Chapter 495: Infiltration of Toxins

Upon seeing Pei Qiqi’s arrival, Zhang Jiu instantly gave up on the idea of killing Nie Tian, and decided to withdraw.

After all, he didn’t know if there were still others who had come to this floating continent together with Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi.

He was also worried that powerful Worldly realm or Profound realm experts would arrive within a short time.

The four larger spirit vermin had profound connections with the four of them. As they were bent on leaving, they each summoned their spirit vermin with their minds, commanding them to leave with them.

However, even though their spirit vermin heard the summons of their souls, they could only let out even sadder shrills. Not one of them was able to break free from the binds of Nie Tian’s flesh power.

Zhang Qiu and the other three simultaneously fled in four different directions, repeatedly looking over their shoulders as they did.

Sitting upright by the foot of an ancient tree, Nie Tian grinned somewhat scarily. As he shook his shoulders, numerous dead small bugs fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the Crimson Chain Snake, brown centipede, green scorpion, and black bee seemed as if they were clamped by Nie Tian’s flesh.

As hard as they tried to return to their masters, they couldn’t.

Due to the activation of Life Drain, wisps of Nie Tian’s flesh power, which were even finer than hair, pierced into them and held them down like sharp hooks.

The pure and rich flesh power within the four spirit vermin poured madly into Nie Tian’s body like a flood rushing through a shattered watergate.

“Why the rush? I’m not done playing yet.” Grinning, Nie Tian shook himself briefly, and more small bugs fell to the ground.

Every one of them had been drained of every last shred of flesh power, and looked like dried-up meat that had been left in fierce sunlight for years. Not the slightest sign of life could be sensed from them.

One after another, wisps of refined flesh power flowed back to Nie Tian’s heart, where they were greedily absorbed by the green aura.

Wreathed in rich flesh power, Nie Tian expelled all of the spirit vermin’s venom and toxins from his system.

Feeling full of vigor, Nie Tian charged towards the late Greater Heaven stage Poison Sect disciple with a scary grin on his face.

Pei Qiqi, who had returned after killing the Poison Sect messenger, was taken aback upon seeing that Nie Tian was completely unaffected by the four spirit vermin clinging to him. Her bright eyes flickered as she saw Nie Tian charge towards an enemy like a tiger pouncing on its prey.

After a moment of bewilderment, she hastily formed exquisite hand seals.

In the next moment, two spatial energy wards suddenly came to form in Wu Cui and Luo Ting’s paths of escape like two thin layers of rippling water.

Wu Cui and Luo Ting ran into the wards headfirst, and with a violent shake, they both disappeared.

Meanwhile, Ethereal Swords shot out of Pei Qiqi’s cuff as she charged towards Zhang Jiu, not paying any further attention to Wu Cui and Luo Ting.

Both she and Nie Tian knew that if any of the four escaped from them and sent word to their seniors, they would end up in huge trouble.

That was why they had exchanged a glance and reached a mutual understanding right before they launched counterattacks: none of these Poison Sect disciples would live. 


Nie Tian kept a watch on Wu Cui and Luo Ting with his Heaven Eyes as he chased after the late Greater Heaven stage Poison Sect disciple.

He saw with great clarity that the two of them tumbled into the wards of spatial energy, and thus were now trapped within the wards.

Their expressions flickered drastically as they searched for a way to get out of there.

They unleashed various incantations and rushed about non-stop, but still couldn’t find a way to break free from Pei Qiqi’s spatial wards.

The fact that they couldn’t escape from Pei Qiqi’s restriction magic even though they were both at the middle Greater Heaven stage proved how unfathomable Pei Qiqi’s strength had become.


The green scorpion and black bee were drained of flesh power and fell off Nie Tian’s shoulders. Their shriveled bodies crashed to the ground.

As they did, Nie Tian observed Wu Cui and Luo Ting via his Heaven Eyes, and discovered that their faces had turned even more ghastly.

The scorpion and bee were their spirit vermin, which had profound connections with them. The deaths of the scorpion and bee seemed to have made them suffer a backlash.

“Such rich flesh power!” Sensing the excitement of the green aura in his heart, Nie Tian smiled heartily and cast a short-range Starshift.

A streak of dazzling starlight flashed past, and Nie Tian appeared in front of the fleeing late Greater Heaven stage Poison Sect disciple, holding his Flame Star.

Sha Cheng stopped his dashing momentum and said, “Don’t push me, brat!” 

With the Crimson Chain Snake and the brown centipede dangling on his waist, Nie Tian grinned and said, “Well, I am pushing you. What can you do about it?”

As he spoke, he kept a close watch on the overall situation with the help of his nine Heaven Eyes in the vicinity.

Wu Cui and Luo Ting, who were trapped by Pei Qiqi’s spatial magic, sustained injuries to their souls due to the deaths of their spirit vermin, and became increasingly anxious.

From the look of it, there was no way that they could burst out of those spatial wards created by Pei Qiqi.

Meanwhile, Pei Qiqi had already caught up to Zhang Jiu, and the two of them were now engaged in a fierce battle.

According to his understanding of Pei Qiqi’s battle prowess, it was very unlikely that an opponent at the same cultivation stage as her would beat her in a battle.

In addition, He Xu, the messenger, had long since been killed by Pei Qiqi. Therefore, as long as he could silence Sha Cheng, they wouldn’t need to worry about word of what happened here leaking anymore.

Not only did the spirit vermin that belonged to Zhang Jiu and Sha Cheng fail to struggle free from Nie Tian’s constraint, but they were also rapidly losing their flesh power due to the effect of Life Drain.

It wouldn’t be long before they were drained of their flesh power and died.

Since Wu Cui and Luo Ting had sustained injuries because of the deaths of their spirit vermin, Zhang Jiu and Sha Cheng would probably also sustain injuries when their spirit vermin died.

With this thought in mind, Nie Tian became even more relieved.

Sha Cheng let out a sigh and said, “Very well. Whether your seniors are somewhere on this floating continent or not, I shall teach you a lesson. I really don’t know where you got the courage to stand in my way when you’re only at the early Greater Heaven stage.”

In fact, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave because he feared Nie Tian, but rather, was afraid that more powerful experts were on their way to this place.

Every team that had entered this dimension through one of the six spatial rifts had a few powerful seniors on their team. In Sha Cheng’s eyes, others on Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi’s side would most likely arrive soon.

For that reason, he hadn’t wanted to waste his time fighting Nie Tian. He knew that by doing so, he might put himself in danger. However, he eventually embraced his killing nature after being provoked by Nie Tian.

“Poison Sect forbidden technique: Spirit Vermin Self-destruction!” With these words, the vague soul shadow of a brown centipede suddenly surfaced in the depths of Sha Cheng’s pupils. It twisted madly about, as if it were lit up by some kind of power and became demented.

Nie Tian’s eyes widened as the brown centipede, which had bitten into the side of his waist, let out an ear-piercing shriek.

The moment the shriek echoed out, the brown centipede vibrated briefly, and then exploded with a loud boom.

The strong explosive force instantly sent a large amount of toxins into Nie Tian’s flesh and blood.

Sha Cheng thrust all of the brown centipede’s toxins and its last remaining power into Nie Tian’s internal organs at the expense of its life.

Heart-wrenching pain came from Nie Tian’s insides. He examined himself with his mind, and discovered that the brown toxins had already dispersed into his five yin organs and six yang organs.

The toxins looked like tiny earthworms that carried intense, foul smells.

Feeling sore and aching all over, Nie Tian felt as if even his mind had become dull because of the toxins in him.


Almost simultaneously, the explosion of the brown centipede caused the Crimson Chain Snake to explode and die.

The moment it did, a bloody mist sprayed all over Nie Tian, along with the toxins it carried, causing his exposed skin to burn.

“Sha Cheng! Are you trying to kill me?!” Zhang Jiu’s explosive roar echoed out from afar. 

As the Crimson Chain Snake died, Zhang Jiu seemed to suffer a strong blow. One of the Ethereal Swords slashed down from midair and cut off a piece of his flesh.

“Your Crimson Chain Snake was going to die anyway. It might as well cause some damage with its death.” With these words, Sha Cheng muttered something before taking out three green arrows and flinging them towards Nie Tian.

The three green arrows morphed into three wisps of smoke as they traveled ethereally in the air. They were aimed at Nie Tian’s neck and eyes.

Nie Tian, who was feeling light-headed from the toxins, had difficulty summoning his spiritual power.

The blade light of the Flame Star constantly flickered, as he had already lost control of the three types of power he had infused into it.

“You asked for this,” Sha Cheng said with a cold face.

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