Chapter 454: Old Friends from the Blood Sect

“Who are you talking about?”

Dong Li was still lying comfortably on the ground. She shot him a glance out of the corner of her eye, but didn’t intend to stand up.

“Two friends of mine from the Realm of Flame Heaven.” Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian controlled that Heaven Eye with his mind to descend to a lower location so that he could get a better view of what was happening.

Under the chilly starlight, Feng Luo from the Blood Sect was struggling to move forward, looking exhausted and covered in blood.

It seemed that he had just gone through a fierce battle. Staggering gashes could be seen under his torn garments.

Yu Tong, who was also a Blood Sect disciple and a long-time opponent of Nie Tian, was running beside him, face ghastly and her red pupils filled with rage.

“The Blood Sect...” After a moment of pondering, he turned to Dong Li, who was still lying on the ground, and said, “This doesn’t concern you. You can just stay here and rest. I’ll go over and take a look.”

With these words, he prepared to rush to that location.

Seeing that he was so eager to leave without making the situation clear, Dong Li realized that something important might have happened.

Dong Li also rose to her feet. “Forget it. I’ve got nothing to do here anyways. I’ll go with you.” 

Nie Tian nodded briefly. “Sure, as you wish.” 

Under the night sky, he and Dong Li ran at an alarming speed, rapidly closing in on Feng Luo and Yu Tong.

About a quarter hour later...

As Nie Tian and Dong Li came closer to Feng Luo and Yu Tong, Nie Tian finally learned their situation through that Heaven Eye.

Three Greater Heaven stage white-robed Qi warriors appeared in his Heaven Eyes’ perception range. They were chasing after Feng Luo and Yu Tong at full speed.

Two of them were at the middle Greater Heaven stage, while the other was at the early Greater Heaven stage. They all had cold looks in their eyes and were wreathed in strong killing intent.

The swords and spears they were holding seemed to have been made from some sort of special bones and exuded frosty auras.


Nie Tian flashed into appearance in front of Feng Luo and Yu Tong.

As they saw Nie Tian appearing and blocking their escape route, desperation appeared in their eyes.

At this moment, Nie Tian was still wearing the mask Dong Baijie had given him, so neither Feng Luo nor Yu Tong recognized him. They assumed that he was with the other pursuers.

Feng Luo stopped abruptly. Eyes glittering with blood-colored light, he shouted angrily, “Don’t you worry that you’ll ruin the Bone Sect’s name by doing such a despicable thing?!”

Yu Tong’s pupils had already assumed the color of blood. Fine, blood-colored light was rising from her hands and wiggling like blood-colored snakes.

From the look of it, she was ready to risk her life by launching the Blood Sect’s forbidden techniques.

Having dealt with people from the Blood Sect so many times before, Nie Tian had a deep understanding regarding every Blood Sect magic.

Not only that, but he had even practiced the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation himself, and used it to refine spirit beast blood to nourish the green aura in his heart.


Dong Li flashed into appearance. Standing next to Nie Tian, she looked curiously at the two people before her.

“Here comes another one!” Dong Li’s appearance made Feng Luo and Yu Tong increasingly desperate, as if they realized that they weren’t going to survive this time.

Just as Feng Luo and Yu Tong were about to stimulate all of their strength to launch the Blood Sect’s most powerful forbidden technique, Nie Tian opened his mouth. “What happened?”

Upon hearing his voice, both Feng Luo and Yu Tong went blank briefly.

The voice was very familiar, yet they couldn’t think of who it belonged to in that moment.

Seeing that their faces were filled with bewilderment, Nie Tian realized what was confusing them, and thus said, “The Nie Clan, Black Cloud City.”

Back in the Realm of Dark Underworld, Dong Li had told all of her companions from the Realm of a Hundred Battles that Nie Tian had disappeared with the Spirit Pearl. In order to avoid trouble, he didn’t want to expose his real identity yet. Hence, he didn’t take off his mask in front of Feng Luo and Yu Tong.

A shudder ran through Feng Luo’s body as his eyes instantly lit up. “Nie... Nie Tian?!” 

Yu Tong’s devilishly beautiful eyes also blossomed with bright light. Biting her lower lip, she looked Nie Tian up and down, looking both shocked and overjoyed.

The two of them had never thought that they would run into Nie Tian in this desolate and uninhabitable area in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.

“What’s going on, Uncle Feng?” Nie Tian asked. “Those three chasing after you seem to be members of the Bone Sect. Why are you here having a conflict with people from the Bone Sect?”

Instead of answering his questions, Feng Luo asked, “You’ve entered the Greater Heaven stage, haven’t you?”

Nie Tian nodded. “Yeah, I’m lucky as always.”

Upon hearing Nie Tian’s answer, Yu Tong’s heart was filled with bitterness. “Greater Heaven stage! He has actually entered the Greater Heaven stage!” 

A year ago, when he had returned to the Blood Sect in the Realm of Flame Heaven, both of them had been at the middle Heaven stage.

She had practiced cultivation day and night over the past year, and finally entered the late Heaven stage. Therefore, she had been quite confident that she should be ahead of Nie Tian on the cultivation base front.

However, who would have thought that when they met again, Nie Tian was already at the Greater Heaven stage?

All these years, she had considered Nie Tian as a target she needed to surpass. It was the thought of beating Nie Tian in a fair battle that had pushed her to practice cultivation with all of her heart.

However, every encounter with Nie Tian had been a heavy blow to her confidence.

“Don’t tell me that I’ll have to live in his shadow for the rest of my life...” Yu Tong was absorbed in her thoughts.

At that moment, Feng Luo turned to Dong Li and asked, “I believe this lady is also at the Greater Heaven stage, am I right?”

Dong Li smiled gracefully, nodding.

“Now we have two Greater Heaven stage helpers!” Feng Luo’s spirit rose as he went on and asked, “Who is this lady to you, Nie Tian?”

Two of the Bone Sect disciples who were chasing after them were at the middle Greater Heaven stage; one was at the early Greater Heaven stage. Meanwhile, Feng Luo was at the middle Greater Heaven stage.

Feng Luo was well-aware that, no matter which stage Nie Tian was at, his cultivation base wouldn’t do justice to his actual battle prowess. He asked about the relationship between him and Dong Li to determine whether she would join the battle so that they could fight their pursuers head-on instead of running.

Upon hearing his question, Yu Tong’s gaze started switching back and forth between Nie Tian and Dong Li.

At this moment, since Dong Li wasn’t wearing a mask, her perfectly curvaceous body and unmatched, gorgeous appearance amazed even Yu Tong.

While she pondered the relationship between her and Nie Tian, her face fell uncontrollably, as if she felt outshone or were blaming herself for something.

With a faint smile on her lips, Dong Li snuck a glance at Yu Tong. Then, before Nie Tian could answer, she put her arm around Nie Tian’s and pressed herself close to him. Looking at Yu Tong, she said with a flaunting tone, “We’re good friends. The very, very good kind.”

Yu Tong lowered her head slightly, as if she were unwilling to make eye contact with Dong Li.

Nie Tian, who was just about to answer Feng Luo, stiffened and turned to look at Dong Li with a confused look in his eyes.

Dong Li, however, looked very composed and natural. With the hand she used to hook Nie Tian’s arm, she secretly pinched Nie Tian with great force.

A painful expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face.

“Good! That’s good!” Feng Luo nodded repeatedly as he turned to look at Nie Tian. “Let’s take care of those three Bone Sect disciples first. I’ll tell you what happened after.”

Nie Tian nodded. “Sure."

Immediately afterwards, he gazed behind Feng Luo in the direction where those Bone Sect disciples would appear, saying, “You seem to have sustained serious injuries, Uncle Feng. When they arrive, you just handle that early Greater Heaven stage one. Leave the other two middle Greater Heaven stage ones...”

“To us.” Dong Li jumped in and finished his sentence.

Feng Luo went blank for a moment. His surprised gaze shifted between Nie Tian and Dong Li, not knowing what to say.

He knew that, considering Nie Tian’s actual battle prowess, he should be able to handle a middle Greater Heaven stage opponent single-handedly. However, he knew nothing of Dong Li, and wasn’t sure if this radiant, gorgeous woman also possessed battle prowess beyond her cultivation base.

“Don’t worry. We’ll manage.” Smiling, Dong Li glanced at Yu Tong and added, “You just stay here and rest, little sister. After all, your cultivation base is fairly low. Don’t overexert yourself and give yourself a relapse, jeopardizing your future cultivation path.”

Yu Tong jerked her head up. Glaring at Dong Li, she said, “I’m younger than you, but I’ve already entered the late Heaven stage, which is only one minor stage lower than yours. When I’m your age, my cultivation base may very well be higher than yours.

“It’s not a big deal for me to fight Greater Heaven stage enemies. I’ll do what I can to help. Don’t you worry about me!”

With these words, she dropped to the ground, summoned her Blood Spirit Pearl, and started casting the Blood Sect’s forbidden technique, Earth Web.

Dong Li chuckled, not angry at all. “Competitive. My type of girl. If that’s the case, please create as much trouble as you can for those men from the Bone Sect.”

“I sure will!” Yu Tong said coldly.

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