Chapter 731: Lost

Yin Yanan shuddered as the connection between her soul awareness and the Frost Blood Python’s was suddenly cut off.

The Frost Blood Python’s soul awareness then flew out of Nie Tian’s mind. Afterwards, the Frost Blood Python, which had shrunk to the size of a regular snake, fixed her and Nie Tian with a puzzled gaze.

Yin Yanan bit on her lower lip as her cheeks flushed, and she started to breathe rapidly.

The same went for Qiao Yunxi.

The Frost Blood Python wasn’t aware of what was happening in Nie Tian’s mind at this moment.


Wisps of Nie Tian’s soul awareness quickly wrapped themselves around Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi’s like entangling ropes.

The two girls could see every single picture that entered Nie Tian’s mind.

In each and every one of these indescribable pictures, they could see themselves tangling up with Nie Tian in a variety of positions.

Since the three of them had their soul awareness completely tangled up, Nie Tian’s seething desire gradually spread to the girls.

Even though they weren’t actually touching each other’s bodies, the girls could feel Nie Tian’s awareness turning into countless hands that stroked their skin and violated them at will.

This sensation was even more stimulating than actual physical contact.

Soon, the girls lost themselves as well. They panted and sweated like they were drunk. They felt so ethereal that they didn’t even realize where they were and what they were doing.

They didn’t know that, since their soul awareness hadn’t withdrawn from Nie Tian’s mind when the Phantasm soul had plunged Nie Tian into an abyss of lust, they had fallen as well.

Now, as the three of them were all lost in the desire for intimacy, they gradually moved closer together.

On the Flame Bird, the shrunken Frost Blood Python watched Qiao Yunxi gradually embracing Nie Tian from the front, and Yin Yanan hugging him from behind.

Their eyes were all closed as Nie Tian reached one hand into Qiao Yunxi’s garments and started fumbling with her bosom.

At the same time, he put his other arm around Yin Yanan and started stroking her back.

Even though the two of them were very red in the face, they seemed to enjoy this very much, as they were almost pressing their bodies into Nie Tian’s.

They held Nie Tian as tightly as they could while putting their flaming lips on Nie Tian’s chest and biting the back of his neck.

Their body temperature soared as their hearts pounded harder and harder. They even took off their clothes that were in their way as they were eager to become a whole.

At this moment, as the prismatic crystal between Nie Tian’s eyebrows flickered with misty cyan light, and a blurry figure quietly appeared and laughed cunningly at them.

The Frost Blood Python seemed to notice something as the illusory figure appeared, and let out a sharp screech.

The sharp screech went right into Yin Yanan’s sea of awareness and pierced through her bewildered mind like a frosty sword.

“Eh..." Yin Yanan let out a weak exclamation that sounded like sleep-talking as she snapped back to her senses under the stabbing pain.

Her soul awareness instantly struggled away from Nie Tian’s and returned to her sea of awareness.

In the next moment, she opened her eyes.

As soon as she did, she realized that she was embracing Nie Tian from behind, and there were a number of her teeth marks on the back of Nie Tian’s neck.

Her leather chest armor was nowhere to be found, and her full breasts were now squashing into Nie Tian’s back.

One of Nie Tian’s hands was now fumbling between her legs, sending cold chills all over her and making her feel powerless.

She went blank for a split second before letting out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering scream. Her flesh power exploded as she pushed Nie Tian away.


Nie Tian and Qiao Yunxi, who were still closely entangled, flew off of the Flame Bird upon her vigorous push.

The explosive force Nie Tian and Qiao Yunxi felt on their backs pulled them back to reality.

They snapped out of their overwhelming desire for physical love and opened their eyes.

Immediately afterwards, Qiao Yunxi let out an ear-piercing scream as she broke away from Nie Tian in a hasty, clumsy manner. Then, she commanded the Flame Bird to fly over to pick her up.

Her sharp scream completely awakened Nie Tian to what was happening.

With a guilty conscience, he snuck a glance at Qiao Yunxi and Yin Yanan, who were now shrinking on a corner of the Flame Bird’s back and scrambling to put their clothes back on.

Their eyes were filled with shock and rage, as if they wanted to eat Nie Tian alive.

The Flame Bird ran out of power and stopped close to a floating meteor.

