Chapter 659: Sects from Another Domain

As Zhao Shanling tortured the man, Nie Tian stepped over to the middle-aged man’s corpse and looted his ring of holding.

With a single glance inside, he discovered that there were a significant amount of spirit stones and spirit jades in his ring of holding, and thus transferred all of them into his own ring of holding.

Then, he noticed that aside from the spirit stones and spirit jades, there were still a number of spiritual materials, medicinal pills, suits of spiritual armor, and a map.

It wasn’t an ordinary map. It was a star map, where the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries was marked out.

The star map was carved on a bone slip. Nie Tian only took one glance at it, and his expression flickered.

This star map was identical to the one in the Spirit Pearl.

The star map in the Spirit Pearl, which he had obtained from the Phantasms, also had the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries marked out as a destination.

The Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries consisted of more than a hundred realms, which made it much larger than the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian pondered for a while before walking back to Zhao Shanling.

The man had already died under Zhao Shanling’s torture, lying there in a pool of blood.

“I’ve found a star map, Senior Zhao,” Nie Tian said, “which is exactly the same as the one I obtained from the Phantasms. They both had the same location marked out as a destination: the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Back when that ancient starship charged out of the Realm of Dark Underworld, I seized its Spirit Pearl, which contained a star map. It must have lost the coordinates it needed to return to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, so it...” He went on and explained his speculations of the situation.

After hearing his words, Zhao Shanling said, “There are more than a hundred realms in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Most of them aren’t fit for humans to live in, and are only considered mines due to their production of unique spiritual materials.

“Only thirty-six of the realms are dominated by human Qi warriors, and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries happens to be one of them…” Zhao Shanling took his time to explain the information he had obtained by torturing the man to Nie Tian.

From him, Nie Tian learned that humans dominated the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and had numerous sects set up there.

However, the Qi warriors in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were more powerful than those in the Domain of the Falling Stars. Their peak experts were at the Void domain.

Some of the human forces in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries considered outsiders their enemies and waged wars with them from time to time, while other forces had friendly relationships, and often made deals with the outsiders.

The reason why that Phantasms’ ancient starship had planned to return to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries was probably because they had hoped to return to their own realms from there.

The most powerful forces in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries already possessed the ability to build their own starships.

The Trisword Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect were both from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

The owner of this unique heaven and earth, Master Voidspirit, had been one of the seven peak experts in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Being at the late Void domain, he had been ranked fifth.

Since he had been an expert of spatial magics, he had chosen this space disruption zone to make his breakthrough into the Saint domain.

Many sects in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries had learned about this as well.

To everyone’s surprise, he had never returned to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

Gradually, people began to speculate that he must have failed to enter the Saint domain, and died in this space disruption zone.

Since he was the fifth most powerful expert throughout the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, many people had set their minds on his legacies.

Over the past thousand years, sects in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries had sent numerous teams of Qi warriors to search this space disruption zone for Master Voidspirit’s lifelong accumulations.

The Trisword Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect were the luckiest of them. After putting in many years and endless resources, they had finally found some clues.

Compared to the Trisword Sect, the Bliss Mountain Sect’s exploration of this place had been more successful. They had discovered this unique heaven and earth created by Master Voidspirit first, and learned that Qi warriors would lose all of their spiritual power soon after entering.

They had sent seven exploration teams into this unique realm, some of which had even been led by Soul realm experts.

However, no matter how high their cultivation bases had been, they had soon lost all of their spiritual power and died miserable deaths, with only a few lucky ones escaping narrowly.

The Bliss Mountain Sect had then learned from their lessons and realized that their cultivation bases wouldn’t bring them success in this place.

Since it was impossible to have their Profound realm and Soul realm experts focus on the refinement of their fleshly bodies instead of their own cultivation, and even if they had, they would only achieve limited results, they had chosen a number of children born with exceptionally tough bodies and spent many years training their physical strength and refining their fleshly bodies with special incantations.

They had done all that for one purpose: have those juniors enter this unique realm and secure Master Voidspirit’s legacies.

This was the seventh team the Bliss Mountain Sect had sent to explore this mysterious realm. This time, they had sent every single one of this group of juniors. Clearly, they were determined to secure Master Voidspirit’s legacies this time.

However, word of their operation had somehow leaked out before they had set out. Therefore, the Trisword Sect had also sent a team, which had encountered them by the cluster of black light.

However, the Trisword Sect had acted in such a hurry that, compared to the Bliss Mountain Sect, their preparations were far too insufficient. Some of their powerful experts had been killed during their first encounter by the entrance.

