Chapter 591: New Discoveries

In the Blood Sect’s temporary residence in the dilapidated block...

The enormous Bone Blood Demon was lying silently on the ground, facing up. Not a shred of flesh aura could be sensed from it.

However, Nie Tian knew very well that the Bone Blood Demon’s soul still existed, and it still possessed formidable battle prowess.

The only reason why it was bereft of any signs of life was because it had burned its flame of life force away. Once it was infused with new life force, it would rise again.

Only Li Jing, Shen Xiu, and a few Worldly realm Blood Sect Qi warriors lived in this residence.

Yu Tong, who Nie Tian knew rather well, wasn’t among them.

Shen Xiu was rather confused to see Li Jing return to the residence with Nie Tian.

“The Bone Blood Demon...” Shen Xiu wanted to say something, but stopped on second thought, a reluctant expression appearing on her face.

Li Jing saw through her thought and thus said, “This Bone Blood Demon wouldn’t have awoken if it weren’t for Nie Tian. And he’s the only one who can make it display its true might.”

Shen Xiu let out a sigh and didn’t say another word.

She was aware that Nie Tian had saved their lives in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation by directing Tool Sect elders to their location. Besides, Li Jing had always attached great importance to Nie Tian, and would spare no effort to deepen their relationship. It would only be a matter of time before the Bone Blood Demon left with him.

“How did you manage to bring it to the Realm of Split Void?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“Through a large-scale inter-realm teleportation portal,” Li Jing replied.

“Can this big guy be stored in a ring of holding?” Nie Tian asked.

After a moment of pondering, Li Jing said, “Umm... probably. Even Spirit Channeling grade treasures can be stored in rings of holding. I don’t see why we can’t store this Bone Blood Demon in one. It’s just that it’s too large to be stored in a regular ring of holding. A regular ring of holding doesn’t have enough space.”

Looking at the Bone Blood Demon, which was more than thirty meters long and took up a very large area on the ground, Nie Tian had a headache over how to carry it around.

None of the rings of holding he had ever seen had enough space to store something this large. No wonder Sectmaster Li just let it lie around in the open.

“I suspect that this Bone Blood Demon was at the eighth grade when it was alive,” Li Jing said. “The strength of an eighth grade Bonebrute equals that of a Void domain human Qi warrior. However, since it died, after we refined it with our unique methods, we could only restore its strength to the sixth grade, which is equal to the strength of a Profound realm human Qi warrior.

“Even so, if you can awaken it again, you won’t need to be afraid of people like Ji Qingyun at all.”

“Eighth grade...” Nie Tian marveled inwardly.

He ran his gaze up and down the Bone Blood Demon, but didn’t do anything else.

After all, it would require him to practice his Life Transfer bloodline talent and consume his own blood to light its flame of life force again.

Technically, it would be operable even though the green aura in his heart was still dormant.

However, according to previous experience, the Bone Blood Demon wouldn’t stay active for a long period of time. Once it burned out its flame of life force, it would go back into a deep slumber again.

It would be a waste of his strength for him to awaken it at this point, when they weren’t facing any formidable enemies.

“I’ll look for a ring of holding that has enough space to hold this Bone Blood Demon at the trading fair that’s going to be held by the Spirit Condor in three days,” Nie Tian said.

Li Jing’s expression changed slightly as she said, “I’m afraid that kind of ring of holding will cost a fortune. Do you have that kind of money?”

“Don’t worry.” Nie Tian said, smiling. “I’ve got enough valuables to trade for a ring of holding like that.” 

If he could carry a Bone Blood Demon whose strength equaled that of a Profound realm expert wherever he went, perhaps it could save his life at critical moments.

For that, no matter how many spirit stones and precious materials it cost, it would be well worth it.

Furthermore, now that the Blood Sect had given the Bone Blood Demon to him, wouldn’t it be ironic if he couldn’t take it?

Seeing that Nie Tian was examining the Bone Blood Demon, absorbed in his thoughts, Shen Xiu lowered her voice and asked Li Jing with a worried expression, “How did the meeting go, sectmaster?” 

When Ji Qingyun had come, the sectmasters of all the sects from the Realm of Flame Heaven had been summoned to meet him.

Shen Xiu had been left behind to take care of other business, and thus didn’t know what had happened during their meeting.

Li Jing gave Nie Tian a sideways look and said in a soft voice, “Because of him, Ji Qingyun’s despicable plan didn’t work.”

