Chapter 748: Fierce Battle

Face very grim, Nie Tian cast a spell. “Heavenly Wood Heal!”

In the next moment, tens of thousands of wisps of wood power and flesh power mixed up and stopped the gashes in his right arm from bleeding.

As the two types of essence that shared the same origin gathered to his Flame Star-bearing arm, the gashes healed at an unimaginable speed.

In a few seconds, Nie Tian stopped feeling agonizing pain, and the wounds in his right arm stabilized.


Yin Yanan’s protective ward suddenly exploded. Numerous sword lights that were as fine as hair pierced towards her chest.

The leather armor that wrapped her ample chest shone with silver light as an ancient flesh aura suddenly burst forth from within it, stopping Xing Beichen’s fierce sword lights from piercing into her flesh.

Even so, she let out another muffled groan as she stumbled backwards, as if her body that was as muscular and beautiful as a cougar’s had been hit by a rampaging war chariot.


Qiao Yuxni suddenly gave up on returning to her Flame Bird, and instead pounced towards Xing Beichen like a soaring phoenix.

As she formed a hand seal, raging flame power shot out of her spiritual sea and morphed into fireballs.

Each and every fireball had a talisman that resembled the divine flame seal inside of it. Those talismans seemed to be branded with the profound truths of fire, making the fireballs blaze like the sun.

“Nine Yang Pearls!”

The nine crimson fireballs spun like nine small suns.

Yin Yanan instantly realized that their only choice would be to kill or severely injure Xing Beichen. Otherwise, none of them would be able to escape from the Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation.

Wisps of mixed spiritual power and flesh power interwove in front of her, morphing into an illusory Frost Blood Python. “Illusory Beast Incantation!”

Even though the Frost Blood Python wasn’t in physical form, it looked very vivid and alive. Even the flesh power it thrummed with was very similar to that of the real Frost Blood Python.

The illusory Frost Blood Python let out a furious roar as it pounced on Xing Beichen, baring its fangs.

Seeing that Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi had reached a mutual understanding, Nie Tian also let out an explosive roar. Regardless of the stabbing pain in his mind, he madly summoned his various types of power with the exception of his soul power.

As torrential power gathered, rage rapidly filled his heart. He clenched his left hand into a fist and prepared to launch Titan’s Wrath.

With a composed expression, Xing Beichen assumed a tighter grip on his black spiritual sword. “It’s a pity that your cultivation bases aren’t high enough.”

He cast the black spiritual sword high into the sky, where it began to float. “Sword Condensing Incantation!”

The sword slowly rotated as thousands of tiny sword lights that were as translucent and sparkling as ice shards shot out in all directions.

Each and every sword light was like a tiny sword, which carried Xing Beichen’s soul awareness and incomparably fierce sword intent.

In Nie Tian’s senses, Xing Beichen seemed to have merged with his spiritual sword and become a huge sword that pierced into the heavens.

He seemed to turn into a god of swords, who could wield every spiritual sword in this universe. Countless tiny sword lights fell from the sky, turning the area around him into a sea of swords.

Qiao Yunxi’s Nine Yang Pearls were struck by the sword lights when they were still about ten meters from Xing Beichen.

The Nine Yang Pearls exploded one after another.

The flame power they carried wasn’t extinguished right away, but rather stayed together like fiery clouds.

However, more sword lights shot over, carrying Xing Beichen’s heaven-ripping sword intent. Like ferocious bugs, they gnawed on the fiery clouds, which grew smaller and smaller.

At the same time, a large number of sword lights formed a slender, semi-transparent sword.

That sword slashed down and split the illusory Frost Blood Python, which Yin Yanan had created with flesh power and spiritual power, in half.

Like a trapped beast, Yin Yanan roared, “It’s not that simple!”

The spirits of ancient beasts appeared in the depths of her bright yet wild eyes.

In the next moment, the split Frost Blood Python morphed into two different pythons.

One was translucent and white like ice, while the other was crimson like blood. They split up and threaded through the numerous sword lights in an attempt to drill into Xing Beichen’s flanks.

In the blink of an eye, the two pythons disappeared into Xing Beichen’s flanks.

One side of his ribs was instantly covered in translucent ice, while the other side thrummed with blood-colored light, as if a spiritual snake was gnawing on his flesh.

Xing Beichen gritted his teeth, as he was apparently in pain. He threw Yin Yanan an approving gaze and said, “I knew you’d be the biggest threat to me, but your efforts won’t change anything.”

As he uttered these words, his ten fingers suddenly turned translucent and sparkling like jade.

Then, he stabbed his fingers, which seemed to have turned into ten small swords, into his own flanks.


The ice that covered one side of his ribs shattered and scattered in the air.

The blood-colored light that slithered over his other side died out like snakes that had been stabbed to death.

