Chapter 541: Stonemen

The huge, pale-gray rock seemed as if it had plunged into the earth from the depths of the void, leaving only a third of it aboveground.

Standing by the rock, Ye Qin from the Yin Sect and Chen Hao from the Yang Sect were waving their hands, directing their fellow disciples to cut the rock open to search for the veins of spiritual materials within it.


As broken pieces kept rolling down the rock, beams of blindingly bright spiritual light suddenly shot out of the cracks in the stone.

At the same time, intense spatial energy fluctuations spread out from within the rock, which astonished the Greater Heaven Qi warriors from the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect.

Immediately afterwards, an extremely rich life force was born within the rock, which seemed as if it could explode at any moment.

Bewildered, all of the Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples froze.


A surge of raging energy suddenly burst forth from within the rock, causing the huge rock to break up and explode.

As it did, a pentagonal, triple-layer spell formation that looked like a teleportation portal emerged from the flying rubble and dust.

Extremely pure spirit stones were laid on the bottom deck of the spell formation, spirit jades filled the middle deck, and the top deck was paved with Space Spirit Jades, which were essential materials to build teleportation portals.

After emerging from the exploded rock, the teleportation portal floated quietly in the air, where it continued to emanate dazzling spiritual light, along with intense spatial energy fluctuations.

Before long, the blurry shapes of mysterious, tall beings appeared in the middle of the top layer of the spell formation, and rapidly grew clearer and clearer.

Chen Hao from the Yang Sect was the first to realize what was going on. He snapped out of his bewilderment and exclaimed, “This is not some vein of spiritual materials, but one of the outsider teleportation portals! Destroy it!”

In a split second, his eyes seemed to turn into two burning suns.

One Sunfire Pearl after another, which were filled with concentrated flame power from the sun, shot towards the outsider’s teleportation portal, along with fierce, blazing auras.


The Sunfire Pearls exploded, filling the air with flames, which soon engulfed the whole teleportation portal.

However, the blurry shapes within it seemed unaffected, and continued to grow clearer with every passing second. Not only that, but the tallest of them slowly walked out of the spell formation to the edge of the portal.

Upon seeing this, the other Yin Sect and Yang Sect Qi warriors exerted their means to bombard the mysterious teleportation portal using their most exquisite incantations and most advanced spiritual tools.

However, all of their attacks were redirected by intense spatial fluctuations and deviated from their target before they could cause a shred of damage to the teleportation portal.

The teleportation portal continued to float in the air, spinning slowly and operating perfectly.

Soon, the shape of the tall being that was the first to step out of the teleportation portal finally finished teleporting from some unknown realm and stood before the crowd.

It was a male outsider that was nearly two meters tall, incomparably muscular, and had stony, grayish-brown skin.

After he saw the Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples, confusion appeared in the depths of his pupils, which were the same color as his skin. Then, in a language no one understood, he muttered, “I can’t believe it’s a bunch of humans...”

With these words, he jumped out of the portal and landed heavily on the ground.

As he wove his hands in the air, numerous rocks that were scattered in the vicinity seemed to answer the summons of his unique bloodline power, and became his weapons.


Rocks that weighed tons were channeled into the air, where they slammed into the spiritual tools of the Yin Sect and Yang Sect Qi warriors’.

After being bombarded by large rocks, their spiritual tools suddenly became uncontrollable and fell from the air like raindrops.

As this happened, the seemingly ancient and dilapidated teleportation portal floating behind the outsider kept working. More and more tall figures gradually became recognizable as they finished their teleportation to this realm.

Just like the first one to arrive, all of the new arrivals also had rocky, solid skin.

Even though they didn’t wear any spiritual armor, their bodies were the shield they could use to contend against their enemies.

Like rock statues, they leapt out of the teleportation portal one after another and landed heavily on the ground. The strong impact even created noticeable cracks on the solid ground as they did.

Each and every one of them gazed up into the sky and cheered in their language, excitement and joy brimming their eyes.

“Our ancestral land... We’re finally back!”

“I can’t believe that we’ve finally come back to our ancestral land after all these years!”

All of them were gazing up into the misty, gray sky, as if the vast continent above that boundless gray mist used to be their beloved homeland until it had been destroyed thousands of years ago.

After a brief moment of cheering, they did their best to calm themselves, and one after another, they laid their eyes on the Qi warriors from the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect.

Without saying a word, they cast their unique bloodline talent, which allowed them to manipulate the surrounding rocks.

