Chapter 727: Primal Chaos

Riding her Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan passed the cowering disciples of the three parties as she slowly approached Nie Tian.

The Frost Blood Python’s silver-white eyes, which had a few blood strings inside, were filled with fear.

Everyone could see how reluctant it was to approach Nie Tian, yet it had to, since Yin Yanan gave the order.

The Frost Blood Python’s enormous body tensed noticeably as it moved towards Nie Tian. The closer it got to Nie Tian, the slower it became, as if it were ready to flee at any moment.

An intelligent hybrid spirit beast like the Frost Blood Python had an exceptionally shrewd perception of danger.

Since it had realized that Nie Tian possessed the strength to kill it, it only hoped to stay as far away from him as possible, fearing that he would settle accounts with it.

“Yanan!” Hong Xian shouted.

“It’s okay!” Yin Yanan shouted back. 

Moments later, Yin Yanan passed everyone and stopped in front of Nie Tian. “You need to stop, Nie Tian,” she said. “It agrees with the Phantasm soul’s interest if we keep fighting each other. It’s clouding your judgment and keeping you angry. It wants you to consume your spiritual power and soul power. Can’t you see that?

“Even if you can kill us all with the help of your puppet, so what?

“By the time you run out of spiritual power and soul power, it’ll swoop in and possess you.”

She explained with great patience, hoping that Nie Tian would calm down and end this madness.

Chu Xuanji and Hong Xian had long since lost their previous confidence and remained silent.

After all, Nie Tian had become so overwhelmingly formidable after merging with the Bone Blood Demon.

Wei Yu had already gone unconscious. After fending off a Titan’s Wrath together, the two of them had also consumed a large amount of spiritual power. Under such circumstances, if Nie Tian were to fight them to the end, perhaps not a single person from the three parties would survive.

In fact, they had both become afraid and wanted to find an excuse to end this conflict. The fact that Yin Yanan had stepped up agreed with their needs perfectly. Therefore, they chose to remain silent and let her handle the situation.

Standing on her Flame Bird, Qiao Yunxi from the Divine Flame Sect shouted from a place far behind Nie Tian, “Listen to her, Nie Tian! Let’s end this madness!”

She also didn’t want the conflict to escalate.

Nie Tian was an important guest Yue Yanxi had invited to this place. If he slaughtered all of these people from the Trisword Sect, the Beast-controlling Sect, and the Chu Clan, the three parties would definitely not let this go easily.

All of them had Void domain patriarchs. If they were to pressure the Divine Flame Sect together, even Yue Yanxi wouldn’t be able to save Nie Tian.

Perhaps they would even find fault with the Divine Flame Sect.

Nie Tian’s face was very cold as he said, “Now you want a truce? This isn’t what you said earlier. Back when we were on that meteor, I didn’t want more people to die, so I took the initiative to leave, but you decide to chase after me. If I didn’t have any reserved means, I would have died at your hands already.

“Now you want a truce. It’s too late!”

After a short pause, he added, “I didn’t expect there to be a truce when I told you about Qi Jiuchuan and Han Chigui.

“Every single one of you will die here today!”

Yin Yanan’s expression flickered. “You intend to kill me as well!?”

“That’s right,” Nie Tian answered, his eyes filled with a strong thirst for blood. At this moment, the desire to kill had already taken up his mind, and he no longer had any scruples.

The Bone Blood Demon had consumed more than half of its strength after throwing two Titan’s Wraths.

After all, the Bone Blood Demon was only a puppet, and could only recover its strength if Nie Tian could find more powerful outsiders’ blood for it.

However, Hong Xian, Chu Xuanji, and the other experts could recuperate with spiritual materials.

Even Wei Yu, who had sustained severe injuries, would be able to recover his peak state, given time and spiritual materials.

If they were given the opportunity to recover fully, then Nie Tian would be in huge trouble.

Letting them live would plant future trouble, so Nie Tian was determined to eliminate them all this time.

Power of different attributes madly poured into the Bone Blood Demon’s clenched bony hand as rage that could shatter heaven and earth rapidly built up in it.

“He’s serious! Run, Yanan!” Hong Xian shouted anxiously.

Seeing that neither Yin Yanan nor Qiao Yunxi could persuade Nie Tian, Chu Xuanji finally had no illusions about solving this matter peacefully, and shouted, “Anyone at the Profound realm or lower, run now! The others stay with me and kill this bastard!”


