Chapter 742: The Corpses of Two Eighth Grade Spirit Beasts

Since they were still quite some distance from the battlefield, the battling Qi warriors were only the size of mosquitoes in Nie Tian’s eyes.

However, the three floating meteors and the golden ancient starship were very eye-catching.

One streak of spiritual aura after another flashed across the void. Numerous spiritual tools unleashed dazzling lights that interwove in the air and lit up the entire area.

Profound energy fluctuations spread out in all directions, turning smaller meteors in the vicinity into flying dust.

The Flame Bird and the Broken Sword instantly came to a stop. The four of them all had serious looks on their faces, and didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

“Do we go over there?” Qiao Yunxi asked in a low voice.


Yin Yanan’s Frost Blood Python, which had shrunk many times in size, suddenly wiggled violently as it ballooned up to its original size.

Yin Yanan’s expression flickered as she was forced to jump off the Flame Bird with the Frost Blood Python due to its abnormal behavior.

She quickly mounted it and unleashed her soul awareness to communicate with it. “What the hell are you doing?”

Seconds later, her well-built body shuddered as she exclaimed, “There’s a dead eighth grade Frost Python on one of the meteors!”

Qiao Yunxi exclaimed, “What!?” 

Nie Tian’s expression also flickered.

He had long since learned that as spirit beasts grew stronger, their grades could also rise.

For example, Frost Pythons were born to be second grade spirit beasts.

However, as time passed, they could continue to grow stronger and upgrade their bloodline.

After hundreds or thousands of years, a second grade Frost Python could grow into a eighth or even ninth grade spirit beast.

Frost Pythons weren’t powerful spirit beasts at birth. But even though it would be very difficult for them to reach the eighth grade, it wasn’t impossible.

As for a powerful species like the Blood Stripe Python, they were born as seventh grade spirit beasts, which was very rare among all spirit beast species.

The Frost Blood Python was a hybrid of the Frost Python and the Blood Stripe Python. Yin Yanan’s Frost Blood Python was born with seventh grade bloodline power, as well as the unique features of both the Frost Pythons and the Blood Stripe Pythons.

It was thanks to the Frost Python blood that ran in its veins that it managed to sense the aura of an eighth grade Frost Python from a significant distance away.

Even if it had died, its corpse would be of great help to the Frost Blood Python. After all, it had been tested by the years and somehow managed to advance from the second grade to the eighth grade.

Xing Beichen’s expression flickered as he said, “Are the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect, the Jian Clan, and the Guan Clan fighting over the corpse of that eighth grade Frost Python? An eighth grade Frost Python is as strong as a human Void domain expert. Its skin, bones, meridians, and blood are all treasures. They can be used to forge extraordinary spiritual tools. No wonder people are fighting over them.”

Yin Yanan seemed to have an itch in her heart as she suggested, “How about we go over and take a look? Those people from the Bliss Mountain Sect, the Jian Clan, and the Guan Clan are currently caught up in a fierce battle. Perhaps they won’t notice us. What do you say?”

Her heart had clearly been stirred after she learned that the corpse of an eighth grade Frost Python was buried in one of the meteors.

Considering its age, her Frost Blood Python was only a baby.

If she could gain that eighth grade Frost Python’s corpse, its flesh and blood, which shared the same origin as her Frost Blood Python, would most likely help it advance to the eighth grade within a short time.

If that happened, her Frost Blood Python would possess battle prowess equal to that of a human Void domain expert. Then, she would outshine all of the other young chosen ones in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

Even her cultivation base might benefit from it, and advance to the Profound realm within a short time.

Once she entered the Profound realm, even without the Frost Blood Python, and just by relying on her own strength, she would take Xing Beichen’s place and become the most powerful chosen one among the eight major powers in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

Qiao Yunxi threw her a hard look and said, “You need to calm down first! We don’t have a full understanding of the situation over there yet. If the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect are at a dominating advantage, we’ll be courting death if we rush over there.

“They only haven’t discovered us because they’re deep in battle and can’t scan their surroundings with their soul awareness. We’re safe for now, but if you rush over senselessly, you’ll expose all of us and get us killed!”

Xing Beichen hastily chimed in, “She’s right. You need to calm down first.” 

As they talked, Nie Tian pondered briefly before quietly unleashing his nine Heaven Eyes.

As soon as his Heaven Eyes came to form, the other three, who had entered the Worldly realm or Profound realm and had their own true souls, noticed it.

Qiao Yunxi was taken aback. “What are those?” 

“I have a unique soul perception method. Let me take a look first.” With these words, Nie Tian narrowed his eyes and started manipulating his nine Heaven Eyes to fly towards the battlefield.

As he had expected, every Qi warrior on the golden ancient starship and the three meteors was consumed with their opponents, and didn’t notice his Heaven Eyes.

After all, there were far too many spiritual souls and soul awarenesses in that area, along with all sorts of profound soul magics.

For these reasons, his Heaven Eyes, which carried power from his star souls, didn’t catch anyone’s attention.

