Chapter 744: Metal-devouring Bug

“The Bliss Mountain Sect is so far over the line!” Jian Gao from the Jian Clan spat furiously as he watched the ancient golden starship leave.

The Qi warriors from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan seemed to know that they wouldn’t be able to stop the ancient starship that had belonged to the Golden Vast Sect.

Jian Gao let out a sigh of relief and said to Yin Yanan with his face filled with smiles, “I’m glad that you’re here. When will brother Hong Xian and Wei Yu arrive?”

Yin Yanan gave him a bitter smile. “They’re not coming. I only said those things to scare those from the Bliss Mountain Sect away.”

Guan Qi from the Guan Clan was a fat man with a benign face. Frowning and narrowing his small eyes, he said, “What?! That doesn’t make sense. Both you and Xing Beichen are here. They should be in the vicinity to protect you, right?”

While he spoke, Qiao Yunxi flew over with Nie Tian and Xing Beichen on her Flame Bird.

Yin Yanan fixed Nie Tian, who was sitting lazily on the Flame Bird, with a sideways look, gave a disdainful snort, and said, “I solved the problem with the Bliss Mountain Sect without your help, see?”

Nie Tian laughed. “Yeah, you’re the man.” 

The Jian Clan and the Guan Clan had lost more than a hundred Qi warriors during this battle against the Bliss Mountain Sect. Their corpses were scattered on the three floating meteors, along with several dozen Bliss Mountain Sect disciples.

At this moment, their disciples were disposing of the dead and treating the wounded, grim looks clouding their faces.

Eyebrows furrowed, Qiao Yunxi asked Jian Gao and Guan Qi, “Seniors, how did you come to fight those people from the Bliss Mountain Sect?” 

Jian Gao answered, “We came to this place first...” He went on and explained the situation to her.

According to him, the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan’s joint forces had entered this forbidden region after berthing their ancient starships at the edge of the region.

Even though they had come later than the other forces, they happened to have entered from a place that was close to this area.

They had discovered a divine flame seal soon after they had started exploring. Then, they had cracked the information it held, according to which, they had found more divine flame seals, and followed them to this place.

While they had rested on one of the floating meteors, the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect had come on the gold starship they had stolen from the Golden Stone Sect.

Since they had only recently seized the golden starship, they hadn’t been very skilled at controlling it, and thus crashed into one of the meteors.

The collision had created huge holes in that meteor, revealing numerous Heavenflame Stones, along with parts of the corpse of a Heaven Flame Beast.

It turned out that there had been a dead Heaven Flame Beast right under the Jian Clan and Guan Clan members’ feet, but some sealing spell must have completely sealed the aura and stopped them from detecting it.

After realizing that a Heaven Flame Beast was buried in one of the meteors, they had bombarded another meteor and found the corpse of an eighth grade Frost Python.

The discovery of the eighth grade spirit beasts had stirred the Bliss Mountain Sect’s greed. They had demanded them by relying on their superior strength. Of course, the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan hadn’t agreed to it, so a fierce battle had broken out between them.

“The Bliss Mountain Sect’s team is lead by Jiang Feng, but he left with their Holy Daughter, Mu Biqiong, shortly after the battle broke out,” Guan Qi said, gazing off into the distance. “It’s only because of Jiang Feng that they dared to demand both eighth grade spirit beast corpses from us.”

Qiao Yunxi’s expression flickered. “The middle Void domain Jiang Feng?!” 

“That’s right!” Jian Gao’s face grew very grim. “We didn’t expect to see him here at all. After all, this region has just opened up after being complete inaccessible for thousands of years.

“We came here out of pure curiosity, so we didn’t have our most powerful experts come with us.

“Those from the Bliss Mountain Sect only dared to be so domineering because they saw that we didn’t have any Void domain experts on our teams.”

Yin Yanan and Xing Beichen’s face slowly dropped after hearing these words.

Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect was at the middle Void domain, the same as Yue Yanxi from the Divine Flame Sect. He was one of the few powerful figures who could shake the entire Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

“Our grand elder has also come to this region. He and the others should be close.” With these words, Qiao Yunxi sighed. “Jiang Feng and that bitch Mu Biqiong probably found their trace and went after them.”

Guan Qi gasped. “Senior Yue is also here?!” 

Qiao Yunxi nodded.

“What kind of important discovery did your sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect find that made you send such heavy forces to this region?” Jian Gao asked, looking deeply surprised.

Xing Beichen and Yin Yanan also fixed Qiao Yunxi with curious gazes, suspecting that there must be some reason behind the Divine Flame Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect’s unusual arrangements.

Qiao Yunxi shook her head. “Well... I’ve no idea.” 

“Don’t forget about the outsiders.” Nie Tian’s voice suddenly echoed out.

Guan Qi’s expression further flickered. “Outsiders?!” 

“That’s right. We encountered outsiders and suffered great losses.” Yin Yanan snuck Nie Tian a glance. “Elder Hong Xian from my sect and Elder Wei Yu from the Trisword Sect died at the outsiders’ hands. We don’t know whether Senior Chu Xuanji is dead or alive...”

She didn’t tell the truth, that Nie Tian was the one who had killed Hong Xian and Wei Yu.

Jian Gao gasped. “God! What kinds of secrets are hiding in this strange region? I can’t believe that even the Demons and the Phantasms have also sent forces to this region.”

