Chapter 694: New Discoveries

The god-like feeling only lasted for a few seconds before he snapped back to reality.

As soon as he did, he noticed that the illusory ancient symbol was shaking violently while unleashing incomparably strong sealing power.

The symbol seemed to have become a raging beast that was trying to find prey.

“Crap, there isn’t anything around that I can use it on...” he said to himself.

In the next moment, the glowing illusory symbol slowly cracked and exploded to shreds.

Countless sparks that carried chaotic force sputtered in every direction, creating numerous holes in the earth that was as solid as steel.

Nie Tian took a deep breath, his eyes shining with the light of excitement.

At this very moment, he was struck by a feeling that the barrier that was stopping him from entering the Worldly realm had been shattered.

There was more than simply accumulating spiritual power and refining vortexes of spiritual power to making a breakthrough in cultivation.

Due to his uniqueness, he had to make sure his fleshly body was on the same page as his spiritual cultivation.

Other than that, there was the right enlightenment.

Sometimes, it could be some unforgettable experience, a new understanding of human nature, or sudden enlightenment regarding the energies of heaven and earth.

Without the right enlightenment or state of mind, no matter how hard a Qi warrior cultivated, they still wouldn’t be able to make the breakthrough.

He had been well prepared for his breakthrough into the Worldly realm soon after his return from the space disruption zone, in aspects of power accumulation as well as the refinement of his flesh body and spiritual sea.

All he lacked was an opportunity.

Just now, as the ancient awareness had burst forth from within the illusory symbol, the opportunity he had been waiting for had finally befallen him.

However, since the ancient symbol had consumed too much of his strength, he didn’t get to make the breakthrough right away.

Once his spiritual sea was replenished again and he recovered his psychic and flesh power, he would be able to complete the breakthrough process.

“I was right! The opportunity for me to breakthrough into the Worldly realm does lie within this mysterious heaven and earth! And I seized it!”

Without any hesitation, he sat down on the ground and took out Star Stones and materials of fire and wood attributes to recover power that didn’t exist in this heaven and earth.

After a few days, his vortexes of wood power, flame power, and star power brimmed with power again.

Then, with the spiritual energy ball magic he had derived in this place, he filled his nine vortexes of spiritual power with refined spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

By the time they were filled to the brim, he went on to absorb flesh power from outsider corpses.

With all of this done, he discovered that there wasn’t a method that would allow him to recover his psychic power within a short time.

After failing to find a solution, he put his mind back on exploring the other titan arms.

He wondered what secrets lay in the other huge arms.

He glanced around, and discovered that he had already examined all of the eight huge arms that were close to the altar.

These four titans were buried closely together in a place not far from the altar.

Therefore, he marched towards another huge arm that was much farther from the altar.

After a very long time, when he finally came to that huge arm, he went blank briefly staring at it.

This huge arm was so far from the altar that he hadn’t have been able to get a clear view of it until now.

Standing in its shadow, a bitter smile slowly appeared on his face as he looked up at it with rapt attention.

Both its gesture and the rage that could be sensed from it were identical to the one from which Nie Tian had derived Rage Punch.

Even still, he spent some time examining it, hoping to learn something new from it. However, he failed, and thus moved on to another nearby huge arm.

“This arm is identical to the one I derived the spiritual energy ball magic from...”


“This one too! It’s exactly the same as the one I derived the chaotic magnetic field magic from!”


Days passed...

He finally finished examining all of the eight huge arms in this region, which belonged to the four titans that were buried closely together in this place.

That was when he discovered that all of the huge arms in this region were identical to the ones in the region where he had first come to.

Even so, he wasn’t ready to give up yet.

He spent the next two weeks exploring two other regions with half-buried titans. He exerted all effort for anything that was worth noting.

However, as he had expected, each of these regions also turned out to have four half-buried titans, and their arms were identical to the ones he had discovered in the first region.

This meant his wish to derive more powerful magics from these titan arms had turned out to be in vain.

“So there are a total of thirty-two arms, which belong to sixteen titans, and they’re divided into four regions.

“There are four titans in each region. With their arms sticking out from the depths of the earth, they’re forming the same set of hand seals as those in the other three regions.

“The four regions form a very large square, with each region on a corner.

“Does this mean these sixteen titans are forming some sort of spell formation that’s sealing something?

“If these titans could climb out of the earth, each of them would be more than ten thousand meters tall. If they’re indeed the cores of a grand spell formation, how powerful is it going to be?!

“I wonder what they’re sealing. And also, did they volunteer to become the cores of this grand spell formation, or they were enslaved and put here by something even more powerful?”

Nie Tian’s mind exploded with questions.

The more he thought about it, the more clueless and frustrated he became.

He summoned the Flame Dragon Armor to ask its soul about these titans. However, the Flame Dragon Armor seemed to know even less about them than he did.

“If these titans are indeed forming some unparalleled grand spell formation, where is the center of this grand spell formation?” With this question in mind, Nie Tian suddenly laid his gaze on the region at the center of the square.

He hadn’t explored that region yet. He had only moved along the four lines that connected the four regions where there were titans half-buried.

“Perhaps I’ll be able to find something there.”

An expectant look filling his eyes, Nie Tian marched on again.

Several days passed...

As Nie Tian gradually approached the central area, he started to sense extremely rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. Eyes wide, he picked up his pace.

Shortly afterwards, a gigantic, grayish-brown tree branch entered his sight.

As he walked closer, he discovered that the tree branch was more than three hundred meters long, and was sticking out of a huge, bottomless hole in the ground like a sharp blade.

Without any hesitation, he formed nine Heaven Eyes, which came whooshing out of his forehead before stopping above the tree branch.

With the help of his Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian examined the tree branch and the huge, dark hole in the ground.

A misty, semi-translucent ward could be seen over the mouth of the huge hole. Through the ward, Nie Tian could see nothing but complete darkness; not a single spark of starlight could be seen.

The hole seemed to be an unfathomable well that went through the continent he was standing on, leading to some unknown space.

Meanwhile, the grayish-brown tree branch stretched down towards the depths of the pitch-black hole.

“Don’t tell me that the sixteen titans are here just to seal this tree branch, whose length is unknown?” Nie Tian thought to himself.

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