Chapter 751: A Broken Realm

Nie Tian, who was originally sitting on the Flame Bird, suddenly sprang to his feet and gazed off into the distance, shock spreading across his face.

The area they had come from was filled with floating meteors, which had blocked their sight.

Now, they had come to this opening, and there wasn’t a single thing between them and the enormous floating land.

In his eyes, the floating land was like a huge hemisphere, with its flat side facing up.

Countless thick, black vines that looked like huge chains wrapped around the entire floating land.

Upon a closer look, he saw that the hemispherical land had already cracked.

If it weren’t for those vines, it would have already fallen apart and become numerous floating meteors.

It was those vines that were holding the hemispherical land together.

The fact that he could see those vines from such a long distance away proved that every one of them was shockingly thick and long.

“That floating land used to be the core of a realm?!” Yin Yanan exclaimed.

Qiao Yunxi took a deep breath and said with a serious expression, “That’s right. According to the information within the divine flame seal, that realm must have been dozens of times larger than any realm in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries! The sea of floating meteors we crossed to get here all came from that vast realm.

“Something happened and caused the disintegration of this vast realm.”

“A war!” Nie Tian said in a low voice. “A war among different races!”

It had been the case with the mysterious dimension he had gone to through the spatial rifts in the Realm of Split Void.

As a result of a devastating interracial war, the upper continent had shattered and become pieces of floating land.

The Demons, Phantasms, Floragrims, and Bonebrutes that had lived on the upper continent had been defeated by the Ancientspirits, and had thus been forced to leave.

Due to the disintegration of their ancestral land, they had had to seek a new heaven and earth to live in.

The Domain of the Falling Stars was one of the places they had found.

The floating land before Nie Tian’s eyes must have gone through a similar war, though it was unknown who had been the winner, the Ancientspirits or some other race.

He only knew that the forbidden region they were now in probably used to be a thriving domain where many races had come to live, perhaps even more prosperous than the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

Yin Yanan let out a sigh. “Yeah, you’re right. It was probably an interracial war. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have found the dead Frost Python, Heaven Flame Beast, and Metal-devouring Bugs in those meteors. Who would have thought that such a vast, thriving realm would end up in such a sorry state?”

“We need to be even more careful from now on, because we may run into powerful experts from the Bliss Mountain Sect or other sects at any moment now.” Qiao Yunxi sounded very concerned. “Even outsiders may show up in this place.  I just hope that we won’t run into them before meeting up with our grand elder.”

Yin Yanan gave a cold snort. “I can’t wait to meet Xing Beichen again!”

She had become much more confident now that her Frost Blood Python had refined the corpse of that eighth grade Frost Python. She had complete confidence in killing Xing Beichen if he dared to show himself.

The Frost Blood Python had already become a tattoo that coiled around her waist. Even with his Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation, Xing Beichen wouldn’t be able to stop her from summoning it anymore.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian took a glance at her abdomen and asked, “When will your Frost Blood Python upgrade again?”

Yin Yanan was as curvaceous and powerful as a female leopard. Now that the Frost Blood Python had become a tattoo on her flat abdomen, she had become even more wildly attractive.

“Upgrade? It’s just a matter of time.” Yin Yanan said, looking very proud. “Even now, my Frost Blood Python’s battle prowess shouldn’t be any inferior to your puppet’s when it killed Elder Hong Xian and the other experts.”

It was quite clear that she didn’t fear the Bone Blood Demon anymore now that it wasn’t at its peak state.

With a chuckle, Nie Tian said, “You should know that, aside from my puppet, my air-transportation spiritual tool can also pose a serious threat to your Frost Blood Python.”

Yin Yanan snorted coldly and said, “I won’t start anything with you for now, considering that we fought Xing Beichen together and you gave me a soul crystal afterwards.”

Nie Tian smiled, but didn’t say a word.

The Flame Bird sped through the void and rapidly approached the hemispherical land as they talked.