One air-transportation spiritual tool after another flew away, carrying Profound realm, Worldly realm, and Greater Heaven stage cultivators.

The Soul realm experts from the three parties spread out to form a circle around the Bone Blood Demon and Nie Tian, each summoning their most powerful spiritual tools as they did.

Hong Xian opened a green, jade-like bottle gourd. Purple liquid poured from the mouth of the gourd and quickly morphed into thick, purple smoke.

The shades of numerous spirit beasts appeared in the smoke before they became solid and pounced ferociously on the Bone Blood Demon.

Chu Xuanji unleashed his banners. Images of mountains, lakes, spirit beasts, and plants rapidly reappeared on the banners as he did.

“Every Phenomenon Seal!” Chu Xuanji roared.

A mysterious sealing magic was activated around him, as if he was instantly enveloped by thousands of chains.

“The first move of Heaven Sever!” a middle Soul realm expert from the Trisword Sect thundered, swinging his rusty, long sword in the Bone Blood Demon’s direction.

A sword light that was about a hundred meters long slashed towards the Bone Blood Demon’s waist with enough force to sever the heavens in two.

“Heaven Snake Strangle!” With these words, a Soul realm expert from the Beast-controlling Sect formed a huge, black snake in front of him with his blood, spiritual power, and soul power. The snake whipped its long tail towards the Bone Blood Demon’s neck.

Each and every Soul realm expert from the three parties unleashed their most powerful magics, hoping to annihilate Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon in one go.

Panicked expressions appeared on Qiao Yunxi and Yin Yanan’s faces as they saw the Soul realm experts launching their killing moves.

They hastily flew away from the Bone Blood Demon, riding the Frost Blood Python and the Flame Bird.

Anxiety filled their eyes, as they were very reluctant to see things develop to this point. However, there was nothing they could do to stop this madness. They could only watch the two sides fight to the death.

Facing the powerful magics that came with an overwhelming momentum, Nie Tian hastily canceled the Titan’s Wrath, and instead activated the chaotic magnetic field.

The chaotic magnetic field could twist and neutralize all sorts of attacking power, so it could be viewed as an effective means of defense.

Limited by his cultivation base, the chaotic magnetic field could only cover a ten-meter radius around him.

However, as he summoned all sorts of power from him and the Bone Blood Demon this time, the chaotic magnetic field instantly spread to cover a hundred-meter radius around him.

Not just that, but a blurry image somehow appeared before his eyes as that happened.

It was an image of a titan that propped up heaven and earth throwing his head back and letting out an enraged roar.

Countless floating lands and stars seemed to be moving in the void with him as their center.

It was as if he was able to bend the starry river around him and change the course of the stars by relying on his magnetic field.

The true profundity of the chaotic magnetic field was instantly reflected in the depths of his soul. That was when he realized that this magic was actually called “Primal Chaos”.


Wisps of flesh aura flew out of the Bone Blood Demon and started to wreath him, along with sparks of starlight that were a condensation of Nie Tian’s star power.

Wood power and flame power gathered and formed small void realms that floated around the Bone Blood Demon.

Meanwhile, his soul power seemed to vest all of them with consciousness and life.

The chaotic power rapidly filled a hundred-meter radius around him, then expanded to cover a thousand-meter radius.

The Every Phenomenon Seal Chu Xuanji had formed with his banners instantly lost its effect.

The spirit beasts formed from the purple smoke were torn apart and reduced to smoke again as soon as they charged into the Primal Chaos, bearing their teeth and claws.


The blade light sent forth by the rusty sword was the only thing that made it to the Bone Blood Demon.

However, the blade light that was a hundred meters long was greatly weakened, and lost its fierceness.

The Bone Blood Demon caught it with two fingers and snapped it effortlessly.


Then, the Bone Blood Demon dashed forward, swinging its enormous bony hands as it either crushed or pierced the Soul realm experts that entered the Primal Chaos.

Hong Xian from the Beast-controlling Sect had his chest pierced through by the Bone Blood Demon’s sharp fingers and died instantly.

It was as if these Soul realm experts were as fragile as tofu in the Primal Chaos.

Chu Xuanji from the Chu Clan was the only one that survived this bloodbath because he had manipulated his banners from outside of the Primal Chaos.

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