Shen Xiu was taken aback. “I heard that people from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, and the Yang Sect also went there. Didn’t they share the same intentions as those from the Heaven Expanse Sect?”

“No.” Li Jing shook her head. “They were there to thank Nie Tian.”

Then, in a low voice, she explained everything to Shen Xiu.

After learning what had happened at their meeting, Shen Xiu took a deep look at Nie Tian, the look in her eyes completely different from before.

It was as if she no longer felt heartache over the Bone Blood Demon, which she and the Blood Sect had spent endless time and effort on.

She grew especially intrigued after learning that Nie Tian had only asked Li Jing and Fang Hui to stay and observe when he had talked to Qian Qiong and the others.

This meant that, of all the forces from the Realm of Flame Heaven, the Blood Sect and Fang Hui were the only ones he felt he could trust.

As for Fang Hui, he was clearly asked to stay because of his deep friendship with Wu Ji, not because of the Spiritual Treasure Sect.

“Alright, let’s give Nie Tian some room. We also have our own things to attend to.” With these words, Li Jing waved her hand, and the crowd of Blood Sect members left with her.

The Bone Blood Demon was placed on a piece of barren, empty land behind the Blood Sect’s temporary residence.

After the Blood Sect members left, Nie Tian circled around the Bone Blood Demon and examined it with the help of his Heaven Eyes.

At this point, the Bone Blood Demon’s bones had already become translucent like jade.

Meanwhile, there seemed to be fine meridians and veins within its bones. Upon closer examination, there even seemed to be blood running slowly within those veins.

At the same time, he started to sense a deeply hidden, but very profound fleshly aura from it.

“Hmm?!” With a soft exclamation, he was convinced that its aura had become much more profound than when he had awakened it the first time.

After searching through his memories, he recalled that, soon after he had awakened the Bone Blood Demon, it had slaughtered hundreds of low-tier Demons under his command.

It had split many of them in half and absorbed the essence of their blood.

It appeared that, after being turned into a Blood Demon with the Blood Sect’s unique methods, the Bone Blood Demon had possessed the ability to practice the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation to strengthen itself with the low-tier Demons’ blood.

Nie Tian’s face split into a grin. “Li Jing was wrong. 

“This Bone Blood Demon did only possess sixth grade bloodline power when it had first been awakened, but after that fierce battle against the Demon invaders, it absorbed a tremendous amount of blood essence from those large, low-tier Demons.

“Over the years, the vigorous power within its blood has already sunk into its bones, meridians, and veins.

“Considering its current condition, it seems that it can even fight an early Soul realm expert at this moment.”

Till this day, the Realm of Flame Heaven hadn’t even produced a single Soul realm expert, and this was the reason why powerful sects like the Heaven Expanse Sect and the Thunder Mountain Sect dared to ride roughshod over the sects from the Realm of Flame Heaven.

If the Bone Blood Demon that was lying before him could display the strength of a seventh grade Bonebrute, which matched the strength of an early Soul realm expert, would it change the situation from the root?

Both Li Jing and Shen Xiu believed that the strength of the Bone Blood Demon was still equal to that of a Profound realm expert.

How would they feel if they learned that this Bone Blood Demon might be able to match an early Soul realm expert in battle once he lit its flame of life force again.

Nie Tian’s eyes blossomed with the light of excitement. “What a wonderful puppet! I shall get a ring of holding that can hold it, no matter the cost! With it in a ring of holding, it’ll be like having a Soul realm expert to protect me at all times. If that happens, I’ll have very little to fear throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars!

“It seems that the strength this Bone Blood Demon can display doesn’t stay the same through time.

“If I infuse it with more outsider blood after I awaken it this time, will it become even stronger?

“With enough blood, will I be able to restore its strength to the same grade as when it was alive?

“Many outsiders are bound to swarm into the Domain of the Falling Stars during their upcoming invasion. Perhaps this will be a perfect opportunity!”

After coming to these thoughts, Nie Tian grew increasingly excited. In his eyes, the enormous Bone Blood Demon that was lying before him now was none other than an unearthly treasure.

He jerked his head in the direction of the Blood Skull’s headquarters, anticipation filling his eyes.

At this moment, his only worry was that he wasn’t sure how much the spiritual materials and herbs he had looted from the outsiders were worth.

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