The pursuing fierce souls weren’t as fast as the Flame Bird, and thus hadn’t caught up to them yet.


Nie Tian made an attempt to approach the Flame Bird, and discovered that, since the gravity was very weak, he could travel through the void even though he hadn’t entered the Profound realm.

“Don’t come any closer!!”

Seeing him approach, Qiao Yunxi and Yin Yanan once again let out ear-piercing screams.

Nie Tian froze briefly before changing directions and landing on the floating meteor with a bitter smile on his face.

Qiao Yunxi and Yin Yanan exchanged a glance and saw the fury in each other’s eyes.

Yin Yanan was just about to say something when she flushed even more, and a strange expression appeared on her face.

She felt a large amount of sticky fluid sticking to her inner thighs and the inside of her fur skirt, making her feel very uncomfortable.

After a brief pondering, she felt both shamed and angered. She summoned a large painting of mountains and rivers from within her ring of holding, with which she blocked Nie Tian’s sight. Then, she quickly took out a new fur skirt and changed into it with her back facing Qiao Yunxi.

Qiao Yunxi took a glance at her perfectly-shaped bottom, and an embarrassed expression appeared on her face.

She then looked down and saw her own milky breasts covered in scratches, which was apparently Nie Tian’s doing.

Besides that, she also felt rather uncomfortable in her private parts, and thus hastily changed into another flaming dress.

Yin Yanan turned around and saw her putting her dress on in a panicking manner. Even her ears went red with fury as she said, gritting her teeth, “The bastard took advantage of us! He did things to both our souls and bodies!”

Qiao Yunxi’s eyes also brimmed with burning rage as she said viciously, “He has to die!”

“That’s what I’m thinking!” Yin Yanan agreed.


The painting flew back into her ring of holding as her well-built body suddenly dashed out of the Flame Bird towards Nie Tian.

Upon seeing this, Qiao Yunxi also shot towards Nie Tian like a ball of flames.

Watching the girls coming at him in a flaming rage, Nie Tian hastily said, “What are you doing!? It wasn’t my intention to do that! I was influenced by the Phantasm soul just as you were! You know perfectly well what happened. I’m a victim too! 

“Plus, I have a fiancee! You ruined my chastity, and now you’re trying to kill me for what happened!?”

He might as well have not spoken at all. After hearing his words, Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi became even more furious.

They didn’t even care about the pursuing souls anymore. All they wanted was to tear Nie Tian’s mouth to pieces and kill him right away to vent their rage.

With a guilty conscience, Nie Tian shouted as he dashed from place to place to avoid them, “Hey! Think about the consequences!”

To their surprise, Yin Yanan and Qiao Yunxi couldn’t catch him without the help of the Flame Bird.


As Nie Tian launched short-range Starshifts to avoid them, they chased him farther and farther on the floating meteor.

However, the girls didn’t seem to be willing to give up yet. One was like a ball of flames, while the other was like a mad spirit beast. They cursed while chasing closely after Nie Tian.

“You need to calm down! Those fierce souls will be here soon. If this continues, nothing good can come out of it!” Nie Tian tried to persuade them to stop.

“I don’t care!” Qiao Yunxi shouted furiously.

“I’m a victim too!” Nie Tian called out again. “If we fight among ourselves, the Phantasm soul will be the only one who benefits from it!” 

“This matter will hang over my head my entire life if I don’t kill you now!” Yin Yanan shouted. “You have to die, asshole!”

“If you’re bent on doing this, then don’t blame me for leaving you behind!” Nie Tian felt a headache over the situation as he saw his star power run low from launching short-range Starshifts repeatedly.

Seeing that the two of them wouldn’t listen to him, he finally summoned the Star Boat from within his ring of holding.

As soon as the Star Boat flew out, he jumped in and steered it away from the meteor into the distance.

Qiao Yunxi gasped with astonishment as she watched Nie Tian disappear from her sight in the blink of an eye. “Why is his air-transportation spiritual tool so fast?!”

“Let’s get back to the Flame Bird! We can’t let that asshole get away!” Yin Yanan shouted.

Qiao Yunxi nodded vigorously. “Sure!” 

Moments later, they returned to the Flame Bird to refill it with fire-attributed spiritual materials. That was when they saw the six fierce souls in the distance.

Qiao Yunxi’s expression flickered. “Dammit! They’re here!” 

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