Yin Yanan went dumbstruck for a few seconds before muttering, “The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is really so incredibly powerful...?”

Afterwards, the girls fell silent while fixing Nie Tian with complicated gazes.

A hour passed...

Nie Tian was covered in dried blood, looking rather bedraggled.

However, Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi saw that all of his cuts had been completely healed.

All of a sudden, his eyes snapped open, and he nodded at them before flying off the Flame Bird once again.

“You still haven’t given up yet?!” Qiao Yunxi shouted loudly.

Eyebrows deeply furrowed, Yin Yanan didn’t try to stop him, as if she knew that Nie Tian’s life wouldn’t be in danger.


Nie Tian once again entered the atmosphere of mixed energies.

The Jian Clan and Guan Clan members noticed his action while talking to one another. They cast disdainful gazes towards him, as if they all thought he was being foolish.

Just as they had expected, Nie Tian flew back to the Flame Bird in about ten seconds, bedraggled and covered in deep cuts.

“A couple of seconds longer...” Yin Yanan said inwardly.

After recuperating for an hour, he charged into the atmosphere of mixed energies once again. This time, he spent twenty seconds in there before flying back to the Flame Bird, gritting his teeth in pain.

“He can stay in there longer with every attempt!” Yin Yanan marveled inwardly. “And the flesh power fluctuations he emanates are becoming stronger and stronger.” 

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