His nine Heaven Eyes floated closer and closer to the meteors before stopping in a place that was about a hundred meters from them. Then, with the help of his Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian observed the battlefield with an aerial view.

Signs of a collision could be seen at the front of the ancient starship.

It seemed to have crashed into a crimson meteor, which was now floating nearby.

Numerous wide holes could be seen on the crimson meteor, each of which was filled with Heavenflame Stones.

Under the semi-transparent Heavenflame Stones, parts of an enormous creature could be vaguely seen.

With the help of his Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian examined the meteor closely from different directions. After a long time, Nie Tian shuddered and exclaimed, “This is definitely not a Frost Python!

“It’s a Heaven Flame Beast! What’s lying under the Heavenflame Stones is probably an eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast!”

“What?! A Heavenly Flame Beast?!” Qiao Yunxi lost her composure as well. “Are you sure you’re not mistaken?  That python sensed the aura of an eighth grade Frost Python. Frost Pythons and Heaven Flame Beasts are spirit beasts of completely different attributes. You must be mistaken!”

“I am not!” Nie Tian said with indisputable certainty. “There’s definitely an eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast buried in the crimson meteor that the golden ancient starship crashed into!” 

Qiao Yunxi then turned to look at Yin Yanan.

Yin Yanan was also rather confused, so she once again communicated with the Frost Blood Python. Moments later, her eyes lit up as she exclaimed, “Can you examine the other meteors too?”

Nie Tian then sent his Heaven Eyes to conduct a thorough examination of the second meteor.

This one was dark gray, and many holes had been created on its surface during the fierce battle among the Qi warriors from the three parties.

Silver-white things could be seen in those holes.

Those silver-white items seemed to be some kind of icy crystal, since they kept releasing a frigid aura that even gave his soul awareness chills.

“Silver-white crystalline items are buried in another meteor,” Nie Tian said. “Even my soul awareness sensed a bone-piercing coldness from them!”

Yin Yanan couldn’t help but exclaim, “That’s the one! The remains of an eighth grade Frost Python must be under those icy crystals! It must be the eighth grade Frost Python’s frosty aura that leaked into its surroundings and formed those icy crystals!”

Xing Beichen gasped, “An eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast is buried in one meteor, and an eighth grade Frost Python is buried in another. What about the third meteor?”

Qiao Yunxi seemed unprecedentedly excited as she muttered, “If I can get that eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast’s corpse, it’ll definitely accelerate the advancement of my cultivation!” 

Nie Tian then examined the third meteor with his Heaven Eyes. The third meteor seemed completely ordinary. It was a gray meteor that seemed no different from the others.

Nothing but a deep gray rocky bottom could be seen in the holes on its surface.

“The third one seems to be an ordinary meteor. I can’t see anything special about it.” With these words, Nie Tian refocused his attention on the battle among the Bliss Mountain Sect, the Jian Clan, and the Guan Clan. To his surprise, he saw Yao Zhilan and Tian Ziping among them, who he had encountered once in the space disruption zone.

The two of them were Soul realm experts from the Bliss Mountain Sect. Together with another Soul realm expert, they were fighting Soul realm experts from the Guan Clan and the Jian Clan.

However, Mu Biqiong, who Qiao Yunxi hated to the bone (idiom: hate bitterly), was nowhere to be seen.

Furthermore, Nie Tian noticed that Profound realm and Worldly realm Qi warriors were the main forces of the battle. There were only a handful of Soul realm experts, and not a single Void domain expert could be seen.

It was unknown whether they hadn’t sent any Void domain experts to this place, or they were just currently in another location.

After observing for a while, Nie Tian withdrew his Heaven Eyes and explained the situation to the other three in detail, “The Bliss Mountain Sect is at a bit of an advantage. There don’t seem to be any Void domain experts. The Bliss Mountain Sect’s Holy Daughter, Mu Biqiong, is nowhere to be seen. And they haven’t started to unearth the Heaven Flame Beast or the Frost Python’s corpses yet.”

Qiao Yunxi fixed Nie Tian with a begging gaze. “Can I ask you for a favor, Nie Tian?” 

Nie Tian frowned. “What?” 

Qiao Yunxi seemed somewhat ill at ease as she said, “Help me take that Heaven Flame Beast’s corpse. Heaven Flame Beasts are powerful fire-attributed beasts. They’re very useful to me.”

Yin Yanan didn’t say anything, but she also fixed Nie Tian with a deep burning gaze.

Clearly, she wanted to get that eighth grade Frost Python corpse, so that both the Frost Blood Python’s and her battle prowess would rise to a whole new level.

Having witnessed the might of Nie Tian’s Life Blend, and how he had managed to slaughter Hong Xian and the other experts after merging with the Bone Blood Demon, she was convinced that, as long as Nie Tian agree to help her, then adding in the Frost Blood Python’s assistance, it was very likely that they would be able to take the eighth grade Frost Python’s corpse from the three parties.

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