Chapter 726: Blending Might

Upon seeing Wei Yu being knocked hundreds of meters away by the Bone Blood Demon, the Qi warriors from the Trisword Sect exclaimed, “Elder Wei!!”

Hong Xian and Chu Xuanji were flabbergasted by the scene.

Wei Yu was at the same realm as them, but he failed to even withstand a single strike from the Bone Blood Demon.

Why did it suddenly become so powerful?!

They also noticed that the Bone Blood Demond’s devastating strike had destroyed Wei Yu’s Spirit Channeling grade sword completely.

Even the sword’s soul was eliminated.


With great effort, Wei Yu managed to stop himself from flying backwards, his face and garments covered in blood.

The experts from the Trisword Sect rapidly flew to his side and pulled him onto one of their air-transportation spiritual tools.

As soon as Wei Yu assume a foothold on the air-transportation spiritual tool, he glared unblinkingly at Nie Tian and shouted furiously, “Nie Tian!!!”


His flaming fury disrupted his inner auras and stirred his sea of awareness, causing him to faint.

Standing on the Flame Bird, Qiao Yunxi gazed blankly at Nie Tian and stammered, “Nie... Nie Tian?!”

A moment ago, she had been burning with anxiety and blaming Nie Tian for not putting his Bone Blood Demon away and escaping with her on her Flame Bird.

She had been convinced that Nie Tian was making a terrible mistake by flying to the Bone Blood Demon’s chest and fighting Wei Yu head-on.

However, the result flabbergasted her.

She couldn’t believe that Nie Tian’s puppet actually managed to inflict severe damage on Wei Yu, causing him to pass out.

At that moment, Chu Bowen, Xing Beichen, and Yin Yanan arrived in their air-transportation spiritual tools, along with many Worldly realm and Greater Heaven stage members of the three sects.

“What happened?!” they wondered.

Yin Yanan looked ahead with rapt attention, and discovered that Wei Yu had lost consciousness.

The disciples of the Trisword Sect looked very grim as they were all gathered by Wei Yu’s side, instead of swarming on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, however, had his back stuck to the enormous Bone Blood Demon’s chest, his face as cold as iron and his eyes brimming with a thirst for killing.

“His, his aura...” Chu Xuanji’s eyes narrowed as he sensed Nie Tian’s aura with rapt attention. Immediately afterwards, he exclaimed, “He has merged with his Bonebrute puppet!”

He discovered that the Bone Blood Demon’s flesh aura and soul fluctuations now carried Nie Tian’s. Meanwhile, he could sense a flesh aura as immense as the sea from Nie Tian.

It was as if Nie Tian had become the Bone Blood Demon, and the Bone Blood Demon had become Nie Tian. There was no way to tell which was which.

Nie Tian laughed sinisterly. “Didn’t you say you’d kill me and take the soul crystals?”

At this moment, the Bone Blood Demon’s mind was synced with his and the Bone Blood Demon’s heartbeat matched his perfectly.


The Bone Blood Demon took another step in the void and arrived in front of Hong Xian. Before he could say anything, it gathered all sorts of power from Nie Tian and mixed them with its unfathomable flesh power to launch another Titan’s Wrath.

Its enormous fist came down towards Hong Xian with full force.

In Hong Xian’s eyes, the Bone Blood Demon’s descending fist seemed to be expanding endlessly.

Looking up at the fist, he had a strange feeling that the entire void was filled with its wrath.

As the fist went down, crisp booming sounds thundered across the entire area.

The Profound realm Qi warriors close to Hong Xian and Chu Xuanji experienced great turbulence in their minds, their faces turning pale.

In the next moment, devastating power exploded from within the Bone Blood Demon’s fist and rapidly swept over the entire area.

It was as if a titan that was thousands of meters tall had unleashed all of its wrath in this instant.


Hong Xian’s expression flickered as he formed a large azure ward over him and the weaker members that were close to him.


Like a meteor that had traveled in the void for thousands of years, the enormous fist slammed vigorously into the azure ward.

Mysterious spell formations appeared one after another in the ward before rapidly exploding.

After taking the strike, Hong Xian, who had exerted his spiritual power and soul awareness to raise this blue ward, staggered, bleeding from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

“Damn!” Chu Xuanji called out as he hastily unleashed nine purple banners.

They were embroidered with mountains, lakes, spirit plants, and spirit beasts, each having their unique uses.

Hong Xian’s azure ward shattered, and the banners arrived just in time to take its place to protect the weaker members of the Beast-controlling Sect and the Chu Clan.


A heaven-shaking roar that could only be captured by Soul realm experts’ true souls echoed out.

Both Chu Xuanji and Hong Xian let out muffled groans, as if they had been attacked by some ancient patriarch, and huge waves stirred in their seas of awareness.


The Bone Blood Demon continued to descend with unabated force.

The images rapidly vanished from the purple banners, as if they were paintings that were being washed away from a canvas.

Upon seeing this, Chu Xuanji exclaimed at the top of his lungs, “Get back!”

Immediately afterwards, all of the air-transportation spiritual tools flew madly away from the descending fist.

Hong Xian and Chu Xuanji then formed profound hand seals to neutralize the residual power of the Titan’s Wrath.

After getting rid of the residual influence, both Chu Xuanji and Hong Xian were soaked in sweat, as if they had just come out of a pool.

