Chapter 563: Killing Spree

“Nie Tian!!” Enraged, Stonemountain unleashed his bloodline talent, causing the earth to crackle. One huge rock after another, which had originally been buried underground, was lifted as if by a god’s large hand and thrown into the air.

In the next moment, Nie Tian found dozens of huge rocks shooting towards him under Stonemountain’s control.

“Starshift!” Nie Tian blurred and vanished into thin air as the huge rocks bombarded nothing but the solid ground. In a split second, he reappeared among the three severely injured Stonemen.

The Flame Star in his hand shone with dazzling starlight, as if it were the brightest star in the depths of the starry river, which had been summoned to this place to unleash its everlasting, magical starlight.

Before the three Stonemen had a chance to react, the dazzling starlight pierced into their stone-solid bodies.

Even though the toughness of the Stonemen’s bodies was only second to that of the Demons and Bonebrutes, the moment the starlight entered their bodies, they shattered from inside like a exploding earthen urn.

Pieces of their flesh rained from the air, and their blood painted the ground red.

Abreu’s face turned pale with shock. “I can’t believe that he can even gather the ripping power from the the mixture of energies up there... !

“But I’ve noticed that it takes time for him to form those energy balls. Let’s not give him another chance to form more of them! Don’t give him time to summon those powers!”

Upon hearing his words, the Birdmen flapped their wide wings and swooped towards Nie Tian one after another.

Tago, the Demon leader, also threw his head back and let out a long roar before unleashing his Bloodline magics.

The remaining few Blackscales spread out and launched attacks whenever they saw chances.

One streak of glorious bloodline aura after another stormed towards Nie Tian, some of which looked like bloodthirsty spiritual snakes, while others looked like lightning bolts.

Each outsider either unleashed their bloodline magics or their spiritual tools on Nie Tian.

Standing among the broken remains of the three Stonemen, Nie Tian put his hands together, and in the next moment, the remains of the Stonemen regathered into a nasty ball of bones and flesh that floated before him.

Then, as he unleashed Life Drain, wisps of his flesh aura rapidly flew into the bloody ball of remains.

The remains of the three Stonemen who had just died still contained copious amounts of flesh power. As the wisps of Nie Tian’s flesh aura drained them of their flesh power at an alarming speed, they quickly thickened.

In a flash, the wisps of flesh aura flew back into Nie Tian’s body.

As soon as they did, Nie Tian was struck by a pleasant feeling of the flesh power he had consumed fighting Armes being rapidly restored.

However, he suddenly experienced a stabbing pain in his eyes, and that was when he discovered that the speed at which he could circulate his energies had dropped significantly. Afterwards, he started to feel light-headed and hurt all over, as if he were being stabbed by countless needles.

He struggled to open his eyes, and saw that numerous streaks of dazzling light were already very close to him. They were like a storm that was going to swallow him in the next moment.

It was none other than these outsiders’ bloodline magics that were causing agony to his body and soul.

“Starshift!” He vanished into thin air.


The area where he was standing a moment ago was instantly enveloped in a world of blinding light. The terrifying energy the explosions created could even kill a Worldly realm expert on the spot.

A huge crater that was about ten meters deep appeared as the light went out and the dust cleared, with cyan, black, and pale-gray auras rising from it.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian appeared right in front of one of the Blackscales and swung his Flame Star down from the air.

At the same time, he caught sight of the huge crater where he stood a moment ago, his expression flickering in shock.

He realized that if he had attempted to resist those powerful attacks head-on, instead of leaving with a Starshift, he might have exploded already. His crystallized bones might be scattered all over the area now.


As shocked as he was by the outsiders’ collective force, he drove the Flame Star into the Blackscale’s heart, and at the same time, sent wisps of flesh aura into his victim’s chest and unleashed Life Drain.

The very moment the Blackscale had his heart pierced through by the Flame Star, and right before he died, he felt as if a pump was madly draining his flesh power from his body.

Holding the Flame Star that he had plunged into the Blackscale’s chest, Nie Tian gave a vicious smile. He looked over his shoulder at the outsiders who were searching him with their gazes and asked, “You thought that since you had the numbers, you’d be able to trap me, didn’t you? Didn’t your seniors teach you that numbers don’t determine the result of a battle?”

Stomping with fury, Armes thundered, “Damn it, fools! He’s a Son of the Stars! Even though he’s only at the Greater Heaven stage, he can still cast the profound escape magics he acquired from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace! If you want to kill him, you’ll have to stop him from using his escape magics, or keep up with his pace!”

Since the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was able to contend against the most powerful outsider forces and spread its influence far and wide, it most certainly had its unique assets.

The variety of secret magics made up an important part of those profound assets. As one of their most famous and powerful escape magics, Starshift allowed its user to achieve effects that were similar to teleportation.

The fact that Nie Tian was able to shift between places at a speed faster than lightning was the reason why the outsiders were failing to trap him.

Afterwards, Nie Tian cast Starshifts repeatedly, and every time he did, he would appear in front of one or two singled-out outsiders, and launch his fatal attacks.

Within a few minutes, he managed to slaughter several Blackscales and Stonemen with this identical method.

Upon seeing this, Armes’ furious roars even stirred up the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the vicinity. The outsiders of various races knew that they would have to stop Nie Tian from using Starshift, yet they simply couldn’t.

Laughing wildly, Nie Tian flashed among different locations and launched fatal strikes, like a bloodthirsty beast that had charged into a herd of sheep.

In the meantime, he consumed his star power and power of other attributes at an alarming rate.

Every time he killed an outsider, he would do his best to drain their flesh power with Life Drain with the limited time he had.

The Stonemen and Blackscales were physically tough, and possessed vigorous auras of flesh and blood. Even though he didn’t spend much time absorbing their flesh power, the results were rather productive.

Since he couldn’t stay in one place for too long, he could only absorb up to thirty percent of his victims’ flesh power before he had to shift to other locations with Starshifts. Otherwise, he would be trapped by the other outsiders and their bloodline magics.

Even with the flesh power he absorbed, he had consumed more than half of his power reserve after killing a few outsiders in a row, especially his star power.

Having launched Starshifts repeatedly to escape the outsiders’ attacks, he had already consumed two thirds of his star power.

Looking somewhat anxious, he turned to look at the Floragrim’s ancient spell formation he had formed with seventy-two tree branches from time to time. At the same time, he gradually took his battle to areas that were closer to the spell formation.

He thought that, when he used up his star power and couldn’t launch another Starshift, he would retreat into the spell formation, where he could recover with Star Stones and wait for the arrival of Dong Li and the other Qi warriors.

He looked anxious, but, as the leader of the outsider forces, Armes looked even more anxious.

After summoning forces of the other outsider races to this place, things didn’t go as he had planned at all. Not only had they failed to kill Nie Tian within a short time, but they had also suffered heavy losses themselves.

What shocked and frustrated Armes the most was that even though Nie Tian had taken out more than a dozen outsiders already, he still didn’t show any signs of exhaustion.

“Where are the damn Fiends?!” Armes shouted. “What the hell is Sylon doing?!” 

“The Fiends, exactly!” said one of the Blackscales. “The Fiends might be able to subdue him!”

“Sylon!!” The Stonemen and Blackscales, who had lost the most people, shouted angrily into the heavens.

“Alright, I’m coming!” A gloomy voice echoed out from the distance, silencing the clamoring crowd of outsiders.

A moment later, Sylon, the Fiend leader, was the first to arrive.

Standing among the other outsider leaders, he asked, “What’s happening?” 

Color drained from his face the moment he saw the situation. “Even teamed up, you lot still failed to kill this kid?! And you’ve lost so many of your own? What good are you?”

Abreu stared hard at him. “Sylon! Quite lecturing us and trap him with your race’s bloodline magics! He’s a Son of the Stars! He keeps using the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s escape magics, so we can’t get him!”

Sylon nodded as he finally understood the reason behind this, and he said, “Oh, so that’s the reason...” 

After another scan of the battlefield, he raised his voice. “Get out of here, all of you! Leave this Son of the Stars to me and my people! I think it goes without saying that if he dies at our hands, his corpse will belong to us!”

With these words, clusters of thick, green mist rose from all over Sylon, which looked like the miasma that pervaded the depths of marshlands. Spots of blood-colored light could also be seen in the mist.

The thick, green mist spread at an alarming rate, and quickly engulfed the area where Nie Tian was standing.

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