The large rocks that were everywhere in this place instantly became their deadly weapons. They flew up into the sky and started raining on the Greater Heaven stage members of the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect.

Upon seeing the large rocks rising up into the air in a way as if they were completely defying gravity, the Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples, who knew nothing about Stonemen, all stood aghast.

After snapping out of their daze, they unleashed their most powerful incantations to manipulate all kinds of spiritual tools to avoid the bombarding rocks and launch attacks at the Stonemen.

However, the Stonemen possessed bodies that were as tough as stones. As the Yang Sect’s blazing sunfire and the Yin Sect’s frosty moonlight shot into them, they seemed completely unharmed.

It seemed as if they were born immune to both flame and water power.

Even when the Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples manipulated their spiritual tools to ram into the Stonemen, they seemed barely affected, and were still able to move about freely.

Only when they were hacked with very sharp blades would it leave very shallow scratches on their stony bodies.

Even still, those scratches were far from enough to inflict any noticeable pain on them. Their stone-solid skin wasn’t even split open, and they didn’t bleed a single drop of blood.

However, they were able to infiltrate their profound bloodline power into the Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples as they launched their secret magics.

A female disciple of the Yin Sect was only fighting one of the Stonemen at close quarters for just a few seconds before feeling her limbs beginning to stiffen. Even her skin started to turn pale-gray and stony.

In no more than ten seconds, that young woman from the Yin Sect started to have great difficulty moving her arms and legs. It was as if her meridians had been clogged, stopping her from summoning spiritual power. Then, she was killed with one quick strike.

Chen Hao from the Yang Sect and Ye Qin from the Yin Sect were also engaged in fierce battles with Stonemen.

They gasped at the scene, and immediately realized that these outsiders, who they knew nothing about, were actually able to unleash a flesh aura that carried their unique bloodline power.

Once the flesh aura infiltrated into their human bodies, their bodily functions would instantly be compromised, and they would petrify at an alarming rate.

As their bodies petrified, their meridians would quickly close up, and they wouldn’t be able to channel spiritual power, which would result in them quickly losing their battle prowess.

When facing these outsiders, who possessed raging flesh power and life force, the frail human Qi warriors were nothing more than lambs waiting to be butchered.


Another middle Greater Heaven stage Yang Sect disciple was struck in the chest by one of the Stonemen.

The man’s rib cage was instantly shattered. Blood spilling from his mouth, the man died instantly.

Ye Qin noticed the unfavorable situation and thus called out, “Chen Hao! These outsiders with an unknown origin are too powerful! Since there aren’t any veins of spiritual materials here, we might as well leave!”

Chen Hao from the Yang Sect jerked his head around.


Just as he was about to shout out the order to retreat, a ball of blinding starlight appeared before him out of thin air. As the light dimmed, a man emerged. It was Nie Tian.

As soon as he did, he charged towards one of the Stonemen, and without any hesitation, threw a punch towards the Stoneman’s face.

With a nasty grin, the Stoneman splayed his hand and extended it towards Nie Tian’s incoming fist without even thinking about it.

His grayish-brown hand was as large as a pan. Intense flesh power surged within it as he unleashed a profound bloodline magic, hoping to infiltrate his unique bloodline power into Nie Tian through the contact.

Nie Tian gave a cold harrumph as he drove his fist forward with great force, giving rise to a loud whoosh.

He converged wisps of flesh power on his fist, and as his fist bombarded the Stoneman’s palm, they instantly burst forth, giving rise to a thunderous sound.

“Life Drain!”

Wisps of flesh power were sent into the Stoneman’s body upon contact. At the same time, Nie Tian’s devastating bloodline talent was instantly activated.

Meanwhile, as the Stoneman’s flesh aura tried to enter Nie Tian’s body, it was instantly ripped to shreds by Nie Tian’s raging flesh power.

The Stoneman that was broad and strong like a mountain stumbled backwards upon the terrifying impact.

Eyes filled with disbelief and confusion, he stared at Nie Tian, who didn’t back up a bit, as if he had never expected that a human could possess such strong flesh power.

However, in the next moment, he threw his head back and roared into the sky, his face growing distorted.

As he did, he actually shrank at a noticeable rate, as if his rich internal flesh power was being rapidly drained, like a pool being drained of water.

Before he could cry out to the others, Nie Tian approached him with a swift lunge and drove the Flame Star into his heart.

“I am Nie Tian! Members of the Ice Pavilion Sect are going to arrive soon! Let’s work together and kill these outsiders!”

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