As they looked at Nie Tian now, their eyes were no longer filled with grim looks. Instead, they brimmed with fear and disbelief.

Sitting astride the Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan from the Beast-controlling Sect muttered in disbelief, “H-how is this possible?!”

Even her Frost Blood Python trembled with fear, not daring to meet Nie Tian’s eyes.

The Frost Blood Python was intelligent enough to know that the might of the Titan’s Wrath was more than enough powerful to turn it to ashes.

It remembered that it had attempted to devour Nie Tian earlier, and instantly realized that it had been courting death.

If Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon were separated, perhaps it wouldn’t have feared either of them so much.

However, now that Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon had become one with the help of the Life Blend bloodline talent, it had finally realized how dangerous its previous actions had been.

Nie Tian threw his head back and let out a long laugh, his laughter filled with unmasked arrogance and brutality.

“Come on! All of the soul crystals are in my hands. Don’t you want them?

“Didn’t you say that I was possessed by the Phantasm soul? I beg you to come and kill me!”

In his sinister laugher, the Bone Blood Demon took another step forward in the void.

Upon seeing this, Hong Xian, Chu Xuanji, and everyone else gasped in fear and hastily flew backwards, as if they were afraid that the Bone Blood Demon would launch another Titan’s Wrath.

Chu Xuanji’s face was filled with bitterness as he said, “Well, Nie Tian… Let’s talk about this. At first, we only demanded a part of the soul crystals, and that’s it. Things have only come to this point because those discarnate souls started slaughtering our disciples, and your puppet stomped some of our people to the death.”

Hong Xian’s face reddened, as he found Nie Tian’s provoking words hard to swallow. However, just as he was about to say something back, Chu Xuanji stopped him by throwing him a stern look.

However, Xing Beichen yelled coldly, “Nie Tian! You’ve become our Trisword Sect’s enemy now. Don’t you imagine that you’ll be able to get away with this!” 

A sinister grin appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “The Trisword Sect? Do you recognize this thing?”

With these words, he took Qi Jiuchuan’s spiritual tool from within his ring of holding and held it out for Xing Beichen to see.

“T-that’s Elder Qi Jiuchuan’s spiritual tool!” Many disciples of the Trisword Sect exclaimed simultaneously.

Nie Tian then took out Han Chigui’s spiritual tool and showed it to them. “This one too.” 

“That belonged to Han Chigui from the Bliss Mountain Sect!” Chu Xuanji exclaimed.

Hong Xian gasped with astonishment and said, “Not a single person on the exploration teams the Bliss Mountain Sect and the Trisword Sect sent into Master Voidspirit’s private realm survived. Don’t tell me that...”

“That’s right. They all died at my hands!” Nie Tian said fiercely. “I dared to kill them. Do you think I’ll be afraid to add you to the list?”

Chu Xuan’s expression flickered drastically. “You killed them!?” 

“Well, there’s nothing left to say. Either you die, or I die.” With these words, Nie Tian’s mad laughter ceased, and his eyes were once again filled with strong killing intent.

“Don’t do this, Nie Tian!” Yin Yanan called out with a begging tone.

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Hey guys, it's Laba Festival here in China! This is the last major festival before Chinese New Year. Man... even talking about the new year puts a smile on my face...

Anyways, here's something you might want to know about the festival:

The Laba (simplified Chinese: 腊八; traditional Chinese: 臘八; literally: "Eighth of La") is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the eighth day of the La Month (or Layue 臘月), the twelfth month of the Chinese calendar. It is customary on this day to eat Laba Congee. The Laba Festival had not been on a fixed day until the Southern and Northern dynasties, when it was influenced by Buddhism and got a fixed time on the eighth day of twelfth month, which was also the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Therefore, many customs of the Laba Festival are related to Buddhism. It corresponds directly to the Japanese Rohatsu and the South Asian Bodhi Day.

Before the Qin dynasty the Laba festival was a celebration of the new harvest.

After Buddhism spread to China during the first century CE, the festival was used as commemoration of Gautama Buddha's enlightenment at the age of 35. During the Qing dynasty, ceremonies for the Laba festival would have been held in the Yonghe Temple in Beijing.

Traditionally, the consumption of Laba congee was an important element of the festival. In Northeast China, Northwest China and Jiangnan, this custom has been preserved, but it has become rarer in South China. On the first day of spring the government would hold a ceremony called “Beating Spring Ox” with the purpose of encouraging farming. Officials would use a colorful club to beat an earthen ox after worshiping the God of Grain; this was the so-called “Scourging Spring”. Even today, people in some places name Spring Begins as Beating Spring. After the ritual of “Beating Spring”, people would compete in grabbing the scattered pieces of the earthen ox, which would dispel pests or ants, and bring them good harvest in farming and abundant production of silk and livestock.

Congee for the imperial court would have been made of cream, lamb, various mixed grains, dried red dates, longan, chestnuts, peanuts, water caltrop, walnuts, raisins, melon seeds, and haw jelly.

Other congees are made of mixed rice, beans, and various types of nuts and dates. Sometimes the congee is decorated with coloured sweets or dried fruits.

Another custom is the soaking of Laba garlic. Garlic is soaked in vinegar for twenty days starting from the Laba festival. The garlic and vinegar is then used alongside Chinese dumplings (or jiaozi) around Chinese New Year.

Here's a short video of the festival: