Chapter 564: Finding a Way to Survive

Upon seeing that Sylon had unleashed his bloodline magic, all the other outsiders quickly backed away, including Armes. No one dared to get anywhere near the spreading green mist.

In less than a minute, every inch of heaven and earth within a two kilometer radius around Nie Tian was enveloped in thick, green mist. That was when Sylon quietly activated his bloodline talent.

Submerged by the mist, Nie Tian started to feel soreness and pain over all his body.

He looked down at himself with rapt attention, and discovered that his exposed skin was being corroded bit by bit. He could feel his life force slipping out of him.

Short-range Starshifts only allowed him to travel a limited distance. Now that the mist had covered a vast area around him, in order to get out of it, he might have to launch three short-range Starshifts in a row.


After three short-range Starshifts, he made it out of the thick, green mist. However, Sylon let out a low chuckle as he launched another bloodline magic.

The mist rapidly floated over from where he was standing a moment ago, and once again enveloped him.

“This is a bit tricky...” Nie Tian’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, as he hadn’t expected that the mist Sylon had created with his bloodline magic could move so fast.

Standing in the mist, his flesh suffered continuous corrosion from the toxins, which caused him to lose his flesh power at a rapid speed.

He had very limited star power left in him now. After a couple of Starshifts, he would probably exhaust it.

Once he lost his star power, he wouldn’t be able to escape the outsiders’ blockade anymore, and would eventually be trapped, unless he retreated into that spell formation he had established.

He had confidence that he would prevail when facing one or two outsiders at a time. However, if he were to be surrounded and attacked by dozens of outsiders at the same time, he doubted that he would survive.

Their previous joint strike was still fresh in his memory. Even Worldly realm experts might not be able to survive that devastating strike.

At that moment, he suddenly jerked his head around to look at the spell formation formed by the seventy-two tree branches, pondering whether to retreat into it until the chosen ones from the human sects arrived.

While he was torn with indecision, the other Fiends arrived.

There were about a dozen of them, each wreathed in rich, poisonous mists, and with fierce looks in their eyes.

Seeing that their leader had already unleashed their core bloodline magic, they all gasped in shock. “Lord Sylon! What’s going on?!”

“There’s no time for that!” Sylon exclaimed. “Get over here now and help me enlarge the mist threefold!” 

Upon hearing his words, the other Fiends unleashed their bloodline power without the slightest hesitation.

One cluster of thick, green mist after another that was mixed with purple, black, and pale-gray spots were infused into the vast mist Sylon had created.

Within a short time, the poisonous green mist expanded to cover an area that was three times its original size.

Not only that, but the newly-arrived Fiends took out glassware that contained a mysterious green liquid with a faint mist rising from it, and then emptied them into the vast green mist.

The acidic and poisonous liquid they had gathered seemed to be able to cooperate with their bloodline magics on its own. It broke into drops as it fell into the mist, but, upon entering, came to a stop in midair.

In Nie Tian’s eyes, it seemed like a pouring rain that had suddenly froze before touching the ground.

Countless drops of poisonous liquid hung in midair, glistening and reflecting lights of different colors. It was a splendid scene.

Snapping out of his daze, Nie Tian hastily summoned flame power and wood power to raise a light shield around him, hoping that he would be able to defend against the poisonous rain with it.

However, as the drops of deadly liquid touched his light shield, they started corroding it, giving rise to sizzling sounds.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he realized that he was rapidly losing his spiritual power.

Not just Nie Tian, but the other outsider races also looked rather apprehensive and fearful upon seeing the Fiends pouring their mysterious poisons into the thick, green mist.

Clearly, they were familiar with the might of the Fiends’ poisons and bloodline magics. Even though they were standing quite some distance from Nie Tian, they couldn’t help but back further away.

It was as if they were afraid that Nie Tian would suddenly shift to where they were standing, bringing the poisonous mist and liquid to them.

In the meantime, Nie Tian realized that he had been trapped deep in the poisonous mist.

Now, with the expansion of the poisonous mist, he would have to cast at least seven short-range Starshifts in a row to make it back into the Floragrim’s spell formation he had established earlier.

However, he didn’t think his remaining star power would allow him to cast so many short-range Starshifts.

“What are you waiting for?! Get in there and kill him!” Sylon issued another order.

Upon receiving his order, the dozen Fiends charged directly into the poisonous mist with cold smiles on their faces.

The poisonous mist and liquid might prove deadly to other races, however, not only were the Fiends not hurt, but they even seemed strengthened as they entered the mist.

Nie Tian saw that, bathing in the poisonous mist, the Fiends’ auras seemed to gain a strong boost, and perhaps their battle prowess too.

That was when the drops of acidic and poisonous liquid that had been suspended in the air started to move again, as if they were answering the silent summons of the Fiends.

In a split second, each and every drop of deadly liquid stormed towards Nie Tian.

Startled, Nie Tian no longer dared to stay where he was. However, instead of using Starshifts, he ran at a very high speed by drawing upon his vigorous flesh power.

Then, he discovered that, as long as he kept moving at this rate, the poisonous rain wouldn’t be able to catch him.

“These damn Fiends are so hard to deal with...” he thought to himself.

While springing between locations, Nie Tian moved closer and closer towards his spell formation.

At this moment, the poisonous liquid had almost worn out amidst all the zig-zagging, though the thick, green mist hadn’t grown fainter at all. Sizzling sounds still came from the light shield he had surrounded himself with constantly.

He knew that he was still losing his spiritual power, but it was bearable.

Since none of the outsiders of the other races dared to enter the vast area enveloped in the Fiends’ poisonous mist, Nie Tian now faced a dozen Fiends and no one else.

Right now, they were chasing after him while channeling the poisonous mist to move with him using their bloodline magics.

After a moment of pondering, Nie Tian grinned and laid his eyes on one of the Fiends that was a bit singled out from the rest.

Then, without any warning, he suddenly flashed to him and drew his Flame Star. The Flame Star shone gloriously as his wood power and flame power rushed through his meridians into it, and after being strengthened by the spell formations within it, the powers shot out in form of a bright blade light.

“Bloodline magic! Miasma Shield!” The Fiend bellowed and summoned the drops of poison that were floating nearby into himself. Immediately afterwards, a misty green aura rose from him, forming a shield around him.

Specks of blood-colored light could be seen flickering in the shield, which reeked of a sour and pungent smell.


The glorious blade light slashed hard into the Miasma Shield as if it were the divine blade of a god. The green shield that was as thin as a cicada’s wings was instantly split open.

At the same time, Nie Tian’s flesh power madly gathered to his Flame Star-bearing hand to strengthen the slash.


With its mountain-splitting force, the Flame Star cut the Fiend in half!

Nie Tian went blank, but only for a moment before he came to realize that the Fiends’ bodies were far more fragile than those of Demons or Bonebrutes, and not even as tough as the Phantasms.

The toughness of their fleshly bodies might just be as poor as Birdmens’.

“If their bodies aren’t as strong as the other outsiders, perhaps they aren’t very good at fighting at close quarters either.” With this thought in mind, he felt confident again. With a brutal look in his eyes, he flashed to another Fiend, where he descended from the air with a vigorous fist strike.


Like a iron hammer, his fist shattered the shield, which the Fiend had formed in a haste, upon contact, and with the force of a falling meteor, it continued its way down.


A bone-cracking sound echoed from the Fiend’s skull as he collapsed to the ground and died.

“It seems that as long I can resist the poisonous mist and the other poisons they cast at me, these Fiends aren’t that scary after all!” After coming to this realization, Nie Tian launched a few more lightning-quick strikes as he moved closer and closer to his spell formation.

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