Seeing how effortlessly he had neutralized their attacks, both Qiao Yunxi and Yin Yanan started to feel powerless, bitter expressions appearing on their faces.

Of course they had other attacking means, but all of their powerful spiritual tools and magical items were in their rings of holding.

Apparently, they wouldn’t be able to defeat Xing Beichen without access to them, and just by relying on their own power alone.

After all, not only could Xing Beichen use his spiritual tools at will, but he could also vest them with his soul awareness to boost their might.

At this moment, Nie Tian’s explosive roar caught the girls’ ears. “Let me try something out!”

Shock filling their eyes, they subconsciously turned to look at Nie Tian, though they didn’t have high hopes.

Like Xing Beichen had said, what made them fear Nie Tian was his formidable Bone Blood Demon and mysterious Star Boat.

Nie Tian himself was only at the early Worldly realm. Even though his body was extremely tough, he couldn’t possibly pose a serious threat to Xing Beichen.

After all, Xing Beichen was at the early Profound realm, which was a whole realm higher than Nie Tian’s.

However, Nie Tian surprised them all.

In a flash, Nie Tian vanished from their sight.

“Hmm?!” Xing Beichen’s expression flickered slightly as Nie Tian suddenly reappeared right in front of him with a short-range Starshift.

Nie Tian had summoned half of his inner powers within his clenched right hand, which he now slammed towards Xing Beichen’s chest with enough force to shatter the earth.

Like fierce flames, endless rage could be seen burning in the depths of Nie Tian’s eyes.

Xing Beichen even thought he heard an angry roar from some ancient god. Even his stone-solid mindset was swayed.

He hastily shaped his hand into a sword and met Nie Tian’s fist with it. Immediately afterwards, golden light burst forth from the contact point.


Xing Beichen felt as if he had hacked into a piece of steel, sparks flying in all directions.

Fine cuts appeared on Nie Tian’s fist, but its crushing momentum didn’t stop. Heavy as a mountain, his fist still managed to hammer on Xing Beichen’s chest.


Xing Beichen’s upper garment instantly exploded and became flying rags, revealing a golden piece of chest armor, which blossomed with dazzling light to protect his heart.

However, even though the chest armor was very advanced, it couldn’t neutralize the Titan’s Wrath completely.

The torrential rage it carried penetrated the armor and flooded into Xing Beichen’s chest.

Xing Beichen’s spiritual core suddenly expanded severalfold inside his spiritual sea.

Countless fine wisps of golden spiritual power shot out of it like golden lightning and wrapped around his internal organs, making them look like pieces of gold.

Then, the endless rage from the Titan’s Wrath slammed into his internal organs repeatedly like strong waves.

Xing Beichen let out a muffled groan and slowly stepped backward.

With every step he took, a metallic clashing sound came from his chest as golden light splashed out of him like a rain of liquid gold.

Soon, his entire body turned golden, as if he had become a person made of pure gold.


At this moment, seven starsparks formed a star formation and shot out of Nie Tian’s palm.

As bright as the Big Dipper in the sky, the seven starsparks emanated a profound, inextinguishable aura as they shot towards the spot between Xing Beichen’s eyebrows.

“That’s Starstrike, a secret magic from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!” Xing Beichen exclaimed as the black spiritual sword that hung high above his head answered his summons and sent hundreds of sword lights swarming down towards the star formation.

Like a swarm of flies, the sword lights rapidly engulfed the star formation. Sharp clashing sounds kept coming from the heart of the swarm of sword light, and the star formation’s light flickered dimmer and dimmer.


At this very moment, Yin Yanan suddenly appeared behind Xing Beichen’s back and launched a murderous attack without the slightest hesitation.


An illusory spirit beast with a snow-white tail charged right into Xing Beichen’s back.

Qiao Yunxi also seized the opportunity to cast her Nine Yang Pearls again, which exploded in midair, forming fiery clouds that descended on Xing Beichen.

At the same time, flame power, wood power, and star power poured into the Flame Star as Nie Tian charged towards Xing Beichen with it.

Xing Beichen snorted disdainfully and looked up.

As he did, countless lights fell out of the spiritual swords that formed the Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation.

However, the rain of light no longer infiltrated Nie Tian and the girls’ seas of awareness, but instead merged with the sword lights his black spiritual sword unleashed, as if to vest each of them with a spirit.

In the next moment, the thousands of sword lights all seemed to turn into Spirit Channeling grade flying swords. All sorts of evil intentions rapidly came to be born within them.

With soaring might, the sword lights started hovering around Xing Beichen like a shoal of fierce fish.

Neither Nie Tian nor the girls managed to penetrate the hovering sword lights. Not even a shred of their power could reach Xing Beichen.

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