“God! How large are those vines!?” Qiao Yunxi marveled, as if she were in a dream.

As they came closer and closer, the vines that wrapped around the vast floating land became clearer and clearer.

In Nie Tian’s eyes, they looked like endless mountain ranges.

Meanwhile, even after thousands of years, those vines were still as flexible as rubber and as hard as steel, and contained rich wood power.

While Nie Tian was overwhelmed by the scene, he suddenly felt the three fragmentary star marks on his chest becoming increasingly hot.

Eyes shining with the light of excitement, he was convinced that there must be something on the floating land that had a close connection to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He strongly suspected that it was a teleportation portal left there by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!

Yin Yanan suddenly pointed into the distance at a cluster of tiny spots and exclaimed, “Look! Over there! The people from the Guan Clan and the Jian Clan!”

Those distant spots turned out to be air-transportation spiritual tools. Yin Yanan examined them closely, and determined that they belonged to the Guan Clan and Jian Clan members who had parted with them earlier.

Therefore, the Flame Bird flew over at full speed.

Soon, they arrived at the place where the Guan Clan and Jian Clan members were gathered.

Shock filled Guan Qi’s face, as he said, “It’s you guys! Where’s Xing Beichen?”

“I don’t want to hear his name ever again,” Qiao Yunxi said with an icy face. “That bastard turned on us shortly after you left! He actually tried to kill us! But he failed and escaped.”

Guan Qi gasped. “That’s not possible! How could he dare to try to kill you two? Besides, didn’t Yin Yanan have her Frost Blood Python with her? What made him think he would be able to defeat it?”

Qiao Yunxi snorted coldly. “He used the Trisword Sect’s Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation to restrain our seas of awareness. Not only did it stop us from summoning our spiritual tools, but it also cut the soul connection between Senior Martial Sister Yin and her Frost Blood Python, which was refining the Frost Python corpse on a different meteor.”

Guan Qi’s expression flickered as he said, “Has the Trisword Sect passed the Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation to him already?! Those spiritual swords were among the Trisword Sect’s most important treasures. But since he’s only at the early Profound realm, even if he has mastered the Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation, he shouldn’t be able to display its true might yet.”

Yin Yanan chimed in, “We only escaped from his claws because his cultivation base doesn’t allow him to bring out the Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation’s true might yet.

Guan Qi shook his head in confusion. “Outsiders could show up at any moment, and the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect stole the ancient starship from the Golden Stone Sect. I can’t believe he would create enemies by making an attempt on your lives at such a time. Did he lose his mind?

“Besides, he would have to travel by himself after turning on you. That was very unwise.”

“Enough about him,” Qiao Yunxi said, looking irritated by the topic. “Did you discover anything after parting ways with us?”

Upon hearing these words, both Guan Qi and Jian Gao shook their heads with bitter smiles. The other Jian Clan and Guan Clan members also looked rather frustrated.

“Why didn’t you go to that floating land?” Yin Yanan asked with a puzzled expression.

Guan Qi’s expression grew even more bitter as he explained, “We knew Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect and Yue Yanxi from the Divine Flame Sect were there. Of course we didn’t dare to rush over with just the people we have. We’re here waiting for our elders to come, so that we’ll be able to match Jiang Feng’s strength, at least.”

After a short pause, Guan Qi added, looking somewhat embarrassed, “Besides, we did attempt to approach that floating land, but failed.”

“All sorts of disordered powers and mysterious auras seem to wreath the floating land, forming some profound restrictions,” Jian Gao chimed in. “From the look of it, we won’t be able to approach it without a Void domain expert to create a path for us. The two of us tried a few times, but failed, so we could only back away from it.”

“What?! None of you can approach it?” Yin Yanan exclaimed.

Both Guan Qi and Jian Gao were at the late Soul realm. Even they had failed to charge through those disordered energies. Did it mean the three of them would fail to do so as well?

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