The Qi warriors from the Trisword Sect were at an even greater disadvantage in this special realm. All of them had eventually been hunted down and killed.

The remaining Bliss Mountain Sect disciples had been roaming the area to check if there were still any Trisword Sect survivors.

“The Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries...” Zhao Shanling said with a smile, strong interest brimming his eyes. “If your star map also has the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries marked out as its destination, we might as well go there after we’re finished in this damn place. That domain should be much more interesting than the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“Void domain experts in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries already possess the ability to build starships.

“The powerful Qi warrior sects there can also stand up to outsider clans as equals. Some of the sects fight outsiders year-round, while others cooperate with outsiders. In some of the realms, outsiders even live and trade with humans.”

“Do we still go on and fight people from the Bliss Mountain Sect for Master Voidspirit’s legacies?” Nie Tian asked.

“That depends on you,” Zhao Shanling said with an enlivened look in his eyes. “From what I can tell, your fleshly body is far tougher than that of those juniors from the Bliss Mountain Sect. But I’m afraid I won’t be of much help in here. All I can do is to try to stay out of your way. If you have confidence that you’ll be able to overtake the juniors from the Bliss Mountain Sect who have received special body training, then we should keep going.”

His eyes brimmed with anticipation as he said these words. Clearly, he was reluctant to give up on Master Voidspirit’s legacies.

As a late Void domain expert of spatial power, his legacies appealed to Zhao Shanling so much that he was even willing to risk his life to obtain them.

“Now that we’ve come this far and haven’t come across any worthy opponents, why don’t we keep going?” Nie Tian said with a tentative tone.

“Good!” Zhao Shanling’s face split into a smile as he took out a suit of leather armor, on which was sewn numerous small and thin bone plates.

Carefully, he put the armor on and said, “This isn’t spiritual armor. It can’t be activated with spiritual power. It’s made from the skin of a seventh grade Blood Stripe Python, which is tough enough to resist fire and water. The thin bone plates sewn onto it were made from the bones of a seventh grade Wind Spirit Beast.

“Wind Spirit Beasts’ bones are very light. That’s the only reason I’m able to wear this armor in this place.

“The other spirit beasts’ leather and bones are far too heavy for me now. I have no problem wearing any armor out there when I can use my spiritual power, but not in here.”

After he finished tying every knot, he added, “I can be slightly relaxed traveling in this place now that I have this armor on. After all, it won’t be very easy for people to penetrate it with nothing but their flesh power.”

With these words, he took out a bottle of medicinal pills and handed it to Nie Tian with a hint of reluctance in his eyes. “These are Blood Vitality Pills, which I had custom made by Qian Buhui from the Pill Pavilion Sect. “They’re refined from spirit beast blood. Unlike regular Blood Vitality Pills, these I had custom made can provide a stable stream of flesh power.”

Nie Tian grabbed the bottle and stuffed a pill down his throat. Immediately afterwards, he felt wisps of flesh power spreading to his limbs.

However, the flesh power it provided was too little for his needs, as if it was trying to put out a cart of burning firewood with a cup of water.

Then he took a moment to think about it, and realized that, since Zhao Shanling didn’t practice body refinement incantations, his body could only accept a limited volume of flesh power.

If he was provided with flesh power that was too vigorous, it would not only be of no use to him, but it would also become his burden.

These Blood Vitality Pills could provide a continuous but small stream of flesh power, which was enough to meet Zhao Shanling’s need for flesh power as a commoner in this special realm.

However, even a hundred of these Blood Vitality Pills wouldn’t meet Nie Tian’s need for flesh power. If he wanted to replenish his flesh power, he would still have to absorb flesh power from the outsider corpses with Life Drain.

Nie Tian shook his head and handed the bottle of Blood Vitality Pills back to Zhao Shanling. “You keep them. They’re no good to me. The flesh power they can provide is too little to meet my consumption.”

Zhao Shanling gave a cold snort and grabbed the bottle. “If I didn’t have to place all of my hopes in you, since your puppet can’t be used in here, I wouldn’t have given them to you in the first place.”

“Alright, alright,.” Nie Tian said, smiling. “Even though my puppet is out of the question, you can still rely on me.”

Afterwards, the two of them looted spirit stones and spiritual materials from the dead, and then set out again with cautious expressions.

Nie Tian knew that he couldn’t use his psychic awareness, and neither could Zhao Shanling use his soul power. Therefore, he scanned his surroundings with his flesh aura.

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