Chapter 724: “What Can You Do About It?”


The Bone Blood Demon swatted the incoming golden magical symbols with its huge bony hands like they were flies.

The magical symbols contained Wei Yu’s soul awareness, as well as his understanding of the profundity of metal power.

However, they all seemed powerless facing the Bone Blood Demon’s vigorous strikes, as they fell from the air and vanished one after another.

The six fierce discarnate souls that had flown out of the lake seemed to answer the Phantasm soul’s summons as they started chasing and killing the weaker members of the three parties.

Like black clouds, the fierce souls swooped down from midair like falcons, carrying icy, gruesome soul auras.

The souls of the Greater Heaven stage and Worldly realm Qi warriors weren’t nearly powerful enough to stop the six fierce souls from breaching their defenses and reaching the depths of their souls.

Miserable screams escaped the mouths of the Greater Heaven stage and Worldly realm members of the three parties as dark smoke came out of their eyes, nostrils, and ears.

The fierce souls charged into their seas of awareness without meeting the slightest resistance.

Their souls were annihilated in a split second, and they collapsed to the ground like pieces of boneless meat. Not a shred of life could be seen in their eyes anymore.

“Nie Tian!”

Even Chu Xuanji from the Chu Clan was enraged, and shouted madly.

Within a few seconds’ time, more than a dozen Greater Heaven stage and Worldly realm members of the Chu Clan were killed, their souls being devoured and added to the fierce discarnate souls’ strength.

Chu Xuanji was convinced that the discarnate souls only started this massacre because of Nie Tian’s words.

“It’s the Phantasm soul between his eyebrows that’s controlling those discarnate souls!” Yin Yanan called out in Nie Tian’s defense, hoping Chu Xuanji and the others could see the matter objectively.

However, at this moment, it was no longer possible for them to remain calm and talk to Nie Tian, and vice versa.

It didn’t matter if it was Nie Tian or the Soul realm experts from the three parties, they had all gone mad.

Hong Xian panted as he shouted, “The Phantasm soul between his eyebrows must have possessed him! He’s not Nie Tian anymore, but a puppet of the Phantasm soul! Things have already worsened to the point where Nie Tian is beyond saving. All we can do now is kill him as quickly as possible.”

“That’s what I’m thinking!” Wei Yu was the first to agree with him.

A sinister grin appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “Good! Very good!

“Let’s say I’m possessed. What can you do about it?”


Countless blood strings that contained profound flesh power flew out of the Bone Blood Demon.

As the blood strings rapidly filled the air, a mysterious magnetic field that could reverse the blood flow of every living being in its surroundings quietly came to form.

In the next moment, the expression of every Qi warrior on the meteor flickered as they felt the changes in their blood flow.

The Bone Blood Demon ran over to Wei Yu with two huge steps before lifting its gigantic bony foot and bringing it down with enough force to flatten a mountain peak.

“Go!” The golden sword in Wei Yu’s hand instantly morphed into countless rays of golden light that poured into the air like a reverse waterfall.

As the same time, numerous magical symbols appeared in the river of golden light.

The magical symbols rapidly aligned, forming an unfathomable spell formation that channeled spiritual power from Wei Yu unceasingly.

Immediately afterwards, seven smaller golden swords came to shape within the spell formation, each of which seemed sharp enough to pierce through any shield in this world.

The seven of them rapidly shot up in a line towards the Bone Blood Demon’s descending foot.


One golden sword after another shattered as they slammed into the Bone Blood Demon’s enormous bony foot with full force.

As they shattered, they sent off a large amount of fragmented golden light. The fierce power it contained created fissures in the arch of the Bone Blood Demon’s bony foot.

Even so, that enormous foot’s crashing momentum didn’t stop.

Wei Yu’s expression flickered as he hastily jumped away while shouting, “This Bonebrute must have been at the eighth grade before it was refined into a puppet!”

He was well-aware that even a seventh grade Bonebrute wouldn’t be able to withstand such a powerful strike from him. If it did, its foot would have exploded to pieces.

However, only a few fissures appeared on the Bone Blood Demon’s foot.

This meant the Bonebrute must have been at an even higher grade, which had exceeded his expectations.

The Bonebrutes were among the few outsider races in this universe that possessed the toughest bodies.

After reaching a very high grade, Bonebrutes’ bodies would become tougher than any kind of metal there was. Therefore, their bodies were their impregnable defense.

In fact, Wei Yu’s magics were already very powerful, yet he still failed to shatter the Bone Blood Demon’s foot. This shook him greatly.

At this moment, Hong Xian’s face grew very grim as he muttered, “Eighth grade...” Then, he shouted, “We need to work together! You handle this puppet while I go take care of Nie Tian!”

With these words, he sat down in the lotus position and fixed his glittering eyes on Nie Tian.

All of a sudden, the soul seals of several beast spirits appeared in the depths of his eyes.

This seemed to be a special soul incantation that he practiced. A fierce, ancient aura rapidly wreathed his whole body.

Nie Tian gasped as he saw him.

In his eyes, Hong Xian seemed to be rapidly infused with strength by numerous powerful ancient beasts, even though they weren’t in flesh form and could only be sensed with soul awareness.

