Chapter 594: Unforeseen Fortune

In fact, the name Li Langfeng had already become somewhat vague in Hou Qingsen’s memory.

Li Langfeng was too insignificant a person for him to remember.

After all, Li Langfeng had come from a small clan. Compared to the other disciples in a major sect like the Poison Sect, his background was too low to be memorable.

The Li Clan had been among the smallest of all of the subordinate clans of the Spirit God Sect.

Therefore, when he had learned that Li Langfeng had only taken him as his master and cultivated hard because he had sworn to himself that he would make Wu Qinghe from the Spirit God Sect pay for his crime, he betrayed him without even thinking about it.

After all, Wu Qinghe, who was also from a major sect, was in the same class as him, not to mention that he had Chang Qiu, one of the Spirit God Sect elders, at his back.

If Li Langfeng somehow made high achievements in his cultivation and threatened Wu Qinghe’s safety, he, as Li Langfeng’s master, would be in trouble.

The choice was easy to make, since it had been between Li Langfeng, who was from a low background, and Chang Qiu, who was a powerful figure from the Spirit God Sect.

He never expected that Li Langfeng was the reason why Nie Tian would refuse to sell those Fiend scrolls to him.

Hou Qingsen struggled to suppress his anger, and asked with a slightly distorted face, “Are you sure that you want to start a feud with the Poison Sect just for a puny insect like Li Langfeng?” 

The numerous Worldly realm and Profound realm experts from the other sects also looked rather confused.

People had a strong sense of hierarchy in the Domain of the Falling Stars. Lowborn Qi warriors like Li Langfeng, who didn’t have any powerful sects to back them, were usually ignored.

Powerful sects that had long histories and Soul realm experts would only treat Qi warriors from sects that were equally powerful with respect.

To them, those from insignificant backgrounds were nothing but punching bags that they could bully and humiliate all them wanted.

The reason why Ji Qingyun from the Heaven Expanse Sect had dared to come by himself and make those unreasonable demands was exactly because the sects from the Realm of Flame Heaven weren’t even worth mentioning to them.

Nie Tian gave a soft chuckle and said, “I’m one hundred percent sure. Also, I’m gonna give these scrolls that I’ve obtained from the Fiends to Li Langfeng as a gift, completely free of charge. Do you have a problem with that?”

Hou Qingsen burst into a flaming rage as he blurted, “Do you know how many spirit stones my sect is willing to give for those scrolls?! Do you know that you’re giving up millions of spirit stones for Li Langfeng?!”

Many in the crowd were flabbergasted, not daring to believe their own ears.

“Millions of spirit stones?!”

“It seems that the Poison Sect is bent on getting those scrolls!”

“Are those few old scrolls really worth millions of spirit stones?! Is Hou Qingsen out of his mind?!”

Even Dong Tengfei and other senior experts from the Dong Clan were taken back.

The old man from the Spirit Condor seemed to be only one whose expression didn’t change a bit.

That was because he was well-aware that some of the Poison Sect’s incantations had close connections with Fiends. However, due to the physical differences between humans and Fiends, humans normally couldn’t practice those incantations to advanced levels. If they made reckless attempts, they would die from a fatal backlash.

However, those were the incantations Li Langfeng had been practicing.

Perhaps the contents of the scrolls would help him relieve or fix the damage he had been causing himself by practicing those incantations.

This was the same reason why the Poison Sect had been so eager to get those scrolls. Even if Nie Tian demanded ten million spirit stones in exchange for them, they would agree to it.

A plain-looking Worldly realm Qi warrior was observing all this closely from a remote corner of the crowd of onlookers.

He was Li Langfeng.

After he had advanced to the Worldly realm with the Fiend heart Nie Tian had given him, he had heard of this trading fair, and thus come over, on the one hand, to broaden his horizons, and on the other, to see Nie Tian.

Soon after he had come to the venue, he had spotted his former master, Hou Qingsen, and thus quietly hid himself in the crowd.

After years of reckless cultivation, his appearance and aura had gone through great changes. Because of this, Hou Qingsen didn’t notice him.

After Nie Tian had been spotted in the crowd and received everyone’s attention, he decided to stay hidden and observe.

At this moment, when he heard that Nie Tian was willing to give up millions of spirit stones just to save those precious scrolls for him, he felt a warm current filling his heart. He even felt it in his eyes, which hadn’t gone wet in years.

After glancing over the crowd of Worldly realm and Profound realm experts, who found Nie Tian’s decision incomprehensible, and his former master, who was fuming with rage, he quickly dabbed his eyes with his cuff.

No one noticed.

Unlike Xue Long and many others, he had continued to use his own name after fleeing to the Realm of Split Void and becoming a guest elder of the Dark Moon.

He had only dared to do that because he had been aware that, in the eyes of Hou Qingsen and Wu Qinghe, he wasn’t even worth being concerned about.

Neither of them would be afraid of his retaliation.

As far as they saw it, no matter how hard he cultivated, he wouldn’t be able to pose any threat to them.

In fact, they felt that the day he dared to come knocking on their doors would be the day he died.

Hou Qingsen had the Poison Sect at his back, while Wu Qinghe had the Spirit God Sect. Since they both had access to rich cultivation resources, their cultivation bases and battle prowess would always be higher than his.

Another possibility would be that he would die from the backlash he suffered from the dangerous incantations he practiced before he could even seek revenge on them.

As far as Li Langfeng was concerned, he felt sad that neither Hou Qingsen nor Wu Qinghe had ever tried to gather information about his situation in the Realm of Split Void or kill him after so many years.

Just like the toxins in his system, Hou Qingsen and Wu Qinghe’s disregard was consuming him bit by bit.

His heart that was as hard and cold as a piece of ice seemed to be pierced through its exterior, and infused with something that was very warm.

Fuming with anger, Hou Qingsen spat in a manner as if he wanted to eat Nie Tian alive. “Fine! You’ll regret this, Nie Tian!”  

Upon seeing this, the old treasure appraiser from the Spirit Condor took his time to say, “Every transaction should be made through mutual consent at this trading fair. If Nie Tian doesn’t want to sell his merchandise to you, you can’t force him to.” 

With a disgusted look on his face, Nie Tian waved his hand and said, “Next!”

With a cold expression, Dong Pengfei from the Dong Clan said to Hou Qingsen, “You’d better watch yourself. If you dare to do anything to Nie Tian, don’t blame us for not warning you!”

Qian Qiong also let out a cold snort and said from afar, “The Ice Pavilion Sect shares the same attitude on this matter!” 

After him, Lu Ling from the Yin Sect, Kong Hong from the Yang Sect, as well as Profound realm experts from the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce, the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect also made it clear that Nie Tian was under their protection.

Hou Qingsen’s expression flickered as he glanced over them, then he turned around and left hastily without saying a word.

“So it’s true...” someone in the crowd muttered in a low voice. “I heard that Ji Qingyun from the Heaven Expanse Sect went to force his will on the sects from the Realm of Flame Heaven. However, due to Nie Tian and the strong support he received from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the Spirit Condor, Ji Qingyun had to tuck his tail and run.”

Upon hearing these words, people started to see Nie Tian with a new sense of respect.

Soon, a Profound realm Qi warrior from a minor, unknown sect broke the silence by coming to stand before Nie Tian. Pointing at one of the items Nie Tian had for sale, he asked, “How much is that?”

The item he pointed at was a horn that was slightly curved, and shining with dazzling, golden light, as if it were forged from gold.

Before Nie Tian said anything, Gao Fu from the Spirit Condor took it upon himself to explain the origin of the horn at a slow pace. “That’s the horn of a seventh grade Gold Horn Beast. Even though we have Gold Horn Beasts in many realms of the Domain of the Falling Stars, most of them are at only the third grade.”

“Only in certain special environments would Gold Horn Beasts keep growing and advancing in grade. And only in places with a tremendous amount of metal power would they be able to advance to the seventh grade. However, there isn’t a single piece of land like that throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“The strength of a seventh grade Gold Horn Beast is equal to that of a Soul realm human Qi warrior. Their horns are their most valuable part. In the hands of an experienced equipment forger, they could be forged into metal-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasures.

“According to my assessment, this Gold Horn Beast horn should be priced at four million spirit stones.”

The man tightened his lips, and after a moment of hesitation, he exclaimed, “Alright! I want it!”

Nie Tian smiled as he nodded and said, “I trust the judgment of an appraiser from the Spirit Condor. Four million spirit stones it is.”

“Deal!” Without any delay, the man took out a ring of holding that was filled with spirit stones, and transferred a large amount of spirit stones into it from the ring of holding he was wearing, before he handed it to Nie Tian and said, “Here. Feel free to count them yourself.”

Nie Tian grabbed the ring of holding and rapidly scanned its contents with a wisp of his psychic awareness, then he said, “The number is right.”

The Profound realm Qi warrior, who practiced metal power, looked overjoyed as he picked up the seventh grade Gold Horn Beast’s horn and quickly left the Blood Fighting Pit, as if he couldn’t wait a moment longer to find an equipment forger that could forge Spirit Channeling grade treasures.

Joy filled Nie Tian’s heart as he exclaimed inwardly, “A horn alone made me four million spirit stones! My trip to that mysterious dimension has indeed turned out to be very productive!”  

Back when he had killed hunters with great effort in the Realm of Split Void and looted their belongings, he had only managed to trade them for several hundred thousand spirit stones, which had been barely enough for Li Ye to forge the Flame Star.

He had never expected that his gains from the kills he had made on those two islands could actually bring him such a great fortune.

Even the Cloudsoaring Sect wouldn’t dare to imagine that they could accumulate four million spirit stones within a couple of years, much less the Nie Clan.

He, who had never owned so many spirit stones, glanced over the nearly one hundred strange and rare items in front of him. He frowned as he took out a piece of paper and started writing on it, then he hung it over the spiritual materials and called out, “Aside from spirit stones, you can also make your purchases with fire-attributed materials, wood-attributed materials, or materials that contain star power.

“Plus, I’m in need of a ring of holding with outstanding storage room. Whoever has one can come to the front and make their purchase first.”

Upon hearing these words, many eagerly elbowed their way to the front.

“I’ve got earthflame essence and a few earthflame crystal strings!”

“I’ve got Star Iron that I extracted from Star Stones. As a successor of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, you’ll definitely need Star Iron!”

“You’ll need my Soul Convergence Pills! Since you’re at the Greater Heaven stage, Soul Convergence Pills will be very helpful when you enter the Worldly realm and transform your psychic power into soul power!”

Waving precious items in their hands and shouting loudly, many scrambled to the front.

Nie Tian’s eyes glittered with the light of joy and excitement as he said, “Don’t worry! You’ll all get your turn! One at a time!” 

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