Chapter 452: Collection

As soon as Nie Tian’s right hand made contact with that Fruit of Life, a strong gravitational force was suddenly born between it and the green aura in his palm.


The emerald-like Fruit of Life suddenly began to shine with dazzling light.

Dong Li saw with great clarity that wisps of glowing light were flowing out of that Fruit of Life.

Like water, they rapidly followed Nie Tian’s fingers into his palm and disappeared.

The fist-sized Fruit of Life shriveled and became smaller at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

At the same time, the green aura in his palm started to exude an incomparably strong aura of life.

Nie Tian could sense with great clarity that the countless crystal-like chains that formed the green aura were channeling and absorbing the wisps of glowing light from the Fruit of Life.

The innumerable green spots in the crystal-like chains, where lay the profound truths of life, started to shine like the stars in the sky.

It seemed that the wisps of glowing light from the Fruit of Life were what the green aura had been yearning for. Now it was devouring them greedily.

Moments later, the Fruit of Life touched by Nie Tian’s right hand completely vanished under Nie Tian and Dong Li’s gazes, all of the life power it contained consumed by the green aura. Not a shred was left.

Meanwhile, the green aura started to emanate an intoxicating light from his right palm.

However, its thirst for life power didn’t seem to be relieved in the slightest now that it had consumed a Fruit of Life.

On the contrary, Nie Tian felt that it had become even more eager and excited, as if it was urging him to collect the other three Fruits of Life.

At that moment, Dong Li seemed to realize what was happening, and thus hastily reminded him aloud, “Don’t! Don’t touch the Fruits of Life with your hand. Otherwise you’ll take away all of the life power in them!”

She didn’t know that what had taken away the life power of that Fruit of Life was actually the green aura in Nie Tian’s palm.

She just assumed that any living being with flesh and blood would absorb the life power within a Fruit of Life as soon as they touched one.

“That Fruit of Life will give you at least another hundred years of lifespan!” Dong Li exclaimed. “You’re still young, and far from facing a lifespan problem. These Fruits of Life are extremely precious. We need to secure the other three!”

Upon hearing her reminder, Nie Tian instantly became clear-headed, remembering that he had long since planned to give two Fruits of Life to Wu Ji and Hua Mu.

Dong Li would also need one in order to stabilize her status in the Dong Clan.

“I see.” With a deep breath, he recovered and restrained himself from grabbing the other three Fruits of Life with his right hand.

It was also at this moment that he realized that the spiritual energy ball in his left hand had already gathered a significant amount of pure wood power from the vicinity, as well as fragmented will from the Titan underneath him.

Meanwhile, as he practiced the Qi Refining Incantation, both the wood power and the fragmented will were rapidly infused into his spiritual sea.

“I’ve got some boxes.” Dong Li slowly approached Nie Tian as she looked carefully at the enormous eye in the pond underneath.

Then, she took out three wooden boxes from within her ring of holding and handed them to Nie Tian. “These three wooden boxes are made of trees that were thousands of years old. They should be able to hold Fruits of Life. You just need to open the box, place it under the Fruit of Life, and then sever the stem with its lid. Just like that, you should be able to collect the rest of the Fruits of Life.”

As the daughter of the Dong Clan’s clanmaster, she had all kinds of wares and treasures in her ring of holding.

At such a critical moment, even though she was also within arm’s reach of the Fruits of Life, she didn’t dare to collect them herself.

The overwhelming aura of flesh and blood that the huge eye had unleashed earlier had deeply scared her.

She had also realized that there must be something very special about Nie Tian that had not only allowed him to find this place and be free from the ancient trees’ attacks, but also given him the ability to silence the overwhelming attacks of the huge eye.

As arrogant as she was, she had to admit that she had nothing to do with the tremendous fortune they were facing now.

Therefore, she realized that perhaps she was fated to witness Nie Tian reap a fortune so vastly great that people would probably not believe her even if she were to tell anyone about it.

Nie Tian grabbed the three wooden boxes as he continued to gather the rich wood power and fragmented will of the Titan into the spiritual energy ball in his left hand. “I’ll give it a shot.”

With his right hand, he opened a wooden box and placed it under one of the Fruits of Life.

As his right hand approached that Fruit of Life, the green aura in his palm once again grew restless, as if its desire was driving it crazy.

Nie Tian knew that once his right hand touched that Fruit of Life, the green aura would immediately suck away every last shred of life power within it.

Therefore, he operated with great caution, making sure his right hand didn’t make any contact with the Fruit of Life.

After the Fruit of Life was in the wooden box, he snapped the lid shut with a flick of his finger.

With that, the slender stem connecting the Fruit of Life and the Tree of Life was instantly severed, and the box was sealed with the Fruit of Life in it.

“It worked!” Dong Li exclaimed, as if she was even more excited than Nie Tian. “Go on! Get the other two!” 

After boxing that Fruit of Life, Nie Tian could feel that the green aura in his palm was growing anxious and upset.

Ignoring it, Nie Tian rapidly boxed the other two Fruits of Life with the same method.

Realizing that all of the remaining Fruits of Life had been sealed away in wooden boxes, the green aura seemed to be incomparably restless and yearning.

After a moment of silent pondering, Nie Tian threw the three wooden boxes that stored the Fruits of Life into his bracelet of holding.

As soon as the boxes flew into his bracelet of holding, all their aura was cut off.

After a while, unable to sense the aura of the Fruits of Life, the green aura stopped rattling in his right palm and swam back into his heart, as if it had finally given up.

As soon as the green aura went back to his heart, Nie Tian realized that the green spots in those crystal-like chains had also calmed down.

The green aura coiled up and became silent, as if it had entered another dormant period.

“The life power of one Fruit of Life caused that green aura to lie dormant again...” Nie Tian, who had gone through similar experiences before, shuddered as he immediately realized that the dormant green aura had started digesting the power of that Fruit of Life.

It meant that the green aura had entered another transcending process. Once the process was finished, it would grant him a brand-new bloodline talent!

Seeing that Nie Tian had put the three wooden boxes away into his bracelet of holding, Dong Li hastily reminded him, “Remember! One of those Fruits of Life is mine! You’re going to give me one after we’re out of here!”

“I know....” Nie Tian nodded and stopped thinking about the Fruits of Life. Instead, he looked down at his left hand.

At that moment, rich wood power and fragmented will from the Titan were still converging on the spiritual energy ball in his left hand.

Seeing that he was looking at his hand with a grave expression, Dong Li stopped talking, and watched him in silence.

Moments later, Nie Tian discovered that no more wisps of fragmented will were flying into the spiritual energy ball in his left hand, which meant that he had gathered all of the Titan’s fragmented will into that spiritual energy ball.

Then, he assumed the lotus position in midair and concentrated on operating the Qi Refining Incantation in order to refine and absorb all of the wood power and the Titan’s fragmented will within the spiritual energy ball.

Eyes wide, Dong Li watched him from the side.

After an unknown period of time, when the spiritual energy ball was refined and vanished, the force that had been holding him up in the air suddenly grew stronger.

The two of them were pushed into the heavens, and shot towards the depths of the green clouds where powerful spatial fluctuations existed.

Beams of light interwove into a web on the surface of the giant eye where the Tree of Life grew, as if the eye were behind what was happening and watching them as they flew away.

After Nie Tian and Dong Li vanished from this mysterious dimension, a long, echoing sigh rang out from the depths of the earth.

Ripples once again spread out across the shallow pond. As the pond became murky and green again, peace was restored to this heaven and earth.

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