“Brother Jian, I think we need to send people back to our ancient starships and summon our Void domain seniors here!” Guan Qi said with an urgent tone.

Jian Gao nodded. “Yeah, I agree.”

The fact that not only Void domain experts like Yue Yanxi and Jiang Feng, but powerful outsiders had also come to this region meant there must be some heaven-shaking, earth-moving secrets in this forbidden region.

Their discovery of the two eighth grade spirit beast corpses strengthened their conviction.

Both Jian Gao and Guan Qi realized that, with just the people they had, they might not even be able to survive, not to mention gaining a share of the fortune that might be hidden here.

The two of them then reached a mutual understanding, and both sent a few Profound realm members back to call for reinforcements.

Yin Yanan shot a glance at the meteor where the eighth grade Frost Python was buried, and said somewhat embarrassedly, “Seniors, I... I scared those from the Bliss Mountain Sect off. Otherwise, I believe you’d have suffered greater losses. That eighth grade Frost Python’s corpse is going to be very helpful to me, so will you please give it to me?”

She finally expressed her desire for the eighth grade Frost Python’s corpse.

Jian Gao and Guan Qi exchanged a glance, reluctance appearing on their faces.

Nie Tian, however, knew that the ownership of the Frost Python and the Heaven Flame Beast wouldn’t have anything to do with him, and thus jumped to the third meteor.

The three meteors floated rather closely together, and the gravity in this region was almost negligible, so he was able to jump over to the nearby meteor without using the Star Boat.

Quite a number of wide holes could be seen on the meteor’s surface. Apparently, this meteor had also been explored.

It was just that there was nothing special in those holes.

Some Qi warriors from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan were still scattered on the meteor and examining those holes. A tall, plump woman, who resembled Guan Qi, came over to him. With furrowed eyebrows, she said, “Don’t waste your time on this meteor. We did a thorough search and found nothing.”

Nie Tian gave a polite laugh and said, “I just want to take a look around.” 

The tall plump woman asked. “Who are you by the way?” 

“I came with Qiao Yunxi,” Nie Tian answered. “I guess that makes me the Divine Flame Sect’s guest.” 

A skeptical expression appeared on the woman’s face. “The Divine Flame Sect’s guest?”  

At this moment, Xing Beichen descended on his Broken Sword and said, smiling, “He is a respected guest of the Divine Flame Sect, Big Sister Guan. Long time no see. I see that you’ve entered the late Worldly realm. Congratulations.”

The woman gave a cold harrumph. “Are you mocking me? I’m older than you. You’ve already entered the Profound realm, but I’m still struggling at the Worldly realm. What’s there to congratulate me for?”

“Uhh... I just wanted to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.” Xing Beichen said embarrassedly.

He and Guan He seemed to know each other rather well. He went on and talked to her, but kept sneaking glances at Nie Tian.

Even though he couldn’t see through Nie Tian, he had a feeling that every move Nie Tian made had reasons behind it.

Both Qiao Yunxi and Yin Yanan had a spirit beast corpse they wanted. He knew that he wouldn’t get a share from the Jian Clan or the Guan Clan. Therefore, he followed Nie Tian to the third meteor, wondering whether something special was buried in this meteor too.

“From the bottom of your heart?” Guan He seemed to hold a certain grudge towards him as she spoke. “Back in the day, my clan wanted to strengthen our relationship with your sect through a marriage. However, you refused the proposal because I’m older than you and I’m not pretty. I know what kind of heart you have.”

“I, I just don’t like arranged marriages. I didn’t refuse the proposal because of you.” Xing Beichen bowed repeatedly as he apologized, a bitter smile filling his face.

“Save it!” Guan He spat angrily. “If you thought I was ugly, you should have just said it! Hypocrites like you are the worst!” 

A strange expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face as the two of them bickered.

Instead of listening to them bicker about their past, Nie Tian went to the edge of a huge hole, where he unleashed his unique life aura to examine what was underneath. His eyes suddenly lit up.


He jumped directly into the huge hole, which seemed to have been created by the Guan Clan and the Jian Clan.

He summoned the Flame Star and gathered spiritual power. Dazzling light then shot out of the Flame Star’s tip as he started cutting the rocks at the bottom of the hole with it.

Guan He shot a glance in Nie Tian’s direction, a disdainful look filling her face. “What a waste of time!”  

Nie Tian ignored her completely and continued to shatter rocks with his Flame Star as he sank deeper and deeper towards the heart of the meteor.

After some time, with a loud clunk, the Flame Star pierced into a surprisingly hard rock.

In the next moment, golden light burst forth from the rock as it shattered.

Then, a golden thing that looked like a silkworm chrysalis revealed itself.

It was covered in needle-like hair and emanating golden light.

Nie Tian realized that it was this thing that made him feel as if he had hit a piece of metal with the Flame Star.

However, since he was deep under the surface and had blocked most of the golden light, no one on the surface seemed to notice anything.

However, Xing Beichen’s eyebrows flickered slightly as he found an excuse and ended his conversation with Guan He, then he went down the deep hole where Nie Tian was.

As soon as he reached the bottom, he saw the thing that was shining with golden light. He then lowered his voice and said rather excitedly, “That’s a Metal-devouring Bug! Like Bone-devouring Leeches, they’re also from the Desolate Antiquity Era!”

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