This special incantation seemed to be very similar to the Dong Clan’s Beast Spirit Incantation.

The only difference was that the Dong Clan members could only refine one beast spirit, but Hong Xian had clearly refined more than one beast spirit.

Nie Tian hastily summoned his soul power, nine starlight sparks appearing in the depths of his eyes as he did.

Immediately afterwards, he saw Hong Xian’s true soul leaving his sea of awareness and flying directly towards Nie Tian under the protection of two large birds, one crimson Qilin, and a huge snake.

Subconsciously, Nie Tian raised the Spirit Pearl, hoping to defend himself with it.

As a unique treasure forged by the Phantasms, the Spirit Pearl had repeatedly shown its incredible effects on souls and spirits. Therefore, he hoped that it would work this time as well.

However, just as he raised it, the Phantasm soul within the prismatic crystal between his eyebrows made a move.

It unleashed misty cyan light that quickly formed a shield around the Spirit Pearl.

The Spirit Pearl was instantly sealed away, and couldn’t display its wondrous effects anymore.

Nie Tian gasped with astonishment.

He was well-aware that the Phantasm soul was hoping for him to lose his senses and engage in a fierce battle against the Qi warriors from the three parties. This way, Hong Xian and the other experts might be able to inflict serious damage on his soul.

Once his soul sustained heavy injuries, it would be difficult for him to hold on to the ward that was protecting his sea of awareness. Then, the Phantasm soul would easily infiltrate his soul and possess him.

At this moment, Hong Xian happened to target his secret magics on Nie Tian’s soul, which agreed with the Phantasm soul’s needs perfectly.

The fact that it restrained the Spirit Pearl was because it hoped that Hong Xian would damage or even destroy Nie Tian’s true soul, so that it would be able to become the new master of Nie Tian’s body.

“Soul attacks!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he forced himself to overcome his strong desire to stay and fight to the death.

Finally, a soul message came through to the Bone Blood Demon.


The Bone Blood Demon instantly turned around, picked Nie Tian up, and charged into the area where the weak members of the three parties were gathered, like a beast on the rampage.

Many Greater Heaven stage and Worldly realm Qi warriors failed to jump out of its way in time, and were stomped into heaps of mangled flesh.

Moments later, the enormous Bone Blood Demon came to the place where Nie Tian’s Wood Thriving Formation was.

The powerful experts from the three parties roared furiously from behind it.

Hong Xian’s true soul and four powerful beast spirits also came after him like sea waves that were hoping to engulf him.


Nie Tian flicked his sleeve, and the tree branches flew into his ring of holding, along with the inoperative Spirit Pearl.

A deep, resounding roar suddenly came through from Hong Xian’s true soul. “You’re not leaving!!”

The prismatic crystal between Nie Tian’s eyebrows shone with cyan light as a wisp of aura appeared inside of it, as if it were waiting to break into Nie Tian’s sea of awareness and take over his body, which could happen at any moment.


By the time the last tree branch disappeared into Nie Tian’s ring of holding, Hong Xian’s immense soul power had already filled a large area around Nie Tian.

While he faced a sea of deadly soul power, the nine fragmentary stars in his soul suddenly blossomed with dazzling divine light.


Splitting pain came from every inch of his body as he vanished into thin air.


The Bone Blood Demon, which could sense his location by relying on the soul connection between it and Nie Tian, flew out of the meteor like a bolt of lightning.

Wei Yu and Chu Xuanji arrived only to watch Nie Tian vanish in a flash. They couldn’t help but exclaim, “Escape magic!”

They went blank for a short while before coming back to their senses and chasing after the Bone Blood Demon.

After losing its target, Hong Xian’s true soul also returned to his mind. His eyes snapped open, and he sped off through air by relying on his late Soul realm strength.

The six fierce discarnate souls were killing weaker members of the three parties as they noticed Nie Tian’s disappearance, and then also flew after the Bone Blood Demon.


At the same time, Qiao Yunxi’s Flame Bird also charged out of the meteor, its wings unleashing blazing flames.

The other Qi warriors from the three parties also summoned their air-transportation spiritual tools and flew off after the Bone Blood Demon, staring unblinkingly at it and yelling furiously as they did.

“That man killed so many of our friends and took all of the soul crystals. He has to die!”

“Don’t let him get away! The more powerful his escape magic is, the stronger backlash he’ll suffer! All we need to do is to follow that puppet to his location. Then he’ll be a dead man!”

“His puppet killed our senior and junior martial brothers! We must offer his blood to our dead!”

These people had long since forgotten that many of them were only alive because Nie Tian had allowed them to take shelter in the Wood Thriving Formation.

Yin Yanan from the Beast-controlling Sect was the only one who didn’t leave the meteor. Standing in place, she stared blankly at the air-transportation spiritual tools as they flew into the distance. A bitter look appeared in her bright eyes as she muttered, “Why the hell did things come to this point!?”

“This wasn’t his intention at all. He let me surface to ask for help. Who would have thought...” She sighed. “It’s the soul crystals that led us to such a situation.”

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